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air column

  • 41 吸气

    * * *
    inhale; inspiration
    【化】 suction
    【医】 inspired air
    相关词组: 吸气的
    * * *
    * * *
    v. sniff
    v. aspirate
    * * *
    xi1 qi4
    to inhale, to draw in breath
    * * *
    xī qì
    (吸入气体) inhale; breathe in:
    吸气! 呼气! Inhale! Exhale!
    {生理} inspiration; air admission; afflatus; gettering; {机} air-breathing; suction
    吸气泵 aspirator pump;
    吸气测量计 inspirometer;
    吸气冲程 induction stroke; air suction stroke;
    吸气导管 intake guide;
    吸气阀 {工} snifter valve;
    吸气管 air intake duct;
    吸气溅射 inspiration sputtering;
    吸气口 air entry;
    吸气困难 inspiratory dyspnea;
    吸气离子泵 ion-gettering pump;
    吸气(式)冷凝器 aspiration condenser;
    吸气歧管 induction manifold;
    吸气器 aspirator;
    吸气室 induction chamber;
    吸气筒 aspiration column;
    吸气行程 suction stroke;
    吸气音色 click timber;
    吸气装置 getter device
    * * *
    吸氣|吸气 [xī qì] to inhale to draw in breath

    Chinese-English dictionary > 吸气

  • 42 吸附

    * * *
    adsorb; adsorption; sorb
    【化】 adsorb; adsorption
    【医】 adsorption
    相关词组: 吸附的
    * * *
    adsorb; adsorption
    * * *
    xi1 fu4
    absorption (chemistry)
    * * *
    xī fù
    {化} adsorb; adsorption; sorption:
    完全干燥玻璃粉吸附大量的二氧化碳。 Considerable quantities of CO? are adsorbed even by perfectly dry glass powder.
    吸附白土 adsorptive clay;
    吸附被吸附物 adsorbate (吸附物+被吸附物);
    吸附本领 adsorptivity;
    吸附泵 adsorption pump;
    吸附波 adsorption wave;
    吸附沉淀 adsorption precipitation;
    吸附传导阴极 adconductor cathode;
    吸附床 adsorbent bed;
    吸附磁场 adsorption-magnetic field;
    吸附催化 adsorption catalysis;
    吸附催化剂 adsorption catalyst;
    吸附带 adsorption band;
    吸附导体阴极 adconductor cathode;
    吸附等容线 adsorption isoster;
    吸附等温线 adsorption isotherm;
    吸附电钻 electro-megnetic drills; megnetic drill presses;
    吸附动力学 adsorption dynamics; adsorption kinetics;
    吸附度 adsorptivity;
    吸附发光 adsorboluminescence;
    吸附法 adsorptive process;
    吸附方程 adsorption equation;
    吸附分光计 adsorption spectrometer; (无色化合物的)
    吸附分离 separatography; adsorption separation;
    吸附分离芳烃过程 arosorb process;
    吸附分析 adsorption analysis;
    吸附改良剂 adsorbent modifier;
    吸附干燥 adsorption dry;
    吸附罐 adsorption tanks;
    吸附硅酸盐 sorosilicate;
    吸附过滤介质 adsorbent filtering medium;
    吸附化合物 adsorption compound;
    吸附活度 adsorption activity;
    吸附减活剂 adsorbent deactivator;
    吸附键 adsorption bond;
    吸附节 patella;
    吸附精制 adsorption refining;
    吸附阱 adsorption trap;
    吸附空间 adsorption space;
    吸附离子 adion;
    吸附力 adsorptive power; adsorption affinity;
    吸附量 adsorbance; adsorption capacity;
    吸附流动 adsorption flow;
    吸附率 adsorption rate;
    吸附滤池 adsorption filter;
    吸附膜 adsorbed film;
    吸附能力 adsorbability; adsorptive capacity;
    吸附平衡 adsorption (adhesion) equilibrium;
    吸附平衡常数 adsorption equilibrium constant;
    吸附器 adsorber;
    吸附气提 adsorption stripping;
    吸附气体 adsorbed gas;
    吸附汽油 adsorbed gasoline;
    吸附取代 adsorption displacement;
    吸附色层分离法 adsorption chromatography;
    吸附色谱法 adsorption chromatography;
    吸附渗滤 adsorptive percolation;
    吸附势 adsorption potential;
    吸附适用性 adsorption applicability;
    吸附水 adsorbed water;
    吸附速率 rate of adsorption;
    吸附酸 adsorber acid;
    吸附梯度 adsorbing gradient;
    吸附脱臭 deodour by adsorption;
    吸附脱水 adsorption dewatering;
    吸附物 adsorbate; adsorber;
    吸附系数 adsorption coefficient;
    吸附系统 {机} adsorption system;
    吸附现象 adsorption phenomena;
    吸附相 adsorbed phase;
    吸附油 adsorbed oil;
    吸附张力 attached tension;
    吸附指示剂 adsorption indicator;
    吸附质 adsorbates;
    吸附滞后(现象) adsorption hysteresis;
    吸附柱 adsorbing column; absorption column;
    吸附作用 adsorption; adsorbing
    * * *
    吸附|吸附 [xī fù] absorption (chemistry)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 吸附

