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air distance

  • 1 distance

    ['dɪstns] 1. n
    1) c / u (between two places) 距离 [jùlí]
    2) u (remoteness) 遥远 [yáoyuǎn]
    3) u ( frm) (reserve) 冷淡 [lěngdàn]
    2. vt

    * to distance o.s. (from sb/sth) — 逐渐疏远(某人/某物) [zhújiàn shūyuǎn (mǒurén/mǒuwù)]

    * in the distance — 在远处

    * from a distance — 从远处

    * what's the distance to London? — 到伦敦的距离有多远?

    * to be some distance/quite a distance/a fair distance from sth — (far) 距离某物相当远

    * within walking distance — 步行可到

    * (at) a distance of 2 metres — 相距两米的距离

    * keep your distance! — 保持距离!

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  • 2 long-distance

    [lɔŋ'dɪstəns] 1. adj
    [+ journey, phone call] 长途的 [chángtú de]; [+ race, runner] 长跑的 [chángpǎo de]
    2. adv
    [+ phone] 通过长途电话 [tōngguò chángtú diànhuà]

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  • 3 一望无际

    stretch as far as the eye can see; stretch to the horizon
    * * *
    stretch to the horizon
    * * *
    stretch to the horizon
    * * *
    adv. as far as the eye can see, reference to a vast region or view
    * * *
    yi1 wang4 wu2 ji4
    as far as the eye can see (idiom)
    * * *
    yī wàng wú jì
    stretch as far as eye can see; a boundless stretch of; an unlimited view of the universe; be vast in extent; command an extensive view; stretching far across the plain; stretch far off into the distance and out of sight; stretch to (beyond) the horizon
    * * *
    一望無際|一望无际 [yī wàng wú jì] as far as the eye can see (idiom)

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  • 4 一次

    once; (of flue) dose
    * * *
    once; one-off; whack
    【电】 first order
    相关词组: 第一次
    * * *
    once; whack
    * * *
    adv. once, one time, at one point in time; in the past
    n. first time, once
    n. once, one time, single occurrence
    * * *
    yi1 ci4
    first, first time, once, (math.) linear (of degree one)
    * * *
    yī cì
    (一回) once:
    一周一次 once a week;
    不止一次 more than once;
    再一次 once again;
    再试一次 try once again;
    一次就够了吗? Will once be enough?
    雷声隔得一次比一次久, 这意味着暴风雨正在过去。 The increasing distance between thunderclaps meant the storm was moving away.
    我到过那儿一次。 I have been there once.
    我只见过他一次。 I've met her only once.
    {数} linear
    {电} primary
    一次倍频 first overtone;
    一次编译程序 one-pass compiler;
    一次变分方程 equation of first variation;
    一次变换 linear transformation;
    一次变换器 primary transducer;
    一次拨款 lump-sum appropriation;
    一次捕鱼量 shot;
    一次采全高 full-seam mining;
    一次采油可采储量 primary reserve;
    一次操作 once-through operation;
    一次参数 primary parameter;
    一次测量转换器 primary measuring transducer;
    一次成巷掘进 simultaneous driving and supporting;
    一次差分 first difference;
    一次抽样单位 primary sampling unit;
    一次抽样方案 single sampling plan;
    一次抽样检验 single-sampling inspection;
    一次电波 {讯} primary wave;
    一次电池 one-shot battery; galvanic cell; primary cell;
    一次电流 primary current;
    一次电路 primary circuit;
    一次电路电阻 primary resistance;
    一次电压 primary voltage;
    一次电子 primary electron;
    一次动情 monoestrus;
    一次断裂畸变 single-break aberration;
    一次多倍体 primary polyploid;
    一次反复 one replication;
    一次反应 primary reaction;
    一次泛音 first overtone;
    一次方 first power;
    一次方程 first-order equation; linear equation;
    一次方程式 simple equation;
    一次分级 scalping;
    一次风 primary air;
    一次孵卵数 sitting;
    一次辐射体 primary radiator;
    一次革命论 theory of a single revolution;
    一次固熔体 primary solid solution;
    一次光电效应 primary photoelectric effect;
    一次光源 primary source;
    一次函数 function of first degree; linear function;
    一次活套 primary loop;
    一次击穿 {半} first breakdown;
    一次击中学说 one-hit theory;
    一次激活电池 primary activated battery;
    一次计数器 start-stop counter;
    一次继电器 primary relay;
    一次加法时间 one addition time;
    一次加热 single heat;
    一次交货量 {经} consignment;
    一次结实植物 monocarpic plant;
    一次近似 first approximation;
    一次进入点 primary entry point;
    一次净保险费 net single premium;
    一次矩 first moment;
    一次空气 primary air;
    一次冷凝器 primary condenser;
    一次冷却剂 primary coolant;
    一次冷镦机 single-stroke header;
    一次码烧 semi-stiff extrusion process;
    一次毛纱法 direct attenuation silver processing;
    一次模 one-off pattern;
    一次配电 primary power distributions;
    一次配电网 primary distribution;
    一次配电系统 primary distribution system;
    一次喷嘴 primary nozzle;
    一次起动 one push start;
    一次敲击 a beat;
    一次取样 primary sample;
    一次群 primary group; primary block;
    一次绕组 primary winding;
    一次融透 straight thawing;
    一次入境签证 single entry visa;
    一次扫视操作 one pass operation;
    一次闪蒸 full flashing;
    一次摄影 a shot;
    一次设计 once-through design;
    一次射击 a round;
    一次生产量 a batch;
    一次石墨化 {化} primary graphitizing;
    一次使用导弹 {军} expendable missile; one shot missile;
    一次使用电子干扰设备 expendable electronic jamming equipment;
    一次使用信用状 straight letter of credit;
    一次试验 single test;
    一次碳化物 primary carbide;
    一次调整 one-setting;
    一次通过 single pass; one shot;
    一次通过程序 blue-ribbon program;
    一次通过锅炉 single-pass boiler;
    一次投票 single ballot;
    一次投梭 a shot;
    一次污泥 primary sludge;
    一次污染 primary pollution;
    一次污染物 primary pollutant;
    一次吸枝 one-sucker;
    一次系统 primary system;
    一次纤维导丝板 primary filament comb guides;
    一次显示 primary display;
    一次线 {电工} primary line;
    一次线圈 primary winding (PW); primary coil;
    一次消费 {经} one-time consumption;
    一次谐波 first harmonic;
    一次锌-银电池 primary silver-zinc battery;
    一次型 dispensable mould;
    一次循环工艺图 once-through flowsheet;
    一次压制 single-pressing;
    一次压制法 single-press process;
    一次仪表 primary instrument;
    一次有效装置 expendable equipment;
    一次运算计算机 single-shot computer;
    一次载波 primary carrier;
    一次再结晶 primary recrystallization;
    一次再热 single reheat;
    一次折射 unirefringence;
    一次蒸发 flush distillation; single vaporization;
    一次枝线 linear branch;
    一次指令 once command;
    一次注入量 a shot;
    一次注射(量) a shot;
    一次铸型 temporary mould;
    一次走刀 one-pass;
    一次装填 one-time pad;
    一次总付办法 lump-sum basis
    * * *
    一次|一次 [yī cì] first first time once (math.) linear (of degree one)

