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air column

  • 21 凯旋

    triumphant return
    * * *
    triumph; triumphant return
    相关词组: 凯旋的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. triumphant return
    * * *
    kai3 xuan2
    return triumphant
    * * *
    kǎi xuán
    triumphant return
    凯旋门 Arc de Triomphe; triumphal arch; the arch of the heavens;
    凯旋柱 triumphal column
    * * *
    凱旋|凯旋 [kǎi xuán] return triumphant

    Chinese-English dictionary > 凯旋

  • 22 凹槽

    beard; fillister; channel
    * * *
    flute; groove; rut
    * * *
    flute; groove; rut
    * * *
    n. impression, indentation, notch
    * * *
    ao1 cao2
    recess, notch, groove, fillister
    * * *
    āo cáo
    indentation; fillister; flute; fluting; notch; groove; trough; recess; beard (钩针的); open-joint (书脊与书封间)
    凹槽刨 ogee plane;
    凹槽玻璃 fluted glass; grooved glass;
    凹槽侧板 {木} notch board;
    凹槽车刀 recessing tool;
    凹槽断层 {地质} rough fault;
    凹槽缝 fillister(ed) (groove) joint;
    凹槽拱顶 trough vault;
    凹槽勾缝 {建} recessed pointing;
    凹槽滑车 notch block;
    凹槽接缝 {建} rustic joint;
    凹槽接合 fillister(ed) joint;
    凹槽节 notching joint;
    凹槽孔 recess hole;
    凹槽轮缘 drop center rim;
    凹槽螺塞 slotted screw plug;
    凹槽面条 vigatoni;
    凹槽墨辊 periprinter;
    凹槽平缝 {建} flat-joint jointed;
    凹槽饰 fluted moulding;
    凹槽锁 {木} rabbeted lock;
    凹槽圆线脚 bead-and-quirk; {木} quirk-bead;
    凹槽柱 fluted column
    * * *
    凹槽|凹槽 [āo cáo] recess notch groove fillister

    Chinese-English dictionary > 凹槽

  • 23 分馏

    fractional distillation; fractionation
    * * *
    【化】 fractional distillation; fractionation; fractionation by distillation
    selective evaporation
    * * *
    * * *
    fen1 liu2
    fractional distillation
    * * *
    fēn liú
    {化工} fractional distilation; fractionation; dephlegmation
    分馏点 cut point;
    分馏分析 fractional analysis;
    分馏过程 fractional distillation process;
    分馏界限 {化工} cut point;
    分馏器 fractionator;
    分馏塔 fractionating column; dephlegmator;
    分馏塔盘 plate;
    分馏效率 fractionating efficiency;
    分馏作用 fractionation;
    * * *
    分餾|分馏 [fēn liú] fractional distillation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分馏

  • 24

    arrange; set out, list; enter in a list, row; file; rank, kind; sort, (used for a series or row of things), various; each and every
    * * *
    arrange; kind; line; list; row; tier; various
    【计】 COL; column
    【医】 series
    * * *
    arrange; kind; line; list; row; tier; various
    * * *
    adj. various
    n. row, file, series, kind, sort
    v. arrange, line up
    * * *
    to arrange, to line up, row, file, series, column
    * * *
    (排列) arrange; form a line; line up:
    罗列事实 enumerate the facts;
    列队欢迎 line up to welcome sb. ;
    列出数据 tabulate data
    (安排到某类事物之中) list; enter in a list:
    列入议程 be placed on the agenda;
    名列榜首 be the first in the list of successful candidates
    (行列) row; rank:
    纵列 file;
    第三列 the third row;
    后列 the rear rank
    (类) kind; sort:
    不在此列 not in this sort
    (姓氏) a surname:
    列御寇 Lie Yukou
    (各; 众) each and every; various; numerous:
    列国 various countries;
    列星 the stars;
    列位观众 every spectator; all the spectators
    一列客车 a passenger train
    * * *
    列|列 [liè] to arrange to line up row file series column

