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age of seedling

  • 1 一年生

    * * *
    yi1 nian2 sheng1
    annual (botany)
    * * *
    yī nián shēng
    {植} annual; ephemeral
    一年生苗 one year seedling;
    一年生耐寒植物 hardy annual;
    一年生野豌豆 narbonne vetch; narbonus vetch;
    一年生游隼 sorefalcon;
    一年生植物 therophyte; annuals; annual plant;
    一年生作物 annual crop
    * * *
    一年生|一年生 [yī nián shēng] annual (botany)

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  • 2 出苗

    (of seedlings) emerge; come out; sprout
    * * *
    chu1 miao2
    to sprout, to come out (of seedling), to bud
    * * *
    chū miáo
    {农} (of seedlings) emerge; come out; germinate; sprout
    出苗率 rate of emergence; rate of germination;
    出苗期 seeding stage
    * * *
    出苗|出苗 [chū miáo] to sprout to come out (of seedling) to bud

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  • 3

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. garden, orchard
    * * *
    garden, orchard
    * * *
    (姓氏) a surname:
    圃玮 Bu Wei
    另见 pǔ。
    (种菜蔬、花草的园子或园地) garden:
    菜圃 vegetable plot;
    花圃 flower nursery;
    苗圃 seed plot;(seedling) nursery
    (管理园圃的人) gardener:
    老圃 old gardener
    * * *
    圃|圃 [pǔ] garden orchard

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  • 4 天然

    * * *
    * * *
    adj. natural
    * * *
    tian1 ran2
    * * *
    tiān rán
    natural; native; living:
    天然产物 be made by nature
    天然本底辐射 natural background radiation;
    天然本色织物 natural-tinted fabric;
    天然宝石 {宝} natural gemstone;
    天然播种 self-sowing;
    天然采光 natural lighting;
    天然彩色照片 heliochrome;
    天然草地 natural meadow;
    天然长丝 thread;
    天然磁石 loadstone;
    天然磁铁 natural magnet;
    天然冲积堤 {地质} levee;
    天然醋酸胺 acetamide;
    天然堤 natural levee;
    天然地基 subsoil; natural foundation;
    天然地蜡 ozokerite; ozocerite;
    天然地面 ground; natural floor;
    天然放射性 natural radioactivity;
    天然风洞 gloap;
    天然干燥 natural seasoning; natural drying;
    天然港 natural harbor;
    天然更新 self-restoration; natural regeneration; natural formation of wood;
    天然公园 wild park;
    天然海弯 natural harbor;
    天然河道 natural river course;
    天然河流 natural river;
    天然混合集料 all-in aggregate (未经筛分的);
    天然后天免疫 natural acquired immunity;
    天然活性 natural activity;
    天然获得性免疫 {免疫} acquiredim munity;
    天然碱 tronite trona; trona; urao;
    天然碱矿床 native soda deposit;
    天然碱流程 {化工} Trona process;
    天然碱制纯碱 natural soda purification;
    天然胶乳 Heveatex; natural latex;
    天然胶体 eucolloid;
    天然焦 mineral coke; cokeite; carbonite;
    天然焦炭 burnt coal; smudge coal; corbonite;
    天然酵母 unartificial yeast;
    天然精气 natural spirits;
    天然井 pozo;
    天然景色 natural scenery;
    天然巨石建筑 megalithic architecture;
    天然抗体 natural antibody;
    天然抗氧剂 natural (oxidation) inhibitor;
    天然矿柱 pillar;
    天然沥青 bitusol; natural bitumen;
    天然林 wildwood; natural forest;
    天然硫砷化铂 cooperite;
    天然氯化亚汞 hornquick silver;
    天然路标 landmark;
    天然露头 natural outcrop;
    “天然盟友” “natural ally”;
    天然免疫 innate immunity; native immunity; {免疫} natural immunity;
    天然免疫性 autarcesis;
    天然免疫学 autarcesiology;
    天然苗 wild seedling;
    天然明矾 native alum;
    天然木素 native lignin;
    天然牧草 native grass;
    天然牧场 natural pasture;
    天然牧地 natural pasture;
    天然耐火材料 natural refractory;
    天然内摩擦角 angle of true internal friction;
    天然粘土砂 naturally clay-bonded sand;
    天然镍铁 nickel-iron;
    天然浓缩铀 uranium of natural enrichment;
    天然硼酸 sassolite;
    天然漂土 Florex;
    天然漆 {涂} japan; rhus lacquer;
    天然气候曝露试验 natural weathering;
    天然氢氧化镁 brucite;
    天然泉 source;
    天然泉水 springwater;
    天然染料 natural dye-stuff;
    天然软沥青 pissasphalt(um);
    天然砂 natural sand;
    天然石材 lithotome;
    天然石层 quarry bed;
    天然石膏 plaster of paris;
    天然树脂 elemi; natural resin;
    天然树脂漆 natural resin paint;
    天然竖坑 gloap;
    天然水 natural water;
    天然水泥 Parker's cement; {土} Roman cement;
    天然水泥产地 cement deposits;
    天然苏打 salsoda;
    天然丝 natural silk;
    天然碳酸钠 natron;
    天然淘汰 natural selection;
    天然铁镍合金 taenite;
    天然铜 tough-pitch copper;
    天然土块 ped;
    天然土路 dirt road;
    天然蜕变 radioactive disintegration; natural disintegration;
    天然脱枝 self-pruning;
    天然伪装 natural mask; natural camouflage;
    天然下种 natural seeding;
    天然下种造林法 seed shedding;
    天然纤维 natural fibre;
    天然纤维素纤维 native cellulose fibre;
    天然香料 natural perfume material;
    天然橡胶 {材} hevea rubber; nature (natural) rubber;
    天然硝石 soda nitre;
    天然休止角 natural angle of repose;
    天然旋光性 natural optical activity;
    天然盐水 bittern; miredrum;
    天然-氧化铅 massicot;
    天然铀 natural uranium;
    天然铀堆 natural uranium reactor;
    天然油 natural oil;
    天然有机化合物 natural organic-compound;
    天然有机化学 natural organic chemistry;
    天然幼树 seeding-growth;
    天然杂交 natural crossing;
    天然造林法 natural afforestation;
    天然障碍 natural obstacle (barrier);
    天然珍珠 natural pearl;
    天然蒸汽 natural steam;
    天然整枝 natural pruning;
    天然重碳酸钠 urao;
    天然资源 natural resources
    * * *
    天然|天然 [tiān rán] natural

