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additional current

  • 1 current

    ['kʌrnt] 1. n; c
    1) [of air, water] 流 [liú]
    2) ( ELEC) 电流 [diànliú]
    3) [of opinion, thought etc] 趋势 [qūshì]
    2. adj
    1) (present) [+ situation, tendency, policy etc] 目前的 [mùqián de]

    The current situation is very different. — 目前的情况很不同。

    2) (accepted) [+ idea, thought, custom] 流行的 [liúxíng de]

    This custom was still current in the 1960s. — 这个习俗在20世纪60年代还是很流行。

    * the current issue — [of magazine] 最近一期

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  • 2 current affairs

    n pl
    时事 [shíshì]

    * a current affairs programme — 时事讨论节目

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  • 3 additional

    附加的 [fùjiā de]

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  • 4 current account

    ( BRIT); n; c
    活期存款账户 [huóqī cúnkuǎn zhànghù] 美 = checking account

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  • 5

    water, river, a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc.; water, a liquid, extra charges or incomes, washing of a garment
    * * *
    Adam's ale; Adam's wine; liquid; water
    【化】 water
    【医】 a.; Aq.; aqua; aquae; eau; hydr-; hydro-; hydrogen monoxide; water
    【经】 water
    * * *
    Adam's ale; Adam's wine; liquid; water
    * * *
    adj. aquatic
    n. water, river, liquid
    * * *
    surname Shui
    water, river, liquid, beverage, additional charges or income, (of clothes) classifier for number of washes
    * * *
    (由两个氢原子和一个氧原子结合而成的液体) water:
    淡 (软; 硬)水 fresh (soft; hard) water;
    海绵吸水。 A sponge absorbs water.
    水含有氢和氧。 Water contains hydrogen and oxygen.
    (河流) river:
    汉水 the Han River
    (指江、河、湖、海、洋) a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc.; water:
    水陆运输 land and water transportation;
    水上人家 boat dwellers;
    水平如镜。 The surface of the water is as smooth as a mirror.
    (水流) current:
    顺水 downstream; with the current;
    我们的船逆水而行。 Our ship stemmed on against the current.
    (稀的汁) a liquid:
    桔子水 orangeade;
    墨水 ink
    (货币中银的含量) silver content in coins:
    贴水 discount for inferior coins
    (指附加的费用或额外的收入) extra charges or income:
    汇水 remittance fee;
    外水 extra income
    (五行之一) water, one of the five elements
    (水族) the Shui nationality, living mainly in Guizhou
    (姓氏) a surname:
    水苏民 Shui Sumin
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 水|水 [Shuǐ] surname Shui
    Ⅱ. 水|水 [shuǐ] water river liquid beverage additional charges or income (of clothes) classifier for number of washes

