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air sampling rig

  • 1 一次

    once; (of flue) dose
    * * *
    once; one-off; whack
    【电】 first order
    相关词组: 第一次
    * * *
    once; whack
    * * *
    adv. once, one time, at one point in time; in the past
    n. first time, once
    n. once, one time, single occurrence
    * * *
    yi1 ci4
    first, first time, once, (math.) linear (of degree one)
    * * *
    yī cì
    (一回) once:
    一周一次 once a week;
    不止一次 more than once;
    再一次 once again;
    再试一次 try once again;
    一次就够了吗? Will once be enough?
    雷声隔得一次比一次久, 这意味着暴风雨正在过去。 The increasing distance between thunderclaps meant the storm was moving away.
    我到过那儿一次。 I have been there once.
    我只见过他一次。 I've met her only once.
    {数} linear
    {电} primary
    一次倍频 first overtone;
    一次编译程序 one-pass compiler;
    一次变分方程 equation of first variation;
    一次变换 linear transformation;
    一次变换器 primary transducer;
    一次拨款 lump-sum appropriation;
    一次捕鱼量 shot;
    一次采全高 full-seam mining;
    一次采油可采储量 primary reserve;
    一次操作 once-through operation;
    一次参数 primary parameter;
    一次测量转换器 primary measuring transducer;
    一次成巷掘进 simultaneous driving and supporting;
    一次差分 first difference;
    一次抽样单位 primary sampling unit;
    一次抽样方案 single sampling plan;
    一次抽样检验 single-sampling inspection;
    一次电波 {讯} primary wave;
    一次电池 one-shot battery; galvanic cell; primary cell;
    一次电流 primary current;
    一次电路 primary circuit;
    一次电路电阻 primary resistance;
    一次电压 primary voltage;
    一次电子 primary electron;
    一次动情 monoestrus;
    一次断裂畸变 single-break aberration;
    一次多倍体 primary polyploid;
    一次反复 one replication;
    一次反应 primary reaction;
    一次泛音 first overtone;
    一次方 first power;
    一次方程 first-order equation; linear equation;
    一次方程式 simple equation;
    一次分级 scalping;
    一次风 primary air;
    一次孵卵数 sitting;
    一次辐射体 primary radiator;
    一次革命论 theory of a single revolution;
    一次固熔体 primary solid solution;
    一次光电效应 primary photoelectric effect;
    一次光源 primary source;
    一次函数 function of first degree; linear function;
    一次活套 primary loop;
    一次击穿 {半} first breakdown;
    一次击中学说 one-hit theory;
    一次激活电池 primary activated battery;
    一次计数器 start-stop counter;
    一次继电器 primary relay;
    一次加法时间 one addition time;
    一次加热 single heat;
    一次交货量 {经} consignment;
    一次结实植物 monocarpic plant;
    一次近似 first approximation;
    一次进入点 primary entry point;
    一次净保险费 net single premium;
    一次矩 first moment;
    一次空气 primary air;
    一次冷凝器 primary condenser;
    一次冷却剂 primary coolant;
    一次冷镦机 single-stroke header;
    一次码烧 semi-stiff extrusion process;
    一次毛纱法 direct attenuation silver processing;
    一次模 one-off pattern;
    一次配电 primary power distributions;
    一次配电网 primary distribution;
    一次配电系统 primary distribution system;
    一次喷嘴 primary nozzle;
    一次起动 one push start;
    一次敲击 a beat;
    一次取样 primary sample;
    一次群 primary group; primary block;
    一次绕组 primary winding;
    一次融透 straight thawing;
    一次入境签证 single entry visa;
    一次扫视操作 one pass operation;
    一次闪蒸 full flashing;
    一次摄影 a shot;
    一次设计 once-through design;
    一次射击 a round;
    一次生产量 a batch;
    一次石墨化 {化} primary graphitizing;
    一次使用导弹 {军} expendable missile; one shot missile;
    一次使用电子干扰设备 expendable electronic jamming equipment;
    一次使用信用状 straight letter of credit;
    一次试验 single test;
    一次碳化物 primary carbide;
    一次调整 one-setting;
    一次通过 single pass; one shot;
    一次通过程序 blue-ribbon program;
    一次通过锅炉 single-pass boiler;
    一次投票 single ballot;
    一次投梭 a shot;
    一次污泥 primary sludge;
    一次污染 primary pollution;
    一次污染物 primary pollutant;
    一次吸枝 one-sucker;
    一次系统 primary system;
    一次纤维导丝板 primary filament comb guides;
    一次显示 primary display;
    一次线 {电工} primary line;
    一次线圈 primary winding (PW); primary coil;
    一次消费 {经} one-time consumption;
    一次谐波 first harmonic;
    一次锌-银电池 primary silver-zinc battery;
    一次型 dispensable mould;
    一次循环工艺图 once-through flowsheet;
    一次压制 single-pressing;
    一次压制法 single-press process;
    一次仪表 primary instrument;
    一次有效装置 expendable equipment;
    一次运算计算机 single-shot computer;
    一次载波 primary carrier;
    一次再结晶 primary recrystallization;
    一次再热 single reheat;
    一次折射 unirefringence;
    一次蒸发 flush distillation; single vaporization;
    一次枝线 linear branch;
    一次指令 once command;
    一次注入量 a shot;
    一次注射(量) a shot;
    一次铸型 temporary mould;
    一次走刀 one-pass;
    一次装填 one-time pad;
    一次总付办法 lump-sum basis
    * * *
    一次|一次 [yī cì] first first time once (math.) linear (of degree one)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一次

  • 2 三次

    【医】 ter-; tri-
    * * *
    * * *
    adv. thrice, three times
    n. three times
    n. third
    * * *
    san1 ci4
    third, three times, (math.) degree three, cubic (equation)
    * * *
    sān cì
    triple; ter-; tri-
    三次倍频器 triductor;
    三次不尽根 cubic surd; surd of third order;
    三次采油 tertiary oil recovery;
    三次重捕法 triple catch method;
    三次电流 tertiary current;
    三次对称轴 axis of trigonal symmetry;
    三次对称轴线 three-fold symmetry axis;
    三次多项式 {数} cubic polynomial;
    三次反射 triple reflection;
    三次方程(式) cubic equation;
    三次方程问题 cubic problem;
    三次风 {机} tertiary air;
    三次根 cube root;
    三次过荷继电器 three times overload relay;
    三次函数 cubic function;
    三次幂 third power; cube;
    三次挠线 twisted cubic;
    三次绕组 tertiary winding;
    三次抛物线 cubic parabola;
    三次曲面 cubic surface;
    三次曲线 cubic curve; cubic;
    三次取样式数字电压表 triple sampling type digital voltmeter;
    三次渗碳体 tertiary cementite;
    三次式 cubic expression tertiary;
    三次收敛 cubic convergence;
    三次调谐 third harmonic tuning;
    三次线圈 tertiary coil;
    三次谐波序列 triplen;
    三次行程回波 triple transit echo; triple travel signal;
    三次掩模技术 trimask technique;
    三次样条 (函数) cubic spline
    * * *
    三次|三次 [sān cì] third three times (math.) degree three, cubic (equation)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三次

