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airborne assault weapon

  • 101 دفاعي

    دِفَاعِيّ \ defensive: used for defence: A shield is a defensive weapon.

    Arabic-English dictionary > دفاعي

  • 102 رأس

    رَأْس \ apex, apexes or apices: the highest point. head: the part of the body that is above the neck; the top of sth. (a list, a nail, etc.); the effective part of a tool (an axe, a hammer, etc.). top: the highest point or part: a mountain top; at the top of the tall building. \ بِالرَّأس \ headfirst: with the head before the body: He jumped headfirst through the window. \ الرَّأْسُ أولاً \ headfirst: with the head before the body: He jumped headfirst through the window. headlong: (only with to fall) headfirst: He fell headlong down the stairs. \ رَأْسُ البَرّ \ cape: a point of land that sticks out into the sea: The Cape of Good hope. headland: a point of land that sticks out into the sea. \ رَأْسُ الفِتْنة \ ringleader: the leader of a group of wrongdoers. \ رَأْسُ المَال \ capital: the whole wealth of a person or company: The company has a capital of $90,000. \ رَأْسُ مَال (مؤسسة علمية، إلخ)‏ \ foundation: money, etc., given to help a school, etc., when it is set up. \ رَأْسٌ مُدَبَّب \ point: a sharp end (of a nail, pencil, weapon, etc.).

    Arabic-English dictionary > رأس

  • 103 رمح

    رُمْح \ spear: a weapon, with a metal point on a pole. \ رُمْحٌ قصير \ javelin: a light spear for throwing (in sports).

    Arabic-English dictionary > رمح

  • 104 سلاح

    سِلاح \ armament: often the weapons and equipment for war of an army, navy, etc. arms: weapons: Soldiers carry arms. weapon: an instrument for use in fighting (by striking, shooting etc.). \ سِلاح الطَّيَران \ air force: the part of a country’s military organization concerned with attack or defence from the air. \ سِلاح المِدْفَعِيّة \ artillery: the part of an army that uses big guns. \ سِلاح ناري صغير \ fire-arm: any gun that a person can carry.

    Arabic-English dictionary > سلاح

  • 105 سن

    سِنّ \ age: length of life: He’s ten years of age. He’s the same age as I am. nib: the metal point of a pen. point: a sharp end (of a nail, pencil, weapon, etc.). tooth (teeth): one of the bony objects with which we bite; any tooth-like part of an instrument or machine. \ See Also عمر (عُمْر)‏ \ سِنّ \ ploughshare, plowshare: the blade of a plough. \ See Also سكة (سِكّة)، شَفْرَة المِحْراث \ سِنّ \ prong: one of the long points of a fork. \ See Also شُعْبَة شَوْكة الطَّعام \ سِنّ الدولاب \ cog: one of a set of teeth on a wheel in a machine.

    Arabic-English dictionary > سن

  • 106 سيف

    سَيْف \ sword: a soldier’s weapon with a long blade, still used ceremonially. \ سَيْف طَويل \ rapier: a long, thin, twoedged sword.

    Arabic-English dictionary > سيف

  • 107 شهر (السلاح)

    شَهَرَ (السلاح)‏ \ brandish: to wave (a weapon) about. draw (drew, drawn): to pull a weapon (sword, knife, gun, etc.) from its case, intending to use it.

    Arabic-English dictionary > شهر (السلاح)

  • 108 صاروخ

    صَارُوخ \ missile: sth. that is thrown (or is fired from a gun, etc.) in order to hurt or damage or kill: Stones and arrows are simple missiles. rocket: a stick-shaped device that is fired into the air, where it explodes and draws attention: Rockets were fired from the sinking ship, a larger device of the same kind, used as a distant weapon or as an engine for spaceships. \ See Also قذيفة (قَذيفَة)‏

    Arabic-English dictionary > صاروخ

  • 109 طرف

    طَرَفٌ \ border: edge: That cloth has a red border.. edge: the border of sth.: This fence runs along the edge of a field. fringe: the outside edge: the fringe of the forest. point: a sharp end (of a nail, pencil, weapon, etc.). side: (of a flat area) the edge: the 4 sides of a square. verge: a border: a grass verge along the roadside. \ See Also جانب (جانِب)، ضلع (ضِلع)‏ \ الطَّرَفُ الحادّ مِن \ edge: the sharp side of a blade. \ طَرَفُ خَبَر \ inkling: a slight idea, a faint guess: I had no inkling of his plans. \ طَرَفُ الخَيْط \ lead: the act of leading; a personal example; sth. that guides: The rest of the class followed his lead. The footmarks gave the police a lead. \ طَرَفُ الكُمّ \ cuff: the end of a sleeve, at the wrist. \ طَرَفٌ مُسْتَدِق \ tip: an end; a point: the tips of one’s fingers; the tip of a cigarette. \ طَرَفٌ من أطراف الجِسْم \ limb: a leg, arm or wing.