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  • 6 辅助

    assist; aid, supplementary; auxiliary; subsidiary
    * * *
    【计】 ADDIT; preemergency; SEC
    【医】 aid
    * * *
    * * *
    n. aid, aide, help, aider
    v. aid, assist, help
    * * *
    fu3 zhu4
    to assist, to aid, supplementary, auxiliary, subsidiary
    * * *
    fǔ zhù
    (从旁帮助) assist:
    这项任务由他辅助你去完成。 He will assist you to complete the task.
    你辅助他做修改校样的工作。 You assist him in correting the proof.
    (非主要的) supplementary; auxiliary; subsidiary:
    有了这些辅助人员, 我们的工作才顺利多了。 These auxiliaries have made our work much easier.
    辅助氨酶 contransaminase;
    辅助安全机构 secondary safety;
    辅助泵 auxiliary pump; jury pump; service pump; donkey; booster;
    辅助臂 sub-arm;
    辅助变量 auxiliary variable;
    辅助变量法 auxiliary variable method;
    辅助变压器 auxiliary transformer;
    辅助兵器 {军} secondary armament;
    辅助病毒 helper virus;
    辅助波道 auxiliary channel;
    辅助剥离 up-stripping;
    辅助材料 accessory material; auxiliary materials;
    辅助参考脉冲 auxiliary reference pulse;
    辅助(备用)仓库 substore;
    辅助操纵 assisted control; secondary control;
    辅助操纵杆 auxiliary operating rod;
    辅助操纵系统 secondary control system; auxiliary control system;
    辅助操作 {自} auxiliary operation; red-tape operation; nonproductive operation; overhead operation;
    辅助操作时间 overhead time;
    辅助操作字 auxiliary function word;
    辅助测潮站 {工} secondary tide station;
    辅助测量仪器 auxiliary measuring instrument;
    辅助厂房 auxiliary plant;
    辅助车道 auxiliary lane;
    辅助程序 auxiliary routine; bootstrap; bootstrap program; bootstrap routine; housekeeping program(me); housekeeping routine; red strap; service routine; utility routine;
    辅助程序存储器 bootstrap memory;
    辅助承力索 auxiliary carrier cable;
    辅助车间 auxiliary shop;
    辅助惩罚措施 auxiliary penal measure;
    辅助齿轮 equipment gear;
    辅助齿轮箱 auxiliary gearbox;
    辅助尺 auxiliary scale;
    辅助处理程序 support processor;
    辅助处理机(器) {自} auxiliary processor; peripheral processor; subprocessor;
    辅助触点 auxiliary contacts; arcing contact;
    辅助椽子 {房} auxiliary rafter;
    辅助传动轴 attachment driving shaft;
    辅助传动装置 auxiliary drive;
    辅助传音器 tape deck;
    辅助船 {船} auxiliary ship;
    辅助垂直面 auxiliary vertical plane;
    辅助垂直投影 auxiliary vertical projection;
    辅助磁化线圈 bias winding;
    辅助存储器 {自} auxiliary store; auxiliary storage; additional memory; auxiliary memory; backing storage; secondary memory; secondary storage; subsidiary storage; additional storage; supplementary storage;
    辅助存储装置 auxiliary storage unit;
    辅助单据 ancillary document;
    辅助单位 auxiliary unit;
    辅助单元 auxiliary unit;
    辅助导线 auxiliary conductor; pilot wire;
    辅助道路 service carriageway;
    辅助等高线 auxiliary contour; extra contour;
    辅助点 auxiliary point;
    辅助电池组 booster battery;
    辅助电磁铁 subsidiary magnet;
    辅助电动机 auxiliary motor;
    辅助电花隙 {电} auxiliary spark gap;
    辅助电机 stand-by motor;
    辅助电极 {物化} auxiliary electrode;
    辅助电极切割调容 capacitance-adjustment by cutting servo-electrode;
    辅助电力传动装置 auxiliary electric drive;
    辅助电力机组 auxiliary electric power unit;
    辅助电流 auxiliary current;
    辅助电流互感器 auxiliary current transformer;
    辅助电路 auxiliary circuit;
    辅助电容器 auxiliary capacitor;
    辅助电台 booster station;
    辅助电梯电动机 auxiliary lift motor;
    辅助电压 boost voltage;
    辅助电压互感器 auxiliary potential transformer;
    辅助电源 auxiliary power; auxiliary source; auxiliary power source;
    辅助电站 subsidiary power plant;
    辅助电阻 auxiliary resistance;
    辅助定理 lemma;
    辅助动力供应电池 auxiliary battery power supply;
    辅助动力装置(设备) {机}auxiliary power unit (APU); boost power plant; auxiliary power plant;
    辅助断流阀 auxiliary stop valve;
    辅助饵料 additive food;
    辅助二极管 booster diode;
    辅助发电机 pilot generator;
    辅助发电机组 auxiliary generator set;
    辅助发动机 {机} donkey engine; jack engine; donkey doctor; auxiliary engine; put-put;
    辅助发动机底架 donkey sled;
    辅助发射机 booster transmitter; satellite transmitter;
    辅助阀 auxiliary valve; booster valve; jockey valve;
    辅助阀座 auxiliary valve seat; (四角斜桁)
    辅助帆 jackyarder;
    辅助反馈 subsidiary feedback;
    辅助方案 subplan;
    辅助方程 auxiliary equation; subsidiary equation;
    辅助放大器 booster amplifier;
    辅助飞机场 satellite;
    辅助分区 subpartition;
    辅助风扇 auxiliary blower;
    辅助浮体 auxiliary float;
    辅助杆 auxiliary rod; subsidiary rod;
    辅助杆件 auxiliary bar;
    辅助格间 service compartment;
    辅助隔间 {采矿} shaft service compartment;
    辅助给水泵 auxiliary feed water pump;
    辅助耕作 supplementary tillage;
    辅助工 hodman; backman; auxiliary worker;
    辅助工具 doctor;
    辅助工人 underworker;
    辅助工作 {采矿} back work;
    辅助功能 miscellaneous function;
    辅助拱 {土} discharging arch; relieving arch;
    辅助钩 auxiliary hook;
    辅助构架 sub-frame;
    辅助鼓风机 {采矿} auxiliary blower;
    辅助挂索 auxiliary messenger wire;
    辅助关节 subjoint;
    辅助管道 {土} subsidiary conduit;
    辅助光 fill-in light; fill light;
    辅助光照 supplementary illumination;
    辅助辊 help(er) roll;
    辅助锅炉 donkey;
    辅助过程 supporting process;
    辅助函数符号 auxiliary function symbol;
    辅助行 secondary row;
    辅助航空站 subairport;
    辅助巷道 adit;
    辅助核 {数} auxiliary kernel;
    辅助横梁 gate beam;
    辅助横移 auxiliary rack;
    辅助呼吸 assisted respiration;
    辅助环 subring;
    辅助回路 subsidiary loop;
    辅助活塞 auxiliary piston;
    辅助火箭 ancillary rocket; auxiliary rocket;
    辅助基线 auxiliary base;
    辅助机 auxiliary machine;
    辅助机场 subairport;
    辅助机车 donkey engine;
    辅助机构 complementary unit; doctor; auxiliary body;
    辅助机械(机器) auxiliary machinery; assist;
    辅助机械设备 accessory machinery;
    辅助唧筒 auxiliary cylinder;
    辅助极 interpole; intensifying ring; commutation pole;
    辅助剂 adjuvant; assistant; auxiliary;
    辅助计量 submeter;
    辅助计数器 auxiliary counter;
    辅助计算机 secondary computer; satellite computer;
    辅助计算系统 auxiliary computing system;
    辅助寄存器 background register;
    辅助继电器 auxiliary relay; slave relay; pilot relay;
    辅助加热 auxiliary heating;
    辅助加速器 auxinotron; subsidiary accelerator;
    辅助架 auxiliary frame;
    辅助间隙 auxiliary gap;
    辅助键盘 auxiliary keyboard; companion keyboard;
    辅助舰 tender;
    辅助舰船 auxiliary ships; auxiliary vessels;
    辅助交换中心 secondary (switching) centre;
    辅助角 auxiliary angle; subsidiary angle;
    辅助绞车 auxiliary winch;
    辅助接触器 auxiliary contactor;
    辅助接地 auxiliary earth;
    辅助接收机 auxiliary receiver;
    辅助进给泵 auxiliary feed pump;
    辅助进给阀 auxiliary feed valve;
    辅助进气口 {航空} auxiliary air intake; intake auxiliary air;