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  • 5 不即不离

    be neither familiar nor distant; keep somebody at arm's length
    * * *
    keep sb. at arm's length
    * * *
    keep sb. at arm's length
    * * *
    v. be neither too familiar nor too distant, keep someone at arm's length
    * * *
    bu4 ji2 bu4 li2
    be neither too familiar nor too distant, keep sb at arm's length
    * * *
    bù jí bù lí
    (既不亲近, 又不疏远) be neither too familiar nor too distant; be negatively friendly; keep sb. at arm's length; keep the right distance; maintain a discreet distance
    * * *
    不即不離|不即不离 [bù jí bù lí] to be neither too familiar nor too distant to keep sb at arm's length

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  • 6 不愿

    【经】 to leave out of account
    相关词组: 不愿的
    * * *
    * * *
    bu4 yuan4
    unwilling, unwillingness
    * * *
    bù yuàn
    reluctant; unwilling; be disclined:
    不愿抛头露面 be reluctant to get too much publicity;
    母亲不愿作远途迁居。 Mother is disclined towards a long distance move.
    睡眠不足使人不愿工作。 Loss of sleep disclines one for work.
    我怎样才能克服不愿与人交往呢? How can I conquer my disinclination to meet people?
    * * *
    不願|不愿 [bù yuàn] unwilling unwillingness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不愿

  • 7 不远千里

    go to the trouble of traveling a long distance; make light of traveling afar, make light of traveling a thousand li
    * * *
    go to the trouble of travelling a long distance
    * * *
    go to the trouble of travelling a long distance
    * * *
    v. make light of traveling a thousand li, go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
    * * *
    bu4 yuan3 qian1 li3
    make light of traveling a thousand li, go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
    * * *
    bù yuǎn qiān lǐ
    without regarding a thousand miles as very distant -- take (go to) the trouble of traveling a long distance; A thousand miles are not considered very far.; make light of traveling a thousand li; make light of travelling from afar; not to fear to go (come) though it were a thousand miles away
    * * *
    不遠千里|不远千里 [bù yuǎn qiān lǐ] make light of traveling a thousand li go to the trouble of traveling a long distance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不远千里

  • 8 不遠千里

    go to the trouble of traveling a long distance; make light of traveling afar, make light of traveling a thousand li
    * * *
    v. make light of traveling a thousand li, go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
    * * *
    bu4 yuan3 qian1 li3
    make light of traveling a thousand li, go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
    * * *
    不遠千里|不远千里 [bù yuǎn qiān lǐ] make light of traveling a thousand li go to the trouble of traveling a long distance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不遠千里

  • 9 东西宽

    dong1 xi1 kuan1
    east-west distance
    * * *
    東西寬|东西宽 [dōng xī kuān] east-west distance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 东西宽

