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  • 1 二次

    er4 ci4
    second (i.e. number two), second time, twice, (math.) quadratic (of degree two)
    * * *
    èr cì
    secondary; {数} quadratic
    二次爆破 secondary blasting; popping; blockholing; bucking; pop-shooting;
    二次爆破眼 {采矿} pop; pop hole; pop shot;
    二次逼近 {数} quadratic approximation;
    二次变换 {数} quadratic transformation; quadric transformation; back shift;
    二次变频制 double-super system;
    二次病 {免疫} secondary disease;
    二次不等式 {数} quadratic inequality;
    二次不尽根 {数} quadratic surd; surd of the second degree (order);
    二次采样 double sampling;
    二次采油 after-production; secondary oil recovery;
    二次参数 {数} second parameter;
    二次测量系统 secondary measuring system;
    二次插值法 {数} quadratic interpolation;
    二次差 second difference;
    二次差分 second order difference;
    二次常数 secondary constants;
    二次沉陷 secondary settlement;
    二次充电 recharging;
    二次抽样 subsampling; secondary sample;
    二次抽样方案 double sampling plan;
    二次抽样检验 double sampling inspection;
    二次出牙 permanent dentition;
    二次除铜 secondary copper removal;
    二次簇 secondary cluster;
    二次吹风 after-blow;
    二次淬火 {冶} secondary quenching; double quenching;
    二次存取地址 second level access-address;
    二次导数 second derivative;
    二次点火(燃) {航} reignition;
    二次电池 storage battery; secondary battery (cell);
    二次电光效应 quadratic electro-optical effect;
    二次电流 secondary current;
    二次电路 secondary circuit;
    二次电压 secondary voltage;
    二次定型加工 secondary sizing operation;
    二次断裂畸变 two-break aberration;
    二次煅烧 secondary calcining;
    二次对称轴 diadaxis; axis of binary symmetry;
    二次对偶问题 quadratic dual problem;
    二次多项式 {数} quadratic polynomial;
    二次发射 secondary emission;
    二次发射曲线 secondary emission curve;
    二次发射体 secondary emitters;
    二次发射系数 secondary emission ratio;
    二次发射噪声 secondary emission noise;
    二次反射 secondary reflection;
    二次方程{数} quadratic equation;
    二次方程(式)论 quadratics;
    二次防护层 {核子} secondary protective barriers;
    二次放射率 secondary-emission ratio;
    二次非剩余 quadratic non-residue; square non-residue;
    二次分频电路 divide-by-two circuit;
    二次辐射器 secondary radiator;
    二次辐射效应 secondary radiation effect;
    二次腐蚀 anticaustic;
    二次负荷 secondary load;
    二次革命 second revolution;
    二次(根)公式 {数} quadratic formula;
    二次共析碳化物 secondary eutectoid carbide;
    二次共振 subresonance;
    二次故障 secondary failure;
    二次固结 secondary consolidation;
    二次灌浆 back-grouting;
    二次光谱 side spectrum;
    二次光源 secondary source;
    二次规划 quadratic programming;
    二次过滤 secondary filter;
    二次过滤器 after-filter;
    二次函数 {数} quadratic function;
    二次互反律 quadratic reciprocity law;
    二次回采 second working (recovery);
    二次回路 {冶} secondary circuit;
    二次混料 rerolling;
    二次活套 secondary loop;
    二次火箭 secondary rocket;
    二次击穿测试仪 secondary breakdown tester;
    二次激励 secondary (second) excitation;
    二次极限定理 second limit theorem;
    二次继电器 secondary relay;
    二次加工 secondary operation;
    二次加热 double heating;
    二次键(结合) secondary bond;
    二次胶合(粘结) secondary gluing;
    二次结晶 secondary crystallization;
    二次金属 secondary metals;
    二次金属-空气电池 secondary metal-air batteries;
    二次近似 second approximation; quadratic approximation;
    二次精炼 {冶} double refining; secondary refining;
    二次聚焦 secondary focusing;
    二次矩 second moment;
    二次开采 secondary recovery;