  • 43 吸附性

    【机】 adsorbability; adsorption column
    * * *
    xi1 fu4 xing4
    absorption, absorbability (chemistry)
    * * *
    xī fù xìng
    adsorbability; adsorptivity
    吸附性载体 adsorptive support
    * * *
    吸附性|吸附性 [xī fù xìng] absorption absorbability (chemistry)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 吸附性

  • 44 哥特式

    * * *
    Gothic; Gothicism
    * * *
    adj. Gothic, of or pertaining to the Goths or their language; of or pertaining to a style of medieval architecture characterized by pointed arches and vaulting; of or pertaining to the artistic style of medieval northern Europe; medieval; barbaric
    * * *
    ge1 te4 shi4
    * * *
    gē tè shì
    {建} Gothic; gothic
    哥特式弧形拱 {建} segmental Gothic arch;
    哥特式家具 gothic chippendale;
    哥特式(尖)建筑 Gothic (pointed) architecture;
    哥特式建筑形式 (Gothic) decorated style;
    哥特式教堂 Gothic cathedral;
    哥特式十字褡长袍 gothic chasuble;
    哥特式屋面坡度 (60?) Gothic pitch;
    哥特式翼{ 航空} Gothic wing;
    哥特式柱头 capital of Gothic column
    * * *
    哥特式|哥特式 [gē tè shì] gothic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 哥特式

  • 45 喷雾

    spray; atomize
    * * *
    sparge; spray
    【医】 atomization; nebulize; spray; spraying
    相关词组: 飞机喷雾
    * * *
    spray; sprayer
    * * *
    n. sprayer, spray, atomization
    v. spray, atomize
    * * *
    pen1 wu4
    mist spray, atomizing
    * * *
    pēn wù
    atomizing; mist spray
    喷雾成型机 prilling machine;
    喷雾吹风马达 mist fan motor;
    喷雾淬火 {冶} fog quenching;
    喷雾阀盖 spray valve cover;
    喷雾法 spray-on process;
    喷雾繁殖 mist propagation;
    喷雾防尘 spray dust prevention;
    喷雾分散度测定仪 sprayograph;
    喷雾风扇 spray fan;
    喷雾干燥 {化工} spray drying;
    喷雾干燥器 {机} spray dryer;
    喷雾给湿机 mist spray damping machine;
    喷雾管路 atomizer passage; spraying machine;
    喷雾机 spraying machine; atomizing machine; dewing machine;
    喷雾剂 spray;
    喷雾蜡脱油 spray deoiling;
    喷雾冷凝器 spray condenser;
    喷雾冷却法 spray cooling;
    喷雾冷却器 spray cooler;
    喷雾疗法 aerosol therapy; nebulization;
    喷雾淋盘式除氧器 spray tray (type) deaerator;
    喷雾盘 spray disk;
    喷雾喷粉机 sprayer-duster;
    喷雾燃烧器 atomizing burner;
    喷雾润滑 oil fog lubrication;
    喷雾射程 carry of spray;
    喷雾塔 spray tower; {化} atomizing column;
    喷雾剃须膏 aerosol shaving cream;
    喷雾脱蜡 spray dewaxing;
    喷雾印花 spray printing;
    喷雾蒸发 spray evaporation;
    喷雾制粉 powder by spraying;
    喷雾装置 sprayer unit;
    喷雾锥 atomizer cone;
    喷雾嘴 {机} spray nozzle; atomizing jet; fog nozzle; spraying nozzle;
    喷雾作用 nebulization
    * * *
    噴霧|喷雾 [pēn wù] mist spray atomizing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 喷雾