    辅助进汽管 supplementary live steam pipe;
    辅助警报器 auxiliary alarm;
    辅助镜头 (透镜) attachment lens;
    辅助开关 auxiliary switch; pilot switch;
    辅助课程 cocurriculum;
    辅助空气室 air storage chamber;
    辅助孔 via hole;
    辅助控制 sub-control;
    辅助控制部件(器) auxiliary control unit;
    辅助控制电源 auxiliary control source;
    辅助控制杆 auxiliary control rod;
    辅助控制机构 auxiliary controls;
    辅助控制台 auxiliary console; subconsole;
    辅助矿井 {采矿} service shaft;
    辅助快门 auxiliary shutter;
    辅助缆索 guest rope; guess-rope; guesswarp; guess rope;
    辅助劳动 auxiliary labour; auxiliary jobs;
    辅助劳动力 subsidiary labour power;
    辅助雷达 backup radar;
    辅助冷凝器 auxiliary condenser;
    辅助励磁绕组 auxiliary exciting winding;
    辅助例行程序 {自} auxiliary routine;
    辅助连杆 auxiliary connecting rod;
    辅助连接器 subconnector;
    辅助量 auxiliary quantity;
    辅助疗法 nypurgia;
    辅助流 auxiliary flow;
    辅助滤波器 extension filter; accessory filter;
    辅助螺钉弧形板 {讯} auxiliary screw arc;
    辅助螺旋桨 auxiliary propeller; auxiliary rotor;
    辅助罗盘 gyro (compass) repeater;
    辅助马达 servo-motor;
    辅助面 secondary surface;
    辅助面板 sub-panel;
    辅助模座 subbolster;
    辅助母线 auxiliary bus bar;
    辅助盘 bracket panel;
    辅助炮弹 auxiliary cartridge;
    辅助炮眼 easer; helper;
    辅助喷管 auxiliary jet;
    辅助喷射口 cap jet;
    辅助频率 quenching frequency;
    辅助平巷 by-level;
    辅助平衡 auxiliary balance;
    辅助平面 auxiliary plane;
    辅助起落装置 auxiliary landing gear;
    辅助起重机 auxiliary hoist; donkey crane;
    辅助起重绞车 auxiliary crab;
    辅助气阀 auxiliary air valve;
    辅助气球 saloon; satellite balloon;
    辅助汽轮机 auxiliary turbine;
    辅助腔 compensated cavity;
    辅助切换阀 auxiliary changeover valve;
    辅助驱动气轮机 auxiliary drive turbine;
    辅助全息图 auxiliary hologram;
    辅助燃料箱 auxiliary fuel tank;
    辅助燃烧器 additional burner; auxiliary burner;
    辅助绕组 split-phase winding; auxiliary winding;
    辅助人员 auxilian; auxiliary staffmembers; paraprofessional;
    辅助熔断器 auxiliary fuse;
    辅助溶剂 secondary solvent;
    辅助乳化剂 coemulsifier;
    辅助润滑油泵 auxiliary lubrication pump;
    辅助刹车 auxiliary brake;
    辅助塞孔 auxiliary jack;
    辅助色素 accessory pigments;
    辅助扇风机 auxiliary fan;
    辅助设备 accessory equipment; accessories; additional equipment; adjustage; aid; auxiliary apparatus; auxiliary device; auxiliary equipment; auxiliary facility; auxiliary installation; auxiliary means; auxiliaries; maintenance facility; service equipment; slaving;
    辅助设计 aided design;
    辅助声道输入插孔 auxiliary channel input jack;
    辅助生产部门 auxiliary production unit;
    辅助时间 non-cutting time;
    辅助噬菌体 helper phage;
    辅助视图 auxiliary projection; auxiliary view;
    辅助手段 aid; supplementary means;
    辅助授粉 supplementary pollination;
    辅助输入输出语句 auxiliary input output statement;
    辅助树种 accessory species;
    辅助数据 auxiliary data;
    辅助水平投影 auxiliary horizontal projection;
    辅助水准 auxiliary level;
    辅助伺服电动机(马达) auxiliary servomotor;
    辅助随动活塞 auxiliary follow up piston;
    辅助索引 secondary index;
    辅助弹簧 secondary spring;
    辅助弹簧垫片 auxiliary spring plate;
    辅助弹簧夹 auxiliary spring clamp;
    辅助弹簧片 rebound leaf of the spring;
    辅助天线 auxiliary antenna;
    辅助条件 subsidiary conditions; supplementary conditions;
    辅助调节器 auxiliary governor;
    辅助调式设施 debugging aid facility;
    辅助调谐设备 tuning auxiliaries;
    辅助通道 accessory channel;
    辅助通风 secondary ventilation;
    辅助通风机 auxiliary ventilator;
    辅助通气 assisted ventilation;
    辅助投影面 auxiliary projection plane;
    辅助投资 ancillary investment;
    辅助头 auxiliary head;
    辅助透镜 attachment lens; auxiliary lens;
    辅助图 auxiliary chart;
    辅助推进 auxiliary propulsion;
    辅助推力 augmented thrust;
    辅助拖拉机 complementary tractor;
    辅助望远镜 auxiliary telescope;
    辅助桅纵帆 spencer;
    辅助位 service bit;
    辅助温度计 {工} auxiliary thermometer;
    辅助文件 {计} secondary file;
    辅助武器 {军} secondary weapon;
    辅助物镜 attachment objective;
    辅助物料 supplies;
    辅助系绳装置 auxiliary rope fastening device;
    辅助系统 accessory system; subsystem;
    辅助细胞 {植} auxiliary cell;
    辅助线 boost line; auxiliary line;
    辅助线圈 auxiliary coil;
    辅助线组 {电} supplementary group;
    辅助箱 auxiliary tank; (汽车)
    辅助消声器 rosonator;
    辅助小水泵 {采矿} gathering pump;
    辅助新汽进汽阀 auxiliary live steam admission valve;
    辅助信号 auxiliary signal; cue signal;
    辅助信号灯 auxiliary pilot lamp;
    辅助信用贷款(证) subsidiary credit;
    辅助旋臂 supplementary radial arm;
    辅助选择器 auxiliary selector;
    辅助循环泵 auxiliary circulating pump;
    辅助循环锅炉 associated circulation boiler;
    辅助巡洋舰 auxiliary cruiser;
    辅助压力泵马达 pilot pressure pump motor;
    辅助压缩机 auxiliary compressor;
    辅助压缩空气电动机 auxiliary compressor motor;
    辅助眼 reliever;
    辅助阳极 auxiliary anode;
    辅助液力控制 hydraulic pilot control;
    辅助医务人员 paramedical personnel;
    辅助仪表 supporting instrument;
    辅助仪器 supplementary instrument;
    辅助翼梁 secondary spar;
    辅助因素 hypurgia;
    辅助因子 cofactor;
    辅助营救设备 {工} secondary rescue facilities;
    辅助硬化 post-curing;
    辅助用具 auxiliary set;
    辅助油泵 auxiliary oil pump;
    辅助渔具 accessory gear;
    辅助圆 {数} auxiliary circle;
    辅助运动 synkinesia;
    辅助运输 {采矿} subsidiary transport;
    辅助运算 auxiliary operation;
    辅助增塑剂 {材} extender plasticizer; secondary plasticizer;
    辅助轧机 supplementary mill;
    辅助账户 subsidiary account;
    辅助着陆装置 {航空} auxiliary landing gear;
    辅助照明 floor light; auxiliary lighting;
    辅助照明装置 auxiliary lighting apparatus;
    辅助针阀 auxiliary needle valve;
    辅助蒸汽闸阀 auxiliary sluice valve;
    辅助整流极 interpole;
    辅助正视图 auxiliary elevation;
    辅助枝 accessory shoot;
    辅助支撑 {房} ancillary shoring;
    辅助支架 auxiliary stand; auxiliary support;
    辅助支柱 {航空} jury strut;
    辅助指令缓冲器 ancillary instruction buffer;
    辅助指示符 secondary indicator;
    辅助纸盒 subcone;
    辅助制动 auxiliary braking;
    辅助制动器 auxiliary brake;
    辅助中继电台 {讯} booster station;
    辅助终端 accessory terminal;
    辅助轴 accessory shaft;
    辅助轴线 auxiliary axis;
    辅助柱塞 kicker ram;
    辅助主动者角色 coagent case;
    辅助转储系统 secondary dump system;
    辅助装定器 {军} aided matching;
    辅助装配 auxiliary assembly;
    辅助装置 auxiliary assembly; aid; service;
    辅助子程序 supplementary subroutine; interlude;
    辅助字 optional word;
    辅助字符 additional character; special character;
    辅助总成 auxiliary unit;
    辅助总账 subsidiary ledger;
    辅助纵梁 false longeron;
    辅助钻眼 breakers;
    辅助作业 less important work
    * * *
    輔助|辅助 [fǔ zhù] to assist to aid supplementary auxiliary subsidiary