  • 10 中心

    centre; heart; core; hub; center; seat
    * * *
    centrality; centre; centricity; core; heart; hub; kernel
    【医】 center; centra; centre; centro-; centrum; core
    相关词组: 地球中心论
    * * *
    center; focus; epicenter; foco; hub; loca; omphalos; umbilicus; vortex
    * * *
    n. centre, center, heart, core, hub
    * * *
    zhong1 xin1
    center, heart, core, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    zhōng xīn
    centre; centrum; centrality; kernel; heart; core; hub:
    贸易中心 a centre of trade;
    商业中心 business centre; hub of commerce;
    工业中心 hub of industry;
    交通中心 traffic hub;
    中心思想 core idea; central idea; gist;
    陆路交通的中心 hub of overland communications;
    在城市中心 at the centre of the city;
    抓住问题的中心 get to the heart of the matter;
    草场中心有一根旗杆。 There is a flagstaff in the centre of the field.
    中心包体 {地} central inclusion;
    中心边缘理论 centre-periphery theory;
    中心标度 centre scale;
    中心标记 centre mark;
    中心表现 central representation;
    中心波长 centre wavelength;
    中心布线方式 wire centre system;
    中心部位 centre;
    中心差 {天} equation of the centre;
    中心差分 centered difference;
    中心差分公式 central-difference formula;
    中心差分算子 {数} central-difference operator;
    中心车站 key station;
    中心城市 central city; key city;
    中心齿轮 sun gear;
    中心齿轴 {钟} centre pinion;
    中心冲 centre punch; prick punch;
    中心冲孔 centre punching;
    中心冲头 {设计} centre punch; prick punch; dotting punch;
    中心抽头 centre tap; C.T.; tapped centre;
    中心抽头变压器 centre-tapped transformer;
    中心抽头电路 centre tap circuit;
    中心抽头电阻 centre-tapped resistance;
    中心抽头电阻器 centre-tapped resistor;
    中心抽头副圈 centre-tapped secondary;
    中心抽头键控法 centre tap key (推挽放大器);
    中心抽样检验 {纺} core test;
    中心处理厂 central treatment plant;
    中心传动 centre drive;
    中心传动车床 centre drive lathe;
    中心床身式连续自动工作机床 {机} centre column transfer machine;
    中心床身式钻床 centre column drilling machine;
    中心锤 centre weight;
    中心词 centre word;
    中心带宽 midbandwidth;
    中心单板 core veneer;
    中心地 central place;
    中心地学说 theory of central place;
    中心点火器 central igniter;
    中心电极 central electrode;
    中心电极阴极射线管 centre-electrode cathode-ray tube;
    中心定位点 centre spot;
    中心度 {数} centrad;
    中心对称 central symmetry; centrosymmetry;
    中心对称晶体 centrosymmetrical crystal;
    中心二次曲线 central conic;
    中心发电厂 central electric power station;
    中心发火 centre fire;
    中心发射台 central transimitting station; central wireless station;
    中心阀 centre valve;
    中心法则 central dogma;
    中心纺锤体 central spindle;
    中心放气孔 centre vent;
    中心封合 central involution;
    中心负荷 central concentrated load;
    中心负载 central loading;
    中心高度 centre-height;
    中心工作 central task;
    中心管道现象 chimneying;
    中心规 centre gauge;
    中心硅藻 centriate diatom;
    中心辊 breast roll;
    中心函数 central function;
    中心航道 mid-channel;
    中心核 centronucleus;
    中心滑块式连接 centre-block type joint;
    中心化子 {数} centralizer; commutant;
    中心环节 key (main) point; central (key) link;
    中心缓冲器 central buffer;
    中心会聚 centre convergence;
    中心汇率 central exchange rate; central rate;
    中心激励天线 centre-driven antenna;
    中心极限定理 {数} central-limit theorem; central limit theory;
    中心极限定律 {经} central limit law;
    中心计时系统 common timing system;
    中心计算机 central computer;
    中心计算装置 central computing complex;
    中心间 between centres;
    中心间距 on centres;
    中心剪丝钳 end cutting nippers;
    中心焦点 gonglion;
    中心浇道 {冶} central runner;
    中心浇口 trumpet assembly;
    中心脚 centre pin;
    中心角 centre angle;
    中心角尺 {设计} centre square;
    中心接线头 centre-taped centre;
    中心阶乘矩 {数} central factorial moment;
    中心截面 central cross-section;
    中心结 centre junction;
    中心结构 division centre;
    中心结合 heart bond;
    中心进料机 central well;
    中心进气通道 {工} eye;
    中心静脉压 {医} central venous pressure; CVP;
    中心酒 tiswin; tizwin;
    中心聚焦 centre focus;
    中心矩 central moment;
    中心距离 centre distance;
    中心均值 {数} central mean;
    中心均值算子 {数} central-mean operator;
    中心开裂 central burst;
    中心孔式喷嘴 central-hole nozzle;
    中心孔隙 central porosity;
    中心控制 {系统} central control; positioning control;
    中心控制台 central control board;
    中心跨距 central span;
    中心快门 central shutter;
    中心馈电 apex drive (天线的);
    中心拉紧螺栓 central tension bolt;
    中心励磁式 central-excitation system;
    中心立轴 king;
    中心立轴盖 kingpin cover;
    中心立轴盖衬 kingpin cover gasket;
    中心立轴活动键 kingpin draw key;