  • 46

    picture; drawing; chart; map, intention; intent, scheme; plan; attempt, pursue; seek
    * * *
    chart; drawing; fig.; map; plot; picture; intention; attempt; plan
    【计】 diagram; graphtyper
    【化】 diagram
    【医】 chart; column diagram; diagram; graph; map; picture; schema; scheme
    * * *
    chart; drawing; fig; map; plot; picture; intention; attempt; plan
    * * *
    n. attempt, picture, drawing, chart, map, scheme, plan, intention
    v. seek, pursue
    * * *
    diagram, picture, drawing, chart, map, CL:張, 张, to plan, to scheme, to attempt, to pursue, to seek
    * * *
    (绘画表现出的形象; 图画) picture; chart; drawing; map:
    地图 map;
    蓝图 blueprint;
    剖面图 sectional drawing;
    统计图 statistical chart
    (计划) plan; scheme; attempt:
    宏图 great plan;
    别无他图 no other aims;
    另作他图 find another way out; work out a different scheme
    (意图) intent; intention:
    良图 good intention (intent)
    (贪图) pursue; seek; covet; hanker after:
    不图私利 do not pursue private ends;
    图省事 try to do things the easy way;
    图一时痛快 seek momentary satisfaction;
    图一时之苟安, 贻百年之大患。 One moment's false security can bring a century of calamities.
    * * *
    圖|图 [tú] diagram picture drawing chart map CL:↑ |↑ [zhāng] to plan to scheme to attempt to pursue to seek

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  • 47 圆柱

    * * *
    【医】 cast; cyl.; cylinder
    相关词组: 圆柱的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. column, cylinder
    * * *
    yuan2 zhu4
    column, cylinder
    * * *
    yuán zhù
    circular column; cylinder:
    白色大理石圆柱 white marble column
    圆柱测径规 cylindrical plug ga(u)ge;
    圆柱成对密立(式) accouplement;
    圆柱齿轮 cylindrical gear;
    圆柱等积投影 {地理} cylindrical equal area projection;
    圆柱电极 cylinder electrode;
    圆柱顶板 abacus;
    圆柱度 cylindricity;
    圆柱度测量 cylindricity measurement;
    圆柱段 cylindrical section;
    圆柱对称 cylindrical symmetry;
    圆柱对称性 cylindrosymmetry;
    圆柱浮标 spar buoy;
    圆柱规 cylindrical gauge;
    圆柱滚子 cylindrical roller;
    圆柱滚子轴承 cylinder roller bearing;
    圆柱函数 cylindrical function;
    圆柱黄晶 pycnite;
    圆柱集 cylinder set;
    圆柱键 round key;
    圆柱绿泥石 picnochlorite;
    圆柱螺旋线 circular helix;
    圆柱塞规 plug gauge;
    圆柱声盘 cylindrical record;
    圆柱投影 conic projection; cylindrical projection;
    圆柱凸轮 cylindrical cam; drum cam;
    圆柱蜗杆 cylindrical worm;
    圆柱锡石(矿) cylindrite;
    圆柱铣刀 cylindrical milling cutter;
    圆柱铣刀铣外圆 Rotamiller;
    圆柱细穗草 thintail;
    圆柱谐振腔 cylinder resonator;
    圆柱性 cylindricity;
    圆柱阵 cylindrical array;
    圆柱正形投影 conformal cylindrical projection;
    圆柱轴颈 cylindrical journal;
    圆柱钻 cylinder bit;
    圆柱坐标 cylindrical coordinate;
    圆柱坐标系 cylindrical-coordinate system;
    圆柱坐标机器人 cylindrical coordinates robot
    * * *
    圓柱|圆柱 [yuán zhù] column cylinder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 圆柱

  • 48 圓柱

    * * *
    n. column, cylinder
    * * *
    yuan2 zhu4
    column, cylinder
    * * *
    圓柱|圆柱 [yuán zhù] column cylinder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 圓柱

  • 49 地质

    geology, geological
    * * *
    di4 zhi4
    * * *
    dì zhì
    (地壳的成分和结构) geology
    地质背景 geologic setting;
    地质博物馆 geological museum;
    地质层位 geologic horizon;
    地质储量 oil in place;
    地质锤 geologic hammer;
    地质大区 geologic province;
    地质代 geologic age;
    地质地貌冰川学 geomorphic glaciology;
    地质调查 geologic(al) survey;
    地质调查空白区 vacancy of geologic survey;
    地质调查所 Geologic Survey;
    地质调查相片 geophoto;
    地质动力学 geodynamics;
    地质动态模拟 geologic dynamic simulation;
    地质发展史 geologic history;
    地质工作者 geologist;
    地质构造 geologic(al) structure;
    地质观察路线 traverse of geologic observation;
    地质海洋学 geological oceanography; marine (submarine) geology;
    地质技术学 geotechnics;
    地质解释 geologic interpretation;
    地质景观 geologic feature;
    地质静态模拟 geologic static simulation;
    地质勘探 geologic(al) prospecting;
    地质勘探队 geologic(al) prospecting party (team);
    地质勘探费 allocations for geological prospecting;
    地质勘探企业 geological prospecting enterprises;
    地质科学 geological sciences;
    地质力学 geomechanics;
    地质略图 geologic scheme;
    地质年代 geologic age (time);
    地质年代表 geologic time scale;
    地质年代学 geochronology; geologic chronology;
    地质剖面 geologic section; section;
    地质剖面图 log sheet;
    地质侵蚀 geologic erosion;
    地质区 geological province;
    地质时代 geologic age (period);
    地质史 geologic history;
    地质土壤学 geopedology;
    地质图 geologic map;
    地质遥感 geologic remote sensing;
    地质印痕 geoglyphic;
    地质营力 geologic agent;
    地质柱状图 geologic column;
    地质作用 geologic process
    * * *
    地質|地质 [dì zhì] geology

