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air column

  • 141 脊椎

    * * *
    backbone; chine; rachis; spondyle
    【医】 antisternum; rachis; rhachis; spondyl-; spondylo-; vertebro-
    相关词组: 脊椎的
    * * *
    acantha; backbone; chine; rachis; spondyle
    * * *
    adj. vertebral, having a spinal column
    n. vertebra
    * * *
    ji3 zhui1
    vertebra, backbone
    * * *
    jǐ zhuī
    vertebration; antisternum
    脊椎病 spondylodynia; spinal disease; spondylopaathy;
    脊椎抽液 spinal tap;
    脊椎(膜)穿刺 thecal puncture;
    脊椎副突 anapophysis;
    脊椎关节后突 postzygapophysis;
    脊椎关节炎 arthritis vertebralis; spondylarthritis;
    脊椎管 spinal canal;
    脊椎前移 spondylolisthesis;
    脊椎软化 spondylomalacia;
    脊椎痛 spondylalgia; spondylodynia;
    脊椎炎 spondylitis; spinitis
    * * *
    脊椎|脊椎 [jǐ zhuī] vertebra backbone

    Chinese-English dictionary > 脊椎

  • 142 華表

    a marble ornamental pillar engraved with entwisting dragons and auspicious clouds, erected in front of important buildings or tombs for decoration in old China
    * * *
    n. marble pillar
    * * *
    hua2 biao3
    marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)
    * * *
    華表|华表 [huá biǎo] marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 華表

  • 143 萃取

    * * *
    extraction; leach
    【化】 extract; extraction
    相关词组: 萃取的
    * * *
    extraction; leach
    * * *
    n. extraction
    * * *
    cui4 qu3
    liquid-liquid extraction
    * * *
    cuì qǔ
    {化} extract; extraction
    萃取苯乙烯法 STEX process;
    萃取等温线 extraction isotherm;
    萃取第三相 third extracting phase;
    萃取段 extraction section;
    萃取分离设备 extraction and stripping apparatus;
    萃取辐射 extraction radiation;
    萃取复型 extraction replica;
    萃取光度法 extraction spectrophotometric method;
    萃取机理 extraction mechanism;
    萃取剂 extractant; extracting agent;
    萃取磷酸 phosphoric acid extraction;
    萃取率 extraction yield;
    萃取能力 extracting power;
    萃取器 extractor;
    萃取溶剂 extractant; extracting solvent;
    萃取设备 extraction apparatus; extraction plant;
    萃取色层法 chromes;
    萃取色层普雷克斯法 Purochromex;
    萃取色谱 extraction-chromatography;
    萃取设备 extraction equipment;
    萃取塔 extraction tower;
    萃取体系 extraction system;
    萃取物 {化} extract; abstract;
    萃取相 extract phase;
    萃取箱 extraction box;
    萃取抑制 extraction suppresion;
    萃取冶金 lyometallurgy;
    萃取冶金学 extraction metallurgy;
    萃取因数 extraction factor;
    萃取蒸馏 extractive distillation;
    萃取指示剂 extraction indicator;
    萃取柱 {化工} extraction column
    * * *
    萃取|萃取 [cuì qǔ] liquid-liquid extraction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 萃取

  • 144 萬位

    wan4 wei4
    the ten thousands place (or column) in the decimal system
    * * *
    萬位|万位 [wàn wèi] the ten thousands place (or column) in the decimal system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 萬位

  • 145 落地灯

    A standard lamp; tall electrical lamp with a column and a base, placed on the floor.
    * * *
    floor lamp
    * * *
    floor lamp; standard lamp
    * * *
    n. floor lamp, standard lamp
    * * *
    luo4 di4 deng1
    floor lamp
    * * *
    落地燈|落地灯 [luò dì dēng] floor lamp

    Chinese-English dictionary > 落地灯

  • 146 落地燈

    A standard lamp; tall electrical lamp with a column and a base, placed on the floor.
    * * *
    n. floor lamp, standard lamp
    * * *
    luo4 di4 deng1
    floor lamp
    * * *
    落地燈|落地灯 [luò dì dēng] floor lamp

    Chinese-English dictionary > 落地燈

  • 147 蒸馏

    distillation, distil
    * * *
    distill; distillation; still
    【化】 distillation
    相关词组: 蒸馏器
    * * *
    distil; distill; distillation
    * * *
    v. distill, distil
    * * *
    zheng1 liu2
    to distill, distillation
    * * *
    zhēng liú
    {化} {物} distillation; distill:
    从废水中蒸馏出有用的溶剂 distill useful solvents from waste water;
    拔顶蒸馏{化} topping distillation;
    常压蒸馏{化} atmospheric distillation;
    真空蒸馏{化} vacuum distillation
    蒸馏薄膜 distillation film;
    蒸馏残液 vinasse;
    蒸馏残余物 bottoms; leavings;
    蒸馏残渣 bottoms; leavings; heel;
    蒸馏产品 distillage;
    蒸馏釜 distilling ;
    蒸馏残液 vinasse;
    蒸馏残余物 bottoms; leavings;
    蒸馏残渣 bottoms; leavings; heel;
    蒸馏产品 distillage;
    蒸馏釜 distilling still; still alembic;
    蒸馏级联 distillation cascade;
    蒸馏焦炭 coke by-product;
    蒸馏管 distillation tube;
    蒸馏锅 pot still;
    蒸馏酒 distilled liquor; distilled spirit; lush; grog; toot; drink; hard liquor; (墨西哥) sotol;
    蒸馏冷凝器 distiller condenser;
    蒸馏炉 distillation furnace;
    蒸馏啤酒 wash;
    蒸馏瓶 cucurbit;
    蒸馏器皿 body;
    蒸馏区 distillation zone;
    蒸馏设备 distillation equipment; distillation plant;
    蒸馏室 distillery;
    蒸馏试验 distillation test;
    蒸馏速率 distilling rate;
    蒸馏损失 distillation loss;
    蒸馏塔 distillation column; distillation tower;
    蒸馏塔板 distillation tray;
    蒸馏特性 distillation characteristic;
    蒸馏温度曲线图 temperature distillation chart;
    蒸馏物 distillation;
    蒸馏效应 distillation effect;
    蒸馏氧化焙烧 distillation oxidation roasting;
    蒸馏液 {化} distillate;
    蒸馏值 distillation value;
    蒸馏终点 distillation end point;
    蒸馏柱 {化} distillation column;
    蒸馏装置组 distillation bench;
    蒸馏作用 alembication
    * * *
    蒸餾|蒸馏 [zhēng liú] to distill distillation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 蒸馏

