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air column

  • 201 方柱

    fāng zhù
    square column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 方柱

  • 202 分馏柱

    【化】 dephlegmation tower; dephlegmator; fractional(distillation)column
    fractionating column
    * * *
    fēn liú zhù
    still; dephlegmator; fractional column
    分馏柱塔板 stripper plate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分馏柱

  • 203 分位机构

    fēn wèi jī gòu
    column split

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分位机构

  • 204 腹侧

    【医】 gaster-; gastr-; gastro-; ventri-; ventro-
    * * *
    fù cè
    veutro; veutri; gastr-; gastro-
    腹侧板 side web;
    腹侧段 hypomere;
    腹侧沟 totasuture;
    腹侧光反应 {动} ventral light response;
    腹侧后内核 nucleus ventralis posteromedialis;
    腹侧肌 musculus ventralis;
    腹侧膜 totacoria;
    腹侧胰 pancreas ventrale;
    腹侧柱 ventral column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 腹侧

  • 205 富集

    【化】 enrichment; gathering
    * * *
    * * *
    fù jí
    beneficiation; enrichment; mineral dressing; concentration; enrich
    富集比 concentration ratio;
    富集带 zone of enrichment;
    富集矿物 {采矿} heads;
    富集扩散 uphill diffusion;
    富集培养 {微} enrichment culture;
    富集培养基 enriched medium; enrichment medium;
    富集塔 {化工} rectifying column;
    富集台 concentration table;
    富集因数 concentrational factor;
    富集因子 {核子} enrichment factor;
    富集铀 enriched uranium;
    富集柱 {化工} enriching column;
    富集作用 enrichment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 富集

  • 206 附柱

    fù zhù
    {建} attached column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 附柱

  • 207 格构

    gé gòu
    lattice; treillage
    格构板 lattice plate;
    格构结构 cancelled structure;
    格构梁 lattice girder; {土} open-web girder; lattice beam; trellis girder;
    格构桥 trellis bridge; lattice bridge;
    格构式 lattice;
    格构柱 lattice column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 格构

  • 208 格柱

    gé zhù
    lattice column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 格柱

  • 209 工字钢

    * * *
    【化】 H-section steel; I-section steel; joist steel; steel I-beam
    steel I-beams
    * * *
    gōng zì gāng
    -steel; double tee iron; double T-steel; flange beam; H-bar; I-bar
    工字钢轨 bull head rail;
    工字钢矫直机 beam straightener;
    工字钢孔型 joist pass;
    工字钢梁 steel I-beam;
    工字钢轧机 joist (rolling) mill;
    工字钢组合柱 Larimer column (十字形)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 工字钢

  • 210 汞柱

    gǒng zhù
    mercury; mercury column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 汞柱

  • 211 拱板

    gǒng bǎn
    arch bar
    拱板撑螺栓 arch bar column bolt

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拱板

  • 212 拱架

    n. arching
    * * *
    gǒng jià
    bow member; lagging jack; arch centering; arch centre; coom
    拱架吊钩 arch hook;
    拱架集材 arch logging;
    拱架柱 truch column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拱架

  • 213 箍筋

    gū jīn
    stirrup; hooping
    箍筋柱 hooped column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 箍筋

  • 214 箍柱

    gū zhù
    banded column (shaft)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 箍柱

  • 215 孤束

    【医】 fasciculi rotundus; funiculi solitarius; Gierke's respiratory bandle
    Gierke's respiratory bundle; Krause's bundle; respiratory bundle
    respiratory column; solitary bundle; solitary fasciculi
    Stilling's bundle; tract of Allen; tractus solitarius
    * * *
    gū shù
    solitary tract; tractus solitarius
    孤束核 nucleus tractus solitaril

    Chinese-English dictionary > 孤束

  • 216 鼓形

    gǔ xíng
    cydariform; drum type
    鼓形泵 barrel-type pump;
    鼓形齿 barreled tooth flank;
    鼓形齿轮 rack barrel;
    鼓形打印机 drum printer;
    鼓形电枢 drum armature;
    鼓形度盘 drum dial;
    鼓形发送器 drum transmitter;
    鼓形干式整流器 {电工} drum disk rectifier;
    鼓形高压瓷介电容器 drum high voltage ceramic capacitor;
    鼓形辊 barrel-type roller;
    鼓形滚柱轴承 drum roller bearing;
    鼓形记录器 {电子} drum recorder;
    鼓形浇包 cylindrical ladle;
    鼓形开关 drum switch;
    鼓形控制器 drum controller;
    鼓形磨床 drum sander;
    鼓形起动器 {电工} drum starter;
    鼓形抛光轮 drum sander;
    鼓形绕法 drum winding;
    鼓形绕线电枢 drum armature; drum-wound armature;
    鼓形绕组 drum winding;
    鼓形扫掠器 drum scanner;
    鼓形扫描设备 drum scanner;
    鼓形水车 tympanum;
    鼓形图像扫描数字化器 {物} image scanning digitizer;
    鼓形蜗杆蜗轮 drum worm wheel;
    鼓形铣床 drum miller; drum milling machine; drum-type milling;
    鼓形线圈 drum winding;
    鼓形闸门 {土} drum gate;
    鼓形闸门堰 {土} drum weir;
    鼓形制球机 balling drum;
    鼓形钟 tambour clock;
    鼓形柱 swelled column;
    鼓形转子 {电工} cylindrical rotor; drum rotor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 鼓形

  • 217 固定端

    【机】 fixed end
    * * *
    gù dìng duān
    stiff end; fixed end; built-in end; attachment end
    固定端梁 fixed end beam;
    固定端位置 position fixed ends;
    固定端柱 {土} fixed-end column; column with clamped ends

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固定端

  • 218 冠柱晶

    guān zhù jīng
    {水文} capped column

    Chinese-English dictionary > 冠柱晶

  • 219 管柱

    guǎn zhù
    tubular column
    管柱基础 tube caisson foundations;
    管柱桩 hollow tube pile

    Chinese-English dictionary > 管柱

  • 220 龟背

    curvature of the spinal column
    * * *
    guī bèi
    {中药} curvature of the spinal column; hyphosis (脊骨弯曲突起)
    龟背甲板船 whaleback; turtleback;
    龟背猫 tortoiseshell cat; tortoiseshell;
    龟背石 septarium; beetle stone; septarian boulder; septarian nodule; turtle stone

    Chinese-English dictionary > 龟背

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