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天然

  • 5 嫩苗

    nen4 miao2
    seedling, soft shoots, sprout
    * * *
    嫩苗|嫩苗 [nèn miáo] seedling soft shoots sprout

    Chinese-English dictionary > 嫩苗

  • 6 嫩苗龜

    Nen4 miao2 gui1
    Turtwig, Japanese comic character, turtle with seedling growing out of its head
    * * *
    嫩苗龜|嫩苗龟 [Nèn miáo guī] Turtwig, Japanese comic character, turtle with seedling growing out of its head

    Chinese-English dictionary > 嫩苗龜

  • 7 嫩苗龟

    Nen4 miao2 gui1
    Turtwig, Japanese comic character, turtle with seedling growing out of its head
    * * *
    嫩苗龜|嫩苗龟 [Nèn miáo guī] Turtwig, Japanese comic character, turtle with seedling growing out of its head

    Chinese-English dictionary > 嫩苗龟

  • 8 容器

    container; vessel; holder; can; carton
    * * *
    can; container; pocket; receptacle; recipient; vessel
    【计】 outer casing
    【化】 container
    【医】 container; receptacle; receptaculum
    【经】 container
    相关词组: 玻璃容器
    * * *
    case; container; receptacle; recipient; vessel
    * * *
    n. container, vessel, cistern, receptacle
    * * *
    rong2 qi4
    receptacle, vessel
    * * *
    róng qì
    container; holder; vessel; pack; quiver; reservoir; receiver; receptacle; repository; can; basin; tank; cell; -angium
    容器材料 container material;
    容器浮选法 jar flotation;
    容器密封涂层 gasket;
    容器密封式电位器 {电} container sealed potentiometer;
    容器苗 container seedling;
    容器育苗(圃) container nursery;
    容器栽植法 container planting
    * * *
    容器|容器 [róng qì] receptacle vessel