    中心立轴止推轴承 kingpin thrust bearing;
    中心粒 centriole;
    中心粒团 {细胞} microcentrum;
    中心联接器 centre coupler;
    中心连接法 centre-to-centre method;
    中心连线 {钟} line of centres;
    中心裂缝 centre cleavage;
    中心裂纹 centre burst;
    中心零位(式)仪表 centre zero instrument;
    中心流钢砖 king brick; spider brick;
    中心轮 {钟} centre wheel;
    中心螺钉 central screw;
    中心螺栓 centre bolt;
    中心螺旋角 mean spiral angle;
    中心冒口 {机} centre riser;
    中心面 central plane;
    中心秒针计时器 sweep-second;
    中心模 central mode;
    中心磨床 centre grinder;
    中心磨床附件 centre grinder attachment;
    中心目 centrales;
    中心囊 central capsule;
    中心内龙骨 centre-line keelson;
    中心凝聚物 {天} central condensation;
    中心耦合环 centre-coupled loop;
    中心排矿球磨机 centre-discharge ball mill;
    中心盘 {工声} spider;
    中心胚周质 central periblast;
    中心配流 centrally-ported;
    中心批发市场 central wholesale market;
    中心偏移 off-centring;
    中心频率 centre frequency; mid-frequency;
    中心破碎强度 radial crushing strength;
    中心剖面 centre section;
    中心气旋 central cyclone;
    中心气压 {气} central pressure;
    中心千分尺 hub micrometer;
    中心曲柄 centre-crank;
    中心曲轴 centre-crank shaft;
    中心缺口试样 centrally-notched specimen;
    中心群体 central population;
    中心燃烧式均热炉 bottom centre fired pit;
    中心燃烧式热风炉 centre combustion stove;
    中心人物 central person;
    中心任务 central task;
    中心润滑 central oiling; centralized lubrication;
    中心设备声频混频器 central sound mixer;
    中心设备视频混频器 central vision mixer;
    中心生毛体 centro-blepharoplast;
    中心食{天} central eclipse;
    中心势 central potential;
    中心市场 central market;
    中心实验室 centralab;
    中心试验器 centre tester;
    中心收敛 centre convergence;
    中心疏松 {机} centre porosity;
    中心丝 central hair (光学仪器的);
    中心四线组(四心绕组) centre quad (电缆的);
    中心缩孔 central pipe;
    中心索 axial cable;
    中心锁定 centre-lock;
    中心弹簧杆 centring spring rod;
    中心掏槽 centre cut;
    中心调节 {电子} centring control;
    中心调节电流 centring current;
    中心调节放大器 centring amplifier;
    中心调整 centre regulation; centering control; centring; centering;
    中心调整磁铁 centring magnet;
    中心调整电路 centring-control circuit; centering circuit;
    中心调整电位计 centring potentiometer;
    中心调整管 centring tube;
    中心调整器 centring adjuster;
    中心调整线卷 centring winding;
    中心调整线圈 frame coil; centring coil; picture control coil;
    中心跳跃 {气} centre jump;
    中心通道 central passage;
    中心投影 central projection;
    中心透视 perspective;
    中心图解法 centrograph;
    中心土墩 dumpling;
    中心外圆磨床 centre-type cylindrical grinder;
    中心外圆磨削 centre-type cylindrical grinding;
    中心位置调整电路 positioning circuit;
    中心位置调准电路 centring circuit;
    中心问题 central issue; crucial question;
    中心舞台 theatre-in-the-round;
    中心系核线 centronema;
    中心系统 centring system;
    中心弦 centre chord;
    中心项 {哲} central term;
    中心销 {设计} centrepin; core pin; main pin; king bolt;
    中心小学 central primary school;
    中心小轴杆 {钟} centre staff;
    中心心轴 {钟} centre arbor;
    中心星{天} central star;
    中心修理厂 central repair shop;
    中心选矿厂{采矿} customsplant;
    中心血库 a blood centre;
    中心压力调节器 central pressure regulator;
    中心遥控 {自} centralized telecontrol;
    中心意识 centred consciousness;
    中心阳极光电管 central anode photocell;
    中心阳极式光电管 central anode type phototube;
    中心阴极光电管 central cathode photocell;
    中心阴极式光电管 central cathode type phototube;
    中心幼体 {无脊椎} kentrogon;
    中心载荷 centre-line load;
    中心站 centre;
    中心支承 centre bearing; pivoting bearing;
    中心支持系统 centre support system;
    中心支柱 centre strut;
    中心值 central value;
    中心指零式(测量)仪表 centre zero meter; zero centre meter;
    中心中导孔纸带{计} centre feed tape;
    中心周球 plasmosphere;
    中心轴 central shaft; spigot shaft; centre pin;
    中心轴承除泥罩 centre bearing mud slinger;
    中心轴承防尘罩 centre bearing dust shield;
    中心轴承壳 centre bearing housing;
    中心轴承壳盖 centre bearing housing cap;
    中心轴承壳软垫 centre bearing housing insulator;
    中心轴承托架 centre bearing housing bracket; centre bearing housing carrier;
    中心轴线 central axis;
    中心轴柱 (蒴果) central column;
    中心柱形阀 centre spool valve;
    中心注口 trumpet;
    中心砖 centre runner brick;
    中心转接 central switching;
    中心装料centre charging;
    中心装料法 method of centre charging;
    中心锥体 conical inner body;
    中心钻 centre bit;
    中心钻孔 centre-drilling hole;
    中心最大磨削直径 maximum grinding diameter on centers
    * * *
    中心|中心 [zhōng xīn] center heart core CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中心