    Chinese-English dictionary > 地质

  • 50

    Buddhist pagoda; pagoda, tower, column; tower
    * * *
    pagoda; tower
    【化】 column
    【医】 tower
    * * *
    pagoda; tower
    * * *
    n. pagoda, Buddhist pagoda, column, tower
    * * *
    pagoda, tower, minaret, stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo), CL:座
    * * *
    (构词成分)见 “圪塔” (gē da)另见 tǎ。
    2) 塔(墖)
    (佛教的建筑物) Buddhist pagoda; pagoda:
    宝塔 pagoda
    (塔形的建筑物) tower:
    瞭望塔 observation tower;
    灯塔 lighthouse; beacon;
    金字塔 pyramid;
    水塔 water tower
    (姓氏) a surname:
    塔坚 Ta Jian
    另见 da。
    * * *
    塔|塔 [tǎ] pagoda tower minaret stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo) CL:↑ [zuò]

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  • 51 填充

    fill up; stuff, fill in the blanks (in a test paper)
    * * *
    fill; fill in; fill in the blanks
    【计】 fill; pad-out; padding
    【化】 filling; loading; packing
    【经】 padding
    相关词组: 填充游戏
    * * *
    fill; fill in
    * * *
    n. filling, padding
    v. fill up, stuff, fill in the blank
    * * *
    tian2 chong1
    pad, padding
    * * *
    tián chōng
    {自} padding; filling; fill; packing; stuffing; tucker
    (一种测验方法) fill in the blanks
    (填补) fill up; stuff
    填充材料 {冶} packing material; filling material;
    填充操作 padding;
    填充层 {化} packing layer;
    填充床 {化} packed bed;
    填充萃取塔 {化} packed extractor;
    填充点 filling point;
    填充缝隙 blind;
    填充符 {计} character fill;
    填充会切位形 {等离子} stuff cusp configuration;
    填充结构 interstitial texture;
    填充金属 added metal; {工} filler metal;
    填充空间 {化} packing space;
    填充矿床 filling deposit;
    填充料 stopping;
    填充脉冲 filler pulse;
    填充毛细管柱 packed capillary column;
    填充密度packed density; packing density;
    填充喷淋塔{化} packed spray tower;
    填充器 tucker;
    填充墙 infilled wall;
    填充区域 fill area;
    填充染色 packed dyeing;
    填充润滑 packing lubrication;
    填充砂 heap sand;
    填充数 filler; padding; occupation number;
    填充水准传感器 filling-level sensor;
    填充塑料 filled plastics;
    填充塔 packed tower; packed column;
    填充提取塔 packed extraction column;
    填充图 blank map;
    填充外脂干酪 filled cheese;
    填充位 (计) filler;
    填充吸收塔 packed absorption column;
    填充细胞 tytosis (pl. tyloses);
    填充系数 activity coefficient; block coefficient;
    填充性 fillibility;
    填充穴 filled cavity;
    填充药 charge;
    填充烟叶工 filler man;
    填充因数 fill factor;
    填充用纤维 fibrefill;
    填充油 extending oil;
    填充柱 packed column;
    填充字符 fill character; padding character;
    填充蒸馏塔 {化} packed distillation column
    * * *
    填充|填充 [tián chōng] pad padding