  • 3 二次

    er4 ci4
    second (i.e. number two), second time, twice, (math.) quadratic (of degree two)
    * * *
    èr cì
    secondary; {数} quadratic
    二次爆破 secondary blasting; popping; blockholing; bucking; pop-shooting;
    二次爆破眼 {采矿} pop; pop hole; pop shot;
    二次逼近 {数} quadratic approximation;
    二次变换 {数} quadratic transformation; quadric transformation; back shift;
    二次变频制 double-super system;
    二次病 {免疫} secondary disease;
    二次不等式 {数} quadratic inequality;
    二次不尽根 {数} quadratic surd; surd of the second degree (order);
    二次采样 double sampling;
    二次采油 after-production; secondary oil recovery;
    二次参数 {数} second parameter;
    二次测量系统 secondary measuring system;
    二次插值法 {数} quadratic interpolation;
    二次差 second difference;
    二次差分 second order difference;
    二次常数 secondary constants;
    二次沉陷 secondary settlement;
    二次充电 recharging;
    二次抽样 subsampling; secondary sample;
    二次抽样方案 double sampling plan;
    二次抽样检验 double sampling inspection;
    二次出牙 permanent dentition;
    二次除铜 secondary copper removal;
    二次簇 secondary cluster;
    二次吹风 after-blow;
    二次淬火 {冶} secondary quenching; double quenching;
    二次存取地址 second level access-address;
    二次导数 second derivative;
    二次点火(燃) {航} reignition;
    二次电池 storage battery; secondary battery (cell);
    二次电光效应 quadratic electro-optical effect;
    二次电流 secondary current;
    二次电路 secondary circuit;
    二次电压 secondary voltage;
    二次定型加工 secondary sizing operation;
    二次断裂畸变 two-break aberration;
    二次煅烧 secondary calcining;
    二次对称轴 diadaxis; axis of binary symmetry;
    二次对偶问题 quadratic dual problem;
    二次多项式 {数} quadratic polynomial;
    二次发射 secondary emission;
    二次发射曲线 secondary emission curve;
    二次发射体 secondary emitters;
    二次发射系数 secondary emission ratio;
    二次发射噪声 secondary emission noise;
    二次反射 secondary reflection;
    二次方程{数} quadratic equation;
    二次方程(式)论 quadratics;
    二次防护层 {核子} secondary protective barriers;
    二次放射率 secondary-emission ratio;
    二次非剩余 quadratic non-residue; square non-residue;
    二次分频电路 divide-by-two circuit;
    二次辐射器 secondary radiator;
    二次辐射效应 secondary radiation effect;
    二次腐蚀 anticaustic;
    二次负荷 secondary load;
    二次革命 second revolution;
    二次(根)公式 {数} quadratic formula;
    二次共析碳化物 secondary eutectoid carbide;
    二次共振 subresonance;
    二次故障 secondary failure;
    二次固结 secondary consolidation;
    二次灌浆 back-grouting;
    二次光谱 side spectrum;
    二次光源 secondary source;
    二次规划 quadratic programming;
    二次过滤 secondary filter;
    二次过滤器 after-filter;
    二次函数 {数} quadratic function;
    二次互反律 quadratic reciprocity law;
    二次回采 second working (recovery);
    二次回路 {冶} secondary circuit;
    二次混料 rerolling;
    二次活套 secondary loop;
    二次火箭 secondary rocket;
    二次击穿测试仪 secondary breakdown tester;
    二次激励 secondary (second) excitation;
    二次极限定理 second limit theorem;
    二次继电器 secondary relay;
    二次加工 secondary operation;
    二次加热 double heating;
    二次键(结合) secondary bond;
    二次胶合(粘结) secondary gluing;
    二次结晶 secondary crystallization;
    二次金属 secondary metals;
    二次金属-空气电池 secondary metal-air batteries;
    二次近似 second approximation; quadratic approximation;
    二次精炼 {冶} double refining; secondary refining;
    二次聚焦 secondary focusing;
    二次矩 second moment;
    二次开采 secondary recovery;
    二次开花 second bloom;
    二次控制器 secondary controller;
    二次雷达 {电} secondary radar;
    二次冷凝器 after-condenser;
    二次冷却 aftercooling;
    二次冷却剂 secondary coolant;
    二次冷却器 recooler; secondary cooler;
    二次量子化 second quantization;
    二次流 secondary flow;
    二次流动 secondary flow;
    二次流体 secondary fluid;
    二次萌发 {植} germination by repetition;
    二次幂 {数} second power; square;
    二次免疫问答 secondary immune response;
    二次磨碎机 secondary mill;
    二次能源 secondary energy sources;
    二次排斥 {免疫} second set rejection;
    二次判别器 quadric discriminator;
    二次抛物线配合 fitting a second degree parabola;
    二次配电 secondary power distribution;
    二次喷射控制 secondary injection control;
    二次破片 {军} secondary fragment;
    二次破碎机 recrusher;
    二次曝光 re-expose;
    二次起泡温度 secondary seeding temperature;
    二次迁移 {油} secondary migration;
    二次情报 secondary information;
    二次球磨机 secondary ball mill;
    二次曲面 {数} quadratic (quadric) surface; second degree surface;
    二次曲线 {数} conic (section); curve of the second degree; quadratic (quadric) curve;
    二次曲线规 conicograph;
    二次曲线列 range of conics;
    二次取样 secondary sample;
    二次群 {物} quadratic group;
    二次燃料 secondary fuel;
    二次燃烧secondary combustion; aftercombustion;
    二次绕组{电} secondary winding; SW;
    二次热处理 reheat treatment;
    二次热交换器 secondary heat exchanger;
    二次扫描 rescan;
    二次烧结 double sintering;
    二次渗碳体 secondary cementite;
    二次剩余 quadratic residue; square residue;
    二次石墨化 secondary graphitizing;
    二次收敛 quadratic convergence;
    二次输电 subtransmission;
    二次束 secondary beams;
    二次缩孔 secondary pipe;
    二次索氏体 secondary sorbite;
    二次调速 secondary speed control;
    二次调制 secondary modulation;
    二次挑顶 back-ripping;
    二次投票 second ballot;
    二次图像 secondary image;
    二次退火 double annealing;
    二次微分 {数} second differential;
    二次微商 {数} second derivative;
    二次无理数 quadratic irrational number; irrational numbers of the second degree;
    二次污泥 secondary sludge;
    二次污染 secondary pollution;
    二次污染物 secondary pollutant;
    二次误差 second order error;
    二次系统 electrical secondary system;
    二次显示 secondary display;
    二次显影 redevelopment;
    二次线圈{电工} secondary coil;
    二次项 {数} quadratic term;
    二次项日数 second order day number;
    二次效应 {物} quadratic effect;
    二次谐波 second (secondary) harmonic;
    二次谐波法 method of quadratic harmonics;
    二次谐波散射 second harmonic scattering;
    二次谐波失真 second harmonic distortion;
    二次泄漏 {电工} secondary leakage;
    二次信号 secondary signal;
    二次型(形式) {数} quadratic form; quadric form;
    二次性能指标 quadratic performance index;
    二次选试 second trial;
    二次选择 quadratic selection;
    二次循环法 two-cycle method;
    二次衍射装置 device for repeated diffraction;
    二次冶金 second metallurgy;
    二次仪表 secondary meter (instrument);
    二次因子 second order factor;
    二次硬度 secondary hardness;
    二次硬(熟; 硫)化 post-curing; secondary hardening;
    二次硬化粘接 postcure bonding;
    二次域 quadratic field;
    二次原料 secondary raw material;
    二次运移 secondary migration;
    二次孕育 late (post) inoculation;
    二次孕育剂 post inoculant;
    二次再结晶 secondary recrystallization;
    二次葬 secondary burial;
    二次蒸发器 revaporizer;
    二次锥面 {数} quadric cone;
    二次子程序 secondary subroutine;
    二次子样 secondary sample
    * * *
    二次|二次 [èr cì] second (i.e. number two) second time twice (math.) quadratic (of degree two)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 二次

  • 4 二级

    【建】 secondary
    * * *
    er4 ji2
    grade 2, second class, category B
    * * *
    èr jí
    two stage; two level; second level; secondary; second:
    这船列入二级。 The ship rates as second.
    二级胺 secondary amine;
    二级变换 two-dimensional transform;
    二级标准 secondary standard;
    二级潮 overtides;
    二级齿轮传动 double-geared;
    二级抽样 two stage sampling;
    二级传动比调档 shifting in both ratios;
    二级存储器 secondary storage (memory);
    二级地址 two-level (second-level) address;
    二级定义 second level definition;
    二级定址 second-level addressing;
    二级反应 second order reaction;
    二级风 {气} force 2 wind; light breeze;
    二级粉碎机 secondary breaker (crusher);
    二级光谱 {摄} second order spectrum; secondary spectrum;
    二级环流 secondary circulation;
    二级火箭 booster-missile combination;
    二级记录器 receiver recorder;
    二级加速 two stage acceleration;
    二级校准法 secondary calibration method;
    二级结构 secondary structure;
    二级精度 fine grade;
    二级精度立体测图仪 second order stereoplotter;
    二级精度配合 fine fit;
    二级面砖 {建} seconds;
    二级磨 {机} secondary grinding;
    二级扭矩变换器 two-stage torque converter;
    二级批发站 second-level wholesale station;
    二级品 second;
    二级起步时差 double offset;
    二级气象站 {气} second-order station;
    二级燃烧 secondary firing;
    二级溶剂 secondary solvent;
    二级-三级管 diode triode;
    二级生长现象 diauxy;
    二级提升 {采矿} two-stage hoisting;
    二级条件反射 conditioned reflex of second order;
    二级图像混合器 A-B-C-D cut mixer;
    二级微程序控制 two level microprogram control;
    二级微动控制 dual-ratio control;
    二级污水处理 secondary sewage treatment;
    二级系统 level two;
    二级相变 second-order phase transition;
    二级效应 second-order effect;
    二级形变热处理 double thermomechanical treatment;
    二级修正 second-order correction;
    二级缢痕 secondary constriction;
    二级真空管 two-electrode vacuum tube;
    二级整流管(热离子管) Rectigon;
    二级制 two-stage system;
    二级中点法 two-level midpoint method;
    二级砖 seconds; brindles (变色的);
    二级转变 second order transition;
    二级准备金 “secondary” reserve;
    二级子程序 second order (remove) subroutine;
    二级组 dyad;
    二级组装 second level of packaging
    * * *
    二級|二级 [èr jí] grade 2 second class category B