  • 11 中断

    suspend; break off; discontinue; cut; interrupt, breakdown
    * * *
    interrupt; sever; suspend; break; discontinue; intermit; take off
    【计】 breakout; I; INT; interrupt
    【医】 break
    【经】 knock off
    相关词组: 说话中断法
    * * *
    intermit; discontinuity; halt; interregnum; interrupt; sever; stoppage; blackout; break off
    * * *
    n. discontinuity
    v. discontinue, suspend, break off
    * * *
    zhong1 duan4
    to cut short, to break off, to discontinue, to interrupt
    * * *
    zhōng duàn
    (中途停止或断绝) suspend; break off; discontinue; severance:
    中断和那个国家的贸易 (货运, 谈判, 接触) suspend trade with that country (freight transportation, negotiation, contact);
    中断谈判 break off the negotiations;
    中断履行合同义务 suspend performance of obligations;
    交通中断了几小时。 Traffic was held up for a few hours.
    从那时起这个行业的发展就没有中断过。 Since that time the industry has never looked back.
    {计} interrupt; interception; hiatus; lapse; blocking (振荡)
    中断保存 interrupt stacking;
    中断保留 interruption pending;
    中断比较器 break comparator;
    中断编码 gap coding;
    中断操作 interrupt operation;
    中断程序 interrupt routine;
    中断程序工业 interruptable process industry;
    中断初始化序列 interrupt initialization sequence;
    中断处 chasm;
    中断处理 interrupt handling; interrupt processing;
    中断处理(例行)程序 interrupt handling routine;
    中断床面 bed with gap (车床); gap bed;
    中断地址 interrupt address;
    中断地址寄存器 interrupt address register;
    中断点 point of interruption;
    中断返回 return from interrupt;
    中断返回控制字 interrupt return control word;
    中断返回指令 interrupt return instruction;
    中断方式interrupt mode;
    中断飞行 {航空} abort;
    中断飞行区 {航空} abort zone;
    中断分析 interrupt analysis;
    中断服务程序 interrupt service routine;
    中断功能 interrupt function; look-at-me function;
    中断过程 interrupt procedure;
    中断级 interrupt class; interrupt level;
    中断寄存器 interrupt register;
    中断计数器 interrupt counter;
    中断记录 interruption logging;
    中断键 break key;
    中断检索 interrupt search;
    中断结构 interrupt structure;
    中断局 junction exchange;
    中断开放状态 interruption status;
    中断肯定 interrupt acknowledge; interruption acknowledge;
    中断肯定信号 interrupt acknowledge signal;
    中断控制 interrupt control;
    中断控制寄存器 interrupt control register;
    中断控制例(行)程(序) interruption control routine;
    中断控制器 interrupt control unit;
    中断例(行)程(序) interruption routine;
    中断码 interruption code;
    中断贸易 suspension of trade;
    中断排队 queue of interrupt;
    中断屏蔽 interruption masking; unmasking; {自} interrupt mask; interruption mask;
    中断屏蔽标志 interrupt mask flag;
    中断屏蔽读出 interrupt mask read;
    中断屏蔽输出 interrupt mask out;
    中断屏蔽状态 interruption masked status;
    中断起飞距离 {航空} accelerate-stop distance;
    中断嵌套 interrupt nesting;
    中断侵蚀回旋 interrupted cycle of erosion;
    中断请求 interrupt request; interruption request;
    中断请求矢量 interrupt request vector;
    中断请求线 interrupt request line;
    中断请求信号 interrupt request signal;
    中断扫描设备 interrupt scanner;
    中断设备 interrupting device;
    中断时间 {讯} break period; interrupt time;
    中断识别 interrupt sensing;
    中断识别电路 interrupt sensing circuit;
    中断诉讼 discontinue an action; discontinuance of legal proceeding;
    中断锁定 interrupt latch;
    中断条件 interrupt condition; interruption condition;
    中断通道 interrupting channel;
    中断系统 {自} interrupt system;
    中断陷阱 {自} interrupt trap;
    中断线 interrupt line;
    中断响应 interrupt response;
    中断向量 interrupt vector;
    中断向量地址 interrupt vector address;
    中断信号 {自} interrupt signal; look-at-me (行话);
    中断页面地址寄存器 interrupt page address register;
    中断应答 acknowledge interrupt;
    中断优先级信号 interrupt priority signal;
    中断优先权 interrupt priority;
    中断源 interrupt source;
    中断运行 interrupt run;
    中断杂交试验 interrupted mating experiment;
    中断指令 interrupt instruction;
    中断周期 interrupt cycle;
    中断主计划 interrupt the main program;
    中断装置 interrupting device;
    中断状态 interruptable state; interrupt mode; interrupt phase;
    中断状态字 interruption status word;
    中断子例 (行)程(序) interruption subroutine;
    中断自动同步机 relay selsyn;
    中断总线 interrupt bus
    * * *
    中斷|中断 [zhōng duàn] to cut short to break off to discontinue to interrupt