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  • 7 一次

    once; (of flue) dose
    * * *
    once; one-off; whack
    【电】 first order
    相关词组: 第一次
    * * *
    once; whack
    * * *
    adv. once, one time, at one point in time; in the past
    n. first time, once
    n. once, one time, single occurrence
    * * *
    yi1 ci4
    first, first time, once, (math.) linear (of degree one)
    * * *
    yī cì
    (一回) once:
    一周一次 once a week;
    不止一次 more than once;
    再一次 once again;
    再试一次 try once again;
    一次就够了吗? Will once be enough?
    雷声隔得一次比一次久, 这意味着暴风雨正在过去。 The increasing distance between thunderclaps meant the storm was moving away.
    我到过那儿一次。 I have been there once.
    我只见过他一次。 I've met her only once.
    {数} linear
    {电} primary
    一次倍频 first overtone;
    一次编译程序 one-pass compiler;
    一次变分方程 equation of first variation;
    一次变换 linear transformation;
    一次变换器 primary transducer;
    一次拨款 lump-sum appropriation;
    一次捕鱼量 shot;
    一次采全高 full-seam mining;
    一次采油可采储量 primary reserve;
    一次操作 once-through operation;
    一次参数 primary parameter;
    一次测量转换器 primary measuring transducer;
    一次成巷掘进 simultaneous driving and supporting;
    一次差分 first difference;
    一次抽样单位 primary sampling unit;
    一次抽样方案 single sampling plan;
    一次抽样检验 single-sampling inspection;
    一次电波 {讯} primary wave;
    一次电池 one-shot battery; galvanic cell; primary cell;
    一次电流 primary current;
    一次电路 primary circuit;
    一次电路电阻 primary resistance;
    一次电压 primary voltage;
    一次电子 primary electron;
    一次动情 monoestrus;
    一次断裂畸变 single-break aberration;
    一次多倍体 primary polyploid;
    一次反复 one replication;
    一次反应 primary reaction;
    一次泛音 first overtone;
    一次方 first power;
    一次方程 first-order equation; linear equation;
    一次方程式 simple equation;
    一次分级 scalping;
    一次风 primary air;
    一次孵卵数 sitting;
    一次辐射体 primary radiator;
    一次革命论 theory of a single revolution;
    一次固熔体 primary solid solution;
    一次光电效应 primary photoelectric effect;
    一次光源 primary source;
    一次函数 function of first degree; linear function;
    一次活套 primary loop;
    一次击穿 {半} first breakdown;
    一次击中学说 one-hit theory;
    一次激活电池 primary activated battery;
    一次计数器 start-stop counter;
    一次继电器 primary relay;
    一次加法时间 one addition time;
    一次加热 single heat;
    一次交货量 {经} consignment;
    一次结实植物 monocarpic plant;
    一次近似 first approximation;
    一次进入点 primary entry point;
    一次净保险费 net single premium;
    一次矩 first moment;
    一次空气 primary air;
    一次冷凝器 primary condenser;
    一次冷却剂 primary coolant;
    一次冷镦机 single-stroke header;
    一次码烧 semi-stiff extrusion process;
    一次毛纱法 direct attenuation silver processing;
    一次模 one-off pattern;
    一次配电 primary power distributions;
    一次配电网 primary distribution;
    一次配电系统 primary distribution system;
    一次喷嘴 primary nozzle;
    一次起动 one push start;
    一次敲击 a beat;
    一次取样 primary sample;
    一次群 primary group; primary block;
    一次绕组 primary winding;
    一次融透 straight thawing;
    一次入境签证 single entry visa;
    一次扫视操作 one pass operation;
    一次闪蒸 full flashing;
    一次摄影 a shot;
    一次设计 once-through design;
    一次射击 a round;
    一次生产量 a batch;
    一次石墨化 {化} primary graphitizing;
    一次使用导弹 {军} expendable missile; one shot missile;
    一次使用电子干扰设备 expendable electronic jamming equipment;
    一次使用信用状 straight letter of credit;
    一次试验 single test;
    一次碳化物 primary carbide;
    一次调整 one-setting;
    一次通过 single pass; one shot;
    一次通过程序 blue-ribbon program;
    一次通过锅炉 single-pass boiler;
    一次投票 single ballot;
    一次投梭 a shot;
    一次污泥 primary sludge;
    一次污染 primary pollution;
    一次污染物 primary pollutant;
    一次吸枝 one-sucker;
    一次系统 primary system;
    一次纤维导丝板 primary filament comb guides;
    一次显示 primary display;
    一次线 {电工} primary line;
    一次线圈 primary winding (PW); primary coil;
    一次消费 {经} one-time consumption;
    一次谐波 first harmonic;
    一次锌-银电池 primary silver-zinc battery;
    一次型 dispensable mould;
    一次循环工艺图 once-through flowsheet;
    一次压制 single-pressing;
    一次压制法 single-press process;
    一次仪表 primary instrument;
    一次有效装置 expendable equipment;
    一次运算计算机 single-shot computer;
    一次载波 primary carrier;
    一次再结晶 primary recrystallization;
    一次再热 single reheat;
    一次折射 unirefringence;
    一次蒸发 flush distillation; single vaporization;
    一次枝线 linear branch;
    一次指令 once command;
    一次注入量 a shot;
    一次注射(量) a shot;
    一次铸型 temporary mould;
    一次走刀 one-pass;
    一次装填 one-time pad;
    一次总付办法 lump-sum basis
    * * *
    一次|一次 [yī cì] first first time once (math.) linear (of degree one)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一次

  • 8 三次

    【医】 ter-; tri-
    * * *
    * * *
    adv. thrice, three times
    n. three times
    n. third
    * * *
    san1 ci4
    third, three times, (math.) degree three, cubic (equation)
    * * *
    sān cì
    triple; ter-; tri-
    三次倍频器 triductor;
    三次不尽根 cubic surd; surd of third order;
    三次采油 tertiary oil recovery;
    三次重捕法 triple catch method;
    三次电流 tertiary current;
    三次对称轴 axis of trigonal symmetry;
    三次对称轴线 three-fold symmetry axis;
    三次多项式 {数} cubic polynomial;
    三次反射 triple reflection;
    三次方程(式) cubic equation;
    三次方程问题 cubic problem;
    三次风 {机} tertiary air;
    三次根 cube root;
    三次过荷继电器 three times overload relay;
    三次函数 cubic function;
    三次幂 third power; cube;
    三次挠线 twisted cubic;
    三次绕组 tertiary winding;
    三次抛物线 cubic parabola;
    三次曲面 cubic surface;
    三次曲线 cubic curve; cubic;
    三次取样式数字电压表 triple sampling type digital voltmeter;
    三次渗碳体 tertiary cementite;
    三次式 cubic expression tertiary;
    三次收敛 cubic convergence;
    三次调谐 third harmonic tuning;
    三次线圈 tertiary coil;
    三次谐波序列 triplen;
    三次行程回波 triple transit echo; triple travel signal;
    三次掩模技术 trimask technique;
    三次样条 (函数) cubic spline
    * * *
    三次|三次 [sān cì] third three times (math.) degree three, cubic (equation)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三次