    Chinese-English dictionary > 二级

  • 5 二重

    er4 chong2
    double, repeated twice
    * * *
    èr chóng
    two-fold; double
    二重焙烧 double roasting;
    二重变址方式 dual index mode;
    二重差分 double (two-way) difference;
    二重差检验码 double-error correcting code;
    二重唱{音} (vocal) duet; dutto;
    二重冲压机 duplex punch;
    二重抽样 double sampling;
    二重抽样检验 double sampling inspection;
    二重淬火 double quenching;
    二重点 {数} crunode; double point;
    二重对称轴 {物} two-fold axis of symmetry;
    二重二分法 double dichotomy;
    二重符合开关 double-coincidence switch;
    二重复形 double complex;
    二重感染 suprainfection;
    二重格网 dual mesh;
    二重根 {数} double root;
    二重国籍 dual nationality;
    二重极限 double limit; two-limit;
    二重积分 {数} double integral; double integration;
    二重级数 {数} double series;
    二重(嫁)接 double-work;
    二重接缝 felling;
    二重精炼 double refining;
    二重锯齿 biserrate;
    二重联接(头) siamese (管道);
    二重螺旋轴 screw diad;
    二重密码 doublet code;
    二重密切面 double osculating plane;
    二重幂级数 double power series;
    二重破碎机 duplex breaker;
    二重切面 bitangent plane;
    二重人格 double personality;
    二重冗余 duplex level system redundancy;
    二重烧结 double sintering;
    二重双动压机 duplex double-action press;
    二重态 {粒子} doublet;
    二重体 dualism;
    二重透视 double perspective;
    二重系统 dual system;
    二重向量 bivector;
    二重序列 double sequence;
    二重桁架腰梁 straining sill;
    二重岩 amphimorphic rock;
    二重织物 backed cloth;
    二重轴 diad; two-fold axis;
    二重转动轴 rotation diad;
    二重奏 {音} (instrumental) duet;
    二重奏鸣曲 sonata duet
    * * *
    二重|二重 [èr chóng] double repeated twice

    Chinese-English dictionary > 二重

  • 6 交错

    interlock; crisscross, staggered
    * * *
    crisscross; interlace; interlock; intersect; stagger
    【计】 interlace; interlacing; interleave; interleaving
    相关词组: 交错的
    * * *
    interleaving; intervein; stagger
    * * *
    adj. staggered
    v. interlock, criss cross, interlace
    * * *
    jiao1 cuo4
    to crisscross, to intertwine
    * * *
    jiāo cuò
    (交叉; 错杂) interlock; crisscross; interlace; transposition; interlacing; interlacement; intersect; stagger; alternate:
    管道纵横交错。 Ducts and pipes crisscross.
    {机} staggered
    交错比例 alternate proportion;
    交错边缘 alternating edge;
    交错变换电路 stagger converting circuit;
    交错布置 staggered arrangement;
    交错部分 alternating share;
    交错层 cross-bedding; crosslamination; cross-stratification;
    交错层理 cross-bedding; cleap (煤层);
    交错重叠布置 sandwich arrangement;
    交错抽样 zigzag sampling;
    交错传动 {纺} cross band;
    交错传输 {讯} interleaved transmission;
    交错垂直同步信号 serrated vertical synchronizing signal;
    交错磁头 staggered heads;
    交错存储器 interlace memory; interlaced storage;
    交错代数 alternative algebra;
    交错点焊 staggered spot-welding;
    交错断裂 pinch-off;
    交错断续角焊 staggered intermittent fillet weld(ing);
    交错对称轴 alternating axis of symmetry;
    交错对接搭板 serrate butt strap;
    交错多层形绕组 sandwich windings;
    交错发火 staggering of sparks;
    交错法 alternating method;
    交错浮线提花 alternate accordion;
    交错拱 interlacing arches;
    交错构造{地质} decussate structure;
    交错关系 false relation;
    交错管束 staggered (tube) bank;
    交错函数 alternate function;
    交错焊 zigzag weld;
    交错行列式 {数} alternant; alternate determinant;
    交错(总)和 alternating sum;
    交错滑车轮 alternate sheaves;
    交错环 alternative ring;
    交错集管 staggered header;
    交错级数 {数} alternating series;
    交错角 alternate angle;
    交错阶地 intersected terrace;
    交错节理 {地质} cross joint; transverse joint;
    交错矩阵 alternate matrix; alternating matrix;
    交错矿脉 crossvein;
    交错棱纹织物 repsalternatifs;
    交错连接 zigzag fastening;
    交错流 cross-current;
    交错脉 {地质} crossed vein;
    交错铆接 reeled riveting; staggered rivet; zigzag riveted joint; zigzag riveting;
    交错铆距 diagonal pitch;
    交错迷宫汽封 staggered labyrinth;
    交错排列 alternate permutation; staggering;
    交错配列 chiasmus;
    交错偏挠锯齿 raker set tooth;
    交错频率信号图 frequency-interleaved pattern;
    交错气缸 staggered cylinder;
    交错群落 oecotone; alterne;
    交错绕组 interleaved windings
    交错塞焊 staggered plug weld;
    交错送料 stagger feed; zigzag feed;
    交错数组 interleaved array;
    交错图 alternating graph;
    交错纹理 cross lamination; interlocked grain;
    交错线状驱动 staggered-line drive;
    交错小脉 counterveins;
    交错形式 alternative form;
    交错阳极磁控管 {电子} interdigital magnetron;
    交错叶风扇 staggered fan;
    交错褶曲 cross fold; subsequent fold; superimposed fold; {地质} transverse fold;
    交错褶皱 cross-folding;
    交错周期 stagger cycle
    * * *
    交錯|交错 [jiāo cuò] to crisscross to intertwine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 交错