    Chinese-English dictionary > 填充

  • 52 填料

    packing; stuffing; filling; filler
    * * *
    filling; padding; stuffing; wad
    【化】 brasque; extender; filler; loaded stock; loading; loading material
    【医】 filler; filling; stopping; wadding
    * * *
    filling; padding; stuffing; wad
    * * *
    n. filler, packing, diluent, brasque, wad, cushion
    * * *
    tian2 liao4
    packing material
    * * *
    tián liào
    filling; packing; stuffing; filler; charge; padding; gasket; plums; brasq(ue); preparation extender; loading; gland packing
    填料斑(瑕) filler speck;
    填料床 {化工} packed bed; stuffing box;
    填料盖 follower;
    填料工 loader;
    填料函式套管头 bradenhead;
    填料盒 stuffing box;
    填料介质 packing medium;
    填料金属 filler metal;
    填料流化床 packed-fluidized bed;
    填料器 sizer;
    填料压盖 packing gland;
    填料压机 bale press;
    填料润滑 pad lubrication;
    填料塔 packed column; {化工} packed tower;
    填料箱 stuffing box;
    填料橡胶 loaded rubber;
    填料压盖法兰 follower flange;
    填料压盖轴承 stuffing box bearing;
    填料压盖轴颈衬套 gland-neck bush;
    填料硬化 packing hardening;
    填料柱 {化} filled column
    * * *
    填料|填料 [tián liào] packing material

    Chinese-English dictionary > 填料

  • 53

    n. cylinder
    * * *
    column, cylinder
    * * *
    壔|壔 [dǎo] column cylinder

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  • 54 备注

    * * *
    【计】 comment
    【化】 remarks
    * * *
    * * *
    n. remark
    * * *
    bei4 zhu4
    remark, note
    * * *
    bèi zhù
    remarks; comments on a form
    备注栏 remarks column
    * * *
    備註|备注 [bèi zhù] remark note

