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addressed memory

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  • addressed memory — adresuojamoji atmintis statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. addressed memory vok. voladressierter Speicher, m rus. адресная память, f pranc. mémoire adressable, f …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • addressed memory — adresuojamoji atmintinė statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. addressed memory vok. voladressierter Speicher, m rus. запоминающее устройство с адресной выборкой, n; запоминающее устройство с обращением по адресу, n pranc. mémoire… …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • nonvolatile charge-addressed memory — krūviu adresuojama liekamoji atmintinė statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. nonvolatile charge addressed memory vok. nichtflüchtiger ladungsadressierter Speicher, m rus. энергонезависимое запоминающее устройство с зарядовой… …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • Memory bank — A memory bank is a logical unit of storage in electronics, which is hardware dependent. In computer the memory bank may be determined by the memory access controller and the CPU along with physical organization of the hardware memory slots. Some… …   Wikipedia

  • Memory address register — The Memory Address Register (MAR) is a CPU register that either stores the memory address from which data will be fetched to the CPU or the address to which data will be sent and stored. In other words, MAR holds the memory location of data that… …   Wikipedia

  • addressed — adj. marked with an address (as in a letter, parcel, etc.) ad·dress || É™ dres n. location; description of a location; (Computers) number specifying a location in a computers s memory or on a disk; (Computers) unique name or code identifying… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Sum addressed decoder — In CPU design, a Sum Addressed Decoder or Sum Addressed Memory (SAM) Decoder is a method of reducing the latency of the CPU cache access. This is achieved by fusing the address generation sum operation with the decode operation in the cache… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-volatile memory — Computer memory types Volatile RAM DRAM (e.g., DDR SDRAM) SRAM In development T RAM Z RAM TTRAM Historical Delay line memory Selectron tube Williams tube Non volatile …   Wikipedia

  • Virtual memory/rewrite — Virtual memory is a computer system technique that gives an application program the impression it has contiguous working memory, while in fact it is physically fragmented and may even overflow on to disk storage. Systems which use this technique… …   Wikipedia

  • Interleaved memory — is a technique for compensating the relatively slow speed of DRAM. The CPU can access alternative sections immediately without waiting for memory to be cached. Multiple memory banks take turns supplying data.An interleaved memory with n banks is… …   Wikipedia

  • Recall (memory) — Recollection redirects here. For other uses, see Recollection (disambiguation). Recall in memory refers to the retrieval of events or information from the past. Along with encoding and storage, it is one of the three core processes of memory.… …   Wikipedia

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