    Chinese-English dictionary > 容器

  • 9 幼苗

    * * *
    【医】 seedling
    * * *
    n. seedling
    * * *
    you4 miao2
    young sprout, bud, sapling, seedling
    * * *
    yòu miáo
    seedling; plant; sapling
    幼苗锻炼 seedling hardening;
    幼苗移植 sprigging
    * * *
    幼苗|幼苗 [yòu miáo] young sprout bud sapling seedling

    Chinese-English dictionary > 幼苗

  • 10 拔秧

    pull up seedlings (for transplanting)
    * * *
    v. lift seedlings
    * * *
    ba2 yang1
    to pull up seedlings (for transplanting)
    * * *
    bá yāng
    {农} pull up seedlings:
    拔秧机 seedling collector; seedling lifter
    * * *
    拔秧|拔秧 [bá yāng] to pull up seedlings (for transplanting)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拔秧

  • 11 拔苗助长

    try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward—spoil things by excessive enthusiasm
    * * *
    spoil things by excessive enthusiasm
    * * *
    spoil things by excessive enthusiasm
    * * *
    v. spoil things by undue haste, try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm
    * * *
    ba2 miao2 zhu4 zhang3
    to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom)
    * * *
    bá miáo zhù zhǎng
    try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward -- spoil things by excessive enthusiasm (descriptive of a person, impatient for success, so acts as to destroy the very conditions upon which success depends); pull up a seedling in the mistaken hope of helping it to grow; pull up corn by the roots in the hope of making it grow faster; pull up seedlings to help them grow:
    用这种方法教育下一代无异于拔苗助长。 To educate the young generation in such a way is just like making the rice shoots grow by pulling them up.
    * * *
    拔苗助長|拔苗助长 [bá miáo zhù zhǎng] to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拔苗助长

  • 12 插秧

    transplant rice seedlings (or rice shoots)
    * * *
    transplant rice seedlings
    * * *
    transplant rice seedlings
    * * *
    v. transplant rice seedlings
    * * *
    cha1 yang1
    transplant rice seedlings
    * * *
    chā yāng
    transplant rice seedlings (shoots); rice transplanting
    插秧机 rice transplanter; seedling planting machine; rice transplanting machine
    * * *
    插秧|插秧 [chā yāng] transplant rice seedlings

    Chinese-English dictionary > 插秧

  • 13 揠苗助长

    try to help shoots grow by pulling them up—spoil things by excessive enthusiasm
    * * *
    ya4 miao2 zhu4 zhang3
    see 拔苗助長, 拔苗助长
    * * *
    yà miáo zhù zhǎng
    try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward; be over-anxious to have sth. grow up; do harm to a thing by being over-enthusiastic (about it); help (try to make) the rice shoots grow; pull up a corn by the roots in the hope of making it grow faster; pull up a seedling in the mistaken hope of helping it to grow; pull up seedlings to help them grow -- no profit but harm; pull up the sapling to make it grow more quickly -- spoil things by excessive enthusiasm; tug at a sapling to help it grow
    * * *
    揠苗助長|揠苗助长 [yà miáo zhù zhǎng] see ↑ 拔苗助長|↑ 拔苗助长 [bá miáo zhù zhǎng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 揠苗助长