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中断

  • 12 中繼站

    Relay station: stations that are used in long distance communication to enlarge or regenerate signals to guarantee signal quality., A transferring station in transportation.
    * * *
    n. relay station
    * * *
    zhong1 ji4 zhan4
    relay station
    * * *
    中繼站|中继站 [zhōng jì zhàn] relay station

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中繼站

  • 13 中继站

    Relay station: stations that are used in long distance communication to enlarge or regenerate signals to guarantee signal quality., A transferring station in transportation.
    * * *
    【计】 repeater station
    * * *
    relay station
    * * *
    n. relay station
    * * *
    zhong1 ji4 zhan4
    relay station
    * * *
    中繼站|中继站 [zhōng jì zhàn] relay station

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中继站

  • 14 中長跑

    zhong1 chang2 pao3
    middle distance race
    * * *
    中長跑|中长跑 [zhōng cháng pǎo] middle distance race

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中長跑

  • 15 中长跑

    middle-distance race
    * * *
    zhong1 chang2 pao3
    middle distance race
    * * *
    中長跑|中长跑 [zhōng cháng pǎo] middle distance race

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中长跑

  • 16 临界

    * * *
    【医】 crisis
    相关词组: 临界的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. critical, crucial, climacteric, crossover, extreme, terminate, terminative
    * * *
    lin2 jie4
    critical, boundary
    * * *
    lín jiè
    {物} critical; crisis; criticality
    临界暗期 critical dark period;
    临界比 {统} critical ratio;
    临界变数 critical variable;
    临界变形 critical strain;
    临界表面压力 critical surface pressure;
    临界波长 critical wavelength;
    临界参数 critical parameters;
    临界操作 critical operation;
    临界层 critical layer;
    临界缠结分子量 critical entanglement molecular weight;
    临界常数 {物化} critical constant;
    临界长度 critical length;
    临界场 critical field;
    临界尺寸 critical dimension;
    临界赤道速度 critical equatorial velocity;
    临界冲击速度 critical impact velocity;
    临界磁场 critical magnetic field; threshold field; critical field;
    临界磁通密度 critical magnetic flux density;
    临界淬火 critical hardening;
    临界淬火速度 critical quenching rate;
    临界淬硬温度 critical hardening temperature;
    临界大小 critical size;
    临界等温线 critical isotherm;
    临界底斜率 {地质} critical bottom slope;
    临界电流 {固物} critical current;
    临界电流密度 {物化} critical current density;
    临界电路 critical circuit;
    临界电势 critical potential;
    临界电通量密度 critical dielectric flux density;
    临界电位 critical potential;
    临界电压 critical voltage; cut-in voltage; cutoff voltage; critical pressure;
    临界电压差 critical voltage difference;
    临界电晕电压 {电工} critical corona voltage;
    临界电阻 critical resistance;
    临界堆 {核} critical reactor;
    临界法向应力 critical normal stress;
    临界范围 {冶} critical range; critical interval;
    临界方程 {核} critical equation;
    临界放大系数 critical magnification factor;
    临界辐角 critical argument;
    临界负载 critical load;
    临界负载电流 critical load current;
    临界概率 critical probability;
    临界高度 {航空} critical altitude; critical height;
    临界工作状态 critical excitation;
    临界共溶温度 critical consolute temperature;
    临界含量 critical content;
    临界含水率 critical moisture content;
    临界函数 risk function;
    临界回授 {电子} critical reaction;
    临界昏暗 limb darkening;
    临界极限 critical limit;
    临界集装箱货物 marginal containerizable cargoes;
    临界级 critical level;
    临界检测 marginal test;
    临界剪应变 critical shear strain;
    临界剪应力 critical shear stress;
    临界减慢 critical slowing down;
    临界胶团浓度 {物化} critical micelle concentration;
    临界交通密度 {土} critical density;
    临界角 {光} critical angle; angle of nonslip point;
    临界节点 critical node;
    临界截面 {流} critical cross-section; choking section;
    临界精神病 {心理} borderline psychosis;
    临界距离 critical distance;
    临界开挖高度{土} critical height;
    临界抗张应力 critical tensile stress;
    临界雷诺数 {流} critical Reynolds number;
    临界冷凝温度 cri-condentherm;
    临界冷却速度 {冶} critical cooling rate;
    临界力 critical force;
    临界力矩 critical moment;
    临界链长 critical chain length;
    临界量 critical quantity;
    临界裂缝扩展力 critical crack extension force;
    临界流动 critical flow;
    临界流动参数 critical parameter of flow;
    临界流量 critical flow;
    临界流量计 {油工} critical flow prover;
    临界流态化 critical fluidization;
    临界马赫数 {航空} critical Mach number;
    临界密度 critical density;