  • 148 薄膜

    membrane, film
    * * *
    film; membrane; pellicle
    【计】 thin membrane; thin-film
    【医】 film
    相关词组: 薄膜的
    * * *
    film; membrane; pellicle
    * * *
    n. membrane, film
    * * *
    bo2 mo2
    membrane, film, CL:層, 层
    * * *
    bó mó
    thin film; film; diaphragm
    薄膜半导体 thin-film semiconductor;
    薄膜包衣片 thin membrane coated tablet;
    薄膜包装 blister-pack; shrink-pack;
    薄膜比拟 membrane analogy;
    薄膜波导 thin film waveguide;
    薄膜参变元件 film parametron;
    薄膜磁头 thin-film magnetic head; thin-film head;
    薄膜磁组件 thin-film magnetic module;
    薄膜测热电阻功率计 thin film bolometer power meter;
    薄膜唱片 film disc; film disk;
    薄膜材料 thin-film material;
    薄膜吹制 sheet blowing;
    薄膜存储器 film memory;
    薄膜导体 thin film conductor;
    薄膜电导率 film conductivity;
    薄膜电感器 thin film inductor;
    薄膜电路 thin film circuit;
    薄膜电路技术 thin film circuit technique;
    薄膜电桥 thin film bridge;
    薄膜电容 thin-film capacitor;
    薄膜电容器 thin film capacitor; film capacitor; film condenser;
    薄膜电阻 film resistance; membrane resistance; sheet resistance;
    薄膜电阻测试仪 film resistance meter;
    薄膜电阻器 thin film resistor;
    薄膜电子学 pellicular electronics;
    薄膜多层布线 thin film multilayer wiring;
    薄膜多层布线用导体 conductor for thin film multilayer wiring;
    薄膜二极管 thin film diode;
    薄膜法 film method;
    薄膜沸腾 film boiling;
    薄膜感应超导电装置 ryotron;
    薄膜覆盖栽培 plastic-sheet-covered cultivation;
    薄膜工艺 thin film technology; thin-film processing;
    薄膜工艺过程 thin film process;
    薄膜光导管 thin-film light guide;
    薄膜光电池 thin film photocell;
    薄膜光电子学 thin film photo-electronic;
    薄膜硅太阳能电池 thin film silicon solar cell;
    薄膜过滤 membrane filtration;
    薄膜环行器 thin film circulator;
    薄膜换能器 thin film transducer;
    薄膜活门 diaphragm valve;
    薄膜混合电路 thin film hybrid circuit;
    薄膜混合集成电路 thin film hybrid IC;
    薄膜激光器 thin film laser;
    薄膜集成电路 thin film integrated circuit; film integrated circuit;
    薄膜结构 membrane structure; structure of thin film;
    薄膜晶体 film crystal;
    薄膜晶体管 thin film transistor;
    薄膜绝缘栅晶体管 thin film insulated gate transistor;
    薄膜刻图 film scribing;
    薄膜离子交换设备 membrane ion-exchange plant;
    薄膜理论 {物} boundary-layer theory; film theory;
    薄膜冷却 film cooling;
    薄膜冷子管 thin film cryotron;
    薄膜冷子管放大器 thin film cryotron amplifier;
    薄膜理论 membrane theory;
    薄膜滤器 membrane filter;
    薄膜逻辑元件 diaphragm logic element;
    薄膜排印 filmsetting;
    薄膜铺盖 film blanket;
    薄膜器件 thin-film device;
    薄膜热电子器件 thin film thermo-electron device;
    薄膜热敏电阻电桥 thin film bolometer bridge;
    薄膜热敏电阻器 thin film thermistor;
    薄膜润滑 thin-film lubrication;
    薄膜扫描器 thin-film scanner;
    薄膜色谱(法) thin-film chromatography;
    薄膜渗透法脱硫 film osmosis process desulfurization;
    薄膜生长 thin film growth;
    薄膜水 film water;
    薄膜隧道结 thin film tunnel junction;
    薄膜太阳能电池 thin film solar cell;
    薄膜铁氧体器件 thin ferrite devices;
    薄膜外延 thin film epitaxy;
    薄膜微波集成电路 thin film MIC;
    薄膜微电子电路 thin-film microelectronics;
    薄膜微电子学 thin film microelectronics;
    薄膜无源网络 thin film passive network;
    薄膜物理学thin-film physics;
    薄膜纤维 film fibre;
    薄膜陷波滤波器 thin film notch filter;
    薄膜限制成形生长 edge-defined film-fed growth;
    薄膜性质 property of thin film;
    薄膜养护 membrance curing;
    薄膜阴极 film cathode;
    薄膜应力 membrane stress;
    薄膜元件 thin film element;
    薄膜元件调整 adjustment of thin film elements;
    薄膜振动 vibration of thin membrane;
    薄膜蒸馏 thin-film distillation;
    薄膜制品 film article;
    薄膜柱 thin-film column
    * * *
    薄膜|薄膜 [bó mó] membrane film CL:↑ |↑ [céng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 薄膜