  • 7 人工

    man-made; artificial, manual work; work done by hand, manpower; man-day, manually
    * * *
    manpower; manual work
    【计】 aritificial
    【经】 labour
    相关词组: 口对口人工呼吸法
    * * *
    manpower; manual work
    * * *
    ren2 gong1
    artificial, manpower, manual work
    * * *
    rén gōng
    (人为的) man-made; artificial:
    人工湖 man-made lake
    (人力) manual work; work done by hand:
    用机器代替人工 install machines to replace manual labor;
    抽水机坏了, 只好用人工车水。 We had to move water by a chain pump because the electric pump had broken down.
    (工作量计算单位, 指一个人做工一天) manpower; man-day; a calculating unit of the amount of work done:
    修这条渠道要多少人工? How many man-days will be needed to construct this irrigation canal?
    人工矮化 nanization;
    人工白电平信号 artificial white signal;
    人工瓣膜 artificial valve;
    人工包装 hand-filling;
    人工爆炸 {地物} secondary reflection; shoot;
    人工备件 manual back-up unit;
    人工崩落 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工闭塞系统 manual block system;
    人工鼻 artificial nose;
    人工闭塞 manual block;
    人工闭塞装置 manual block apparatus;
    人工闭锁 manual block;
    人工变量 {计} artificial variables;
    人工剥离胎盘术 manual removal of placenta;
    人工补给地下水 {土} artificial recharge;
    人工哺乳 artificial suckling;
    人工哺乳婴孩 bottle baby;
    人工裁切 {地} artificial cut-off;
    人工采掘 hew;
    人工采苗 artificial seeding;
    人工采苗养殖 artificial spore-collecting cultivation;
    人工采光 artificial daylight;
    人工采试样 {采矿} hand sampling;
    人工操纵推进 man operated propulsion;
    人工草场 artificially sown pastures;
    人工草地 artificial pasture;
    人工产物 artefact;
    人工尘 manmade dust;
    人工陈化 artificial aging;
    人工成本 labor cost;
    人工成核 artificial nucleation;
    人工程序 manual program;
    人工池 {土} cistern;
    人工磁化法 artificial magnetizing method;
    人工充填 hand packing;
    人工重调 hand reset;
    人工抽样 artificial sampling;
    人工处理 manual handling;
    人工触发器 manual trigger;
    人工促进更新 artificial forcing regeneration;
    人工传染 artificial infection; regeneration;
    人工催育植物 forcing plant;
    人工存储器 manual memory;
    人工打捆 manual banding;
    人工打眼 hand-holing; kirn;
    人工单性生殖 artificial parthenogenesis;
    人工岛 artificial island;
    人工岛港 port island;
    人工等离子体云 artificial plasma cloud;
    人工低体温 artificial hypothermia;
    人工堤 artificial levee;
    人工地茎 artificial foundation;
    人工地平线 artificial horizon;
    人工地平仪 {航空} artificial horizon;
    人工地物 man-made features;
    人工地震 artificial earthquake; man-made earthquake;
    人工电报机 manual telegraph set;
    人工电报交换机 manual telegraph switching equipment;
    人工电离 {讯} artificial ionization;
    人工电位 artificial potential;
    人工电压调节器 manual voltage regulator;
    人工钓铒 artificial bait;
    人工港 artificial harbour;
    人工顶板 {采矿} artificial roof;
    人工冬眠 artificial hibernation;
    人工冬眠疗法 artificial hibernation therapy;
    人工读入 manual read;
    人工短路跳闸 fault throwing;
    人工耳 artificial ear;
    人工饵料 artificial food (stuff);
    人工发热 artificial fever;
    人工发热器 hypertherm;
    人工法 artificial process;
    人工方式 manual type;
    人工放顶 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工放射性 artificial radioactivity;
    人工放射性元素 artificial radioactive element;
    人工繁殖 artificial propagation;
    人工分群 {养蜂} snook swarming;
    人工分钟 man-minute;
    人工风化 {工} artificial weathering;
    人工辐射带 {地物} artificial radiation belt;
    人工孵化 artifical incubation;
    人工辅控植物群系 paranthropophytia;
    人工辅助授粉 artificial supplementary pollination;
    人工复位继电器 manual-reset relay;
    人工改变系统结构 manual reconfiguration;
    人工干预输入装置 manual data input equipment;
    人工干燥 artificial drying;
    人工肝 artificial liver;
    人工肛门 enteroproctia;
    人工感觉 {航空} artificial feel;
    人工港 {土} artificial harbor;
    人工更新 artificial regeneration;
    人工鼓包 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工骨料制备 manmade aggregate preparation;
    人工刮研 hand scraping;
    人工关节 joint prosthesis;
    人工灌注 artificial recharge;
    人工海岛 {采矿} artificial island;
    人工海水 artificial seawater;
    人工海滩 artificial beach;
    人工航行水道 navigation;
    人工核反应 artificial nuclear reaction;
    人工合成蛋白质 {生} synthetic protein;
    人工合成结晶胰岛素 {生} synthetic crystalline insulin;
    人工合成类晶石 spinel; spinelle;
    人工合成土 synthetic soil;
    人工合成种 hybrid synthesis;
    人工河 race;
    人工河道 (非) sloot;
    人工黑电平信号 artificial black signal;
    人工烘干 artificial drying;
    人工红外辐射源 artificial infrared source;
    人工喉 {医} artificial larynx;
    人工后天免疫 artificial acquired immunity;
    人工后援 manual back-up;
    人工呼吸 {医} artificial respiration; artificial breathing;
    人工呼吸器 artificial respirator; biomotor; spirophore;
    人工环境 artificial environment;
    人工环境生态学 hemerocology;
    人工混响 artificial reverberation;
    人工获得性免疫 {免疫} artificially acquired immunity;
    人工击碎 cobbing;
    人工极光 artificial aurora;
    人工计时 manual time-keeping;
    人工记录 manual record;
    人工加料 hand stock;
    人工监测仪 personal monitor;
    人工尖晶石 {矿} hope sapphire;
    人工检测雷达 personnel-detection radar;
    人工降低地下水 underground dewatering;
    人工降水 artificial precipitation;
    人工降雨机 artificial rain device;
    人工降雨装置 rainer;
    人工交换机 manual exchange; {讯} manual switchboard;
    人工礁 artificial reef;
    人工交配 artificial cross;
    人工浇铸 hand teeming;
    人工妊娠 artificial pregnancy;
    人工搅拌 hand stirring;
    人工接种 artificial infection; inoculation;
    人工接替 manual backup;
    人工截割 manual cut;
    人工解锁 manual release;
    人工进料 hand feed;
    人工举升 {油工} artificial lift;
    人工绝育 artificial sterilization;
    人工抗原 artificial antigen;
    人工空间电离干扰 artificial space ionization jamming;
    人工空中交通管制系统 manual air traffic control system;
    人工控制 manual control;
    人工控制器 manual controller;
    人工馈送穿孔机 hand-feed punch;
    人工老化 artificial aging;
    人工冷却 artificial cooling;
    人工裂解 artificial lysis;
    人工林 planted forest;
    人工流产 abactus; venter; induced abortion; abactio; artificial abortion; artifical miscarriage;
    人工流产法 abortion law;
    人工露头 artificial outcrop;
    人工煤气储柜 gas tank;
    人工密闭生态系统 artificial closed ecosystem;
    人工免疫 artificial immunity;
    人工免疫法 artificial immunization;
    人工磨矿 bucking;
    人工膜 artificial membrane;
    人工牧草 artificial grass;
    人工牧场 artificial pasturage;
    人工耐毒法 mithradatism; mithridatism;
    人工鸟巢 artificial nest;
    人工牛黄 calculus bovis factitius;
    人工培养 artificial rearing;
    人工培养基 synthetic medium;
    人工培养珍珠 cultured pearl;
    人工培育母蜂 artificial queen rearing;
    人工配种 {牧} artificial breeding;
    人工器官 artificial organ;
    人工气腹 pneumoperitoneum; artificial pneumoperitoneum (APP);
    人工气腹术 artificial pneumoperitoneum;
    人工气候 manmade climate;
    人工气候老化 artificial weathering aging;
    人工气候曝露试验 artificial weathering test;
    人工气候室 {植} phytotron; artificial climate chamber;
    人工气候台座 growth bench;
    人工气候箱 growth cabinet;
    人工气晖 artificial airglow;
    人工气胸 {医} artificial pneumothorax;
    人工气胸术 artificial pneumothorax;
    人工羟基云母 synthetic hydroxyl mica;
    人工强化地热发电站 artificial stimulated geothermal plant;
    人工切换 {电子} manual switching;
    人工全息图 artificial hologram;
    人工群落 {植} artificial community;
    人工热源照射法 ignisation;
    人工润滑 manual application of lubricant;
    人工色 technicolor;
    人工砂 manufactured sand;
    人工沙源滩 feeder beach;
    人工神经 artificial neuron;
    人工肾 artificial kidney;
    人工生态系(统) {环} artificial ecosystem;
    人工石板 {房} artificial flags;
    人工石墨 {冶} electrographite;
    人工时效 {冶} artificial aging;
    人工识别 artificial cognition; artificial perception;
    人工授粉 hand-pollinate;
    人工授精 {医} artificial insemination;
    人工授精器 impregnator;
    人工授精育种法 eutelegenesis;
    人工输入 manual input; manual read;
    人工输入寄存器 manual input register;
    人工输入设备 manual input unit; manual number generator; manual word generator;
    人工数据输入 manual data input;
    人工水道 dike;
    人工水驱 {油工} flooding; waterflooding;
    人工说 artificialism;
    人工饲料 artificial diet;
    人工饲育(喂) artificial feeding;
    人工太阳 artificial sun;
    人工天穹 artificial sky;
    人工填料 hand-stuff;
    人工调谐 manual tuning;
    人工通风 artificial draft; forced-air supply;
    人工同步 manual synchronization;
    人工同位素 man-made isotope;
    人工土丘 tepe;
    人工吸血管 bdellepithecium;
    人工系统 {自} manual system; man-made system;
    人工线 bootstrap; artificial line;
    人工消雾 artificial fog dissipation;
    人工消云 artificial cloud dissipation;
    人工小丘 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工小时法 labor hour method; men hour method;
    人工效率差异 labor efficiency variance;
    人工效应物 {组织} artifact;
    人工心瓣膜手术 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工心肺机 {医} heart-lung machine; artificial heart-lung machine;
    人工心脏 artificial heart;
    人工心脏瓣膜 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工旋压法 conventional spinning; {冶} manual spinning;
    人工选择 artificial selection;
    人工血管手术 blood vessel prosthesis;
    人工循环 artificial circulation;
    人工眼 artificial eye;
    人工养王 artificial queen rearing;
    人工养殖 artificial culture;
    人工养嚎场 stew;
    人工氧腹 oxyperitoneum;
    人工氧化铝 borolon;
    人工抑雹 hail suppression;
    人工抑制闪电 lightning suppression;
    人工异花授粉 palmification (枣椰的);
    人工译码系统 manual decode system;
    人工音量调整 hand volume control;
    人工引产 {医} induction of labour;
    人工引种植物 hemerophyte;
    人工隐蔽 {军} artificial concealment;
    人工影响降水 precipitation stimulation; rain stimulation by artificial means;
    人工影响气候 climate modification;
    人工影响天气 weather modification;
    人工油胸 {医} oleothorax;
    人工用量差异 labor usage variance;
    人工语言 artificial language; fabricted language; formal language; {自} synthetic language;
    人工越夏 artificial over summer;
    人工云母 synthetic mica;
    人工栽培放牧地 tame pasture;
    人工增殖 artificial fecundation;
    人工凿井 hand sinking;
    人工造林(法) artificial afforestation;
    人工造雪机 snowmaker;
    人工造雨 rainmaking;
    人工增甜剂 {食} artificial sweetener;
    人工战争对策模拟 manual battle simulations;
    人工照明 artificial lighting;
    人工整枝 artificial pruning;
    人工震源 artificial hypocenter; artificial seismic source;
    人工振铃 {讯} manual ringing;
    人工指 finger prosthesis;
    人工制 manual system;
    人工制品 artifact;
    人工重力 artificial gravity;
    人工重力模拟器 artificial gravity simulator;
    人工周转成本 cost of labour turnover;
    人工筑岛法(深基础施工时下沉井、沉箱用) artificial island method;
    人工转换(程序的) force;
    人工装罐 hand caging;
    人工装料 hand charging;
    人工装载 artificial loading;
    人工自动免疫 artificial active immunity;
    人工自花授粉 {植} illegitimate pollination;
    人工注水 artificial recharge;
    人工驻极体 manual electret;
    人工阻尼 artificial damping;
    人工嘴 artificial mouth
    * * *
    人工|人工 [rén gōng] artificial manpower manual work