    Chinese-English dictionary > 备注

  • 55 复式

    double entry
    * * *
    【经】 double entry
    * * *
    fu4 shi4
    double, multiple, compound, combined, double-entry (accounting)
    * * *
    fù shì
    compound; multiple; double
    复式板刨床 duplex plate planer;
    复式泵 dual pump;
    复式变换 multivertor;
    复式变换器 multivertor; multivator;
    复式簿记 double entry bookkeeping; book by double entry;
    复式插孔 {电} multiple jacks;
    复式插头 multiple plug;
    复式插座 multiple socket;
    复式车床 {机} duplex lathe; double lathe;
    复式车行道 dual carriageway;
    复式承梁 compound bloster;
    复式冲床 double punching machine;
    复式冲力式涡轮机 compound impulse turbine;
    复式冲模 {工} compound press tool;
    复式抽样 complex sample; double sampling;
    复式抽样方案 double sampling plan;
    复式抽油杆柱 tapered-rod string;
    复式粗梳机 double card;
    复式打谷机 complex threshing machine;
    复式刀架 {机} compound rest; compound tool rest;
    复式刀架附件 compound attachment; compound rest attachment;
    复式刀架滑台 multiple-tool slide;
    复式刀架进给量 compound rest feed;
    复式刀架手柄 compound rest handle;
    复式刀架丝杠 compound feed-screw;
    复式倒 V 形亚麻堆 sheigh;
    复式灯座 {电工} current tap; multiple lamp holder;
    复式登记 complex tariff;
    复式地震仪 multiple seismometer;
    复式电报 multiplex telegraph;
    复式电极弧光灯 {电工} magazine arclamp;
    复式电铃 repeating bell;
    复式电门启动器 multiple-switch starter;
    复式电阻焊 multiple resistance welding;
    复式多面型 double brilliant;
    复式二极管 multiple diode;
    复式发动机 {机} compound engine;
    复式分度 compound indexing;
    复式附件 duplicating attachment;
    复式干扰 jaff;
    复式干涉仪 compound interferometer;
    复式杆 complicated pole;
    复式杠杆 {机} compound lever;
    复式杠杆自动秤 double lever automatic weigher;
    复式拱 {建} compound arch;
    复式鼓风机 cross compound blowing engine;
    复式谷物清选机 complex grain cleaner;
    复式故障指示继电器 double fault indicator relay;
    复式管夹 double pipe clamp;
    复式管理图 two-way control chart;
    复式光电摄像管 supericonoscope;
    复式合子 zygote duplex;
    复式桁架 multiple truss;
    复式弧焊机 multiple operator arc welding machine;
    复式滑车 polyspast;
    复式滑动刀架 compound slide rest; slide rest of compound type;
    复式黄麻清纤机 double jute willow;
    复式回转筛 compound revolving screen;
    复式机车 compound locomotive;
    复式机构 compound mechanism;
    复式唧筒 compound pump;
    复式计费记录 {电} multifee registration;
    复式计费记录计 {讯} multifee metering;
    复式计数继电器 multiple metering relay;
    复式记录 multiple registering;
    复式记账 double entry;
    复式加热蛇形管 multiple-heating coil;
    复式架空索道 multi-span skyline;
    复式减速齿轮 double-reduction gear;
    复式减速小正齿轮 double-reduction spur pinion;
    复式减速轴 double-reduction axle; double-reduction shaft;
    复式剪床 multiple shearing machine;
    复式交叉 multiple-structure interchange;
    复式交分道岔 double slip swich;
    复式交换机 coupled positions; multiple(-)switch(-) board;
    复式教学 simultanous conducting of lesson;
    复式节流阀 multiple throtle valve;
    复式结构 duplex;
    复式精馏塔 compound rectifying column;
    复式静电计 multiple electrometer;
    复式开关 multiplex switch;
    复式开关启动器 {电工} multiple-switch starter (controller);
    复式刻度压力计 combination dial pressure ga(u)ge;
    复式空气调节器 duplex air governor;
    复式控制 {控} dual-mode control; duplicate(d) control; duplex control;
    复式控制系统 dual control system;
    复式快门 compound shutter;
    复式拉床 multiple-head broaching machine;
    复式离合器 multiple clutch;
    复式联接件 double coupling piece;
    复式连接器 multi-connector;
    复式链节 compound link;
    复式轮系 compound gear train;
    复式螺钉 {设计} compound screw;
    复式螺旋 compound screw;
    复式螺旋伞齿轮 double helical bevel gear;
    复式玫瑰花型 double rose;
    复式模 gangdie;
    复式牛头刨床 double shaping machine;
    复式盘簧 nest spring;
    复式抛光机 double buffing machine;
    复式喷射器 double injector;
    复式喷雾器 duplex-type atomizer;
    复式气泵 double air pump;
    复式汽缸 multiple cylinder;
    复式汽轮机 compound steam turbine;
    复式塞机 multi-jack;
    复式塞孔部分 section of multiple;
    复式塞孔盘 multiple field;
    复式山谷冰川 composite glacier;
    复式收费 multifee;
    复式双动水泵 duplex doubleacting pump;
    复式双四芯线组 {电工} multiple twin quad;
    复式税则 double account;
    复式弹簧 compound spring; double helical spring; multiple spring;
    复式镗床 duplex boring machine;
    复式套管 conbination casing column; combination string;
    复式套管柱 tapered casing string;
    复式筒子架 two-tier creel;
    复式图形 multiple pattern;
    复式托架 duplex bracket;
    复式网络 multibranch network;
    复式涡轮 compound steam turbine;
    复式蜗轮传动滑车 duplex purchase;
    复式涡轮发动机 compound turbine engine;
    复式卧铣床 double horizontal milling machine; duplex horizontal miller;
    复式显微镜 compound microscope;
    复式线 multiple line;
    复式线路 multi-line;
    复式信号 multiple signal;
    复式悬链线结构 {电} compound catenary construction;
    复式旋流器 multiple cyclone;
    复式旋风式除尘器 multicyclone dust collector;
    复式压力计 conbined pressure gauge;
    复式压力控制器 duplex pressure controller;
    复式压缩机 twin compressor;
    复式芽接 combined bud grafting;
    复式叶轮泵 multiple vane pump;
    复式夷平岸 coast leveled by marine erosion and accumulation;
    复式预算 double-entry budget;
    复式运算 multiple arithmetic;
    复式杂交 complex hybridization;
    复式增压器 complex supercharger;
    复式账目 compound accounts;
    复式针织机 compound knitting machine;
    复式蒸汽机 compound steam engine;
    复式直线加速(高压)器 linear multiple accelerator;
    复式指示计 compound indicator;
    复式注油泵 dual injection pump;
    复式转臂 compound swivel arm; double hinged swivel arm; double-jointed swivel arm;
    复式转线轨道 crossover;
    复式转座 compound swivel; double hinged swivel; double-jointed swivel;
    复式装置 multiple installation;
    复式锥轮传动装置 double gear cone transmission;
    复式组合 duplex;
    复式组合机床 modular duplex milling machine
    * * *
    複式|复式 [fù shì] double multiple compound combined double-entry (accounting)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 复式