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  • 25 列为

    【计】 column for
    * * *
    * * *
    v. be classified as
    * * *
    lie4 wei2
    be classified as
    * * *
    列為|列为 [liè wéi] to be classified as

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列为

  • 26 初始

    initial; first; primary
    * * *
    adj. initial
    * * *
    chu1 shi3
    initial, starting (point)
    * * *
    chū shǐ
    初始泵 primary pump;
    初始闭锁机构 {军} initial lock mechanism;
    初始变形 initial deformaton;
    初始表 initial table;
    初始波函数 ab initio wavefunction;
    初始操作系统 starter operating system;
    初始常数 primary constant;
    初始成岩作用 initial diagenesis;
    初始程序 initial program (routine); initializer;
    初始程序输入 initial program loading;
    初始传动 primary drive;
    初始磁化曲线 initial magnetization curve;
    初始错误 initial error;
    初始大圆航路 {航海} initial great-circle course (direction);
    初始电路 initial (initialize) circuit;
    初始电压响应 initial voltage response;
    初始迭代 primary iteration;
    初始顶点 initial vertax;
    初始对准 initial alignment;
    初始发射压强 {力} initial shot start pressure;
    初始反冲粒子 primary recoil;
    初始反流电压 initial inverse voltage;
    初始反转 initial inversion;
    初始复位 initial reset;
    初始感染 primary infection;
    初始轨道 preliminary orbit;
    初始行 initial row;
    初始航向 {航空} initial heading;
    初始核辐射 {核} initial nuclear radiation;
    初始和 initial sum;
    初始极大值 pre-maximum;
    初始加速度 initial acceleration;
    初始间隙 primary clearance;
    初始校准 initial calibration;
    初始截面 initial cross-section;
    初始解 initial solution;
    初始句型 {计} initial sentential form;
    初始粒子 primary;
    初始粒子数反转 initial population inversion;
    初始浪涌电压 {电工} initial surge voltage;
    初始列 initial column;
    初始流化速度 incipient fluidizing velocity;
    初始流态化 incipient fluidization;
    初始脉冲 inceptive impulse;
    初始能量 primary power;
    初始喷发 initial eruption;
    初始碰撞 primary collision;
    初始启动 initial start;
    初始请求 initial request;
    初始曲面 initial surface;
    初始曲线 initial curve;
    初始任务 initiating task;
    初始蠕变 initial creep;
    初始设计阶段 initial design stage;
    初始腾涌 incipient slugging;
    初始条件 initial condition;
    初始调入 initial load;
    初始微分 original differential;
    初始位置 initial position;
    初始信号 initialize signal;
    初始型 primary type;
    初始氩 initial argon;
    初始摇摆 initial yaw;
    初始叶 phyllome; haplophyll;
    初始印刷 initial print;
    初始应力 {力} primary stress;
    初始渔业 embryo(nic) fisheries;
    初始语句 initial statement;
    初始语言 original language;
    初始周期 initial period;
    初始载荷 initial load;
    初始指令 initial order;
    初始质壁分离 incipient plasmolysis;
    初始质量 {航空} initial mass;
    初始装入程序 initial loader;
    初始状态 original state;
    初始自由空间 {力} initial free space
    * * *
    初始|初始 [chū shǐ] initial starting (point)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 初始

  • 27 前仆后继

    no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach
    * * *
    qian2 pu1 hou4 ji4
    one falls, the next follows (idiom); stepping into the breach to replace fallen comrades, advancing wave upon wave
    * * *
    qián pū hòu jì
    take up the positions of the fallen and rise to fight one after another; One steps into the breach as another falls.; No sooner has one fallen than others step into the breach.; As those in front fall, those behind take up their positions.; Behind the fallen is an endless column of successor.:
    中华民族的优秀儿女为革命事业, 奋斗牺牲,前仆后继, 他们的革命精神万古常青。 For the revolutionary cause, the fine sons and daughters of the Chinese nation fought and sacrificed their lives, one stepping into the breach as another fell. Their revolutionary spirit will last for ever.
    * * *
    前仆後繼|前仆后继 [qián pū hòu jì] one falls, the next follows (idiom); stepping into the breach to replace fallen comrades advancing wave upon wave

