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agricultural robot

  • 1 agricultural

    [+ land, worker] 农业的 [nóngyè de]

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  • 2 robot

    n; c
    机器人 [jīqìrén]

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  • 3 上山下乡

    shang4 shan1 xia4 xiang1
    to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers), forced agricultural experience for city intellectuals
    * * *
    shàng shān xià xiāng
    go to the mountainous areas and the countryside; go and work in the countryside and mountainous areas; go to the mountainous and rural areas; settle in the rural areas (the countryside); go on trips to hilly and rural areas:
    上山下乡知识青年 educated urban youth working in the countryside and mountainous areas
    * * *
    上山下鄉|上山下乡 [shàng shān xià xiāng] to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers) forced agricultural experience for city intellectuals

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上山下乡

  • 4 上山下鄉

    shang4 shan1 xia4 xiang1
    to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers), forced agricultural experience for city intellectuals
    * * *
    上山下鄉|上山下乡 [shàng shān xià xiāng] to work in the fields (esp. young school-leavers) forced agricultural experience for city intellectuals

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上山下鄉

  • 5 专科

    special field of study; specialized subject; specialty, College for professional training, usually two or three years of study, such as normal technical college, agricultural technical college., polytechnic
    * * *
    zhuan1 ke1
    specialized subject, branch (of medicine), specialized training school
    * * *
    zhuān kē
    junior college education; (college for) professional training
    专科词典 special dictionary;
    专科学校 junior college; institute; training school;technical college; vocational school; academy; junior college graduate
    * * *
    專科|专科 [zhuān kē] specialized subject branch (of medicine) specialized training school

    Chinese-English dictionary > 专科

  • 6 专科学校

    College for professional training, usually two or three years of study, such as normal technical college, agricultural technical college., polytechnic
    * * *
    training school
    * * *
    Acad.; schools; technological academy
    * * *
    zhuan1 ke1 xue2 xiao4
    specialized school, college for professional training, polytechnic
    * * *
    專科學校|专科学校 [zhuān kē xué xiào] specialized school college for professional training polytechnic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 专科学校

  • 7 中国农业银行

    Zhong1 guo2 Nong2 ye4 Yin2 hang2
    Agricultural Bank of China
    * * *
    中國農業銀行|中国农业银行 [Zhōng guó Nóng yè Yín háng] Agricultural Bank of China

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中国农业银行

  • 8 中國農業銀行

    Zhong1 guo2 Nong2 ye4 Yin2 hang2
    Agricultural Bank of China
    * * *
    中國農業銀行|中国农业银行 [Zhōng guó Nóng yè Yín háng] Agricultural Bank of China

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中國農業銀行

  • 9 产粮大省

    chan3 liang2 da4 sheng3
    major agricultural province
    * * *
    產糧大省|产粮大省 [chǎn liáng dà shěng] major agricultural province