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人工

  • 8 依次

    in proper order; successively
    * * *
    in turn; successively; take turns; turn and turn about
    【法】 seriatim
    相关词组: 依次的
    * * *
    devolution; in file; in turn; priority; take turns; turn and turn about
    * * *
    adv. in proper order, successively
    * * *
    yi1 ci4
    in order, in succession
    * * *
    yī cì
    in proper order; successively; in proper sequence:
    依次发言 speak in turn;
    依次进来 come in one by one;
    依次上下车 get on and off in order;
    学生依次被召入进行口试。 The students were summoned in turn to be interviewed.
    依次取样检验 sequential sampling inspection
    * * *
    依次|依次 [yī cì] in order in succession

    Chinese-English dictionary > 依次

  • 9 典型

    typical case (or example); model; type; cross section, typical; representative; archetypal; classic, typically
    * * *
    model; pattern; quintessence; representative; soul; type; typical case
    【计】 proto
    【经】 model
    相关词组: 典型的
    * * *
    representative; model; image; quintessence; type
    * * *
    adj. typical, representative
    n. typical case, foretype
    * * *
    dian3 xing2
    model, typical case, archetype, typical, representative
    * * *
    diǎn xíng
    (在同类中最具有代表性的人或事) typical case; typical example; model; type; specimen:
    典型示范 demonstrate with typical examples;
    完美的典型 a model of perfection;
    树先进典型 set examples of advanced individuals;
    他是个智勇双全的典型。 He gave an example of bravery and wisdom.
    (具有代表性的) typical; representative:
    典型的现代少女 the typical modern girl;
    一个典型的中国城市 a representative Chinese city;
    这幅画是一幅典型的伦勃朗作品。 This painting is a typical Rembrandt.
    (文艺作品中用艺术概括的手法创造出来的具有鲜明的个性特征, 又能反映一定社会本质的某些方面、表现人的阶级性的艺术形象) model personalities (即“典型人物”、“典型形象”、“典型性格”)
    典型案件 typical case;
    典型变换 {数} canonical transformation;
    典型变量 {数} canonical variable;
    典型标本 type specimen;
    典型成分 typical composition;
    典型抽样 typical sampling;
    典型大项 {数} canonical maxterm;
    典型电路 typical circuit;
    典型调查 typical investigation;
    典型反应 type reaction;
    典型方程 {数} canonical equation;
    典型工作性能 typical performance;
    典型工作周期(计) representative circulating time;
    典型旱成土 orthid;
    典型化 typification;
    典型灰壤 regular podzol;
    典型级配 typical grading;
    典型计算操作 representative calculating operation;
    典型计算机 typical computer;
    典型矩阵 {数} canonical matrix;
    典型控制 classical control;
    典型块 {数} canonical blocks;
    典型例证 case history;
    典型淋溶层 orthoeluvium;
    典型年 typical year;
    典型胚 typembryo; type-embryo;
    典型培养系 Normkultur;
    典型剖面{地质} type section;
    典型曲线 representative set of curves;
    典型群 {数} classical group;
    典型人物 typical character;
    典型日料 typical ration;
    典型设计 typical (modular) design;
    典型示范 demonstration by example; typical cases publicized as models;
    典型事例 typical case;
    典型试验 typical test;
    典型数据 typical data;
    典型问题 typical problem;
    典型相关 {统} canonical correlation;
    典型小项 canonical minterm;
    典型星 type star;
    典型形 canonical form;
    典型形式 {数} canonical form; canonical transformation;
    典型形象 typical image;
    典型性格 typical character (personalities);
    典型旋涡星云 typical spiral nebula;
    典型状态 typicalness
    * * *
    典型|典型 [diǎn xíng] model typical case archetype typical representative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 典型

  • 10 分层

    * * *
    【计】 delaminate; delamination; layering
    【化】 demixing; lamination
    【医】 delamination; demixing; layering; stratification
    【经】 stratify
    * * *
    bed; delamination
    * * *
    adj. stratified, arranged in layers
    n. demixing, lamination, stratification
    v. stratify, layer, be deposited in layers, separate into social classes or levels, develop different social classes or levels
    * * *
    fen1 ceng2
    lamination, layering, stratification, delamination
    * * *
    fēn céng
    lamination; layering; stratification; slice; layer-built; hierarchy; gradation; delamination; segregation; layer; tier; rank; demixing; stacking; precipitation; lam; laminate; piling
    分层爆炸 decked explosion;
    分层崩落采矿法 scramming;
    分层崩落法 slicing and caving method;
    分层采掘 dass;
    分层采煤法 slice longwall method;
    分层采油 oil production by layer;
    分层产量计 seperate stratum flowmeter;
    分层长壁采煤法 slice longwall method;
    分层抽样 step sampling; stratified sampling;
    分层抽样法 stratified sampling method; seperated layer sampling;
    分层磁带 magnetic laminating tape;
    分层导体 laminated conductor;
    分层等待 {航空} stacking;
    分层电刷 sandwich brush;
    分层叠绕绕组 pile winding;
    分层镀层 {冶} graduated coating;
    分层对流 laminar convection;
    分层多级抽样 stratified multistage sampling;
    分层法 top and bottom process;
    分层耕作 layer ploughing;
    分层检查 audit-in-depth;
    分层绞线 twisted conductor;
    分层接合 spliced joint;
    分层进气 stratified charge;
    分层聚乙烯片 laminated polyethylene film;
    分层绝缘体 laminated insulator;
    分层开采 slice;
    分层开采法 bench method; slicing;
    分层量化检测器 rank-quantization detector;
    分层裂开 leafing;
    分层流 stratified flow;
    分层流动 laminated flow; stratified flow;
    分层流体 {流} stratified fluid;
    分层流图 level diagram;
    分层路径 hierarchical path;
    分层录声盘 laminated record;
    分层滤器 stage filter;
    分层棉织胶带 ply-constructed belt;
    分层模型 hierarchical model;
    分层盘旋(飞行) stack;
    分层坯块 laminated compact;
    分层铺炉底 bedding of a furnace;
    分层器 quantizer;
    分层取和检测器 rank-sum detector;
    分层缺陷探测仪 lamination detector;
    分层绕法 {电} layer winding;
    分层绕组 layer winding;
    分层设色 layer colours;
    分层设色表 hypsometric tint scale;
    分层设色地图 hypsometric map;
    分层设色法 hypsometric (method) survey; tinting method;
    分层试油 formation testing by layer;
    分层书架 book stand;
    分层酸化 seperate layer acid treatment;
    分层随机抽样 stratified random sampling;
    分层天线 tier antenna;
    分层天线阵 {讯} tiered array; stacked array;
    分层填土夯实 compaction by layers;
    分层填筑 placement in layers;
    分层透镜聚光器 corrugated lens condenser;
    分层系数 lamination factor;
    分层相加检波器 rank-sum detector;
    分层信号集电极 quantized collector;
    分层蓄意样本 stratified purposive sample;
    分层压力计 seperate stratum pressure gauge;
    分层压裂 seperate stratum fracturing;
    分层压制 stack moulding;
    分层压制模制 layer moulding;
    分层养鱼 fish culture by layer;
    分层液体 stratified liquid;
    分层永久冻土 layered permafrost;
    分层原理 {生态} principle of stratification;
    分层注水 seperated layer water injection;
    分层装置 decker;
    分层锥 corrugated cone;
    分层锥削 tapered taper;
    分层阻力 separation resistance;
    分层作用 lamination
    * * *
    分層|分层 [fēn céng] lamination layering stratification delamination