    Chinese-English dictionary > 前仆后继

  • 28 前面

    in front; at the head; ahead; front, above; preceding
    * * *
    front; previous
    【医】 facies anterior
    相关词组: 前面的
    * * *
    * * *
    adv. fore
    n. facade, front
    * * *
    qian2 mian4
    ahead, in front, preceding, above
    * * *
    qián mian
    (位置靠前) in front; at the head; ahead:
    前面的房间 a front room;
    走在队列前面 march at the head of the column;
    请往前面走。 Please go ahead.
    (次序靠前) above; preceding; forepart:
    前面的一章 the preceding chapter;
    前面提到的规则 the above-mentioned rule
    * * *
    前面|前面 [qián miàn] ahead in front preceding above

    Chinese-English dictionary > 前面

  • 29 加油

    oil; lubricate; refuel, make an extra effort
    * * *
    cheer; make an extra effort; play up; put on steam; refuel
    【化】 fueling
    相关词组: 加油站
    * * *
    cheer; make an extra effort; play up; put on steam
    * * *
    v. lubricate, refuel, make an all out effort
    * * *
    jia1 you2
    to add oil, to top up with gas, to refuel, to accelerate, abbr. for 加大油門, 加大油门, to step on the gas, fig. to make an extra effort, fig. to cheer sb on
    * * *
    jiā yóu
    (加润滑油) oil; oiling; lubricate:
    给机器加油 oil a machine
    (加燃料油) fuel charging; fuel filling; refuel; oil:
    给油灯加油 pour (put) oil into a lamp;
    火上加油 pour oil on the flame(s);
    空中加油 flight (air) refuelling;
    他的飞机在日内瓦停降加油。 His plane stopped to refuel in Geneva.
    (加劲) make a greater effort; make an extra effort:
    加油干 work harder; work with added vigour;
    小华,加油! Come on, Xiao Hua!
    加油泵 {机} gasoline pump; (澳) bowser;
    加油车 bowser; fuelling vehicle; refueling unit; refuelling truck;
    加油点 filling-up area;
    加油阀 priming valve;
    加油飞机 tanker aircraft;
    加油壶 oil can for oiling machinery;
    加油环 {工} oiling ring;
    加油计划 bunkering schedule;
    加油量 fuel charge;
    加油漏斗 priming funnel;
    加油喷嘴 filler nozzle;
    加油器 fuel charger; fueller; oil feeder;
    加油设备 fuel-servicing equipment;
    加油艇 bowser;
    加油系统 fuel loading system;
    加油站 filling station; filling point; fuelling station; petrol station; (美) gas station; gasoline station;
    加油者 doper;
    加油柱 fuel filling column; oil column
    * * *
    加油|加油 [jiā yóu] to add oil to top up with gas to refuel to accelerate abbr. for ↑ 加大油門|↑ 加大油门 [jiā dà yóu mén] to step on the gas fig. to make an extra effort fig. to cheer sb on

    Chinese-English dictionary > 加油

  • 30 区位

    qu1 wei4
    location, geographical position, position on a grid or spreadsheet, where 區, 区 denotes the row and 位 the column
    * * *
    區位|区位 [qū wèi] location geographical position position on a grid or spreadsheet, where ↑ |↑ denotes the row and ↑ the column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 区位

  • 31 區位

    qu1 wei4
    location, geographical position, position on a grid or spreadsheet, where 區, 区 denotes the row and 位 the column
    * * *
    區位|区位 [qū wèi] location geographical position position on a grid or spreadsheet, where ↑ |↑ denotes the row and ↑ the column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 區位