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产粮大省

  • 10 人口

    population, number of people in a family
    * * *
    number of people in a family; populace; population
    【医】 population
    【经】 man day
    相关词组: 过剩人口
    * * *
    populace; population
    * * *
    n. population
    * * *
    ren2 kou3
    * * *
    rén kǒu
    (居住某地人的总数) population:
    人口稀少 have a sparse population;
    标准人口 standard population;
    常住人口 resident population;
    城市人口 urban population;
    待业人口 population waiting for employment;
    非农业人口 non-agricultural population;
    流动人口 transient population;
    流动过剩人口 floating overpopulation;
    盲流人口 aimlessly drifting population;
    农业人口 agricultural population;
    适度人口 optimum population;
    现住人口 de facto population;
    乡村人口 rural population;
    在业人口 working population;
    中国是世界人口最多的国家, 有11亿, 约占世界总人口的四分之一。 China is the world's most populous country with a population of 1.1 billion, which makes up approximately a quarter of the world population.
    (一户人家的人数) the number of people in a family:
    他家人口不多。 There aren't many people in his family.
    人口爆炸 population explosion;
    人口变动 change of population;
    人口变迁理论 population change theory;
    人口补充指数 replacement index;
    人口不足 underpopulation;
    人口出生率 human fertility;
    人口登记 registration of population;
    人口地理 population geography;
    人口地区构成 region structure of population;
    人口地理学 population geography;
    人口地图 population map;
    人口调查 census;
    人口调查计算机 census computer;
    人口调查资料 census data;
    人口动力学 dynamics;
    人口发展速度 rate of population growth;
    人口分布 population distribution;
    人口分析 population analysis; (城乡广播电视)
    人口覆盖率 bring (the radio and TV programs) to a wider audience;
    人口负增长 NPG; negative population growth;
    人口更替 population replacement;
    人口更新 regeneration of population;
    人口构成 population composition;
    人口估算 population (demographic) estimation;
    人口规划 program for planning population growth;
    人口规律 law of population;
    人口过密 overpopulation;
    人口过剩 surplus population; overpopulation;
    人口科学 population science;
    人口基数 population base;
    人口机械变动 mechanical change of population;
    人口计划 population plan;
    人口计量学 demometrics;
    人口减少 population decline; population decrease;
    人口阶级构成 class structure of population;
    人口结构 population structure;
    人口控制 population control;
    人口老化 ageing of the population;
    人口理论 demographic theory;
    人口零点增长 ZPG; zero population growth;
    人口论 reactionary essay on population;
    人口密度 population density;
    人口密度图 lisarithmic map;
    人口民族构成 nationality structure of population;
    人口年龄构成 age structure of population;
    人口年龄金字塔 population pyramid;
    人口年轻化 rejuvenation of population;
    人口普查 population census; census;
    人口迁出 emigration;
    人口迁入 immigration;
    人口迁移 population migration;
    人口清查 head count;
    人口群 population group;
    人口生育力 human fecundity;
    人口死亡率 human mortality;
    人口属性 ascribed characteristics of population;
    人口素质 population quality;
    人口特性 characteristics of the population;
    人口统计 vital statistics; population statistics;
    人口统计图 demogram; census map;
    人口统计学 demography;
    人口图 population map;
    人口文化构成 culturel structure of population;
    人口性别构成 sex structure of population;
    人口研究 demographic research;
    人口预测 population forecast;
    人口移动 population moving;
    人口移动图 migration map;
    人口再生产 reproduce the population;
    人口增加率 rate of population increased;
    人口增长 population growth;
    人口增长速度 rate of population increase;
    人口增殖 propagation of population;
    人口闸 man lock;
    人口政策 population policy;
    人口职业构成 occupation structure of population;
    人口质量 population quality;
    人口自然变动 natural variaiton of population;
    人口自然增长率 natural population growth rate;
    人口总数 population size
    * * *
    人口|人口 [rén kǒu] population people

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人口

  • 11 人民公社

    The People's Commune; a collective economic and grass roots regime organization founded on the basis of advanced agricultural production cooperatives in the year 1958
    * * *
    n. people's commune
    * * *
    ren2 min2 gong1 she4
    people's commune
    * * *
    rén mín gōng shè
    people's commune
    * * *
    人民公社|人民公社 [rén mín gōng shè] people's commune

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人民公社

  • 12 公粮

    agricultural tax paid in grain; grain delivered to the state; public grain
    * * *
    n. agricultural tax paid in grain, grain delivered to the state
    * * *
    gong1 liang2
    tax paid in grain
    * * *
    gōng liáng
    agricultural tax paid in grain; grain delivered to the state; public grain; grain to be collected from the peasants
    * * *
    公糧|公粮 [gōng liáng] tax paid in grain

    Chinese-English dictionary > 公粮

  • 13 公糧

    agricultural tax paid in grain; grain delivered to the state; public grain
    * * *
    n. agricultural tax paid in grain, grain delivered to the state
    * * *
    gong1 liang2
    tax paid in grain
    * * *
    公糧|公粮 [gōng liáng] tax paid in grain