    Arabic-English dictionary > طرف

  • 110 طعن (في)

    طَعَنَ (في)‏ \ lunge: to make a lunge: he lunged at me with a knife. malign: to spread untrue reports about the bad qualities of; speak evil of. stab: to wound with a pointed weapon. \ طَعَنَ \ knife: to wound sb. with a knife. \ See Also جَرَحَ بالسكين \ طَعَنَ \ spear: to strike and wound with a spear. \ See Also شَكّ بالحرْبَة، الرُّمْح

    Arabic-English dictionary > طعن (في)

  • 111 عريش

    عَرِيش \ shaft: a bar or pole (of wood or metal) that forms part of a machine or vehicle or weapon: the shafts of a cart (by which it is drawn); the shaft of a spear (to which the point is fixed). \ See Also سَهْم العَرَبة

    Arabic-English dictionary > عريش

  • 112 عمود

    عَمُود \ beam: a thick piece of wood, esp. as supporting a roof. column: pillar (usu. of stone); one of the strips of printed material on a page, esp. in a newspaper: She writes the column on business news. pillar: a strong post of wood, iron or stone (as support for a roof, or as an ornament). pole: a long stick or metal bar: The soldier carried a flag on a wooden pole, a very large metal or wooden post, that holds up telephone wires, etc.. post: a bar of wood or metal, fixed in an upright position (to hold a fence in place, to mark a spot, to hold sth. up where it can be seen, etc.): a gatepost; the winning post at a race; a signpost. shaft: a bar or pole (of wood or metal) that forms part of a machine or vehicle or weapon: the shafts of a cart (by which it is drawn). staff: a pole: a flagstaff. \ أَعمِدَة \ columns, pillars, poles. \ See Also عمود (عَمود)‏ \ العَمُود الفِقَريّ \ spine: the backbone: the line of bones down one’s back. \ عَمُود من الأرقام \ column: a list of numbers, one below the other (for adding up, etc.). \ عَمُود النُّور \ lamppost: a post on which a street lamp is fixed. standard: a post on which a lamp is fixed, in a street. \ عَمُود الهَوَائِي (للرّادْيُو)‏ \ antenna: a wire for sending or receiving radio waves.

    Arabic-English dictionary > عمود

  • 113 قذف

    قَذَفَ \ belch: (of a chimney, etc.) to send out (smoke, flames) with great force. chuck: to throw. drive, (drove, driven): to strike (a ball, a nail, etc.) with force: I drove a nail into the door. emit: to send out (heat, light, smell, sound, etc.). hurl: throw violently. pitch: to throw with a sudden sharp movement: My horse pitched me off its back. project: to throw (a beam of light, a shadow, a modern weapon into space, etc.). slander: to say sth. slanderous about sb.. throw, (threw, thrown): to send through the air, by the force of one’s hand: She threw a ball. toss: to throw with a sharp movement: He tossed the ball over the fence. My horse tossed me into the stream. \ See Also رمى (رَمَى)، طرح (طَرَحَ)، ذم (ذَمَّ)‏ \ قَذَفَ \ fling ([b]flung)[/b]: to throw violently or carelessly: Don’t fling stones at the window. \ See Also رَمَى بِقُوَّة \ قَذَفَ (أو الجُلَّة)‏ \ put the weight, put the shot: in sport, to throw a heavy iron ball for a measured distance. \ See Also رَمَى الكُرة الحديديّة \ قَذَفَ بقُوَّة \ sling: to throw carelessly but violently: The boys were slinging stones. \ قَذَفَ الكرة نحْوَ الهَدَف \ shoot: (in football, etc.) to aim at the goal; send the ball into (a goal): First I shot and missed; the next time I shot a goal.

    Arabic-English dictionary > قذف

  • 114 قصبة

    قَصَبَة \ cane: the stem of certain plants (such as bamboo or sugarcane). capital: a town which is the centre of government: Paris is the capital of France. London and Paris are capital cities. reed: a tall stiff grass that grows in wet places. shaft: a bar or pole (of wood or metal) that forms part of a machine or vehicle or weapon: the shafts of a cart (by which it is drawn); the shaft of a spear (to which the point is fixed). \ See Also عاصمة (عاصِمَة)‏ \ قَصَبَة السّاق من الأَمام \ shin: the front of the leg, below the knee.