  • 149 蜂窝煤

    A kind of fuel which is made of a pressed mixture of coal powder, lime or clay and water. It is in the shape of a column and looks like a honeycomb as it has many holes inside.
    * * *
    feng1 wo1 mei2
    hexagonal household coal briquet
    * * *
    蜂窩煤|蜂窝煤 [fēng wō méi] hexagonal household coal briquet

    Chinese-English dictionary > 蜂窝煤

  • 150 蜂窩煤

    A kind of fuel which is made of a pressed mixture of coal powder, lime or clay and water. It is in the shape of a column and looks like a honeycomb as it has many holes inside.
    * * *
    feng1 wo1 mei2
    hexagonal household coal briquet
    * * *
    蜂窩煤|蜂窝煤 [fēng wō méi] hexagonal household coal briquet

    Chinese-English dictionary > 蜂窩煤

  • 151 螺旋

    spiral; helix, screw
    * * *
    helix; screw; spiral; spire; volution
    【化】 helix
    【医】 coil; coiling; helico-; screw; spiral; spiro-; tirefond
    相关词组: 螺旋扳手
    * * *
    helix; screw; spire; volution
    * * *
    n. spiral, spire, helix, volution, screw
    * * *
    luo2 xuan2
    spiral, helix, screw
    * * *
    luó xuán
    (具有螺纹的圆柱体, 属于斜面类的简单机械) corkscrew spin; screw; spiral; helix:
    螺旋式发展 spiral development; developing in spirals
    (螺旋现象;尾旋) vrille; spiralism
    螺旋凹槽辊 spiral-groover roll;
    螺旋摆动机构 screw swinging mechanism;
    螺旋拌合输送机 stirring screw conveyer;
    螺旋瓣 valvula spiralis; {脊椎} spiral valve;
    螺旋半径 radius of spin;
    螺旋泵 helicoidal pump; screw pump; spiral pump; volute pump;
    螺旋标度 spiral scale;
    螺旋拨料机 screw-type kickoff;
    螺旋波 helicon; helicon wave (等离子);
    螺旋不稳定性 corkscrew instability; helical instability; positive-column screw instability;
    螺旋测微计 screw-thread micrometer;
    螺旋测微镜 screw microscope;
    螺旋插齿刀 helical pinion cutter;
    螺旋缠绕 spiral winding;
    螺旋车钩 screw coupler;
    螺旋撑条 screw stay; screwed stay;
    螺旋承窝 screwed socket for union;
    螺旋齿条 helical rack;
    螺旋翅片 helical fin;
    螺旋冲压机 screw punch;
    螺旋冲压弹簧 spiral press working spring;
    螺旋触簧 whisker (接触);
    螺旋传动 hypoids;
    螺旋船 propeller; propellor;
    螺旋磁体 helimagnet;
    螺旋磁性 helimagnetism;
    螺旋刀片 screw blade;
    螺旋捣固机 spiral tamping machine;
    螺旋导管 spiral duct;
    螺旋道钉screw spike;
    螺旋灯丝 helical heater;
    螺旋灯座 Edison base;
    螺旋电路 helix circuit;
    螺旋定则 screw rule;
    螺旋动脉 helicine artery; arteriae helicinae;
    螺旋度 helicity;
    螺旋对称轴 {矿} screw axes;
    螺旋阀 screwed valve;
    螺旋(球)阀 screw valve;
    螺旋法则 corkscrew rule;
    螺旋方向 hand of spiral; direction of spiral;
    螺旋飞行 vrille (下降);
    螺旋分离器 spiral separator;
    螺旋分选器 spiral picker;
    螺旋风扇 helical fan;
    螺旋缝隙 spiral slit;
    螺旋副 screw pair;
    螺旋盖 screw lid;
    螺旋杆 screw rod; spiral stem (石油钻井的);
    螺旋杆(蜗轮式闸门)启闭机 screw capstan head;
    螺旋钢筋 spiral reinforcement; spiral hooping;
    螺旋钢筋柱 column with spiral hooping;
    螺旋沟 {解} spiral groove;
    螺旋共振器 {电磁} helical resonator;
    螺旋箍 spiral hoop;
    螺旋箍缩 helical pinch; screw pinch;
    螺旋规 helicograph;
    螺旋辊 {刷} propellers;
    螺旋辊子 embossing roller; engraved roller; wound roller;
    螺旋滚刀式切碎器 helical-knife cutterhead;
    螺旋滚柱轴承 flexible roller bearing; wound roller-type bearing;
    螺旋滚子 spiral roller;
    螺旋滚子轴承 spiral roller bearing;
    螺旋焊 spiral welding;
    螺旋焊管{设计} spiral welded pipe; helical-weld pipe;
    螺旋焊管机 spiral weld-pipe mill;
    螺旋焊接壳体 helically-welded case;
    螺旋虎钳 screw vice;
    螺旋花 twisted flower;
    螺旋花键槽拉刀 spiral spline broach;
    螺旋花键拉刀 {机} helical spline broach;
    螺旋花式线 serpentine;
    螺旋花线 {纺} spiral yarn;
