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alpha error

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  • Alpha error — The statistical error (said to be "of the first kind" or type I) made in testing an hypothesis when it is concluded that a result is positive when it really is not. Alpha error is often referred to as a false positive. * * * Type I e …   Medical dictionary

  • alpha error — noun type I error …   Wiktionary

  • Alpha particle — Alpha particles (named after and denoted by the first letter in the Greek alphabet, α) consist of two protons and two neutrons bound together into a particle identical to a helium nucleus; hence, it can be written as He2+ or 42He2+. They are a… …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Centauri — This article is about α Centauri . For a Centauri , see V761 Centauri. For A Centauri , see A Centauri. For other uses, see Alpha Centauri (disambiguation). Alpha Centauri A[1]/B[2] …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Risk — The risk in a statistical test that a null hypothesis will be rejected when it is actually true. This is also known as a Type I error. The best way to decrease alpha risk is to increase the size of the sample being tested with the hope that the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Alpha Crucis — Starbox begin name=Acrux AB Starbox image caption=The position of Acrux. Starbox observe epoch=J2000 constell=Crux ra=12h 26m 35.8958s dec= 63° 05 56.73 appmag v=0.81 Starbox character class=B1V b v= u b= variable=? Starbox astrometry radial v=… …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Arietis — α Arietis α Arietis shown in its constellation, Aries. Observation data Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0 ( …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Comae Berenices — This article is about the star called Diadem; for alternate meanings, see Diadem. α Comae Berenices Coma Berenices constellation …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Antliae — Starbox begin name = α AntliaeStarbox image caption = Antlia constellation Starbox observe epoch = J2000.0 equinox = J2000.0 (ICRS) constell = Antlia ra = RA|10|27|09.1011SIMBAD link|alpha+ant|NSV 4862 Variable Star, database entry, SIMBAD.… …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Apodis — Starbox begin name = α ApodisStarbox image caption = Apus constellation Starbox observe epoch = J2000.0 equinox = J2000.0 (ICRS) constell = Apus ra = RA|14|47|51.7087SIMBAD link|alpha+apodis|* alf Aps Star, database entry, SIMBAD. Accessed on… …   Wikipedia

  • Alpha Aquarii — NOTOC Starbox begin name = α AquariiStarbox image caption = α Aquarii Starbox observe epoch = J2000.0 equinox = J2000.0 (ICRS) constell = Aquarius ra = RA|22|05|47.0357SIMBAD link|alpha+aquarii|NAME SADALMELIK Star in double system, database… …   Wikipedia

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