  • 32 十万位

    shi2 wan4 wei4
    the hundred thousands place (or column) in the decimal system
    * * *
    十萬位|十万位 [shí wàn wèi] the hundred thousands place (or column) in the decimal system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 十万位

  • 33 十位

    【电】 decimal
    * * *
    shi2 wei4
    the tens place (or column) in the decimal system
    * * *
    shí wèi
    十位分量 ten-bit component
    * * *
    十位|十位 [shí wèi] the tens place (or column) in the decimal system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 十位

  • 34 十萬位

    shi2 wan4 wei4
    the hundred thousands place (or column) in the decimal system
    * * *
    十萬位|十万位 [shí wàn wèi] the hundred thousands place (or column) in the decimal system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 十萬位

  • 35 千位

    【计】 KB; kilobyte
    * * *
    * * *
    qian1 wei4
    the thousands place (or column) in the decimal system
    * * *
    qiān wèi
    kilobit (kb)
    * * *
    千位|千位 [qiān wèi] the thousands place (or column) in the decimal system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 千位

  • 36 华表

    a marble ornamental pillar engraved with entwisting dragons and auspicious clouds, erected in front of important buildings or tombs for decoration in old China
    * * *
    n. marble pillar
    * * *
    hua2 biao3
    marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)
    * * *
    huá biǎo
    ornamental columns erected in front of palaces, tombs, etc.
    * * *
    華表|华表 [huá biǎo] marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 华表

  • 37 卡片

    * * *
    【计】 card
    【经】 card
    相关词组: 卡片索引
    * * *
    card; fiche
    * * *
    n. card
    * * *
    ka3 pian4
    * * *
    kǎ piàn
    card; fiche; tabulating card
    卡片背面 card back;
    卡片边沿联接器 card-edge connector; {电工} edgeboard connector;
    卡片编缉程序 card editor;
    卡片拨号机{讯} card dialer;
    卡片簿 flip chart;
    卡片部分 {自} curtate;
    卡片穿、复、校机 card punch, reproduce, check unit;
    卡片-磁带转换 card-to-tape conversion;
    卡片-磁带转换器 card-to-magnetic-tape converter;
    卡片存储器 card file;
    卡片存取 card access;
    卡片代码 card code;
    卡片袋 card pocket;
    卡片导轨 card track;
    卡片道 card track;
    卡片核对 card matching;
    卡片叠 deck; {计} {自} card deck;
    卡片读数器 card transcriber;
    卡片堵塞 card jam; {自} jam;
    卡片翻译机 card interpreter;
    卡片分类机 card sorter; card sorting machine;
    卡片分析机 card programmed calculator;
    卡片分选针 needle;
    卡片复穿 reproducing;
    卡片复制穿孔机 card reproducing puncher;
    卡片复制机 card reproducer;
    卡片高聚物 card polymer;
    卡片格式设计 card layout;
    卡片柜 card cabinet; catalog case;
    卡片行 {自} card row;
    卡片行穿孔机 card row punch;
    卡片行孔 card row;
    卡片盒 card box;
    卡片后沿(缘) card trailing edge;
    卡片划分 {自} curtate;
    卡片机器 {自} card machine;
    卡片寄存器 card register;
    卡片计数器 card counter;
    卡片检验 {自} card checking;
    卡片校对机 card collator;
    卡片校验机 card verifier;
    卡片接受器 card receiver;
    卡片解释程序 card interpreter;
    卡片教学法 card system;
    卡片-卡片收发 {自} card-to-card transceiving;
    卡片“库” card base;
    卡片“库”方式 card base system;
    卡片栏 card field;
    卡片量规 card gauge;
    卡片列孔 card column;
    卡片码 card code;
    卡片目录 card catalogue;
    卡片目视检验 sight check, Batten check;
    卡片前沿(缘) card leading edge;
    卡片容量 card capacity;
    卡片设备 tabulating equipment;
    卡片输出机 card output unit;
    卡片数据处理装置 card data processor;
    卡片数据转换器 card data converter;
    卡片索引 card index; {计} card;
    卡片调整器 card conditioner; conditioner;
    卡片图式 card image mode;
    卡片图像 {计} card image;
    卡片文件 card file;
    卡片系统{自} tabulating equipment; card system; tabulating system;
    卡片箱 card bin; magazine; filing cabinet; bin card;
    卡片信息组 card field;
    卡片修整机 card reconditioner;
    卡片译码器 card translator;
    卡片验证机 card-proof punch;
    卡片引导程序 card loader;
    卡片引导器 card guide;
    卡片映像 card image;
    卡片阅读-穿孔机 card reader-punch; card read punch;
    卡片阅读-穿孔设备 {自} reader-punch equipment;
    卡片阅读机 calculating punch; card reader;
    卡片阅读器诊断 {自} card reader diagnostics;
    卡片运用 card run;
    卡片整理机 card collator; collator;
    卡片正面 card face;
    卡片-纸带穿孔机 card-to-tape punch;
    卡片纸带转换器 card-to-paper-tape converter;
    卡片纸屑 {自} card fluff;
    卡片转录器 card transcriber;
    卡片状态 card mode;
    卡片字段 card field;
    卡片阻塞 card jam;
    卡片座 card bed
    * * *
    卡片|卡片 [kǎ piàn] card