    螺旋滑车 worm pulley block;
    螺旋环 screw collar; spiral ring;
    螺旋还原反应器 reduction screw;
    螺旋缓和曲线 spiral transition curve;
    螺旋回动装置 screw reverse gear;
    螺旋混合器 {机} ribbon mixer;
    螺旋畸变(磁聚焦摄像管或变像管的) spiral distortion;
    螺旋极点 focus;
    螺旋极迥旋加速器 spiral pole cyclotron;
    螺旋挤芯机 worm feeding core extrusion machine;
    螺旋挤压干燥器 screw extruding dryer;
    螺旋挤压机 extrusion worm presses; plodder; screw extruder; screw extrusion press;
    螺旋给矿机 single-spiral feeder;
    螺旋给料机 screw feeder;
    螺旋夹 pressure lug (连接导线用);
    螺旋夹钳 G-clamp;
    螺旋加料机 self-conveyor feed;
    螺旋加料器 auger;
    螺旋(自动)加煤机 screw stoker;
    螺旋加速器 helical accelerator;
    螺旋嚼子 pod bit;
    螺旋搅拌器 crutcher; spiral agitator; spiral stirrer;
    螺旋结构 helical-structure;
    螺旋截尖角 {设计} helical rake angle;
    螺旋进给 screwfeed;
    螺旋进料机 feed screw;
    螺旋卷曲转变 helix-coil transition;
    螺旋菌 sprillum; spirobacteria;
    螺旋卡尺 screw calner;
    螺旋卡盘 screw chuck;
    螺旋卡盘外壳 master chuck;
    螺旋开布辊 scroll opener;
    螺旋开槽铣刀 screw slotting cutter; screw slotting milling cutter;
    螺旋扣 turn-bucklet (松紧);
    螺旋阔面铣刀 spiral slab mill;
    螺旋拉刀 spiral broach;
    螺旋棱 scroll;
    螺旋冷却 spiral cooling;
    螺旋离心泵 helico-centrifugal pump;
    螺旋联管节 screwed pipe coupling;
    螺旋联结器 {设计} french coupling;
    螺旋联结箱 screw coupling box;
    螺旋联轴节 screw coupler; screw coupling;
    螺旋连接杆 {采矿} stirrup;
    螺旋链系 screw chain;
    螺旋量 face advance (针齿轮);
    螺旋溜槽 spiral chute;
    螺旋流动度试验 {工} spiral flow test;
    螺旋流动冷却 helical-flow cooling;
    螺旋流式涡轮 helical flow turbine; {机} tangential helical flow turbine;
    螺旋楼梯 vice; geometric stairs; spiral stairs;
    螺旋楼梯中柱 newel;
    螺旋滤波器 screw-filter;
    螺旋铆机 screw riveting machine;
    螺旋霉素 foromacidin; spiramycin; rovamycin; provamycin; selectomycin;
    螺旋迷宫密封 spiral labyrinth seal;
    螺旋密度波 helical density wave;
    螺旋密度不稳定性 helical density instability;
    螺旋(试验)模型 spin model;
    螺旋摩擦压力机 flying press; screw friction press;
    螺旋内酯固醇 aldactone; {医} spironolactone;
    螺旋粘滞密封 spiral viscoseal;
    螺旋盘轮 disk wheel;
    螺旋配筋 spiral reinforcement;
    螺旋喷流 spiral jet;
    螺旋喷卸管 auger spout;
    螺旋片 flight;
    螺旋起重机 bottle screw; screwjack;
    螺旋起重器 jackscrew; lift screw; lifting screw;
    螺旋千分尺 screw micrometer; screw-thread micrometer;
    螺旋千分卡尺 screw micrometer caliper;
    螺旋千斤顶 jackscrew; {机} screw jack; jack-in-the-box;
    螺旋切槽 helical cutting;
    螺旋切削 spiral cutting;
    螺旋球面反射体 helisphere reflector;
    螺旋曲线 helical curve; spiral curve;
    螺旋曲线量 spirality;
    螺旋绕法 helically-wound;
    螺旋绕丝机 helical winding machine;
    螺旋绕组 fish winding; spiral winding;
    螺旋韧带 {解} spiral ligament;
    螺旋刃带 helical land;
    螺旋润滑 screw lubrication;
    螺旋塞 vice; screw plug; screw stopper;
    螺旋扫描{讯} helical scanning; spiral scan;
    螺旋扫描(式)磁带录像机 helical scan recorder;
    螺旋扫描录像 helical recording;
    螺旋扇风机 screw fan;
    螺旋神经节 {解} spiral ganglion;
    螺旋升角 {机} lead angle;
    螺旋升运器 auger elevator; screw elevator;
    螺旋绳 spiral rope;
    螺旋室 volute;
    螺旋试验 spin test;
    螺旋收敛 spiral convergence;
    螺旋手柄工具 screwed shank tool;
    螺旋输送 auger delivery;
    螺旋输送机 conveying worm; auger conveyor; screw conveyor; spiral conveyor; {机} worm conveyor; archimedean screw conveyer; conveying screw; helical conveyor;
    螺旋输送器 auger conveyor; auger gatherer;
    螺旋输送器底壳 auger concave;
    螺旋输送器外罩 auger conveyor box;
    螺旋输送式吹送机 auger feed blower;
    螺旋刷筛 spiral brush sifter;
    螺旋丝锥 spiral tap;
    螺旋弹簧 coiled spring; helical spring; {设计} spiral spring;