    临界面 critical surface;
    临界耐电压 critical withstand voltage;
    临界粘性衰减 critical viscous damping;
    临界凝固速度 critical solidification rate;
    临界凝结温度 {物化} cricondentherm; critical condensation temperature; true condensing point;
    临界凝结压力 cricondenbar;
    临界扭曲应力 critical buckling stress;
    临界扭转速度 critical torsional speed;
    临界浓度 critical concentration;
    临界耦合 {电工} critical coupling; optimum coupling;
    临界耦合系数 critical coupling coefficient;
    临界偏压 critical bias;
    临界频率 critical frequency;
    临界平方律功率 critical square law power;
    临界气饱和度 gas critical saturation;
    临界前级压强 {工} critical backing pressure (c.b.p.);
    临界强度 critical intensity;
    临界切变 critical shear;
    临界倾角 critical inclination;
    临界球 critical sphere;
    临界区 {流} critical region; critical zone;
    临界区段 critical section;
    临界区域 {军} critical zone; critical region;
    临界曲率值 critical value for buckling;
    临界缺点 critical defect;
    临界热 critical heat;
    临界热负荷 critical thermal load;
    临界热流 critical heat flux;
    临界热通量 critical heat flux;
    临界融合频率 critical fusion frequency;
    临界容积 critical volume;
    临界熔点 critical solution point;
    临界溶度 critical solubility;
    临界溶解(液)温度 critical solution temperature;
    临界乳光 critical opalescence;
    临界瑞利数 critical Rayleigh number;
    临界杀菌浓度 critical killing dilution;
    临界栅极电流 {电子} critical grid current;
    临界栅压 {电子} critical grid voltage; firing point;
    临界栅压曲线 critical-grid-voltage curve;
    临界闪烁频率 critical flicker frequency;
    临界湿度 {化工} critical humidity;
    临界失稳荷载 {土} crippling load;
    临界实时处理 critical real time processing;
    临界实验 {核} critical experiment;
    临界事故 criticality accident;
    临界事故报警器 critical accident alarm;
    临界试验 {电子} marginal test; critical experiment;
    临界数 critical number;
    临界水分 {化工} critical moisture content;
    临界水力陡度 {流} critical hydraulic gradient;
    临界速度{流} critical speed; critical velocity; decision speed; thrashing speed; whirling speed;
    临界速度指示仪 stallometer;
    临界损坏 critical damage;
    临界损失 critical loss;
    临界态 critical state;
    临界体积{物} critical volume; critical size;
    临界条件 critical condition;
    临界停闪频率 {摄} critical fusion frequency (CFF);
    临界通路 critical path;
    临界推移力 critical tractive force;
    临界退火 critical annealing;
    临界途程分析 {电子} critical path analysis;
    临界外压 critical external pressure;
    临界温度 critical temperature;
    临界温度差 critical temperature difference;
    临界温度电阻器 critical temperature resistor;
    临界温度范围 critical temperature range;
    临界温度热敏电阻器 critesistor; critical temperature thermistor;
    临界温度系数热敏电阻器 critical temperature coefficient thermistor;
    临界稳定性 critical stability; marginal stability;
    临界误差 critical error;
    临界误差角 critical error angle;
    临界吸收 marginal absorption;
    临界吸收波长 {光谱} critical absorption wavelength;
    临界系数{化} critical coefficient;
    临界线 {物化} critical line; critical locus;
    临界现象 {物化} critical phenomena;
    临界项 critical term;
    临界效应 critical effect; threshold effect;
    临界信号 {电磁} minimum detectable signal; threshold signal;
    临界信号-噪声比 threshold signal-to-noise ratio;
    临界性 criticality;
    临界性质 {物化} critical properties;
    临界压力{流} critical pressure;
    临界压力比 {流} critical pressure ratio;
    临界压强 {热} critical pressure;
    临界压缩比 {机} critical compression ratio;
    临界压应力 critical compressive stress;
    临界阳极电压 {电子} critical anode voltage;
    临界迎角 {航空} critical angle of attack;
    临界硬度 {冶} critical hardness;
    临界硬化 {冶} critical hardening;
    临界应变 {冶} critical strain;
    临界应力 critical stress;
    临界应力强度 critical stress intensity;
    临界载荷 critical load;
    临界再生 critical regeneration;
    临界照度 B. C. D. (between comfort and discomfort);
    临界折射 critical refraction;
    临界值 critical value; marginal value;
    临界指数 {热} critical exponent; criticality index;
    临界智力落后 {心理} borderline mental retardation;
    临界质量 {核} critical mass;
    临界质量比 critical mass-ratio;
    临界昼长 critical day length;
    临界转数 critical revolutions;
    临界转速 {机} critical speed; critical speed of revolution;
    临界装置 {核} critical assembly;
    临界状态 criticality; critical state; critical behaviour;
    临界追赶 critical race;
    临界自励磁 critical self-excitation;
    临界综合症 {心理} borderline syndrome;
    临界阻值 critical resistance;
    临界最大值 critical maximum
    * * *
    臨界|临界 [lín jiè] critical boundary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 临界

