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air column

  • 301 柱容量

    zhù róng liàng
    column capacity (色谱分析)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱容量

  • 302 柱身

    * * *
    zhù shēn
    shaft; fust; scape; vivo; scapus; {建} trunk; column shaft; stay bracket (铣床的)
    柱身凹槽 strix;
    柱身收分测量器 stylometer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱身

  • 303 柱式

    zhù shì
    column type; order
    柱式耙 pillar harrow;
    柱式采煤法 {采矿} pillar method of working;
    柱式成形机 pillar shaper;
    柱式灯架 post light support;
    柱式涤气器 column type scrubber;
    柱式吊架轴承 post hanger bearing;
    柱式高压釜 column autoclave;
    柱式管子虎钳 post pipe vise;
    柱式扩栏 post fence;
    柱式接头 {土} column splice;
    柱式晶体管 stub transistor;
    柱式开关 pillar witch;
    柱式起重机 {机} column crane; pillar crane;
    柱式汽炉片 column of radiator;
    柱式桥墩 columnar pier;
    柱式散热器 column radiator;
    柱式提升机 column elavator;
    柱式体系 barrier system;
    柱式消火栓 standpost hydrant; post fire hydrant;
    柱式压力机 {机} pillar press;
    柱式油压机 columnar type oil hydraulic press; open rod press;
    柱式制动器 {机} post brake;
    柱式轴承架 pillar bracket bearing;
    柱式钻床 pillar drill; pillar drilling machine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱式

  • 304 柱寿命

    zhù shòu mìng
    column life (色谱分析)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱寿命

  • 305 柱损失

    【机】 column bleed
    * * *
    zhù sǔn shī
    {分化} column bleed

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱损失

  • 306 柱套

    zhù tào
    column sleeve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱套

  • 307 柱筒

    zhù tǒng
    column casing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱筒

  • 308 柱头

    stigma, column cap; column head, post; pillar
    * * *
    chapiter; necking
    【医】 stigma; stigmata
    * * *
    chapiter; necking
    * * *
    n. stigma, column cap
    * * *
    zhù tóu
    {植} stigma
    {建} chapiter; column cap; column capital; head of column; headpiece of column
    (方)(柱子) post; pillar
    柱头凹线脚 apophyge;
    柱头虫 acorn worm; whale's-tongue;
    柱头沟 stigma canal;
    柱头卷叶 cilery;
    柱头卷叶(饰) cilery;
    柱头毛 stigmatic hair;
    柱头面 stigmatic surface;
    柱头桅顶饰 acorn;
    柱头蜗卷式柱 acclivous column;
    柱头细胞 stigmatic cell;
    柱头下毛圈 indusium;
    柱头液 stigmatic fluid; stigmatic secretion;
    柱头幼虫 {无脊椎} tornaria

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱头

  • 309 柱稳定性

    zhù wěn dìng xìng
    column stability

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱稳定性

  • 310 柱型

    zhù xíng
    columnar order
    柱型梁 column beam;
    柱型色层分离法 {化} column chromatography

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱型

  • 311 柱状

    zhù zhuàng
    {物} columnar
    柱状萃取器 column extractor;
    柱状带 zona columnaris;
    柱状电离 columnar ionization;
    柱状断口 columnar fracture;
    柱状粉末 sprills;
    柱状富矿体 ore shoot;
    柱状构造 {矿} columnar structure;
    柱状关节 cylindrarthrosis;
    柱状合金扩散 outdiffusion;
    柱状活塞闸缸 trunk-piston brake cylinder;
    柱状浇筑 longitudinal joint pouring;
    柱状节理 columnar jointing; columnar joint;
    柱状结构 column structure;
    柱状结晶区 columnar zone;
    柱状茎 columnar stem;
    柱状晶 {冶} columnar crystals;
    柱状晶粒 columnar grain;
    柱状晶体 columnar crystal; fringe crystal; elongated crystal; styloid crystal;
    柱状粒球粘菌素 columnarcin;
    柱状梁 prismatic beam;
    柱状南洋杉 New Caledonian pine;
    柱状排水管 {采矿} column pipe;
    柱状坯块 cylindrical compact;
    柱状裙部 cylindrical skirt;
    柱状上皮 {组织} columnar epithelium;
    柱状石 {地质} chimney rock;
    柱状铁素体 columnar ferrite;
    柱状图表 bar chart;
    柱状物 scapus;
    柱状药包 column charge;
    柱状(晶)组织 columnar structure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱状

  • 312 柱座

    column base; plinth
    * * *
    * * *
    n. column base
    * * *
    zhù zuò
    apophyge; column base; stylobate
    柱座凹线 apophyge;
    柱座盘 baston

    Chinese-English dictionary > 柱座

  • 313 专刊

    special issue or column, monograph
    * * *
    monograph; special issue
    * * *
    monograph; special
    * * *
    n. special issue, special column, monograph, monography
    * * *
    zhuān kān
    (报刊以某项内容编辑的一期) special issue or column
    (学术机关出版的单册著作) monograph

    Chinese-English dictionary > 专刊

  • 314 纵行

    n. column
    * * *
    zòng háng
    wale (线圈)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 纵行

  • 315 钻床

    drilling machine; driller
    * * *
    【化】 drilling machine
    * * *
    drill press
    * * *
    zuàn chuáng
    {机} drilling machine; drill machine; drill press; gadding machine; machine drill; driller:
    龙门钻床 planer drilling machine
    钻床床头箱drilling head;
    钻床立柱drilling machine column;
    钻床主轴 drill press spindle; drilling spindle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 钻床

  • 316 專刊

    special issue or column, monograph
    * * *
    n. special issue, special column, monograph, monography

    Chinese-English dictionary > 專刊

  • 317 优先列

    n. dominated column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 优先列

  • 318 優先列

    n. dominated column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 優先列

  • 319 广告栏

    advertisement column (in a newspaper, etc.)
    * * *
    【经】 ad column; advertising column
    * * *
    * * *
    n. ad column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 广告栏

  • 320 廣告欄

    advertisement column (in a newspaper, etc.)
    * * *
    n. ad column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 廣告欄

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