    螺旋弹簧管 helical Bourdon tube; helix Bourdon tube;
    螺旋弹簧接触体 helical contact;
    螺旋弹簧摩擦离合器 coil friction clutch;
    螺旋弹簧胀圈活塞环 ring with coil-spring expander;
    螺旋套 helical casing;
    螺旋套管接合 screwed socket joint;
    螺旋套筒 screw sheel;
    螺旋梯 cocke-stair;
    螺旋提升机 {机} screw elevator;
    螺旋提升机构 screw lift; screw lifting mechanism;
    螺旋天线 helical antenna;
    螺旋通风器 screw ventilation;
    螺旋同轴线匹配交换器 helix-tocoaxial-line transducer;
    螺旋头部用(活动)杆 tommy wrench;
    螺旋透镜 helical lens; spiral lens;
    螺旋凸棱辊 sprial-ribbed roll;
    螺旋凸轮 spiral cam;
    螺旋凸缘 screwed flange;
    螺旋推进套 helical propelling sleeve;
    螺旋推运器 auger;
    螺旋推运器(传动)链轮 auger sprocket;
    螺旋推运器外壳 auger cover;
    螺旋推运器轴 auger core;
    螺旋挖掘机 helical digger (带垂直螺旋刀齿);
    螺旋喂送器 screw feed;
    螺旋位错 {晶} screw dislocation; helix dislocation;
    螺旋位移 {力} screw displacement;
    螺旋纹 {植} spiricle;
    螺旋纹板 stockade and dies;
    螺旋铣 {机} helical milling;
    螺旋铣刀 screw-on cutter; spiral cutter; spiral mill; spiral milling cutter;
    螺旋铣削 helical milling;
    螺旋洗矿机 screw washer;
    螺旋下降 vrille;
    螺旋下降式输送机 gravity spiral conveyer;
    螺旋下降式调整 screwdown control;
    螺旋限制器 screw-type stop;
    螺旋销 screw pin; spiral pin;
    螺旋消失 despiralization;
    螺旋小齿轮 helical pinion;
    螺旋斜角 angle of helix;
    螺旋斜纹织物 {纺} corkscrew weave;
    螺旋斜轴 spiral bevel axle;
    螺旋卸料离心机 helical-conveyer centrifugal;
    螺旋心轴 screw mandrel; centrifugal;
    螺旋芯撑 spring chaplet;
    螺旋星云 sprial nebula;
    螺旋性 {量子} helicity;
    螺旋选矿机 spiral concentrator;
    螺旋卸煤机 sprial coal unloader;
    螺旋压力机 fly press; screw press; spindle press; worm press;
    螺旋压缩(气)机 screw compressor;
    螺旋压缩机管夹 screw compressor clamp;
    螺旋压凸机 flypress;
    螺旋压下机构 screwdown mechanism;
    螺旋压榨机 pressafiner; pressofiner;
    螺旋压装法装药 explosive screw-pressing;
    螺旋咽饰带线虫 pispharynx spiralis;
    螺旋延长部 extension screw;
    螺旋延迟电缆 helical delay cable;
    螺旋延迟线 delay helix; delay-line helix;
    螺旋扬水机 spiral water lift;
    螺旋叶轮 helical runner;
    螺旋叶盘式截装机 {采矿} spiral vane disk cutter;
    螺旋叶片 helical blade;
    螺旋叶片式输送器 helically bladed screw conveyer;
    螺旋蝇 screwfly;
    螺旋油槽 helical oil groove; spiral oil grooves;
    螺旋圆波导 helical circular waveguide;
    螺旋云系 {气} spiral cloud;
    螺旋运动 screw; spiralling; helical motion; spiral motion; spiral movement;
    螺旋运输机 helical conveyer;
    螺旋藻属 Spirulina;
    螺旋轧制 screw rolling;
    螺旋榨油机 screw oil expeller;
    螺旋(取向) 照像 helical diagram;
    螺旋振动运输机 spiral vibrating conveyer;
    螺旋振子 helicon;
    螺旋正齿轮 spiral spur gear;
    螺旋正牙器 jackscrew;
    螺旋支架 helical mount;
    螺旋直径 screw diameter;
    螺旋纸浆传送器 helical screw pulp conveyer;
    螺旋制砖机 auger machine;
    螺旋质谱计 helicotron;
    螺旋种子清选机 spiral-type seed grader;
    螺旋重力分离器 spiral gravity separator;
    螺旋周值 screw value;
    螺旋柱 bored pile; {建} screw pile;
    螺旋柱式绞盘 pile-screwing capstan;
    螺旋桩 screw pile;
    螺旋装订 spiral binding;
    螺旋装粮机 auger grain loader;
    螺旋装料器 {机} auger packer;
    螺旋装置 screw;
    螺旋(联接)装置 screw(ed)-on attachment;
    螺旋锥齿轮 spiral bevel gear;
    螺旋锥齿轮副 spiral bevel gear pair;
    螺旋锥口钻 snail countersink;
    螺旋锥式选种机 spiral cone seed cleaner;
    螺旋锥蝇 screwworm;
    螺旋钻 auger; archimedean; {机} rotary bucket; archimedean drill; screw auger; spiral auger; spiral borer; spiral drill; twist bit; auger bit;
    螺旋钻杆 auger stem;
    螺旋钻机开采薄煤层法 {采矿} auger mining;
    螺旋钻孔 auger boring; {工} auger drilling; auger hole;
    螺旋钻孔桩 {土} bored pile;
    螺旋钻探 auger boring
    * * *
    螺旋|螺旋 [luó xuán] spiral helix screw