  • 17 临眺

    lin2 tiao4
    to observe from afar, to look into the distance from a high place
    * * *
    臨眺|临眺 [lín tiào] to observe from afar to look into the distance from a high place

    Chinese-English dictionary > 临眺

  • 18 也罢

    (used to express forbearance, resignation, etc.) well; all right, (reduplicated) whether...or...; no matter whether
    * * *
    ye3 ba4
    (reduplicated) whether... or..., never mind, fine (indicating acceptance or resignation)
    * * *
    yě bà
    也罢, 既然他不愿做, 就不要勉强他。 All right, don't force him to do it since he won't.
    (叠用, 表示不以某种情况为条件) whether... or...; no matter whether:
    刮风也罢, 下雪也罢, 他都坚持长跑。 He keeps up his long-distance running whether it's windy or snowy.
    * * *
    也罷|也罢 [yě bà] (reduplicated) whether... or... never mind fine (indicating acceptance or resignation)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 也罢

  • 19 代码

    * * *
    【计】 code
    【经】 code
    * * *
    * * *
    dai4 ma3
    * * *
    dài mǎ
    {计} code
    代码变换 code conversion;
    代码表 code table;
    代码簿 code book;
    代码程序 program in machine code;
    代码错误 code error;
    代码打印机 code typer;
    代码读出器 code-reader;
    代码分隔多路通信制 CDM (code-division multiplex);
    代码分隔多路系统通路 CDMA (code-division multiple access);
    代码符号 code sign; code mark;
    代码管 dematron; distributed emission magnetron amplifier;
    代码间距 signal (code) distance;
    代码检验 {计} code check;
    代码孔 code holes;
    代码熵 code entropy;
    代码设计 code design;
    代码生成 code generating;code generation;
    代码图像{计} code image;
    代码位置 code position;
    代码文件 code file;
    代码系统 code (coding) system;
    代码优化 code optimization;
    代码转换器 code converter (translator);
    代码字 code word;
    代码字母 code letter;
    代码组 code set; codes
    * * *
    代碼|代码 [dài mǎ] code

    Chinese-English dictionary > 代码

  • 20 传播

    disseminate; propagate; spread; go around; transmit; travel; sow, propagation, transmission
    * * *
    promulgate; propagate; diffuse; disperse; disseminate; monger; radiate; spread
    【医】 phoro-; propagate; propagation; transmission
    【经】 circulation
    相关词组: 大众传播
    * * *
    diffuse; prevalence; promulgate; radiate; spread; spread abroad; transmit
    * * *
    n. propagation
    v. disseminate, propagate, spread
    * * *
    chuan2 bo1
    to disseminate, to propagate, to spread
    * * *
    chuán bō
    (广泛散布) disseminate; propagate; spread; (over); diffuse; transmit; run:
    传播马克思列宁主义 propagate (disseminate) Marxism-Leninism;
    传播知识 spread knowledge;
    制止病菌传播 check the spread of germs;
    动植物病害传播极快。 Animal and vegetable pests propagate with extreme rapidity.
    疟蚊传播疟疾。 Anopheles mosquitos transmit malaria.
    消息像野火般迅速传播开来。 The news spread like wild-fire.
    印刷术的发明有助于知识的传播。 The invention of printing helped the diffusion of learning.
    {物} propagation; transmission; transmitting; travel:
    散射传播 scatter propagation;
    直线传播 rectilinear propagation
    传播比 {物} propagation ratio;
    传播波型 propagation mode;
    传播常数 {电磁} propagation constant;
    传播程度 prevalence; prevalency;
    传播方向 {物} direction of propagation;
    传播函数 propagator; propagation function;
    传播机理 mechanism of transmission;
    传播距离 extent; propagation length; propagation distance;
    传播可靠度 {电磁} propagational reliability;
    传播路径 {讯} propagation path;
    传播路线 round;
    传播论 diffusionism;
    传播媒介 transmitting vector;
    传播模-数转换器 propagation A-D converter;
    传播起伏 fluctuation of propagation; propagation fluctuation; fluctuation of transmission;
    传播时间 travel (propagation) time;
    传播速度 speed of propagation; propagation velocity; velocity of propagation; spread velocity;
    传播速度误差 velocity-of-propagation errors;
    传播速率 {化} propagation rate;
    传播损失 {讯} transmission loss (TL); propagation loss;
    传播体 {植} disseminule; migrule; diaspore;
    传播通路 propagation path;
    传播通知 {讯} propagation notice;
    传播途径 route transmission; propagation path;
    传播误差 propagation error;
    传播延迟 {电子} propagation delay;
    传播延迟时间 propagation delay time;
    传播异常 {物} propagation anomaly;
    传播预报 {气} propagation forecasting;
    传播源 propagating source;
    传播者 disseminator; diffuser; spreader;
    传播子 propagator
    * * *
    傳播|传播 [chuán bō] to disseminate to propagate to spread

    Chinese-English dictionary > 传播

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