    Chinese-English dictionary > 公糧

  • 14 共同

    shared; common; corporate; united; joint;mutual, together; jointly
    * * *
    common; jointly; together
    【经】 coordinate
    相关词组: 共同的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. common, joint, collaborative
    adv. jointly, together
    * * *
    gong4 tong2
    common, joint, jointly, together, collaborative
    * * *
    gòng tóng
    (属于大家的; 彼此都具有的) common:
    共同敌人 common enemy;
    共同目标 common goal;
    共同愿望 common wish;
    共同关心的问题 matters of common concern; issues of common interest;
    共同语言 common language;
    有共同之处 have something in common
    (大家一起) together; jointly:
    共同生活 live together; collective life;
    共同努力 make joint efforts;
    共同战斗 fight side by side;
    共同富裕 prosperity for all; become increasingly well off together; common prosperity;
    共同行动 act in concert
    共同安全法 mutual security act;
    共同安全计划 mutual security program;
    共同安全署 Mutual Security Agency (M.S.A.) (美国);
    共同保险 co-insurance; coinsure;
    共同保险条款 coinsurance clause;
    共同被告 joint defendants; co-defendant;
    共同边界 common boundary;
    共同财产 community property;
    共同财货 collective goods;
    共同采掘权 common in the soil;
    共同成本 common cost;
    共同承兑人 co-acceptor;
    共同储蓄银行 mutual savings banks;
    共同担保 coinsurance; joint guarantee;
    共同对敌 get united and oppose the enemy together;
    共同对外关税 common external tariff;
    共同发票人 co-drawer;
    共同犯罪 joint offense; fellowship on crime
    共同放款 participation loan;
    共同放牧权 common of pasture;
    共同分担债务 share concurrently and ratably;
    共同浮动 joint float;
    共同负债 joint and several liabilities;
    共同感觉 synesthesia;
    共同纲领 common program;
    共同格 {语} common case;
    共同工作图 equilibrium running diagram;
    共同工作线 equilibrium running line;
    共同骨化 coossify;
    共同关税 common tariff;
    共同过失 joint negligence;
    共同海损 general average;
    共同海损保证书 unlimited general average guarantee;
    共同海损不赔 free of general average;
    共同海损担保书 average bond;
    共同海损分担 average contribution; contribution in general average;
    共同海损分摊 contribution to general average;
    共同海损分摊价值 contributory value;
    共同海损费用 general average expenditure;
    共同海损费条款 average disbursements clause;
    共同海损规则 general average act;
    共同海损货物估价单 valuation of goods for GA;
    共同海损开支 general average disbursement;
    共同海损理算 adjustment of general average;
    共同海损理算书 average statement; statement of general average;
    共同海损协议书 average bond;
    共同核心部分 {语} common core;
    共同回路 common return;
    共同回线 common return line;
    共同货币 common dollar;
    共同基金 common fund;
    共同继承 coinheritance; parcenary;
    共同结晶 cocrystallization;
    共同借款人 co-borrower;
    共同进化 coevolution;
    共同均衡裁军 Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction (MBFR);
    共同孔 {计} cordonnier;
    共同控制器 shared control unit;
    共同控制网(络) democratic network;
    共同离子 common ion;
    共同离子效应 common ion effect;
    共同练习 joint practice;
    共同农业政策 common agricultural policy;
    共同配额 common quotas;
    共同贫困 poverty for all;
    共同色谱分析(法) cochromatography;
    共同商业政策 common commercial policy;
    共同生产成本 joint cost of production;
    共同生长 accrete;
    共同市场 Common Market;
    共同受精 joint fertilization;
    共同诉讼 colitigation; joint action;
    共同所有船舶 co-owned ship;
    共同所有权 co-ownership;
    共同所有权人 co-owner;
    共同特性 denominator;
    共同提案国 co-sponsor;
    共同条令 {军} common regulations of the armed forces;
    共同调聚(合)物 cotelomer;
    共同投资 joint venture;
    共同投资办企业 invest in joint ventures;
    共同投资账户 joint venture account;
    共同行动者 coactor;
    共同需求 joint demand;
    共同宣言 joint declaration;
    共同训练 joint training;
    共同研究者 collaborator;
    共同遗嘱 mutual wills;
    共同义务 joint obligation;
    共同意向 (数据库用) community view;
    共同议价 common bargaining;
    共同语言 common language;
    共同原告 co-plaintiff; joint plaintiffs;
    共同愿望 common aspiration;
    共同责任 corporation responsibility;
    共同债权 joint credit;
    共同债务 common obligation; joint debt;
    共同债务人 co-obligor;
    共同账户 common accout; joint account;
    共同阵挛(病) synclonus;
    共同资金 common financing fund;
    共同租佃人 tenant in common;
    共同租赁 tenancy in common;
    共同租凭人 joint tenant
    * * *
    共同|共同 [gòng tóng] common joint jointly together collaborative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 共同