  • 56 安装

    install; fix; set up; fit; instal, installation
    * * *
    fit; fix; install
    【计】 erecting
    【化】 setting
    【经】 installation
    相关词组: 安装启用
    * * *
    build in; fit; fix; fixing; install; installation; setting
    * * *
    n. installation
    v. install, instal, erect, fix, mount
    * * *
    an1 zhuang1
    to install, to erect, to fix, to mount, installation
    * * *
    ān zhuāng
    install; erect; fix; mount; assemble; get-set; set up; put-on; fix assemblage:
    安装电话 install a telephone;
    安装机器 install machinery;
    安装扩音器话筒 set up a microphone;
    安装蒸馏塔 erect a distillation column;
    我们应派一个人去监督机器的安装。 We should send a man to superintend the erection of machinery.
    推进器的叶片已经安装好了。 The propeller blade has been mounted.
    安装标记 adjustment notch;
    安装程序 erection sequence; preset;
    安装尺寸 installation dimension; installation size; mounting dimension;
    安装垂度 erection dip; erection sag;
    安装地点 installation side; mounted position; mounting position;
    安装钉 {木} pilot nail;
    安装段 construction section;
    安装队 fitting-up-gang (team);
    安装防滑链 fitting overall chain;
    安装费 mounting cost;
    安装高度 mounting height;
    安装工 installer; mounter; fixer;
    安装工程 erection work; installation work;
    安装工程师 installation engineer;
    安装工具 erecting tools; replacement tool;
    安装工人 erector;
    安装管道 pipe laying;
    安装规范 installation specification;
    安装焊缝 field joint;
    安装焊接 erection welding;
    安装基座 mounting base;
    安装夹具 sectional fixture;
    安装架 erection fixture;
    安装间 clipping room; erection bay;
    安装键 fitting key;
    安装角 setting angle;
    安装接榫 mounting rabbet;
    安装接头 erection joint; field joint;
    安装孔 mounting hole; open holes;
    安装面 fitting surface;
    安装面积 erection space;
    安装锚杆 {采矿} skyhook;
    安装设备 erecting equipment;
    安装损伤 installation damages;
    安装索 pass line;
    安装塔架 {土} erection tower;
    安装图 installation diagram; erecting diagram; drawing for fixation;
    安装位置 installation site; mounting position; riding position;
    安装误差 installation error; erection error;
    安装系统图 fitting arrangement;
    安装现场 loading bay;
    安装线 {电} interconnection wire; hook-up wire;
    安装线脚 {木} planted moulding; erection stress;
    安装用具 fixture;
    安装支柱 mounting rack;
    安装支座 erection support
    * * *
    安裝|安装 [ān zhuāng] to install to erect to fix to mount installation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 安装

  • 57 專欄

    special column; column
    * * *
    n. special column
    * * *
    zhuan1 lan2
    special column
    * * *
    專欄|专栏 [zhuān lán] special column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 專欄

  • 58 居中

    (mediate) between two parties, be placed in the middle
    * * *
    be placed in the middle; center; centre; mediate
    【计】 center; center on page
    * * *
    be placed in the middle; center; mediacy
    * * *
    ju1 zhong1
    positioned between (two parties), to mediate between
    * * *
    jū zhōng
    (当中; 在中间) (mediate) between two parties; be placed in the middle:
    小标题一律居中。 Subheads should be placed in the middle of the column.; Centre the subheads.
    居中控制 centering control;
    居中调节 centering control
    * * *
    居中|居中 [jū zhōng] positioned between (two parties) to mediate between

    Chinese-English dictionary > 居中

  • 59 干燥

    dry; arid; dryness, dull; uninteresting
    * * *
    desiccation; dryness; evaporation; monotony; torrefaction
    【化】 drying
    【医】 aesiccation; arefaction; drying; exsiccation; xeransis; xero-; xerosis
    相关词组: 半干燥的
    * * *
    desiccation; dryness; evaporation; monotony; torrefaction; xeransis
    * * *
    adj. dry, arid, dull, uninteresting
    n. evaporation
    * * *
    gan1 zao4
    to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc), desiccation, dull, uninteresting, arid
    * * *
    gān zào
    (没有水分或水分很少) dry; arid:
    大便干燥 constipated; costive;
    沙漠地区气候很干燥。 The climate is very dry in the desert area.
    (枯燥, 没有趣味) dull; uninteresting:
    干燥无味 dryasdust; dull
    (蒸发去水) drying; seasoning; arefaction:
    厂内干燥 factory seasoning;
    化学干燥 chemical drying
    干燥白(虫)胶 bone dry shellac;
    干燥斑痕 {摄} drying mark;
    干燥保藏 drying preservation;
    干燥病 xersis;
    干燥材 dry wood;
    干燥产物 desiccate;
    干燥法 desiccation;
    干燥粉 xeraphium; xerium;
    干燥阁楼 dry loft;
    干燥鼓 (滚筒) drying drum;
    干燥过程 dry run; drying process;
    干燥基准表 drying schedule;
    干燥机 drier; dryer; dehydrator;
    干燥机组 drying unit;
    干燥剂 desiccating agent; desiccative; drier; dryer; drying agent; desiccant; exsiccant;
    干燥记时钟表 drying time clock;
    干燥降等 seasoning degrade;
    干燥聚合室 binding drier;
    干燥抗弯强度 drying transverse strength;
    干燥炕 bottom drier;
    干燥坑 pit drying stove;
    干燥空气泵 dry-air pump;
    干燥空气输入管 drying air duct;
    干燥林 dry forest;
    干燥炉 drying furnace; {冶} drier; batch drier; gloom;
    干燥率 {气} index of aridity;
    干燥面 dry face;
    干燥敏感性 drying sensitivity;
    干燥膜 desiccator diaphragm;
    干燥木材 desiccated wood;
    干燥器 dryer; desiccator; exsiccator; water extractor;
    干燥气候 arid climate; dry climate;
    干燥气体净化器 dry gas purifier;
    干燥缺陷 seasoning defect; drying defect;
    干燥润滑法 dry sump lubrication;
    干燥舌 dry tongue;
    干燥设备 drying equipment; drying machinery;
    干燥时间 drying time;
    干燥室 hothouse; dryhouse; drying room;
    干燥试验 drying test;
    干燥收缩 dry shrinkage;
    干燥输送带 drier conveyer;
    干燥送风 dry blast;
    干燥塔 drying column; drying tower;
    干燥台 drying table;
    干燥土 arid soil;
    干燥吸收剂 dry box;
    干燥系数 {气候} aridity coefficient;
    干燥箱 dry box; {化} dry oven; drying cabinet; drying chest; drying oven;
    干燥氧化土 torrox;
    干燥窑 dry kiln;
    干燥症 xerosis;
    干燥指数 {气} aridity index;
    干燥指示剂试验 {纸} drying indicator test;
    干燥质 dry basis;
    干燥装置 drying machine;
    干燥作用 desiccation
    * * *
    乾燥|干燥 [gān zào] to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc) desiccation dull uninteresting arid