    Arabic-English dictionary > قصبة

  • 115 قوس

    قَوْس \ arch: a curved part of a building or bridge; sth. shaped like this. bow: a weapon for shooting arrows. \ قَوْسٌ (في الكتابة)‏ \ bracket: one of the marks () used in writing to show that (a word, phrase, etc.) is separate from the rest: Put this phrase in brackets. \ See Also هلال (هِلالٌ)‏ \ قَوْس قُزَح \ rainbow: a coloured arch, formed in the sky when the sun shines through rain. \ قَوْسُ الكَمَان \ bow: the instrument that is used to sound the strings on a violin, etc.. \ See Also إلخ \ قَوْس من خَشَب الطَقْسُوس \ yew: an evergreen tree; bows used to be made of its wood.

    Arabic-English dictionary > قوس

  • 116 لوح

    لَوَّحَ \ brandish: to wave (a weapon) about. hint: to say indirectly: He hinted that he was in need of money. wave: to move from side to side; make a sign with one’s arm or hand: He waved to me from the boat. We waved him good-bye (We said good-bye by waving). The policeman waved me on (He told me to go on by waving his arm). The flag was waving in the wind.

    Arabic-English dictionary > لوح

  • 117 مادة (أولية)

    مادّة (أوّليّة)‏ \ material: the kind of matter of which sth. is made, or with which sth. is done: building materials (bricks, wood, etc.); writing materials (pen, paper, etc.); a hard rocky material. matter: the substance (solid, liquid or gas) of which anything is made. stuff: a material or substance: This cloth is expensive stuff. What’s this sticky stuff? Rice and sugar are foodstuffs. substance: a kind of material: Iron is a hard natural substance. \ مادّة التَّسْقِيف \ roofing: material for roofs. \ مادّة التلميع \ polish: material used for polishing: floor polish. \ See Also الصَّقْل \ المادّة الخضراء في النبات \ chlorophyll: green colouring matter in plants. \ مادّة رملية كاشطة \ grit: small sharp bits of sand, stone, etc.. \ مادّة شديدة الاحتراق \ napalm: petrol in a form like jelly, burned over large areas as a weapon of war. \ مادّة صُلْبَة \ solid: a solid substance; not a liquid or gas. \ مادّة غِذائِيَّة \ foodstuff: sth. used as food. \ مادّة فُطْرِيّة \ mould, mold: a woolly (usu. white or green) growth that appears on old bread, wet leather, etc.. \ مادّة قِلْوِيّة \ alkali: a substance which acts with an acid to produce a salt. \ مادّة كِيمْيائِيَّة \ chemical: a substance used in chemistry or obtained by it. \ مادّة لاصِفة (فلورسنت)‏ \ fluorescent: (of a substance) giving out bright white light when electricity is passed through it; (of a light) producing light by means of a tube covered with this. \ مادّة لَزِجَة \ slime: unpleasant soft sticky matter, such as wet mud from a river bed. \ مادّة مُبَيِّضة \ bleach: a substance for bleaching cloth. whitewash: a mixture of lime and water, used for painting walls. \ مادّة مُتَفَجِّرة \ dynamite: a powerful explosive, used for breaking rocks. explosive: (sth. that is) able to explode: Gunpowder is (an) explosive. \ مادّة مُطهِّرة \ detergent: a chemical product used for cleaning esp. clothing and dishes. \ مادّة مُلْصِقَة \ adhesive: a substance used for sticking: Is this a suitable adhesive for repairing a broken cup?. \ مادّة مُلَوِّثة \ pollutant: sth. that pollutes. \ مادّة مُلَوِّنة \ colour: material used to give colour (in painting, etc.): an artist’s colours. \ مادّة اليُود \ iodine: a chemical substance (found in sea water) that will prevent wounds from becoming poisoned.

    Arabic-English dictionary > مادة (أولية)

  • 118 متطور

    مُتَطَوِّر \ sophisticated: not simple and natural but seeming experienced and wise; pretending or showing a knowledge of glamorous city culture; (of machines) made of many different and clever parts: a sophisticated actress; a sophisticated new weapon.

    Arabic-English dictionary > متطور

  • 119 مخذفة (نباطة، نبل)

    مِخْذَفَة (نَبّاطَة، نَبْل)‏ \ catapult: a Y-shaped stick with a piece of rubber, used for shoothing with stones. sling: an old weapon for throwing stones. \ See Also مقلاع (مِقْلاع)‏

    Arabic-English dictionary > مخذفة (نباطة، نبل)

  • 120 مصقول

    مَصْقُول \ glossy: having a smooth shining surface: glossy paint; glossy fur. sophisticated: not simple and natural but seeming experienced and wise; pretending or showing a knowledge of glamorous city culture; (of machines) made of many different and clever parts: a sophisticated actress; a sophisticated new weapon. \ See Also محنك (مُحَنَّك)، متحذلق (مُتَحَذْلِق)‏

    Arabic-English dictionary > مصقول

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