    Chinese-English dictionary > 螺旋

  • 152 螺线

    【电】 helical
    * * *
    n. spire
    * * *
    luo2 xian4
    * * *
    luó xiàn
    spiral; spire; helix; helical; spiral curve
    螺线方向 hand of spiral;
    螺线轨道 spiral orbit;
    螺线桨尖速度 {航空} helical tip speed;
    螺线精馏柱 {分化} spiral wire column;
    螺线腔模 spiral-cavity mould;
    螺线绕法(组) spiral winding;
    螺线铁氧体移相器 helical ferrite phase shifter;
    螺线钨丝 spiral tungsten cable;
    螺线位错 helical dislocation;
    螺线向量场 {数} solenoidal; vector field;
    螺线形 scroll;
    螺线延迟线 helical delay line; {电磁} spiral delay line;
    螺线质谱计 helicotron;
    螺线轴 {摄} spiral reel;
    螺线族 family of spirals
    * * *
    螺線|螺线 [luó xiàn] spiral

    Chinese-English dictionary > 螺线

  • 153 豐碑

    monument, monumental work
    * * *
    n. monument, memorial, column, obelisk, monolith
    * * *
    feng1 bei1
    large inscribed stele, fig. great achievement, imperishable masterpiece
    * * *
    豐碑|丰碑 [fēng bēi] large inscribed stele fig. great achievement imperishable masterpiece

    Chinese-English dictionary > 豐碑

  • 154 转向

    change direction; (of ship) diversion; swing; turn; veer; shift; deflect, change one's political stand
    lose one's bearings; get lost
    * * *
    change direction; get lost; sheer off; sway; swerve; swing; trend; turn
    【医】 diversion; vergence; vergency
    相关词组: 蒙头转向
    * * *
    turning; turnaround; veer; swerve; come about; sheer off; train off; turn around; turn one's steps to
    * * *
    v. change direction
    * * *
    zhuan3 xiang4
    to change direction, fig. to change one's stance
    zhuan4 xiang4
    to get lost, to lose one's way
    * * *
    1) 转向
    zhuàn xiàng
    (迷失方向) lose one's bearings; get lost:
    晕头转向 get confused and lose one's bearings; feel one's head reeling
    {眼} vergence另见 zhuǎn xiàng。
    2) 转向
    zhuǎn xiàng
    turn; turn round (around); swing; sway; change direction; change one's political position:
    把注意力转向重大的事情 turn one's attention to important matters;
    把思想转向别处 turn one's thoughts elsewhere;
    把炮口转向敌人开火 swing the gun towards the enemy and fire;
    高额关税常使贸易由一国转向另一国。 High tariffs often cause a diversion of trade from one country to another.
    转向保险 steering lock;
    转向(垂)臂 drop arm; pitman arm (汽车的);
    转向臂规 spindle arm gauge;
    转向操纵机构 steering control mechanism;
    转向齿轮 tooth sector;
    转向齿轮速比 steering gear ratio;
    转向传动装置 steering transmission linkage;
    转向点半径 turnover radius;
    转向阀 switching valve;
    转向赋值语句 Go To assignment statement;
    转向构架 bogie frame;
    转向关节枢 steering knuckle pivot; steering knuckle spindle; steering stub; steering-yoke bolt;
    转向辊 slewing rollers;
    转向横拉杆 tie rod;
    转向恒星 installation;
    转向机车 (主英) bogie engine; bogie locomotive; locomotive for negotiating curve;
    转向机构 steering gear; steering mechanism;
    转向加力器 hydraulic steering booster;
    转向锯 radial saw;
    转向开关 pole changer;
    转向拉杆 drag link;
    转向离合器 steering clutch;
    转向轮毂 steering wheel hub;
    转向脉 deflection vein;
    转向目镜 cranked eyepiece;
    转向喷管 vectoring nozzle;
    转向器 diverter; steering gear;
    转向球 steering ball;
    转向输送机 steering conveyor;
    转向顺时针方向 veer;
    转向伺服机构 steering servomechanism;
    转向头衬套 steering head bushing;
    转向系统 steering system;
    转向销 king pin;
    转向延续 return;
    转向语句 Go To statement;
    转向褶皱 deflection fold;
    转向轴 steering shaft;
    转向柱夹 steering post clamp;
    转向柱控制 steering-column control;
    转向装置 transfer; steering gear 另见 zhuàn xiàng。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 轉向|转向 [zhuǎn xiàng] to change direction fig. to change one's stance
    Ⅱ. 轉向|转向 [zhuàn xiàng] to get lost to lose one's way