    Chinese-English dictionary > 卡片

  • 38 发泡

    froth; sparkle
    【化】 expanding foam; foaming
    相关词组: 发泡的
    * * *
    froth; sparkle
    * * *
    n. sparkle
    v. sparkle, froth
    * * *
    fa1 pao4
    fizzy, sparkling (drink)
    * * *
    fā pào
    bleb; foam rise; foaming
    发泡倍数 bubbling times;
    发泡催化剂 kicker;
    发泡粉 foam powder;
    发泡机 foaming machine;
    发泡剂 blowing agent; opex; foaming agent; Nitropore OBSH; Nitrocell; vesicant; inflating agent;
    发泡胶粘剂 foamed adhesive;
    发泡能力 foaming capacity;
    发泡粘合 foam gluing;
    发泡粘合剂 foam glue;
    发泡器 foam maker;
    发泡树脂 Foamex;
    发泡塑料 expanded plastics;
    发泡塔式反应器 bubbling-column reactor;
    发泡纤维 foamed fibre;
    发泡橡胶 bipeltate;
    发泡饮料 fizz;
    发泡芫菁 pomphopoea
    * * *
    發泡|发泡 [fā pào] fizzy sparkling (drink)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发泡

  • 39 合计

    amount to; add up to; total
    * * *
    amount to; total; add up to; aggregate; consult; count; sum
    【化】 grand total
    【经】 amount; in all; in total; sum; sum total
    相关词组: 合计的
    * * *
    add up; aggregate; all told; summation; tot; tot up; total; total up; tote
    * * *
    adv. all told, aggregately
    n. whole, gross, entirety, total, tot, totality, sum, summation, aggregate
    v. add up, aggregate, tot, total, amount
    * * *
    he2 ji4
    to add up the total, to figure what sth amounts to, to consider
    * * *
    1) 合计
    hé jì
    (总共) amount to; add up to; total; summation; footing:
    这屋的造价合计一万元。 The cost of the building amounts to 10000 yuan.
    参观者合计一千人。 The visitors totaled 1000.
    把这一栏的数字合计一下。 Add up the figures in this column.
    合计码数 yardage
    2) 合计
    hé ji
    (盘算) think over; figure out:
    她一天到晚心里老合计这件事。 She thought the matter over and over all day.
    (商量) consult:
    大家合计合计这个问题该怎么处理。 Let's put our heads together and decide how the problem is to be tackled.
    * * *
    合計|合计 [hé jì] to add up the total to figure what sth amounts to to consider

