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air column

  • 221 后脊梁

    hòu jí liang
    (方) (脊背) backbone; spine; the spinal column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 后脊梁

  • 222 后角

    【医】 cornua occipitale; cornua posterius
    cornua posterius ventriculi lateralis; digital cavity; dorsal cornua
    dorsal horn; dorsicornu; postcornu; posterior gray column
    * * *
    hòu jiǎo
    relief angle; merocerite; postcornu

    Chinese-English dictionary > 后角

  • 223 环饰柱

    huán shì zhù
    annulated column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 环饰柱

  • 224 混合式

    * * *
    hùn hé shì
    hybrid; mixing
    混合式电视接收机 hybrid television receiver;
    混合式防波堤 composite breakwater;
    混合式函数产生器 hybrid function generator;
    混合式航空计算机 hybrid airborn navigation computer;
    混合式继电器 hybrid relay;
    混合式晶体-二极管逻辑电路 hybrid transistor-diode logic;
    混合式冷凝器 mixing condenser;
    混合式码头 composite wharf;
    混合式内容定址存储器 hybrid associative memory;
    混合式凝汽器 direct-contact type condenser;
    混合式太阳能设施 hybrid solar-electric service;
    混合式通风 compound ventilation;
    混合式挖泥船 compound dredger;
    混合式望远镜 hybrid telescope;
    混合式相联存储器 hybrid associative memory;
    混合式延时继电器 hybrid time delay relay;
    混合式渔船 combination fishing vessel;
    混合式造粒机 mixing pelletizer;
    混合式柱头 capital of composite column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 混合式

  • 225 集柱

    jí zhù
    bundle pillar; clustered column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 集柱

  • 226 驾驶杆

    control stick (or column); joystick
    * * *
    jià shǐ gǎn
    control column; control stick; control arm; driving handle; stick grip
    驾驶杆测力装置 stick force instrumentation;
    驾驶杆手柄 control stick grip;
    驾驶杆运动 stick motion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 驾驶杆

  • 227 精馏

    * * *
    【化】 rectification; rectify; rectifying; selective evaporation
    * * *
    * * *
    jīng liú
    {化} rectification; rectificating; rectifying
    精馏计 rectometer;
    精馏炉 rectifying furnace;
    精馏器 rectifier;
    精馏塔 rectifying column; rectifying tower

    Chinese-English dictionary > 精馏

  • 228 九十列卡片

    jiǔ shí liè kǎ piàn
    ninety column card

    Chinese-English dictionary > 九十列卡片

  • 229 绝热式精馏柱

    【机】 adiabatic column
    * * *
    jué rè shì jīng liú zhù
    adiabatic column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 绝热式精馏柱

  • 230 空柱

    kōng zhù
    void column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空柱

  • 231 栏数

    【计】 column number
    * * *
    lán shù
    column number

    Chinese-English dictionary > 栏数

  • 232 连篇累牍

    lengthy and tedious; at great length
    * * *
    lián piān lěi dú
    (形容文词冗长) keep on repeating at great length; a prolix style; column after column; floods of ink; lengthy and tedious; long and tedious writings; page on page and volume on volume; reiterate again and again; repeat at great length; speak at (great) length; talk at length about...; whole pages of insipid talk:
    连篇累牍地发表文章 publish one article after another

    Chinese-English dictionary > 连篇累牍

  • 233 料柱

    liào zhù
    stock column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 料柱

  • 234 列成纵队

    liè chéng zòng duì
    stretched out column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列成纵队

  • 235 列空间

    liè kōng jiān
    {数} column space

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列空间

  • 236 列驱动线

    liè qū dòng xiàn
    column drive wire

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列驱动线

  • 237 列扫描

    liè sǎo miáo
    column scan

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列扫描

  • 238 列生成

    liè shēng chéng

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列生成

  • 239 列向量

    【计】 column vector
    【化】 column vector
    * * *
    liè xiàng liàng
    {数} column vector

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列向量

  • 240 列选通器

    liè xuǎn tōng qì
    column gate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列选通器

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