  • 9 三角

    triangle, trigonometry
    * * *
    triangle; trigonometry
    【医】 delta; triangle; triangulum; trigone; trigonum
    相关词组: 不等边三角形
    * * *
    triangle; trigonometry
    * * *
    san1 jiao3
    * * *
    sān jiǎo
    triangle; trigonometry; trigonum (pl. trigona)
    三角安全网 jib netting;
    三角八面体 triakisoctahedron;
    三角板 triangle; deltidium; set-square;
    三角背心 halter (女用);
    三角比 trigonometric ratio;
    三角闭合差 closure error of triangle;
    三角薄片状金刚石 makle; maacle;
    三角不等式 {数} triangle inequality;
    三角布绷带 cravat;
    三角槽口 {土} vee notch;
    三角槽铁 vee block;
    三角测高法 trigonometric level1ing;
    三角测高器 hypsometer;
    三角测量 {工} triangulation; trigonometrical survey;
    三角测量标记 {工} triangulation mark;
    三角测量觇标 triangulation tower;
    三角测量导航法 navigation by triangulation;
    三角测量等级 class of triangulation;
    三角测量定位法 triangulation location;
    三角测量锁 arc triangulation;
    三角测量网 triangulation net;
    三角测量员 triangulator;
    三角茶几 teapoy; tepoy;
    三角撑 trivet;
    三角齿 rake tooth; peg tooth;
    三角齿锯 peg tooth saw;
    三角翠雀 dwarf larkspur;
    三角锉 angle file; triangular file;
    三角带 vee belt;
    三角吊架 sulky derrick;
    三角顶帆 raffe;
    三角定规 plain triangle;
    三角对称线 triangular symmetric curve;
    三角多顶式 {数} trigonometric polynomial;
    三角法 trigonometry;
    三角帆蚌 hyriopsis cumingii;
    三角方程 {工} trigonometric equation; angle equation;
    三角鲂 {动} triangular bream;
    三角分解 triangular factorization;
    三角枫 {植} trident maple;
    三角符号 triangle;
    三角辅助帆 jib-o-jib;
    三角港 estuary; firth; frith;
    三角杠杆 culdy;
    三角高程测量(法) {工} trigonometric levelling;
    三角高程平差 adjustment of trigonometric levelling;
    三角高程网 trigonometric levelling networks;
    三角骨 os triquetrum; triangular bone; triquetral bone; ulmare; pyramidale;
    三角刮刀 cant scraper; threecornered scraper; triangular scraper;
    三角规 triangular compass;
    三角焊缝 angle fillet;
    三角和 trigonometric sum;
    三角桁架 English truss;
    三角恒等式 trigonometric identity;
    三角滑块 cam block;
    三角簧 triangular spring;
    三角级数 trigonometric series;
    三角嵴 triangular ridge;
    三角尖锉 knife gin saw file;
    三角胶带 bead apex (core);
    三角铰子 kreplach; kreplech; creplich;
    三角接法 delta-connection;
    三角接法电流 delta current;
    三角接线电压 delta voltage;
    三角巾 sling;
    三角近似法 trigonometric approximation;
    三角晶系 trigonal system;
    三角桔 merope;
    三角矩阵 {数} triangular matrix;
    三角锯锉 cant file; cantsaw file;
    三角孔 delthyrium;
    三角孔梁 zigzag girder;
    三角控制网 trigonometric framework;
    三角裤 panties; briefs;
    三角阔裂豆 wild ivy;
    三角蜡孔 cerari;
    三角栏杆 {木} arris rail;
    三角浪 {海} choppy sea; sugarloaf sea;
    三角联结 triangular configuration;
    三角恋爱 love triangle;
    三角螺纹 angular thread; triangular thread; V-thread;
    三角帽 cocked hat;
    三角贸易 triangular trade;
    三角门梁 {建} fronton;
    三角面 {地质} triangular facet;
    三角木 cleat;
    三角排列图 cam chart;
    三角剖分 {数} triangulation; triangulate;
    三角剖分问题 {数} triangulation problem;
    三角旗 pendant; pendent; pennon;
    三角起重机 gin;
    三角腔 delthyrial cavity;
    三角墙 gable;
    三角穹圆顶 pendentive dome;
    三角区 trigonum (pl. trigona); septa;
    三角曲拐 V-bob;
    三角曲线 trigonometric curve;
    三角-曲折形接法 delta-zigzag connection;
    三角-曲折形接线 delta-zigzag connection;
    三角韧带 {解} deltoid ligament; ligamentum deltoideum; ligamentum triangular;
    三角-三角形接法 delta-delta connection;
    三角-三角形接线 delta-delta connection;
    三角三四面体 triakistetrahedron;
    三角沙坝 {地质} cuspate bar
    三角栅格阵列天线 triangular gird array antenna;
    三角十二面体 trigondodecahedron;
    三角试片 test wedge;
    三角视差 trigonometric parallax;
    三角束 olivospinal tract; tractus triangularis;
    三角锁 {测} triangulation chain;
    三角套汇 three-point arbitrage in foreign exchange;
    三角套筒 cam sleeve;
    三角铁 {音} triangle; angle iron; L-iron (角钢);
    三角头巾 babushka;
    三角头畸胎 trigocephalus; trigonocephalus;
    三角凸轮 triangular cam;
    三角图 axonometric projection;
    三角突 tubercula;
    三角湾 estero;
    三角湾状三角洲 estuarine delta;
    三角窝 fossa triangularis;
    三角屋架 collar roof;
    三角系点阵 trigonal lattice;
    三角箱 cam box;
    三角-星形变换 delta-Y transformation;
    三角-星形接法 delta-star connection;
    三角-星形接线 delta-star connection;
    三角星形接线变换 delta-star transformation;
    三角星形接线法 mesh-star connection;
    三角星座 {天} Triangulum (Tri); Triangle;
    三角堰 triangular-notch weir; V-notch weir;
    三角叶杨 alamo; yellow cottonwood; cottonwood;
    三角仪 triangulator;
    三角圆环 cam ring;
    三角杂波 triangular noise;
    三角轧头 triple clamp;
    三角针道 cam track; cam raceway; cam channel;
    三角支架 A-frame;
    三角植树 triangular-planting;
    三角桌 knee table; angular table;
    三角子程序 trigonometric subroutine;
    三角(山)嘴 facetted spur
    * * *
    三角|三角 [sān jiǎo] triangle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三角