    二次开花 second bloom;
    二次控制器 secondary controller;
    二次雷达 {电} secondary radar;
    二次冷凝器 after-condenser;
    二次冷却 aftercooling;
    二次冷却剂 secondary coolant;
    二次冷却器 recooler; secondary cooler;
    二次量子化 second quantization;
    二次流 secondary flow;
    二次流动 secondary flow;
    二次流体 secondary fluid;
    二次萌发 {植} germination by repetition;
    二次幂 {数} second power; square;
    二次免疫问答 secondary immune response;
    二次磨碎机 secondary mill;
    二次能源 secondary energy sources;
    二次排斥 {免疫} second set rejection;
    二次判别器 quadric discriminator;
    二次抛物线配合 fitting a second degree parabola;
    二次配电 secondary power distribution;
    二次喷射控制 secondary injection control;
    二次破片 {军} secondary fragment;
    二次破碎机 recrusher;
    二次曝光 re-expose;
    二次起泡温度 secondary seeding temperature;
    二次迁移 {油} secondary migration;
    二次情报 secondary information;
    二次球磨机 secondary ball mill;
    二次曲面 {数} quadratic (quadric) surface; second degree surface;
    二次曲线 {数} conic (section); curve of the second degree; quadratic (quadric) curve;
    二次曲线规 conicograph;
    二次曲线列 range of conics;
    二次取样 secondary sample;
    二次群 {物} quadratic group;
    二次燃料 secondary fuel;
    二次燃烧secondary combustion; aftercombustion;
    二次绕组{电} secondary winding; SW;
    二次热处理 reheat treatment;
    二次热交换器 secondary heat exchanger;
    二次扫描 rescan;
    二次烧结 double sintering;
    二次渗碳体 secondary cementite;
    二次剩余 quadratic residue; square residue;
    二次石墨化 secondary graphitizing;
    二次收敛 quadratic convergence;
    二次输电 subtransmission;
    二次束 secondary beams;
    二次缩孔 secondary pipe;
    二次索氏体 secondary sorbite;
    二次调速 secondary speed control;
    二次调制 secondary modulation;
    二次挑顶 back-ripping;
    二次投票 second ballot;
    二次图像 secondary image;
    二次退火 double annealing;
    二次微分 {数} second differential;
    二次微商 {数} second derivative;
    二次无理数 quadratic irrational number; irrational numbers of the second degree;
    二次污泥 secondary sludge;
    二次污染 secondary pollution;
    二次污染物 secondary pollutant;
    二次误差 second order error;
    二次系统 electrical secondary system;
    二次显示 secondary display;
    二次显影 redevelopment;
    二次线圈{电工} secondary coil;
    二次项 {数} quadratic term;
    二次项日数 second order day number;
    二次效应 {物} quadratic effect;
    二次谐波 second (secondary) harmonic;
    二次谐波法 method of quadratic harmonics;
    二次谐波散射 second harmonic scattering;
    二次谐波失真 second harmonic distortion;
    二次泄漏 {电工} secondary leakage;
    二次信号 secondary signal;
    二次型(形式) {数} quadratic form; quadric form;
    二次性能指标 quadratic performance index;
    二次选试 second trial;
    二次选择 quadratic selection;
    二次循环法 two-cycle method;
    二次衍射装置 device for repeated diffraction;
    二次冶金 second metallurgy;
    二次仪表 secondary meter (instrument);
    二次因子 second order factor;
    二次硬度 secondary hardness;
    二次硬(熟; 硫)化 post-curing; secondary hardening;
    二次硬化粘接 postcure bonding;
    二次域 quadratic field;
    二次原料 secondary raw material;
    二次运移 secondary migration;
    二次孕育 late (post) inoculation;
    二次孕育剂 post inoculant;
    二次再结晶 secondary recrystallization;
    二次葬 secondary burial;
    二次蒸发器 revaporizer;
    二次锥面 {数} quadric cone;
    二次子程序 secondary subroutine;
    二次子样 secondary sample
    * * *
    二次|二次 [èr cì] second (i.e. number two) second time twice (math.) quadratic (of degree two)

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