  • 15

    utensil; tool; implement, (used for coffins, dead bodies, and certain instruments or machines), possess; have, provide; furnish
    * * *
    tool; utensil; possess; provide
    * * *
    tool; utensil; possess; provide
    * * *
    n. tool, device, utensil, equipment, instrument
    * * *
    tool, device, utensil, equipment, instrument, talent, ability, to possess, to have, to provide, to furnish, to state, classifier for devices, coffins, dead bodies
    * * *
    (用具) utensil; tool; implement:
    农具 farm tools (implements); agricultural implements;
    文具 writing materials (utensils); stationery
    (姓氏) a surname:
    具丙 Ju Bing
    (书) (用于棺材、尸体和某些器物):
    一具尸体 a corpse;
    一具座钟 a desk clock
    (具有) possess; have:
    初具规模 have begun to take shape
    (书) (备; 办) provide; furnish:
    谨具薄礼 allow me to present to you this trifling gift
    * * *
    具|具 [jù] tool device utensil equipment instrument talent ability to possess to have to provide to furnish to state classifier for devices, coffins, dead bodies

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  • 16 农业

    agriculture; farming
    * * *
    【机】 agriculture
    相关词组: 工农业总产值
    * * *
    agriculture; agro-; extractive industry; farming; geoponics
    * * *
    n. agriculture, farming, geoponics, extractive industry
    pref. agro
    * * *
    nong2 ye4
    agriculture, farming
    * * *
    nóng yè
    agriculture; farming
    农业八字宪法 Eight-Point Charter for Agriculture (soil improvement, rational application of fertilizer, water conservancy, improved seed strains, rational close planting, plant protection, field management and improvement of farm implements);
    农业保险 agricultural insurance;
    农业布局 distribution of agriculture;
    农业部 ministry of agriculture;
    农业产出 agricultural output;
    农业仓库 agricultural warehouse;
    农业大学 agricultural university;
    农业贷款 agricultural loan;
    农业地理 agricultural geography;
    农业地理学 agrogeography;
    农业地图 agricultural map;
    农业地质学 {地质} agricultural geology; agrogeology;
    农业电气化 farm electrification;
    农业调查 agricultural investigation;
    农业多样化 agricultural diversification;
    农业发展规划 agricultural development planning;
    农业发展路线 outline in agricultural development;
    农业发展速度 rate of agricultural development;
    农业法 farmer's law;
    农业法令 agricultural law;
    农业方针政策 agricultural program and policy;
    农业防治 cultural control;
    农业飞机 agriculture aircraft;
    农业废水 agricultural effluent; agricultural waste water;
    农业废物 agricultural waste;
    农业革命 agricultural revolution;
    农业工程(学) agricultural engineering;
    农业工人 agricultural labourer; farm labourer; farm worker;
    农业工人病 agricultural workers' disease;
    农业公司 agricultural corporation;
    农业关联产业(农工综合体) agribusiness;
    农业构成 agricultural components;
    农业管理 agricultural management;
    农业规划图 map of agricultural planning;
    农业国 agricultural country;
    农业害虫 agricultural destructive (pest) insect;
    农业航空 agricultural aviation;
    农业化工 {化工} chemurgy;
    农业化学 agricultural chemistry; agrochemistry;
    农业化学化 chemical application of agriculture;
    农业化学研究法 agro-chemical method;
    农业化学药品 {材} agricultural chemicals;
    农业环境 agricultural environment;
    农业活动 rural activity;
    农业基地 agricultural base;
    农业机具 agricultural equipment;
    农业机械化 farm (agricultural) mechanization;
    农业机械化方针 policy of agricultural mechanization;
    农业集体化 collectivization of agriculture;
    农业集约化 intensive agriculture;
    农业计划 agricultural plan;
    农业价格政策 agricultural pricing policy;
    农业建筑 agricultural building;
    农业经营集约化degree of intensive farming;
    农业净产值net value of agricultural output;
    农业科学技术agricultural science and farming techniques;
    农业会计 agricultural accounting;
    农业昆虫学 agricultural entomology;
    农业劳动组合 collective farm;
    农业劳动组织 agricultural labour organization;
    农业类型 type of farming;
    农业类型学 agricultural typology;
    农业流域 agricultural watershed;
    农业排水 agricultural drainage;
    农业判读 photo interpretation in agriculture;
    农业配置 distribution of agriculture;
    农业平价率 agricultural parity ratio;
    农业气候学 agricultural climatology;
    农业气象鉴定 agrometeorological assessment;
    农业气象学 {农} agricultural meteorology; agrometeorology;
    农业气象预报 agrometeorological forecasting;
    农业气象站 agricultural meteorological station; agrometeorological station;
    农业区 agricultural region;
    农业区划 agricultural regionalization;
    农业人口 agricultural population;
    农业社会化 socializing agriculture; socialization of agriculture;
    农业社会主义改造 socialist transformation of agriculture;
    农业生产方针 program for agricultural production;
    农业生产互助团体 agricultural producers' mutual-aid organizations;
    农业生产结构 structure of agricultural production;
    农业生产效率 agricultural production efficiency;
    农业生产责任制 system of responsibility in agricultural production; responsibility system for agricultural production;
    农业生产指数 index number of farm output;
    农业生产资料 capital goods in the agricultural sector; agricultural means of production;
    农业生态 agro-ecology;
    农业生态工程 agro-ecological project;
    农业生态系统 agroecological system;
    农业生态学 agrioecology; agroecology;
    农业生物 agro-ecology;
    农业生物农场 agroecology farm;
    农业生物学 agrobiology;
    农业剩余物 {农} agricultural wastes;
    农业施肥飞机 top-dressing aircraft;
    农业试验站 agricultural experiment station;
    农业水利化 bring the agriculture under irrigation; irrigation of agriculture;
    农业水文学 agrohydrology;
    农业调整法 agricultural adjustment act;
    农业统计 agricultural statistics;
    农业投入 agricultural input; input for agriculture;
    农业投资 farm investment;
    农业拖拉机 agricultural traction engine;
    农业托拉斯 agricultural trust;
    农业危机 agricultural crisis;
    农业文明 agricultural civilization;
    农业污染 agricultural pollution;
    农业污染源 agricultural pollution source;
    农业无产阶级 agricultural proletariat;
    农业物理学 agricultural physics;
    农业系统工程 agriculture systems engineering;
    农业细菌学 agricultural bacteriology;
    农业现代化 modernization of agriculture; agricultural modernization;
    农业销售值 farm market sales;
    农业小太阳 agrisoletta;
    农业型 agrotype;
    农业研究所 agricultural research institute;
    农业遥感 agricultural remote sensing;
    农业用地 farm land;
    农业用纸 agricultural papers;
    农业展览 agricultural exhibition;
    农业展览馆 agricultural museum;
    农业政策 agriculture policy;
    农业植物群落 agrophytocoenosium;
    农业植物学 agrobotany;
    农业中学 agricultural middle school;
    农业专业化 agriculture's level of specialization;
    农业专业化区 agricultural specialization region;
    农业资本主义化 (in capitalist countries) agriculture develops capitalistically;
    农业资源 agricultural resource;
    农业自动化 agricultural automation;
    农业自然资源综合调查 comprehensive survey of agricultural natural resources;
    农业综合发展 comprehensive development of agriculture;
    农业综合企业 agribusiness;
    农业综合生产率 overall agricultural productivity;
    农业总产值 total agricultural output value
    * * *
    農業|农业 [nóng yè] agriculture farming

