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  • 1 act

    n. handling; gärning; lag; akt
    v. handla; fungera; utföra; spela en roll
    * * *
    [ækt] 1. verb
    1) (to do something: It's time the government acted to lower taxes.) handla
    2) (to behave: He acted foolishly at the meeting.) uppföra sig, agera
    3) (to perform (a part) in a play: He has acted (the part of Romeo) in many theatres; I thought he was dying, but he was only acting (= pretending).) spela, agera, låtsas
    2. noun
    1) (something done: Running away is an act of cowardice; He committed many cruel acts.) handling, gärning
    2) ((often with capital) a law: Acts of Parliament.) lag
    3) (a section of a play: `Hamlet' has five acts.) akt
    4) (an entertainment: an act called `The Smith Family'.) nummer, uppförande
    - actor
    - act as
    - act on
    - act on behalf of / act for
    - in the act of
    - in the act
    - put on an act

    English-Swedish dictionary > act

  • 2 do

    n. tillställning; uppmaning (bibliskt- god gärning); bedrägeri (slang)
    v. göra; syssla med; handla; sköta om; klara sig; spela, agera; lura, snuva
    * * *
    [du:] 1. 3rd person singular present tense - does; verb
    1) (used with a more important verb in questions and negative statements: Do you smoke?)
    2) (used with a more important verb for emphasis; ; [ðo sit down])
    3) (used to avoid repeating a verb which comes immediately before: I thought she wouldn't come, but she did.)
    4) (used with a more important verb after seldom, rarely and little: Little did he know what was in store for him.)
    5) (to carry out or perform: What shall I do?; That was a terrible thing to do.) göra
    6) (to manage to finish or complete: When you've done that, you can start on this; We did a hundred kilometres in an hour.) göra [], klara [], avverka, köra
    7) (to perform an activity concerning something: to do the washing; to do the garden / the windows.) ägna sig åt, syssla med
    8) (to be enough or suitable for a purpose: Will this piece of fish do two of us?; That'll do nicely; Do you want me to look for a blue one or will a pink one do?; Will next Saturday do for our next meeting?) räcka, duga, passa
    9) (to work at or study: She's doing sums; He's at university doing science.) läsa, studera, utföra, räkna
    10) (to manage or prosper: How's your wife doing?; My son is doing well at school.) må, klara (reda, sköta) sig
    11) (to put in order or arrange: She's doing her hair.) ordna, rätta till
    12) (to act or behave: Why don't you do as we do?) göra
    13) (to give or show: The whole town gathered to do him honour.) visa
    14) (to cause: What damage did the storm do?; It won't do him any harm.) vålla, göra
    15) (to see everything and visit everything in: They tried to do London in four days.) göra, avverka
    2. noun
    (an affair or a festivity, especially a party: The school is having a do for Christmas.) kalas, tillställning
    - doings
    - done
    - do-it-yourself
    - to-do
    - I
    - he could be doing with / could do with
    - do away with
    - do for
    - done for
    - done in
    - do out
    - do out of
    - do's and don'ts
    - do without
    - to do with
    - what are you doing with

    English-Swedish dictionary > do

  • 3 does

    v. göra; syssla med; handla; sköta om; klara sig; spela, agera; lura, snuva
    * * *

    English-Swedish dictionary > does

  • 4 intermediate

    adj. mellan-, mitten-
    n. förmedlare, mellanhand; sak som befinner sig mitt emellan
    v. förmedla, agera mellanhand
    * * *
    (in the middle; placed between two things, stages etc: An intermediate English course is more advanced than a beginners' course, but not as difficult as an advanced course.) mellan-, fortsättnings-

    English-Swedish dictionary > intermediate

  • 5 solo

    adj. solo-, ensam-
    adv. solo, ensam
    n. solo, musikaliskt stycke för en person; ensamflygning; solo (kortspel)
    v. agera ensam, uppträda ensam; flyga ensam
    * * *
    ['səuləu] 1. plural - solos; noun
    (something (eg a musical piece for one voice or instrument, a dance or other entertainment) in which only one person takes part: a cello/soprano solo.) solo
    2. adjective
    (in which only one takes part: a solo flight in an aeroplane.) solo-, ensam-

    English-Swedish dictionary > solo

  • 6 Vxd

    n. Virtuell drivenhet, drivenhet som har tillgång till funktionssystemets kärna och kan agera direkt med hårddisken och dess komponenter (data)

    English-Swedish dictionary > Vxd

  • 7 aglet

    n. x, en liten x av plast eller metall som finns på början och slutet av ett skosnöre eller ett band (hjälper till att trä snöret lättare)
    snabb applet, liten självstyrande Java-appliaktion som tjänar till som en rörlig agent för servicetjänster på ett nätverk (kan skicka sig själv och agera med andra x över ett nätverk)
    aglet (Agile Applet)

    English-Swedish dictionary > aglet

  • 8 take action

    agera, vidta åtgärder, ingripa; väcka åtal mot

    English-Swedish dictionary > take action

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