    Chinese-English dictionary > 转向

  • 155 转盘

    turntable (as of a record player); traffic circle, sports giant stride, disc-spinning, petroleum rotary table
    * * *
    dial; turntable
    【电】 pan; turntable rumble
    * * *
    dial; turnplate; turntable
    * * *
    zhuan4 pan2
    turntable, rotary (traffic)
    * * *
    zhuàn pán
    {机} turntable; {体} giant stride; {杂技} disc-spinning; {石油} rotary table; platform; dial; turnplate; turnstile; figure plate (电话机等); cradle housing; (伞齿刨的摆动); turn plate
    转盘播种机 rotating hand drill;
    转盘挤奶台 rotalactor;
    转盘模拟 dishpan simulation;
    转盘求积仪 rolling disc planimeter;
    转盘设备 rotating disc;
    转盘试验 dishpan experiment;
    转盘送料机 dial feed;
    转盘速度 rotary speed;
    转盘塔 rotating disc column;
    转盘噪声 turntable noise;
    转盘真空计 rotating disk (vacuum) gauge;
    转盘轴承 turntable bearing;
    转盘钻井 rotary drilling
    * * *
    轉盤|转盘 [zhuàn pán] turntable rotary (traffic)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 转盘

  • 156 轻型

    light-duty; light
    * * *
    light; light-duty
    相关词组: 轻型的
    * * *
    light; light-duty
    * * *
    qing1 xing2
    light (machinery, aircraft etc)
    * * *
    qīng xíng
    light-duty; light-weight; light
    轻型爆破 light shot;
    轻型插板 sheeters;
    轻型敞开头盔 casquetel;
    轻型敞篷汽车 voiture;
    轻型敞篷马车 go-cart;
    轻型车床 light lathe; light-duty lathe;
    轻型车辆 light vehicle;
    轻型船 wherry;
    轻型带棚马车 fly;
    轻型单座旋翼机 rotorcycle;
    轻型二轮车 road cart;
    轻型发动机 light duty engine;
    轻型方格 light-panel;
    轻型飞机 lightplane; light aircraft;
    轻型帆布篷车 canvased light van;
    轻型覆土耙 brush harrow;
    轻型钢结构 light section steel structure;
    轻型钢轨 light rail;
    轻型工字钢 lightweight I-beam;
    轻型轨道 railway;
    轻型轨道车 light section car;
    轻型航空母舰 light aircraft carrier;
    轻型轰炸机 light bomber;
    轻型护卫舰 corvette;
    轻型活动修理车 light mobile machine shop;
    轻型炮 light artillery;
    轻型机械 light-duty machinery;
    轻型驾车马 light driving horse;
    轻型检查车 light inspection car;
    轻型剪切机作业线 light shear line;
    轻型角钢 light weight angle steel;
    轻型结构 light-type structure;
    轻型卡车 pick-up truck;
    轻型快速坦克 light fast tank;
    轻型肋片 lightening rib;
    轻型链球菌 streptococcus mitis;
    轻型临时支架 false set;
    轻型榴弹炮 {军} light howitzer;
    轻型轮式拖拉机 light wheel tractor;
    轻型马车 voiture;
    轻型摩托 trailbike;
    轻型摩托艇 runabout;
    轻型平底艇 pram; praam;
    轻型平地机 lightweight grader;
    轻型气腿风动凿岩机 autostoper;
    轻型汽车赛 sports-car racing;
    轻型牵引车 mule;
    轻型桥台 light-weight abutment;
    轻型摄像机 lightweight camera;
    轻型师 light division;
    轻型水下勘探装置 aqualung;
    轻型碎料板 low-density wood chipboard;
    轻型坦克 light tank;
    轻型铁路 light railway;
    轻型围网 semi-purse net;
    轻型型钢 lightweight section;
    轻型巡洋舰 light cruiser;
    轻型越野汽车 puddle jumper;
    轻型(手提式)凿岩机 jackhammer;
    轻型运货升降机 dumb-waiter;
    轻型运转状态 mild-duty operating condition;
    轻型载重汽车 light truck;
    轻型侦察通讯联络机 grasshopper;
    轻型直升飞机 hoppicopter;
    轻型主轴 plain spindle;
    轻型柱 {土} light column;
    轻型铸件 light casting;
    轻型装载机 low loader;
    轻型钻架 jackleg;
    轻型凿岩机 buzzer
    * * *
    輕型|轻型 [qīng xíng] light (machinery, aircraft etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轻型

  • 157

    monarch; sovereign, ward off; keep away
    open up (territory, land, etc.); break (ground), refute; repudiate, penetrating; incisive
    * * *
    break; keep away
    * * *
    break; keep away
    * * *
    n. monarch, royal, king
    v. keep away, ward, dispel, open up
    adj. penetrating, incisive
    v. dispel, open up, break, refute, repudiate
    * * *
    king, monarch, to enlist, to repel, to avoid
    law, variant of 闢, 辟
    to dispel, to refute, to repudiate, to open up (for development)
    * * *
    1) 辟(、Ⅱ闢)
    (开辟) open up (territory, land, etc.); break (ground):
    另辟专栏 start a new column (in a newspaper, etc.);
    开辟果园 lay out an orchard;
    新辟一条穿过乡村的公路 open a new road through the country
    (驳斥; 排除) refute; repudiate:
    辟邪说 refute heresy
    (透彻) penetrating; incisive:
    精辟 profound; incisive;
    透辟的分析 penetrating analysis;
    对某事物有透辟的了解 have a thorough understanding of sth.
    (书) (法律; 法) law:
    大辟 capital punishment (in feudal times)
    另见 bì; pī。
    (书)(君主)monarch; sovereign; ruler:
    复辟 restore a monarchy; restoration
    (姓氏) a surname:
    辟子方 Bi Zifang
    (排除) fight off; ward off; avoid; keep away
    (帝王召见并授与官职) call to office另见 pì。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 辟|辟 [bì] king monarch to enlist to repel to avoid
    Ⅱ. 辟|辟 [pì] law variant of ↑ |↑ [pì]
    闢|辟 [pì] to dispel to refute to repudiate to open up (for development)