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分层

  • 11 分散

    scattered; dispersed; diverted; decentralized, disperse; distribute; scatter
    * * *
    disperse; distract from; scatter; deconcentration; dispersal; dissipation
    【计】 disassembling; disperse
    【化】 break-up; dispersion
    【医】 disgregation; dispersion; divergence; fraction
    【经】 diversification
    相关词组: 分散的
    * * *
    decentralization; detract; disperse; distract from; separate; spread around
    * * *
    n. dispersion, scattering
    v. scatter, disperse, distribute
    * * *
    fen1 san4
    to scatter, to disperse, to distribute
    * * *
    fēn sàn
    disperse; scatter; decentralize:
    分散精力 diffuse one's energies;
    分散注意力 divert one's attention;
    统一领导,分散经营 unified leadership and decentralized management;
    士兵们分散在广阔的战线上。 The soldiers were dispersed along a wide front.
    犹太人分散在世界各地。 The Jews are scattered over the world.
    scattering; dispersal; dispersion; segregation; spitting; spurting; disjection; deconcentration; peptization
    分散半胎盘 diffuse semiplacenta;
    分散办学 scattered school running;
    分散布局 scattered distribution; scattered allocation;
    分散布置 cut-up arrangement;
    分散 E层 Es-layer;
    分散处理 decentralized processing;
    分散存储法 scatter storage technique;
    分散读出 scatter-read;
    分散读取 scatter-read;
    分散读入 {计} scatter read;
    分散读写 {计} scatter read (write);
    分散度 dispersion degree; dispersiveness; dispersity;
    分散发展战略 dispersed development strategy;
    分散法 dispersion method;
    分散复制 dispersive replication;
    分散高尔基体 dictyosome;
    分散管理 decentralized management;
    分散化 decentralization;
    分散剂 {化} dispersing agent;
    分散胶体 dispersion colloid; dispersoid;
    分散经营 decentralized management; separate management;
    分散聚合 dispersion polymerization;
    分散控制 decentralized control;
    分散控制器 decentralized controller;
    分散控制系统 decentralized control system;
    分散馈入法 dispersed feed method;
    分散沥青 dispersed bitumens;
    分散力 dispersion force;
    分散流 dispersion train;
    分散模型 {地化} dispersal pattern;
    分散磨机 {机} dispersion mill;
    分散能 dispersion energy;
    分散频带 {讯} {心理} scatter band;
    分散取样 {电子} discrete sampling;
    分散染料 disperse dye;
    分散容积 scattering volume;
    分散扇 dispersion fan;
    分散生产管理 decentralized processing (production control);
    分散使用资金 use of funds in a scattered way; decentralized funds;
    分散输水系统 dispersed delivery system;
    分散数据处理 decentralized data processing;
    分散双电层 diffuse double layer;
    分散随机控制 decentralized stochastic control;
    分散缩孔 dispersed shrinkage;
    分散胎盘 diffuse placenta;
    分散体系 dispersion; disperse system;
    分散图 scatter diagram;
    分散物系 dispersion system;
    分散系数 coefficient of dispersion;
    分散线条错觉 divergent lines illusion;
    分散相 dispersed phase;
    分散卸货 disseminate;
    分散性 dispersiveness;
    分散学习 dispersed learning;
    分散压力 dispersive pressure;
    分散硬化 cluster hardening; dispersion hardening;
    分散元素 {地化} dispersed elements;
    分散元素异常 dispersion element anomaly;
    分散晕 dispersion halo;
    分散指挥 decentralized command; decentralized direction;
    分散质 dispersate;
    分散注气 {油工} dispersed gas injection;
    分散装入 scatter loading;
    分散状态 dispersity; dispersedness;
    分散资料处理 decentralized data processing;
    分散主义 decentralism; overstress on local interest;
    分散作用 {化} peptizaiton
    * * *
    分散|分散 [fēn sàn] to scatter to disperse to distribute

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分散

  • 12 分数

    fraction, mark; grade
    * * *
    fraction; grade; mark; numeric; point
    【计】 F; fractional number
    【经】 fraction
    相关词组: 百分数
    * * *
    fraction; mark; numeric; point
    * * *
    n. fraction, fractional number
    * * *
    fen1 shu4
    fraction, score
    * * *
    fēn shù
    {数} fraction; fractional number:
    带分数 mixed number;
    繁分数 complex fraction;
    假分数 improper fraction;
    真分数 proper fraction
    (表示成绩等的数字) mark; grade; point:
    他在考试中得到好分数。 He attained a good mark in the examination.
    他的三角学分数很低。 He received a low mark for trigonometry.
    他的学期论文得了个不及格分数。 He received a falling grade on the term paper.
    分数部分 fractional part;
    分数采样法 {采矿} fractional sampling;
    分数磁荷 fractional magnetic charge;
    分数次积分 fractional intergrals; fractional integration;
    分数单位 sub-multiple unit;
    分数电荷 fractional (electric) charge;
    分数电荷粒子 fractionally charged particle;
    分数方程 fractional equation;
    分数根 fractional root;
    分数功率 fractional rating;
    分数函数 fractional function;
    分数化 fractionation;
    分数计算机 fractional computer;
    分数加感线圈 fractional loading coil;
    分数阶 fractional order;
    分数节距绕阻 fractional pitch winding;
    分数据 subdata;
    分数螺距 {工} fractional pitch;
    分数马力电动机 {电工} fractional horse power motor;
    分数式 fractional expression;
    分数微分 fractional differentiation;
    分数系数 fractional coefficient;
    分数线 lowest criterion of examination;
    分数谐波 fractional harmonic;
    分数运算 fractional arithmetic;
    分数正弦波 {物} fractional sine wave
    * * *
    分數|分数 [fēn shù] (exam) grade mark score fraction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分数

  • 13 分析

    analyse; analyze
    * * *
    analyze; construe; analysis; assay
    【计】 parser
    【化】 analysis; assaying
    【医】 analysis; anslyze
    【经】 analyse
    相关词组: 电分析
    * * *
    analyse; analysis; analyze; analyzed; analyzing; assay; construe
    * * *
    n. analysis
    v. analyze, analyse
    * * *
    fen1 xi1
    to analyze, analysis, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    fēn xī
    分析成功和失败的原因 analyse the causes of success and failure;
    对句子作语法分析 analyse a sentence;
    培养分析问题和解决问题的能力 cultivate the ability to analyse and solve problems;
    他非常周密地分析了形势。 He analysed the situation very closely.
    化学分析 chemical analysis;
    阶级分析 class analysis;
    性格分析 the analysis of character;
    语法分析 grammatical analysis;
    这份报纸对政治局势作了很好的分析。 That newspaper has a very good analysis of the political situation.
    分析能力 analytical ability
    分析本领 analysis power;
    分析遍 analysis pass;
    分析表 analytical statement; analysis meter; parsing table; analytical statement;
    分析测定 assay determination;
    分析超速离心机 analytical ultracentrifuge;
    分析程序 routine analyzer; parser;
    分析程序结构 parser construction;
    分析抽样 analytical sampling;
    分析磁铁 analysis magnet;
    分析纯级分子筛 Zeolox;
    分析纯试剂 {化} AR (analytical reagent);
    分析萃取 {分化} analytical extraction;
    分析单 analysis list;
    分析动力学 analytic dynamics;
    分析砝码 analytical weights;
    分析法 analysis method; analytical method; analytics;
    分析反射镜 analyzing mirror;
    分析反应 analytical reactions;
    分析范围 analysis range;
    分析方法 analytical procedure; analytical method;
    分析工业 analytical industry;
    分析功能团 analytical functional group;
    分析呼吸测醉仪 breathalyser; breathalyzer;
    分析化学 analytical chemistry;
    分析机 analytical engine; analyzer;
    分析集 analytic set;
    分析技术 analysis technics;
    分析计 {讯} analysis meter;
    分析计算机 anacom;
    分析检验 analytical control; partition test;
    分析间隙 analytical gap;
    分析教学 analytic instruction;
    分析静力学 analytic statics;
    分析离心分离 {工} analytical centrifugation;
    分析力学 analytical mechanics;
    分析论证 analytic demonstration;
    分析模型 analytical mode;
    分析谱宽 dispersion;
    分析器 analyzer; analyser; sorter (纤维长度的);
    分析曲面 analytic surface;
    分析曲线 analytic curve;
    分析三角学 {数} analytic trigonometry;
    分析摄影 {摄} analytical photography;
    分析时间 analysis time;
    分析试剂 analytical reagent;
    分析树 parse tree;
    分析算法 parser; parsing algorithm;
    分析特性 analytical characteristics;
    分析天平 analytical balance;
    分析图 {采矿} assay plan;
    分析图表定名法 analysis;
    分析图形 analyzed pattern;
    分析文法 {计} analytic grammar;
    分析问题 problem analysis;
    分析误差 analytical error;
    分析系统 analytical system;
    分析线 analytical line;
    分析心理学 {心理} analytical psychology; Jungian psychology;
    分析序列 analytical sequence;
    分析旋光镜 analyzer polariscope;
    分析学 analytics;
    分析研究 analytical investigation;
    分析仪 analysis meter; analyser;
    分析仪器 analytical instrument;
    分析因数 analytic factor;
    分析员 analyst;
    分析哲学 analytic philosophy;
    分析蒸馏 {分化} analytical distillation;
    分析值 assay value;
    分析种 analysator;
    分析-综合法 method of analysis-synthesis
    * * *
    分析|分析 [fēn xī] to analyze analysis CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分析