    Chinese-English dictionary > 干燥

  • 60 广告

    advertising; advert; advertisement; commercial; ad
    * * *
    ad; advertisement; advert; bill
    【经】 ad; advertising; hand bill; literature; publicity
    相关词组: 大作广告
    * * *
    ad; advertisement; advertising; bill; drumbeating; publicize
    * * *
    n. bill, commercial, drumbeat, ad, leaflet, billing, advertizing, advertising, advertisement
    v. publicize, advertize, advertise
    * * *
    guang3 gao4
    to advertise, a commercial, advertisement, CL:項, 项
    * * *
    guǎng gào
    advertisement; advert; ad; poster:
    分类广告 classified advertisements;
    整页的广告 a full page advertisement;
    做广告 advertise;
    广告掮客 ad solicitor;
    橱窗广告 window advertisement;
    在报纸上登广告招聘英语教师 advertise for teachers of English in the newspapers;
    把顾客当作他们的活广告 take customers as their walking advertisement;
    如果你想找工作, 可以在《纽约时报》上登一则广告。 If you want a job, put an adviertisement in New York Times.
    广告布局 layout;
    广告布局设计 layout design;
    广告草图 visual;
    广告插页 insert;
    广告车 media;
    广告传单 flyer;
    广告代理人 advertising agent;
    广告的有声部分 autio;
    广告对象 audience;
    广告费 rate of advertising; advertising fee;
    广告风景 adscape;
    广告歌 (小调) jingle;
    广告公司经理 advertising manager;
    广告记录表 advertising calendar;
    广告价格 advertising rates;
    广告经纪人 advertising broker;
    广告栏 billboard; advertisement column;
    广告妙语 attention-getter;
    广告内容之间的平衡布局 formal balance;
    广告内引起用户兴趣的因素 interest arouser;
    广告牌 signboard; billboard;
    广告片 advertising film;
    广告色 poster colour (paint);
    广告社 advertisement service;
    广告设计 advertising design;
    广告识别标记 logotype;
    广告时间 time spot;
    广告受理员 account executive;
    广告涂料 {涂} poster paint; showcard color;
    广告推销制 admass;
    广告文中的伏笔 hidden offer;
    广告文字 copy;
    广告限制 advertising restrictions;
    广告效果检验法 aided recall;
    广告效果研究 analysis of advertising result;
    广告协会 advertising association;
    广告心理学 advertising psychology;
    广告宣传 advertising;
    广告宣传费 advertising and general publicity expense;
    广告研究 advertising research;
    广告研究基金会 advertising research foundation;
    广告艺术家 commercial artist;
    广告印刷工艺程序 print production;
    广告员 admen;
    广告正文 body text;
    广告纸 poster paper;
    广告制作总时 production time;
    广告中间商 agent; middleman;
    广告撰稿负责人 copy chief;
    广告撰稿人 copywriter;
    广告(信号)装置 advertiser;
    广告咨询费 cost of inquiry
    * * *
    廣告|广告 [guǎng gào] to advertise a commercial advertisement CL:↑ |↑ [xiàng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 广告

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