    Chinese-English dictionary > 合计

  • 40 吸收

    absorb; suck up; assimilate; imbibe; draw, recruit; enrol; admit
    * * *
    absorb; imbibe; soak; assimilate; draw on; drink in; sorb; suck
    【化】 absorption
    【医】 absorb; absorption; resorb; resorption; rhoebdesis
    【经】 absorption; assimilation
    相关词组: 吸收比
    * * *
    absorb; imbibe; assimilate; draw on; drink in; sorb; suck
    * * *
    v. absorb, assimilate, imbibe, recruit, enrol, enroll, admit
    * * *
    xi1 shou1
    to absorb, to assimilate, to ingest
    * * *
    xī shōu
    (吸到内部) absorb; suck up; soak up; assimilate; imbibe; draw; take-up:
    吸收水分 absorb (suck up) moisture;
    吸收外资 absorb (import) foreign capital (funds); absorb investment from abroad; absorb foreign investment;
    吸收游资 absorb idle funds; absorb dormant capital;
    吸收养分 assimilate nutriment;
    吸收货币 absorb currency;
    吸收科研成果 assimilate the results of scientific research;
    吸收知识 absorb knowledge; imbibe knowledge;
    吸收中西医之精华 absorb the best of both traditional Chinese and Western medicine;
    吸收掌握引进技术 assimilate and master technology introduced from abroad;
    干沙吸收水分。 Dry sand absorbs water.
    (接受) recruit; enrol; admit:
    吸收入党 admit into the Party;
    吸收新成员 recruit new members;
    吸收某人为会员 enrol sb. as a member of;
    吸收存款 take deposits; attract deposits; make deposits
    {化} sorption; {生} uptake; intake
    吸收杯 absorption cell;
    吸收本领 absorbing power; absorption capacity; absorptive power; {化} absorbency;
    吸收比 absorptance;
    吸收比色计(液体吸气计) absorptiometer;
    吸收边沿 absorption edge;
    吸收不良综合征 malabsorption syndrome;
    吸收材料 {物} absorbing material;
    吸收测量学 absorptiometry;
    吸收层 absorbed layer;
    吸收池 absorption cell;
    吸收抽提 absorptive extraction;
    吸收带 {物} absorption band;
    吸收电荷 absorption charge;
    吸收电流 absorption current; soak current;
    吸收电路 absorption circuit;
    吸收电容器 absorption capacitor;
    吸收电子管 absorber valve;
    吸收电阻 absorption resistance;
    吸收度 trap;
    吸收二极管 absorber diode;
    吸收发射比 absorptivity-emissivity ratio;
    吸收法 absorption process;
    吸收分光光度计 absorption spectrophotometer; {光谱} difference spectrophotometer;
    吸收分光计 absorption spectrometer;
    吸收份额 absorbed fraction;
    吸收峰 absorption peak;
    吸收敷层 darkflex;
    吸收辐射 absorbed radiation;
    吸收负载 absorbing load;
    吸收高温计 absorption pyrometer;
    吸收根 {植} absorbing root;
    吸收各向异性 absorption anisotropy;
    吸收功率 absorbed power;
    吸收功率计 absorbed power meter;
    吸收管 absorption tube;
    吸收光(谱)带 absorption band;
    吸收光度法 absorption spectrophotometry;
    吸收光劈 absorbing wedge; absorption wedge;
    吸收光谱 absorption spectrum;
    吸收光谱测定 (法) absorption spectrometry;
    吸收光谱法 (学) absorption spectroscopy (spectrometry);
    吸收光谱分析仪 absorption spectrometer;
    吸收过滤价质 absorbent filtering medium;
    吸收函数 absorption function;
    吸收化合物 absorption compound;
    吸收基 absorption base;
    吸收机 absorption machine;
    吸收机构 absorbing mechanism;