  • 14 最佳

    optimum, the best
    * * *
    adj. optimal
    n. optimum, peak
    * * *
    zui4 jia1
    optimum, optimal, peak, best (athlete, movie etc)
    * * *
    zuì jiā
    the best; optimum:
    最佳男主角 the best male lead;
    最佳企业家 top model entrepreneur;
    最佳女企业家 top model entrepreneuse;
    育秧的最佳温度 optimum temperature for seedling nursing
    最佳逼近 best approximation; optimal approximation;
    最佳编码 forced coding; optimum coding;
    最佳编码程序 optimally coded program;
    最佳标准 optimality criterion;
    最佳波形 optimum waveform;
    最佳参差比 optimal stagger ratio;
    最佳程序 optimum program;
    最佳程序设计 optimum programming;
    最佳初始比值 best initial ratio;
    最佳传输频率 frequency of optimum traffic (FOT);
    最佳纯预测器 optimum pure predictor;
    最佳存货政策 optimum inventory policy;
    最佳弹道 optimal trajectory;
    最佳导演奖 Best Director Award;
    最佳点态控制 optimal pointwise control;
    最佳点调节器 peak-holding controller;
    最佳电影 a smash hit;
    最佳多级火箭 optimized multistage rocket;
    最佳发射时间 window;
    最佳发射时限 the best launching window;
    最佳反应 optimum response;
    最佳方案 preferred plan;
    最佳方法 the best approach;
    最佳分辨带宽 optimum resolution bandwidth;
    最佳分布 optimum distribution;
    最佳服务能量 optimum service capacity;
    最佳服装奖 Best Costumes Award;
    最佳幅度响应 optimum amplitude response;
    最佳负载电阻 optimum load resistance;
    最佳改编剧作奖 Best Screenplay Adaptation Award;
    最佳干扰样式 optimal jamming type;
    最佳工作电流 recommended current;
    最佳工作泡径 optimal operating bubble diameter;
    最佳工作频率 {讯} frequency optimum traffic; optimum traffic frequency; optimum working frequency;
    最佳估计量 best estimator;
    最佳估算值 optimum estimation value;
    最佳观看距离 a viewing ratio;
    最佳规划法 optimum programming;
    最佳航迹 flight path optimization;
    最佳航线 optimal route;
    最佳航线选定 {航海} optimum-track ship routing;
    最佳混响时间 optimum reverberation time;
    最佳继电伺服机构 optimum relay servomechanism;
    最佳检出滤波器 optimum detecting filter;
    最佳剪辑奖 Best Editing Award;
    最佳角 optimum angle;
    最佳接收(法) optimum reception;
    最佳接收机 optimum receiver;
    最佳解 optimum solution;
    最佳解图 optimum solution graph;
    最佳聚束 optimum bunching;
    最佳决定(策)律 optimal decision rule;
    最佳决断系统 optimum decision system;
    最佳开关函数 optimum switching function;
    最佳开关曲线 optimum switching line;
    最佳开关面 optimal switch surface;
    最佳开关线路 optimum switching line;
    最佳控制 optimum control; optimalizing control;
    最佳控制理论 theory of optimal control;
    最佳控制律 optimal control law;
    最佳控制器 optimizing controller;
    最佳控制系统 optimal control system; optimizing control system;
    最佳灵敏度 optimum sensitivity;
    最佳滤波器 optimum filter;
    最佳码 optimum code;
    最佳美工奖 Best Art Design Award;
    最佳密度 optimum density;
    最佳男主角奖 Best Male Lead Award;
    最佳女主角奖 Best Female Lead Award;
    最佳耦合 optimum coupling;
    最佳拍法 best beat method;
    最佳判据 optimality criterion;
    最佳配合 best fit; best match; optimum matching;
    最佳配置 optimum allocation;
    最佳偏磁(置;压) optimum bias;
    最佳频率 optimum frequency;
    最佳曝光量 optimum exposure;
    最佳权分配 optimal weight collocation;
    最佳群聚 optimum bunching;
    最佳燃烧参数 optimum gas parameter;
    最佳商业票据 prime commercial paper; prime paper;
    最佳摄影奖 Best Photography Award;
    最佳设计 optimum design;
    最佳输出 optimum output;
    最佳数 optimum number;
    最佳随动(伺服)系统 best servo;
    最佳随机控制 optimal stochastic control;
    最佳逃逸 synergism;
    最佳特性 optimal characteristics; optimum performance;
    最佳通信使用频率 frequency of optimum traffic;
    最佳透光度 optimum transmission;
    最佳无滞后过滤器 optimum zero-lag filter;
    最佳误差检测码 optimum error detection code;
    最佳线性负载电阻 {电} optimal linear load resistance;
    最佳线性过滤 optimum linear filtering;
    最佳线性系统 optimum linear system;
    最佳线性预测 optimum linear prediction;
    最佳相似法 method of maximum likelihood;
    最佳谐振 optimum resonance;
    最佳形状 optimum shape;
    最佳性能 optimum performance;
    最佳性能曲线 best performance curve;
    最佳选择分集 optimal selection diversity;
    最佳学习时期 optimum duration of study;
    最佳阳极电压 optimum anode voltage;
    最佳译码 optimal decoding;
    最佳音乐奖 Best Music Award;
    最佳优先搜索 {计} best-first search;
    最佳预测 optimum prediction;
    最佳运动员 top athlete;
    最佳杂波滤波器 optimum clutter filter;
    最佳增益频率 optimum-gain frequency;
    最佳照射因子 advantage factor;
    最佳诊断 excellent diagnostics;
    最佳证据 the best evidence;
    最佳值 optimum value; optimal value; optimum; best value;
    最佳装配设计 {机} design-for-assembly (DFA);
    最佳状态 optimum state;
    最佳资本存量 {经} optimal capital stock;
    最佳准则 optimum criterion;
    最佳自动控制 self-optimizing control;
    最佳综合政策 optimal policy mix;
    最佳作曲奖 Best Original Score Award
    * * *
    最佳|最佳 [zuì jiā] optimum optimal peak best (athlete, movie etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 最佳