    Chinese-English dictionary > 农业

  • 17 农业区

    farm belt; grass roots
    * * *
    n. farm belt, grass roots
    * * *
    nong2 ye4 qu1
    agricultural region
    * * *
    農業區|农业区 [nóng yè qū] agricultural region

    Chinese-English dictionary > 农业区

  • 18 农业合作化

    cooperative transformation of agriculture; agricultural cooperative (or cooperation) movement
    * * *
    nong2 ye4 he2 zuo4 hua4
    collectivization of agriculture (in Marxist theory)
    * * *
    nóng yè hé zuò huà
    agricultural cooperation
    农业合作化运动 agricultural cooperation (cooperative) movement; cooperative transformation of agriculture
    * * *
    農業合作化|农业合作化 [nóng yè hé zuò huà] collectivization of agriculture (in Marxist theory)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 农业合作化

  • 19 农业机械

    agricultural machinery; farm machinery
    * * *
    【机】 agricultural implement and machinery
    * * *
    nong2 ye4 ji1 xie4
    agricultural machinery
    * * *
    nóng yè jī xiè
    agricultural machinery
    农业机械经营形式 type of management for agricultural machinery;
    农业机械零部件 agricultural machinery component and parts;
    农业机械设计 agricultural machinery design;
    农业机械生产 farm machinery production;
    农业机械总动力 total power of farm (agricultural) machinery
    * * *
    農業機械|农业机械 [nóng yè jī xiè] agricultural machinery

    Chinese-English dictionary > 农业机械

  • 20 农业现代化

    modernization of agriculture; agricultural modernization
    * * *
    【经】 agricultural modernization
    * * *
    nong2 ye4 xian4 dai4 hua4
    modernization of agriculture, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
    * * *
    農業現代化|农业现代化 [nóng yè xiàn dài huà] modernization of agriculture, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations

    Chinese-English dictionary > 农业现代化

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