  • 10 三角形

    The triangular; the three-side polygon; a figure having three sides that are three different straight lines.
    * * *
    triangle; trigon; trilateral
    【医】 triangle; triangulum
    * * *
    triangle; trigon
    * * *
    n. triangle
    * * *
    san1 jiao3 xing2
    * * *
    sān jiǎo xíng
    {数} delta; triangle; square:
    不等边三角形 scalene triangle;
    等边三角形 equilateral triangle;
    等腰三角形 isosceles triangle;
    直角三角形 right-angled triangle
    三角形边接电路 delta connected circuit;
    三角形布料 gusset;
    三角形布条 gore;
    三角形槽 vee gutter;
    三角形磁场 delta field;
    三角形大横帆 bentinck;
    三角形导轨 triangular guide;
    三角形地带 gore;
    三角形电流 delta current;
    三角形电路 delta network;
    三角形多元天线 multiwire-triatic antenna;
    三角形法计算矿量 {采矿} triangular method;
    三角形反常 triangle anomaly;
    三角形分布 triangular distribution;
    三角形分解 triangular decomposition;
    三角形杆 triangular section bar;
    三角形构架 triangular truss;
    三角形骨盆 triangular pelvis;
    三角形化 triangularization;
    三角形基 triangular basis;
    三角形激光器 triangular laser;
    三角形甲板长度 deck;
    三角形接端 delta connector;
    三角形接法 {电工} delta connection; mesh connection;
    三角形接线 delta connection;
    三角形结构 triangular structure;
    三角形截面踏步 {建} spandrel step;
    三角形解法 solution of a triangle; triangle computations; solution by a triangle;
    三角形矩阵 triangular matrices;
    三角形蜡孔 tricerores;
    三角形连接电动势 delta electromotive force;
    三角形脉冲 {电子} triangular pulse;
    三角形脉冲发生器 triangle generator;
    三角形脉冲函数 {讯} delta impulse function;
    三角形楣饰 fronton;
    三角形密封圈 delta-ring;
    三角形面 gore;
    三角形木料堆 peaker;
    三角形皮带 vee belt;
    三角形枪显像管 {电子} delta-gun tube;
    三角形切口横条 arris rail;
    三角形缺口 vee;
    三角形绕组 delta winding;
    三角形式 triangular form;
    三角形饰 triquetra;
    三角形数 triangular number;
    三角形速度分布 triangular velocity distribution;
    三角形探伤法 delta testing method;
    三角形体 trigone;
    三角形天帆 sky-gazer;
    三角形天线 triangle antenna; triangular antenna;
    三角形突起 dentation;
    三角形网格 triangular net;
    三角形网络 {电} delta network;
    三角形网线 trigonal;
    三角形线迹 arrow head;
    三角形小窗 angle light;
    三角形褶裥 vee;
    三角形植树 planting in triangle;
    三角形注入(式)激光器 triangular injection laser
    * * *
    三角形|三角形 [sān jiǎo xíng] triangle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三角形

  • 11

    (used before a noun) upper (in position or quality); higher; better; superior, most recent; last; former, first (of something divided into two or three parts), come or go up; ascend, get on (a conveyance); mount; board, go to; leave for, forge ahead; go ahead, (used in stage directions) appear on the stage; enter, enter the court or field, fill; supply; serve, place something in position; fix, apply; paint; smear, on, within (a certain area), in (some aspect), at (the age of), formerly, referring to the emperor, (used alone, esp. in contrast to 下) above, (used after a preposition) up; upward, be put on record; be carried (in a publication), wind; screw; tighten, be engaged (in work, study, etc.) at a fixed time; attend, up, indicating the attainment of an objective, indicating that an action has started, indicating an amount, value or extent reached or to be reached, up to; as many as
    * * *
    ascending; go to; go up; previous; submit; superior; upper
    【医】 ept-; hyper-; super-; supra-; sur-
    * * *
    ascending; go to; go up; previous; submit; superior
    * * *
    adj. previous, last, preceding, upper, higher, better, superior, topmost, overhead
    adv. up
    n. first
    pref. over
    prep. on, on top of, upon, above
    v. climb, leave for, submit, send in, present, board, fill, supply, serve, apply, go up, mount
    * * *
    see 上聲, 上声
    on top, upon, above, upper, previous, first (of multiple parts), to climb, to get onto, to go up, to attend (class or university)
    * * *
    {语} (指上声) falling-rising tone另见 shàng; shang。
    (用在动词后, 表示由低处向高处):
    登上山顶 reach the summit;
    爬上河堤 climb up to the top of the dyke;
    踏上非洲的土地 set foot on African soil;
    对敌人的新仇旧恨, 一齐涌上心头。 Hatred of the enemy, for old and new wrongs, welled up in his heart.
    (用在动词后, 表示动作的结果):
    穿上外衣 put on a coat;
    考上大学 be admitted to a college;
    没吃上饭 be too late for the meal;
    茶已经沏上了。 The tea has been made.
    你跟他接上头了吗? Have you got in touch with him?
    他传染上感冒了。 He's caught cold.
    我买上火车票了。 I've got the train ticket.
    (用在动词后, 表示开始并继续):
    她爱上了草原。 She's fallen in love with the grasslands.
    他拿起一把铲就干上了。 He seized a shovel and set to.
    (用在名词后, 表示事物的表面):
    脸上 in the face;
    墙上 on the wall;
    把书放在桌上。 Put the book on the table.
    (用在名词后, 表示在某种事物的范围以内或方面):
    会上 at the meeting;
    报上说的 what is reported in the newspaper;
    世界上 in the world;
    事实上 in fact; in reality; actually;
    理论上 in theory; theoretically;
    由组织上决定 be decided by the Party organization;
    口头上赞成, 实际上反对 agree in words but oppose in deeds;
    这个小镇上有两所中学。 There are two middle schools in this little town.
    这个错误由我们领导上负责。 We of the leadership must accept responsibility for this mistake.
    另见 shǎng; shàng。
    (位置在高处的) upper; up; upward:
    上铺 upper berth;
    上身 the upper part of the body;
    往上看 look up (upward);
    这头朝上 this side up
    (等级或品质高的) higher ; superior; better:
    犯上 go against one's superiors;
    向上反映情况 report the situation to the higher organization;
    中上水平 above the average; better than the average;
    这个词是旧时下对上的称呼。 This word was used in the old days to address one's superiors.
    (次序或时间在前的) first (part); preceding; previous:
    20世纪上半叶 the first half of the twentieth century;
    上半年 the first half of the year;
    上册 the first volume; Volume One; Book One;
    上集 the first part; Part One; Volume One;
    上星期三 last Wednesday;
    上一段 the preceding (above; foregoing) paragraph;
    上一季 the previous quarter
    (旧时指皇帝) the emperor:
    上谕 imperial decree
    {音} (中国民族音乐音节上的一级, 乐谱上用做记音符号, 相当于简谱的“1”) a note of the scale in gongchepu (工尺谱),corresponding to 1 in numbered musical notation
    {语}(上声) falling-rising tone, one of the four tones in classical Chinese and the third tone in modern standard Chinese pronunciation
    (姓氏) a surname:
    上之登 Shang Zhideng
    (由低处到 高处) go up; mount; board; get on:
    上岸 go ashore; go on shore; land;
    上船 go aboard a ship; go on board;
    上飞机 board a plane;
    上公共汽车 get on a bus;
    上楼 go upstairs;
    上坡 go up a slope;
    上山 go up a hill; go uphill;
    上自行车 get on a bike;
    逆流而上 go upstream; go against the current
    (到; 去) go to; leave for:
    上北京 leave for Beijing;
    你上哪儿去? Where are you going?
    我要上医院去看望我的哥哥。 I'm going to the hospital to see my brother.
    (呈递) submit; send in; present:
    李小红谨上 Yours respectfully, Li Xiaohong;
    随函附上20分邮票一张。 Enclosed herewith is a twenty-fen stamp.
    (向前进) forge ahead; go ahead:
    见困难就上, 见荣誉就让 dash forward where there are difficulties to overcome and draw back when honours are to be conferred; take the difficulties for oneself and leave the honours to others;
    快上, 投篮 ! Go ahead. Quick! Shoot!
    {戏} (出场) appear on the stage; enter:
    二战士左上。 Enter left two soldiers.
    {体} (上场) enter the court or field:
    换人: 3号下, 4号上。 Substitution: Player No. 4 for No. 3.
    这后半场你上。 You play this second half.
    (添补; 增加; 摆出) fill; supply; serve:
    给水箱上水 fill the tank with water;
    上货 replenish the stock of goods;
    汤先上。 Soup is first served.
    一连上了好几道菜。 Several courses were served in succession.
    (安装) place sth. in position; set; fix:
    上玻璃 fix the window (door) pane;
    上刀具 fix a cutting tool;
    上梁 set the roof beams in place;
    工件已经上了车床。 The workpiece is already on the lathe.
    麦秸正在上垛。 The wheat stalks are being stacked.
    门没上锁。 The door isn't locked.
    (涂; 搽) apply; paint; smear:
    给机器上油 oil (grease) the machine;
    给门上漆 paint the door;
    上色 paint; apply colour;
    上药膏 apply ointment
    (登载) be put on record; be carried (in a publication):
    她的名字上了报。 Her name has appeared in the newspaper.
    他的先进事迹都上了电视了。 His model deeds have been publicized on TV.
    (拧紧) wind; screw; tighten:
    表该上了。 The watch needs winding.
    螺丝没有上紧。 The screw hasn't been tightened.
    (进行工作或学习) be engaged (in work, study, etc.) at a fixed time:
    上工 (课) go to work (class);
    她的女儿在上大学。 Her daughter is now in college.
    我今天上夜班。 I'm on the night shift today.
    (达到; 够) up to; as many as:
    上百人 up to a hundred people;
    上万 as many as ten thousand
    另见 shǎng; shang。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 上|上 [shǎng] see ↑ 上聲|↑ 上声 [shǎng shēng]
    Ⅱ. 上|上 [shàng] on top upon above upper previous first (of multiple parts) to climb to get onto to go up to attend (class or university)

