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  • 1 adornment

    [English Word] adornment
    [Swahili Word] mavalio
    [Swahili Plural] mavalio
    [Part of Speech] noun
    [Derived Word] vaa V
    [English Word] adornment
    [English Plural] adornments
    [Swahili Word] pambo
    [Swahili Plural] mapambo
    [Part of Speech] noun
    [Class] 5/6
    [Related Words] pamba
    [English Example] a beautiful woman is the adornment of the house (proverb)
    [Swahili Example] mke mzuri ni pambo la nyumba (methali)
    [English Word] adornment
    [English Plural] adornments
    [Swahili Word] urembo
    [Swahili Plural] marembo
    [Part of Speech] noun
    [Class] 11/6
    [Derived Language] Swahili
    [Derived Word] remba

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