    吸收极大值 absorption maximum;
    吸收剂量 absorbed doses;
    吸收剂量单位 absorbed dose units;
    吸收剂量分布 absorbed dose distribution;
    吸收计 absorptiometer (血液分析用);
    吸收截面 absorption cross-section;
    吸收介质 absorbing medium;
    吸收井 absorption well;
    吸收抗原 {免} absorbent;
    吸收控制 absorption control;
    吸收控制杆 absorbing control rod;
    吸收亏损 absorb losses;
    吸收律 absorption law;
    吸收率 absorptivity; absorption rate; absorptive power; absorbency;
    吸收滤光屏 absorption screen;
    吸收滤波器 absorbing filter;
    吸收滤片 {生} barrier filter;
    吸收媒质 absorbing medium;
    吸收面 absorbing surface;
    吸收皿 absorption vessel;
    吸收膜式衰减器 lossy-film attenuator;
    吸收能力 absorption power; absorbing capacity; absorptive power; absorptive capacity;
    吸收瓶 absorption bottle;
    吸收屏 absorbing screen;
    吸收频率 absorption frequency;
    吸收频谱 absorption spectrum;
    吸收气体 absorbing gas;
    吸收强度 absorption intensity;
    吸收情况 {管} absorbing state;
    吸收球管 absorption bulb; absorption pipet(te);
    吸收曲线 absorption curve;
    吸收全息图 absorption hologram;
    吸收热辐射 absorptive thermal radiation;
    吸收溶剂(作用) lyosorption;
    吸收溶液 absorbent solution;
    吸收容量 absorptive capacity;
    吸收色 absorption colour;
    吸收烧瓶 absorption flask;
    吸收社会劳动力 absorption of labour power;
    吸收射线玻璃 ray absorbing glass;
    吸收室 absorption chamber;
    吸收试验 absorption test;
    吸收衰减 attenuation by absorption; resistive padding;
    吸收衰落 {电} absorption fading;
    吸收水 imbibed water;
    吸收速率 absorption rate;
    吸收损耗(损失) {电} absorption loss;
    吸收塔 absorption column; {工} {化} absorption tower;
    吸收坛 tourill;
    吸收特性 absorption characteristic;
    吸收体 absorber;
    吸收调制 absorption modulation;
    吸收头 power termination;
    吸收透镜 absorption lens;
    吸收脱水 absorption dewatering;
    吸收物 assimilate;
    吸收X射玻璃 X-ray absorbing glass;
    吸收吸移管 absorption pipette;
    吸收洗涤器 absorber washer;
    吸收系(统) {生} absorption system;
    吸收系数 {物} absorption coefficient; absorption factor;
    吸收匣 {物} absorption cell;
    吸收(射)线 absorption ray;
    吸收限 {物} absorption edge; absorption limit;
    吸收陷波器 absorption wavetrap;
    吸收线圈 absorbing coil;
    吸收旋管 absorption coil;
    吸收型 absorption-type;
    吸收循环 {机} absorption cycle;
    吸收液 absorption liquid (solution);
    吸收养分 assimilate nutriment;
    吸收因数 {物} absorption factor;
    吸收因子 absorption factor;
    吸收影 houppes;
    吸收油 absorbent oil;
    吸收杂交 absorption crossing;
    吸收增强效应 absorption enhancement effect;
    吸收障碍 malabsorption;
    吸收值 absorption value;
    吸收制冷 absorption refrigeration;
    吸收制冷循环 absorption refrigeration cycle;
    吸收质 absorbent;
    吸收中子射线玻璃 neutron absorbing glass;
    吸收轴 absorption axes;
    吸收柱 absorbing column;
    吸收装置 absorption plant;
    吸收组织 {生} absorptive tissue;
    吸收作用{物} absorption effect
    * * *
    吸收|吸收 [xī shōu] to absorb to assimilate to ingest to recruit

    Chinese-English dictionary > 吸收

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