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 12 上升

    ascent; move upward; climb; elevate, rise (to a higher point, degree, rank, etc.); ascend
    * * *
    ascend; climb; go up; mount up; move up; raise; rise
    【医】 elevation
    【经】 upswing
    相关词组: 上升的
    * * *
    ascend; climb; go up; mount up; move up; raise; rise
    * * *
    n. ascension, ascent
    v. rise, go up
    * * *
    shang4 sheng1
    to rise, to go up, to ascend
    * * *
    shàng shēng
    rise; go up; ascend:
    气温上升。 The temperature is going up.
    他的成绩上升到全班第一名。 He has climbed to the head of his class.
    我们的生产稳步上升。 Our production goes steadily up.
    这个行动制止了英镑的下跌, 但是未能使比价有很大上升。 The move stopped the pound's decline but failed to bring about a significant rally.
    上升岸 rising coast;
    上升岸线 {地质} emerged shoreline; negative shoreline; shoreline of emergence;
    上升边 rising edge; leading edge; entering edge;
    上升滨线 shoreline of elevation;
    上升弹道 ascent trajectory;
    上升点 rising point;
    上升动作 vertical motion;
    上升断块 lift faulting;
    上升风 updraught; upwind; upwash;
    上升功率 ascending power;
    上升管 tedge;
    上升海岸 elevated coast;
    上升花序 ascending inflorescence;
    上升记录 uptrace;
    上升角 {航空} angle of climb;
    上升力 climbing power;
    上升流 upwelling; upcurrent; upflow; upwash;
    上升螺旋桨 lifting airscrew;
    上升盘 {地} upthrown block;
    上升平原 uplifted plain;
    上升气流 anaflow; up-ward current; upflow; ascending air; up currnet;
    上升泉 rising water;
    上升三角洲 elevated delta;
    上升失速 {航空} advance stall;
    上升时间 {控} rise time;
    上升时间常数 rise-time constant;
    上升时间畸变 rise-time distortion;
    上升时间校正 rise-time correction;
    上升时间跳动 rise-time jitter;
    上升瞬变 building-up transient;
    上升瞬态 rising transient;
    上升顺序 ascending;
    上升速度 rate of climb; rate of upward gradient; ascensional velocity;
    上升速度表 rate-of-climb meter;
    上升速度指示器 vertical speed indicator;
    上升算法 ascent algorithm;
    上升算子 step-up operator; up-ladder;
    上升通风 ascensional ventilation;
    上升推进 ascent propulsion;
    上升推进系统 ascent propulsion system;
    上升下降延迟 rise-fall delay;
    上升斜率 rate of rise;
    上升斜坡 acclivity;
    上升旋转选线器 step-by-step selector switch;
    上升运动 ascending motion;
    上升支 ascending branch (光变曲线);
    上升轴 elevating shaft;
    上升转弯 {航空} pull-up turn;
    上升状态 propradation
    * * *
    上昇|上升 [shàng shēng] to rise to go up to ascend

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上升

  • 13 下降

    descend; go or come down; drop; fall; decline; dip; falter; go down;move down; slip, descent
    * * *
    go down; come down; decline; descend; drop; fall; gravitate; plunge
    【医】 descensus; descent
    【经】 decline; slump
    相关词组: 地盘下降
    * * *
    descend; drop; fall; go or come down; decline
    * * *
    v. decline, descend; drop, fall, go down, parachute
    * * *
    xia4 jiang4
    to decline, to drop, to fall, to go down, to decrease
    * * *
    xià jiàng
    descend; go or come down; drop; fall; decrease (in); decline; fall off; droop; downgrade:
    逐渐下降 decrease by degrees;
    生产(体重)下降 decrease in production (weight);
    引起下降 bring about its decline;
    持续下降 steady decline;
    下降到次要位置(地位) be relegated to a secondary position;
    出生率下降 a decline in the birth rate; The birthrate is on the decline.
    价格下降。 The prices are declining.
    飞机正在下降。 The plane was descending.
    气温显著下降。 There was a marked drop in temperature.
    生产成本逐年下降。 Production costs come down every year.
    销售量下降了。 Sales have dropped off.
    下降比 suppression ratio;
    下降弹道 descent trajectory;
    下降电流 drop-out current;
    下降电压 drop-out voltage;
    下降法 descent method;
    下降风 canyon wind; katabatic wind;
    下降管 downtake; downcomer;
    下降函数 {数} decreasing function;
    下降花序 descending inflorescence;
    下降角 {航空} angle of descent;
    下降阶段 decline stage;
    下降量 slippage;
    下降流 sinking; downwelling;
    下降漏斗 cone of depression; cone of influence;
    下降路径 descent path;
    下降盘 downthrown side;
    下降平衡折旧法 declining-balance depreciation;
    下降坡 declivity;
    下降坡度 descending grade; falling gradient;
    下降气流区 hyperbar;
    下降曲线 depression curve;
    下降生长 {生} degrowth;
    下降时间 fall time;
    下降水 descending water;
    下降速度 rate of decay; rate of descend; rate of downward gradient;
    下降算子 step down operator; down-ladder;
    下降特性 dropping characteristic;
    下降特性曲线 negative characteristic curve;
    下降调速器 droop governor;
    下降推进 descent propulsion;
    下降运算 step-down operation;
    下降值 drop-out value
    * * *
    下降|下降 [xià jiàng] to decline to drop to fall to go down to decrease