  • 14 分类

    classify; categorize; sort, assortment; classification
    * * *
    sort; class; classify; assort; divide; label; staple; system
    【计】 categories; categorization; category
    【化】 classification
    【医】 classifieation; grouping; systematization; systematize; typing
    【经】 classification; classifying; group; sort
    相关词组: 动物分类学
    * * *
    sort; class; classify; assort; label; staple; system
    * * *
    n. sort, systematics, classification, systematization
    v. classify, assort
    * * *
    fen1 lei4
    * * *
    fēn lèi
    (使分别归类) classify; itemize; sort:
    根据起因将事故分类 classify accidents by cause;
    根据性别(年龄; 民族; 地区)分类 classify by sex (age; nationality; locality);
    邮局里的人员将信件按寄送地点分类。 Men in the post office classify mail according to places it is to go.
    它们是按品种分类的。 They are classified in sorts.
    (分门别类) classification; assortment; systematization; partition; sorting; taxonomy; breakdown:
    粗略的分类 a broad classification;
    使分类系统化 systematize classification;
    植物的分类 classification of plants
    分类比较器 sorter comparator;
    分类表 classification chart;
    分类参数 sorting parameter;
    分类操作 sort operation;
    分类程序 sorter; sort program;
    分类程序模块 sort module;
    分类存储器 sorting memory;
    分类单位 taxonomical unit; taxon; taxa;
    分类单元 taxon (pl. taxa);
    分类电话簿 classified telephone directory; yellow pages;
    分类电路 sorting circuit;
    分类定货 group order;
    分类法 classification;
    分类方法 sorting technique;
    分类符 classifier; specificator;
    分类符号 class symbol;
    分类广告 classified advertisement; classifieds;
    分类工作文件 sort work file;
    分类功能 模块 sort module;
    分类关键 {自} sort key;
    分类规 classification gauge;
    分类归并 sort merge;
    分类过程 assorting process;
    分类号码 class number;
    分类合并 sorting and merging;
    分类机 sequencer; sorter;
    分类记录 book of final entry;
    分类架 box; slot;
    分类键 sort key;
    分类交配 assortative mating;
    分类阶段 {计} sorting phase;
    分类阶元 taxonomic category;
    分类进食 dissociate diet;
    分类空间 classifying space; categorical space;
    分类控制键 sort control key;
    分类控制设备 segregating control equipment;
    分类类目 series;
    分类力学 sort mechanics;
    分类量 sort capacity;
    分类命题 categorical proposition;
    分类模块 sort module;
    分类目录 split catalogue; classified catalogue;
    分类排列法 classified shelt arrangement;
    分类平衡法 sort balance;
    分类平衡器 {讯} ledger balance;
    分类器 grader; sorter;
    分类群 taxon;
    分类日记簿 journal day book;
    分类筛 classifying screen;
    分类声纳 classification sonar;
    分类生产法 multiline production;
    分类生成程序 sort generator;
    分类试验 class test;
    分类树形结构 sort tree structure;
    分类数据 categorical data;
    分类说明 classification declaration;
    分类算法 sorting algorithm;
    分类随机抽样 random sampling by classification;
    分类索引 classified index (subject index);
    分类台 assorting table;
    分类条件 class condition;
    分类文件 sort file;
    分类文件描述项 sort file description entry;
    分类系列 {生} taxonomic series;
    分类系统 categorizing (taxonomic) system;
    分类细账 breakdown;
    分类向量 class vector;
    分类效率最佳化 optimizing sort performance;
    分类信息 category message;
    分类信息组 split field;
    分类性状 taxonomic character;
    分类应用 sort application;
    分类语句 sort statement; specification statement;
    分类语言学 taxonomic linguistics;
    分类阅读机 sorter reader;
    分类轧钢机 section steel rolling mill;
    分类账 ledger; financial record; journal;
    分类账簿 ledger;
    分类折旧法 group depreciation method; (典型示范)
    分类指导 demonstration by example or guidance to different types of areas;
    分类主义 taxonomism;
    分类专业小组 cut house(石油工厂的);
    分类装置 sorter;
    分类状况 assortment;
    分类资料 grouped data;
    分类子句 {计} class clause;
    分类总数 batch total;
    分类组合 sort merge
    * * *
    分類|分类 [fēn lèi] classification

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分类

  • 15 分组

    divide into groups, group
    * * *
    divide into groups
    【机】 batching
    * * *
    * * *
    fen1 zu3
    to divide into groups, subgroup
    * * *
    fēn zǔ
    divide into groups:
    按能力分组 be grouped according to ability;
    分组讨论 discuss in groups; group discussion;
    分组学习 study in groups
    grouping; subgroup; block sort; curtate
    分组编码 block encoding;
    分组长度 block length;
    分组抽样 group sampling; cluster sampling;
    分组处理流程 packet processing flow;
    分组打孔 gang-punch;
    分组等长交换 packet switching;
    分组电容器 subdivided capacitor;
    分组法 method of division into groups;
    分组方法 group technology;
    分组合件 {工} subassembly;
    分组接转 packet switching;
    分组进位 group carry;
    分组控制 group control;
    分组列车 group train;
    分组码 block code;
    分组平差 adjustment in groups;
    分组预选器 group line switch;
    分组折旧 group depreciation;
    分组镇压器 sectional roll
    * * *
    分組|分组 [fēn zǔ] to divide into groups subgroup

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分组

  • 16 判断

    judge; decide; determine, judgment
    * * *
    decide; determine; estimate; estimation; judge; judgement; verdict
    【医】 judgment
    【经】 arbitrament; criterion
    相关词组: 价值判断
    * * *
    estimate; estimation; judge; judgement; opinion; verdict
    * * *
    n. judgment
    v. judge, determine, decide
    n. judgement
    * * *
    pan4 duan4
    to decide, to determine, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    pàn duàn
    (断定) judge; decide; determine; estimate; measure; size up; think; pinpoint; tell:
    判断错误 an error of judgement;
    判断情况 assess the situation; size up the situation;
    判断是非 judge between right and wrong; tell right from wrong;
    根据某人的行为来判断 judge from one's conduct;
    依我的判断 as far as I can judge
    {逻} judgement:
    迅速判断 be swift with one's judgement;
    判断力强的人 a man of good judgement;
    应用判断力 use one's judgement
    判断标识信号 identification burst;
    判断抽样 judgement sampling;
    判断词 a grammatical term for the character 是 used as a link word to form a compound predicate with a noun or pronoun;
    判断错误 misjudg(e)ment; bet on the wrong horse;
    判断高度 decision height; d. h.;
    判断过程 deterministic process;
    判断积分器 decision integrator;
    判断力 judgment; understanding; faculty of judgement;
    判断能力 judgement;
    判断论 theory of judgement;
    判断市场机会 assess market opportunities;
    判断问题 decision problem
    * * *
    判斷|判断 [pàn duàn] to decide to determine CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 判断

  • 17 刺激

    stimulation; stimulus; incentive; jar, stimulate; urge on; encourage; needle, provoke; irritate; upset; excite, irritation
    * * *
    motivate; stimulate; activate; excite; incite; provocate; excitation
    motivation; excitement; provocation; stimulation
    【医】 chafe; chafing; excitation; irritate; irritation; paratrimma
    paratripsis; stimulate; stimulation; stimuli; stimulus; suscitate
    相关词组: 刺激的
    * * *
    stimulate; excite; activate; catalyze; fan; fillip
    * * *
    v. stimulate, provoke, irritate, upset, motivate, motive
    * * *
    ci4 ji1
    to provoke, to irritate, to upset, to stimulate, to excite, irritant
    * * *
    cì jī
    (推动事物起积极变化) stimulate; excite:
    刺激神经 excite a nerve;
    刺激经济 stimulate the economy;
    刺激生产 stimulate production
    (使激动) provoke; irritate; upset:
    这一不幸的消息给了她很大的刺激。 She was badly upset by the sad news.
    (刺激作用) {生} stimulation; {生理} stimulus; incitation; incitement; paratrimma; paratripsis; fillip (filip); flash (麻醉品引起的刺激)
    刺激持续阈限 stimulus duration dimension;
    刺激抽样模型 stimulus-sampling model;
    刺激电极 stimulating electrode;
    刺激反应心理学 stimulus-response psychology;
    刺激过滤作用 stimulus filtering;
    刺激级 stimulation level;
    刺激剂 irritant; stimulant; stimulative;
    刺激咳嗽 irritative cough;
    刺激疗法 irritation therapy; stimulation therapy;
    刺激品 fillip; filip; stimulator; stimulative;
    刺激器 stimulator;
    刺激气体 irritant gas;
    刺激素 stimulin;
    刺激物 irritant; stimulus; stimulant;
    刺激因素 incitant;
    刺激作用 spread effect; excitation; irritation; stimulation
    * * *
    刺激|刺激 [cì jī] to provoke to irritate to upset to stimulate to excite irritant