  • 15 杂种

    hybrid; crossbreed, bastard; son of a bitch
    * * *
    bastard; crossbred; crossbreed; cur; hybrid; incross; mongrel
    【医】 hybrid; hybrida
    相关词组: 杂种的
    * * *
    crossbreed; cur; fuck; hybrid; hybridism; incross; mongrel
    * * *
    za2 zhong3
    hybrid, mixed breed, bastard, son-of-a-bitch
    * * *
    zá zhǒng
    {生} hybrid; crossbreed; miscegenation; intercross; {遗} random breed; {动} half-bred; mongrel
    (骂人话) bastard; son of a bitch
    杂种不育性 hybrid sterility;
    杂种大麦 hembar;
    杂种地带 hybrid zone;
    杂种二代 second generation of hybrid;
    杂种繁殖 {遗} interbreeding;
    杂种分子 hybrid molecules;
    杂种复合体 hybrid complex;
    杂种狗 (方) potlick; mongrel dog;
    杂种毛织物 {纺} crossbred fabric;
    杂种模型 hybrid model;
    杂种牛 cross-bred ox;
    杂种群集 hybrid swarm;
    杂种世代 {生物} hybrid generation;
    杂种双链分子 hybrid duplex molecule;
    杂种旺势 luxuriance;
    杂种细胞 hybrid cell;
    杂种型 {生物} hybridism;
    杂种性 hybridity;
    杂种一代 first generation of hybrid;
    杂种鲟鱼 bester;
    杂种优势 {生物} heterosis; hybrid vigor;
    杂种玉米 hybrid corn;
    杂种制种 hybrid seeds production;
    杂种猪 cross-bred pig;
    杂种组合 hybrid combination;
    杂种状态 hybridism;
    杂种籽苗 hybrid seedling
    * * *
    雜種|杂种 [zá zhǒng] hybrid mixed breed bastard son-of-a-bitch