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 158 逃避

    escape; evade; shirk; cut; dodge; duck; flinch
    * * *
    escape; evade; elude; flee; runaround; shift off; shirk; weasel from
    【机】 relief
    相关词组: 逃避处所
    * * *
    escape; evade; elude; flee; runaround; shift off; shirk; weasel from
    * * *
    v. escape, evade, shirk
    * * *
    tao2 bi4
    to escape, to evade, to avoid, to shirk
    * * *
    táo bì
    escape; evade; shirk:
    逃避法律制裁 evasion of legal sanction;
    逃避关税 evade customs duties;
    逃避困难 avoid (dodge) a difficulty;
    逃避现实 try to escape reality; freak out;
    逃避刑罚 beat the rap;
    逃避责任 shirk responsibility; escape liability; dodge the column; pass the buck;
    逃避债务 dodge a creditor;
    逃避职责 evade doing a duty
    逃避干旱 escape drought;
    逃避合成 escape synthesis;
    逃避税收 tax evasion; tax avoidance; tax dodging; defraud the revenue;
    逃避行为 {动} escape behaviour;
    逃避训练 escape training;
    逃避隐蔽植被 escape covert;
    逃避运动 phobotaxis;
    逃避资本 refuge capital
    * * *
    逃避|逃避 [táo bì] to escape to evade to avoid to shirk

    Chinese-English dictionary > 逃避

  • 159

    road; way; path; lane, channel; course, way; method, doctrine; principle; the Tao; the Way, Taoism; Taoist, superstitious sect, line, (used for long and narrow objects), (used for doors, walls, etc.), (used for orders, questions, etc.), (used for courses in a meal, stages in a procedure, etc.), say; talk; speak, say (polite words), say (the words quoted), think; suppose, Dow
    * * *
    path; road; doctrine; Tao; say; talk; way; method
    【医】 canal; canales; canalis; meatus; passage; path; pathway; tract; tractus
    * * *
    path; road; doctrine; Tao; say; talk; way; melod
    * * *
    adj. taoist
    n. road, way, path, circuit, Taoism, method, doctrine, principle, principium
    v. say, talk, speak, think, suppose
    * * *
    direction, way, road, path, principle, truth, morality, reason, skill, method, Dao (of Daoism), to say, to speak, to talk, classifier for long thin stretches, rivers, roads etc, province (of Korea do 도, and formerly Japan dō), CL:條, 条,股
    * * *
    (道路) road; way; route; path:
    干(便)道 a main (service) road;
    林荫小道 a shady path;
    马车道 a wagon road;
    铁道 railway; railroad;
    羊肠小道 a winding (zigzag) path
    (水流通过的途径) channel; course:
    河道 river course;
    下水道 sewer;
    黄河入海有过26次改道。 The Yellow River changed its course to the sea on 26 occasions.
    (方向; 方法; 道理) way; method:
    养生之道 the way to keep fit;
    以其人之道, 还治其人之身 deal with a man as he deals with you; pay sb. back in his own coin;
    志同道合 cherish the same ideals and follow the same path
    (道德) morals; morality:
    道义 morality and justice
    (学术或宗教的思想体系; 宇宙万物的本源) doctrine; body of moral teachings; the Way of Nature which cannot be given a name; principle:
    传道 propagate doctrines of the ancient sages; preach;
    孔孟之道 doctrines (teachings) of Confucius and Mencius;
    尊师重道 honour the teacher and respect his teachings;
    得道 (of person) have attained wisdom
    (属于道教的; 道教徒) Taoism; Taoist:
    老道 a Taoist priest;
    一僧一道 a Buddhist monk and a Taoist priest
    (某些反动的迷信组织) superstitious sect:
    会道门 superstitious sects and secret societies
    (线条; 细长的痕迹) line:
    画一条斜道儿 draw a slanting line;
    铅笔道 a pencil line
    (身体内的管道) tract:
    呼吸道 respiratory tract;
    胃肠道 gastrointestinal tract
    (技术; 技艺) skill:
    医道 physician's skill
    (姓氏) a surname:
    道同 Dao Ton
    一道烟 a stream (column) of smoke;
    一道气 a jet of gas;
    一道光 a streak of light;
    万道金光 myriads of golden rays;
    一道缝儿 a crack;
    一道河 a river
    (用于门、墙等; 重):
    两道门 two successive doors;
    三道防线 three lines of defence
    出五道题 set five questions (for an examination, etc.);
    一道命令 an order
    上四道菜 serve four courses;
    省一道手续 save one step in the process
    (说) say; talk; speak:
    常言道 as the saying goes;
    能说会道 have a glib tongue; have the gift of the gab;
    道是无情却有情。 You might say (someone) is cold (unfeeling), but he isn't.
    (以为; 认为) think; suppose:
    我道是老周呢, 原来是你。 So it's you! I thought it was Lao Zhou.
    * * *
    道|道 [dào] direction way road path principle truth morality reason skill method Dao (of Daoism) to say to speak to talk classifier for long thin stretches, rivers, roads etc province (of Korea do 도, and formerly Japan dō) CL:↑ |↑ [tiáo],↑ [gǔ]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 160 里脊

    * * *
    lǐ ji
    里脊肉 tenderloin; lean pork taken from under the spinal column of a hog
    * * *
    裡脊|里脊 [lǐ ji] (tender)loin (of pork, beef etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 里脊

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