    Chinese-English dictionary > 刺激

  • 18 区域

    region; area; district
    * * *
    area; circumscription; confine; district; extent; reach; region; section
    【计】 A; area; region
    【化】 band
    相关词组: 管辖区域
    * * *
    area; circumscription; district; extent; reach; region
    * * *
    n. area, region, district
    * * *
    qu1 yu4
    area, region, district
    * * *
    qū yù
    area; beat (生产等); reach; domain; part; sector; flat (公用庄稼地的); region; range; band; limit; district
    区域变质作用 {地} regional metamorphism;
    区域变质岩 regional metamorphite;
    区域辨识 domain identification;
    区域标志器 {讯} zone marker;
    区域标准 regional standard;
    区域不整合 regional unconformity;
    区域成形 drape forming;
    区域传输法 zone transport method;
    区域存储变换 area memory map;
    区域代表 regional representative;
    区域代表制 district system of representation;
    区域导航 area navigation;
    区域导航计算机 area navigation computer;
    区域等级系统 regional graded system;
    区域地理学 regional geography;
    区域地貌学 regional geomorphology;
    区域地图集 regional atlas;
    区域地质调查 regional geologic reconnaissance;
    区域地质图 regional geologic map;
    区域地质学 regional geology;
    区域调排队 subdispatch queue;
    区域(车间)调度员 subdispatcher;
    区域定位 zone location;
    区域动目标显示 area MTI;
    区域断裂线 lineament;
    区域断陷线 linear; lineament;
    区域发电站 regional station;
    区域发展 regional development;
    区域法 field method;
    区域范围 area coverage;
    区域防空(守) area defense;
    区域防御导弹 area defense missile;
    区域分布数据 areally-distributed data;
    区域覆盖天线spot beam antenna;
    区域供电临时改进措施area assist action;
    区域供暖(热)district heating;
    区域供热供冷系统 district heating and cooling system;
    区域规划系统工程 regional planning systems engineering;
    区域海洋学 areal oceanography;
    区域航空测量 area aerial survey;
    区域洪水 regional flood;
    区域化 compartmentalization;
    区域环境 regional environment;
    区域会议 regional conference; local conference;
    区域火力发电厂 local thermal power plant;
    区域监测 area monitoring;
    区域检索 area research;
    区域降水量 areal precipitation;
    区域结构 domain structure;
    区域精炼 zone refining; zone purification;
    区域精炼金属 zone melted metal;
    区域精制 zone purification;
    区域经济地理学 regional economic geography;
    区域经济合作 regional economic co-operation;
    区域井网 areal pattern;
    区域境界线 area delimiting line;
    区域均化 zone levelling;
    区域均化单晶 zone leveled single crystal;
    区域开发 regional development;
    区域空气调节系统 district air conditioning system;
    区域扩展 zone spreading;
    区域离心 zonal centrifugation;
    区域离心机 zonal centrifuge;
    区域联防 zone defense;
    区域码 region code;
    区域名 area-name;
    区域凝固 zone freezing;
    区域配额制 regional quota;
    区域喷发(溢) {地质} areal eruption;
    区域平均法 zone levelling;
    区域坡度 {地质} regional slope;
    区域坡面沉积 {地质} regional slope deposit;
    区域气象中心 regional meteorological centre;
    区域迁移 zone migration;
    区域倾斜 regional dip; normal dip;
    区域取样 area sampling;
    区域群落 regional community;
    区域燃烧 zonal combustion;
    区域熔化(法) zone melting;
    区域熔化技术 zone-melting technique;
    区域熔融(炼) zone melting;
    区域熔融结晶 {化工} zone melting crystallization;
    区域熔融提纯 zone melting purification;
    区域(扇形)扫描 sector scanning;
    区域扫油效率 {油工} areal sweep efficiency;
    区域射击 {军} zone fire;
    区域时间 zone time (ZT);
    区域试验 regional testing;
    区域水文学 regional hydrology;
    区域水资源 regional water resources;
    区域讨论会 regional conference;
    区域提纯 zone-refine; zone purification; zone refining;
    区域提纯器 zoner;
    区域网平差测量法 block adjustment;
    区域位 zone bit;
    区域位置显示器 zone position indicator (ZPI);
    区域污染模式 regional pollution mode;
    区域无线电信标 Consolan;
    区域形式 area format;
    区域夷平 zone levelling;
    区域异常 regional anomaly;
    区域约束 range constraint;
    区域指点标 Z marker; zone marker;
    区域致匀 zone leveling;
    区域中心距 regional center;
    区域重力校正 regional gravity correction;
    区域重力异常 regional gravity anomaly;
    区域走向 regional strike;
    区域阻滞麻醉 regional block anesthesia
    * * *
    區域|区域 [qū yù] area region district

    Chinese-English dictionary > 区域

  • 19 发出

    issue; send out; give out; emit; extend; let out
    * * *
    emit; exhale; give off; issue; send out; shoot; throw out; utter
    【化】 liberation
    相关词组: 再发出
    * * *
    emit; exhale; give off; issue; send out; shoot; throw out; utter
    * * *
    n. consignment, emission, issue, delivery, sending, promulgation, emanation, irradiation
    v. issue, ray, shoot, emit, send forth, put forth, send out, emanate, throw out, exhale, utter, give off
    * * *
    fa1 chu1
    to issue (an order, decree etc), to send out, to dispatch, to produce a sound, to let out (a laugh)
    * * *
    fā chū
    issue; send out; give out; deliver; emit; dispatch; effluence; delivery:
    发出传票 issue a summons;
    发出逮捕证 issue a warrant;
    发出呼救信号 dispatch an SOS;
    发出紧急呼吁 send out an urgent appeal;
    发出警报 sound the alarm;
    发出警告 send out a warning;
    发出阵阵清香 send forth wafts of delicate fragrance;
    发出指示 issue a directive;
    太阳发出光和热。 The sun sends forth light and heat.
    他们给那个国家发出了最后通牒。 They delivered an ultimatum to that country.
    吊车发出隆隆的响声。 The crane made rumbling sound.
    原子反应堆发出大量的热能。 The atomic reactor generates enormous amounts of thermal energy.
    发出超前脉冲 prepulsing;
    发出电力 generated output;
    发出订单 placing an order;
    发出功率 developed power;
    发出脉冲 impulsing;
    发出热量 evolution of heat;
    发出商品 goods shipped in transit;
    发出瓦数 watts-out;
    发出信号 discrete sampling;
    发出选通脉冲 strobing;
    发出运输 traffic
    * * *
    發出|发出 [fā chū] to issue (an order, decree etc) to send out to dispatch to produce a sound to let out (a laugh)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发出

  • 20 取样

    take a sample
    * * *
    【化】 sampling; taking of samples; thief
    【医】 sampling
    * * *
    * * *
    n. sampling
    * * *
    qu3 yang4
    sampling (signal processing)
    * * *
    qǔ yàng
    sample; sampling:
    取样检查 take a sample to check; take a sample for examination and test;
    井壁取样{石油} wall sampling;
    混成取样 composite sampling;
    取样检查的结果必须附加说明。 Results of the sample must be translated.
    取样保持电路 {电子} sample-and-hold circuit; sampling hold circuit;
    取样杯 sampling cup;
    取样编录 sample record;
    取样彩色正弦信号 sampled colour sine-wave signal;
    取样地区 sample section
    取样电极 sampling electrode;
    取样电路 sample circuit; sampling circuit;
    取样电压表 sampling voltmeter;
    取样定理 sampling theorem;
    取样法 sampling method;
    取样飞行控制系统 sampled data flight control system;
    取样伏特计 {工} sampling voltmeter;
    取样管 probe tube;
    取样函数 shan;
    取样环路 sampling loop;
    取样火花室 {核子} sampling spark chamber;
    取样孔 thief hole;
    取样口 sample connection;
    取样机 sampler;
    取样检验 inspection by sampling; take a sample to check;
    取样率 sampling rate;
    取样脉冲 sampling pulse;
    取样脉冲发生器 sampling pulse generator;
    取样门 sampling gate;
    取样密度 sampling density;
    取样模 sampling mold;
    取样片 coupons;
    取样频率 sampling frequency;
    取样瓶 {工} sampling bottle;
    取样器 sampler; trier;
    取样勺 sample spoon;
    取样射束 sampled beam;
    取样时间 sample time;
    取样示波器 sampling oscilloscope; sampling scope;
    取样试验 sampling test; pick test;
    取样数据控制系统 {控} sampled-data control system;
    取样伺服机构 sampling servo-mechanism;
    取样锁相环 sampled phase-locked loop;
    取样探刀 trier;
    取样套管 drive pipe;
    取样同步脉冲 sampling synchronization pulse;
    取样头 sampling head;
    取样误差 sampling error;
    取样系统 sampler;
    取样相关器 sampling correlator;
    取样信号网络 sampling network;
    取样信息 sample intelligence;
    取样旋塞 try cock; trycock;
    取样压力计 pressure bomb;
    取样验收 acceptance sampling;
    取样原理 {讯} sampling theorem;
    取样值 sampling value;
    取样钟 sampling clock;
    取样周期 sampling period;
    取样舟 {化} sampling boat;
    取样铸件 test casting;
    取样装置 sampler
    * * *
    取樣|取样 [qǔ yàng] to take a sample

    Chinese-English dictionary > 取样

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