    Chinese-English dictionary > 杂种

  • 16

    plant; grow, stick in; insert; plant, force something on somebody; impose, tumble; fall, young plant; seedling
    * * *
    fall; frame; grow; impose; insert; plant
    * * *
    fall; frame; grow; impose; insert; plant
    * * *
    adj. stick in
    v. plant, grow, insert, force something on someone, impose on
    * * *
    to grow, to plant, to insert, to force on sb, to fall head first
    * * *
    (栽种) plant; transplant; grow:
    栽树 plant trees;
    移栽稻秧 transplant rice seedlings (shoots);
    我们可以在那儿栽点儿花。 Let's grow some flowers over there.
    (插上) insert; stick in; plant:
    栽绒 stick in villi or downs;
    栽刷子 make a brush;
    栽电线杆子 erect a wire pole;
    他们在地上栽了一根木桩。 They planted a stake in the ground.
    (硬给安上)impose; force sth. on sb.:
    栽上罪名 fabricate a charge against sb.; frame sb.
    (摔倒; 跌倒) tumble; trip; fall:
    栽折了腿 fell and broke one's leg;
    栽了一交 fall down; tumble down
    (栽子) young plant; seedling
    * * *
    栽|栽 [zāi] to grow to plant to insert to force on sb to fall head first

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 17 栽子

    young plant; seedling
    * * *
    n. seedling, young plant
    * * *
    zai1 zi5
    seedling, young plant
    * * *
    zāi zi
    young plant; seedling:
    柳树栽子 willow slips;
    桃树栽子 peach seedlings
    * * *
    栽子|栽子 [zāi zi] seedling young plant

    Chinese-English dictionary > 栽子

  • 18 水稻

    paddy (rice); rice
    * * *
    paddy; ripe
    * * *
    paddy; ripe
    * * *
    shui3 dao4
    rice, paddy, CL:株
    * * *
    shuǐ dào
    paddy (rice); rice:
    中国是世界上最早种植水稻的国家。 浙江省余姚县河姆渡遗址, 距今已6,000多年。在这个遗址中发现分布遍及400平方米的水稻遗物, 证明中国是最早种植水稻的国家。 China was the first country in the world to plant rice. This is evident in the remains of rice covering an area of 400 square metres found in the ruins of Hemudu in Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province, which dates back more than 6000 years.
    水稻拔秧机 nursery planter puller; rice seedling puller;
    水稻插秧机 rice planter; rice transplanting machine; rice transplanter;
    水稻害虫 rice grub;
    水稻土 paddy soil; rice soil;
    水稻象鼻虫 water weevil; rice weevil;
    水稻秧田 rice seedling bed;
    水稻遗传学 rice genetics;
    水稻育秧设备 rice nursery equipment;
    水稻直播机 paddy planter;
    水稻蛀虫 rice borer
    * * *
    水稻|水稻 [shuǐ dào] rice paddy CL:↑ [zhū]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 水稻

  • 19 温床

    hotbed, breeding ground; hotbed
    * * *
    breeding ground; forcing house; hotbed; hothouse; nursery
    * * *
    forcing house; hotbed; hothouse; nursery; seedbed; soil
    * * *
    n. hotbed, garden frame, breeding ground
    * * *
    wen1 chuang2
    hotbed, breeding ground, fig. breeding ground for crimes or sedition
    * * *
    wēn chuáng
    {农} hotbed
    (对坏人、 坏事、 坏思想有利的环境) breeding ground; hotbed; advantageous conditions; seminary:
    战争的温床 a hotbed of war;
    一切罪恶的温床 a seminary of vice and crime
    温床播种 frame seeding;
    温床育苗 growing seedling in hotbed; breed seedlings in a hotbed;
    温床栽培 frame culture
    * * *
    溫床|温床 [wēn chuáng] hotbed breeding ground fig. breeding ground for crimes or sedition

    Chinese-English dictionary > 温床

  • 20 破土

    break ground (in starting a building project, etc.), start spring ploughing, (of a seedling) break through the soil
    * * *
    break ground
    相关词组: 破土动工
    * * *
    break ground
    * * *
    v. break through
    * * *
    po4 tu3
    to break ground, to start digging, to plough, to break through the ground (of seedling), fig. the start of a building project
    * * *
    pò tǔ
    (挖地动工) break ground (in starting a building project, etc.):
    破土建新的医院。 The ground was broken for a new hospital.
    (开始耕种) start spring ploughing
    (种子发芽出土) break through the soil
    * * *
    破土|破土 [pò tǔ] to break ground to start digging to plough to break through the ground (of seedling) fig. the start of a building project

    Chinese-English dictionary > 破土

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