    Chinese-English dictionary > 下降

  • 14 不对称

    asymmetry; dissymmetry
    【计】 unsymmetry
    【医】 asymmetry; dyssymmetry
    * * *
    asymmetry; dissymmetry
    * * *
    bu4 dui4 chen4
    unsymmetrical, asymmetric
    * * *
    bù duì chèn
    asymmetric(al); unsymmetric(al); dissymmetric(al)
    不对称边带传送 asymmetrical sideband transmission;
    不对称边带发射机 asymmetric sideband transmitter;
    不对称波 asymmetrical wave;
    不对称波痕 metaripple;
    不对称参数 asymmetry parameter;
    不对称磁滞 asymmetrical hysterisis;
    不对称雌雄同体 unilateral hermaphroditism;
    不对称单位 asymmetry unit;
    不对称导电性 asymmetric conductivity;
    不对称第二次分裂 asymmetric second division;
    不对称点组 {数} unsymmetric point pattern;
    不对称电路 unsymmetric circuit; asymmetric circuit;
    不对称电势(位) asymmetry potential;
    不对称电阻 unistor;
    不对称度测量 measurement of asymmetry;
    不对称多相交流 asymmetrical polyphase current;
    不对称多谐振荡器 asymmetrical multivibrator; unsymmetrical multivibrator;
    不对称发育 heterauxesis;
    不对称法 asymmetric method;
    不对称反射 asymmetric reflection;
    不对称反应 asymmetric reaction;
    不对称分布 unsymmetrical distribution;
    不对称分瓣阳极磁控管 asymmetrically split anode magnetron;
    不对称分子 asymmetric molecule;
    不对称合成 asymmetric synthesis;
    不对称(染色体)互换 asymmetric interchange;
    不对称化合物 asymmetric compound;
    不对称换能器 dissymmetric transducer;
    不对称回路 unsymmetrical circuit; unbalanced circuit;
    不对称计 asymmeter;
    不对称交流触发开关 asymmetrical AC trigger switch;
    不对称晶体管 unsymmetric transistor;
    不对称聚焦 asymmetric focusing;
    不对称菌素 asymmetrin;
    不对称滤波器 dissymmetrical filter;
    不对称偶极子 asymmetric dipole;
    不对称爬升波浪 asymmetric climbing ripple;
    不对称配置 asymmetric configuration;
    不对称偏转 asymmetric deflection;
    不对称谱 asymmetric spectrum;
    不对称失真 asymmetrical distortion;
    不对称输入 asymmetrical input;
    不对称双坡屋(顶房) saltbox;
    不对称水系 asymmetric drainage;
    不对称四端网格 asymmetrical four terminal network;
    不对称碳原子 asymmetric carbon atom;
    不对称天线 asymmetrical antenna;
    不对称调整 non-symmetrical adjustment;
    不对称突触 asymmetric synapse;
    不对称陀螺 asymmetric top;
    不对称网络 asymmetrical network;
    不对称系统 asymmetric system;
    不对称现象 asymmetry; molecular asymmetry;
    不对称诱导(效应) asymmetric induction;
    不对称原子 asymmetric atom;
    不对称运行 unsymmetrical operation;
    不对称噪扰电压 line-to-ground noise influence voltage;
    不对称褶皱 {地质} asymmetric fold; unsymmetric fold;
    不对称振荡 unsymmetrical oscillations;
    不对称阻抗 dissymmetrical impedance;
    不对称状态 asymmetrical state
    * * *
    不對稱|不对称 [bù duì chèn] unsymmetrical asymmetric

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不对称

  • 15 不平衡

    disequilibrium; imbalance
    * * *
    【医】 imbalance; imbalantia; unbalance
    【经】 disequilibrium
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. unbalanced
    n. disequilibrium, unbalance, disproportion
    * * *
    bu4 ping2 heng2
    * * *
    bù píng héng
    out-off-balance; imbalance; lack of balance; non-equalizing; unbalance; disbalance; disequilibrium:
    工农业发展不平衡 the disequilibrium between the development of industry and agriculture
    不平衡变换 unbalanced transformation;
    不平衡传输线 unbalanced line;
    不平衡电流 unbalanced current;
    不平衡电路 unbalanced circuit;
    不平衡电桥 unbalanced bridge;
    不平衡电容量测试器 capacity unbalance measuring set;
    不平衡电压 unbalance voltage;
    不平衡度(性) unbalance;
    不平衡负载 unbalance load;
    不平衡馈线 unbalanced feeder line;
    不平衡力 unbalanced force;
    不平衡力矩 unbalanced moment;
    不平衡-平衡变换装置 bazooka line balance;
    不平衡三相电路 unbalanced three-phase circuit;
    不平衡三相电压 unbalanced three-phase voltage;
    不平衡三相负荷 unbalanced three-phase load;
    不平衡输出 unbalanced output;
    不平衡衰减 unsymmetry attenuation;
    不平衡衰减器 unbalanced attenuator;
    不平衡土壤 ill-balanced soil;
    不平衡误差 unbalanced error; influence of unbalance;
    不平衡线路 unbalanced line;
    不平衡因数 unbalance factor;
    不平衡系统 unbalanced system;
    不平衡状态 non-equilibrium
    * * *
    不平衡|不平衡 [bù píng héng] disequilibrium

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不平衡

  • 16 不稳定

    【医】 unsteadiness
    * * *
    astaticism; instability; labilization; levity; unsteadiness; wobble
    * * *
    bu4 wen3 ding4
    * * *
    bù wěn dìng
    instability; unstabitily; swinging; astable; unsteadiness
    不稳定常数 instability constant;
    不稳定带 instability strip;
    不稳定导热 unsteady heat conduction;
    不稳定导热作图法 graphic solution of unsteady state heat conduction;
    不稳定电流 unsteady current;
    不稳定电路 astable circuit;
    不稳定工作 erratic operation;
    不稳定骨折 unstable fracture;
    不稳定核 unstable nucleus;
    不稳定荷载 fluctuating load;
    不稳定家庭 unstable family;
    不稳定粒子 unstable particle;
    不稳定流 {数} non-steady flow; unsteady flow;
    不稳定平衡 unstable equilibrium; labile equilibrium;
    不稳定群落 unstable community;
    不稳定燃烧 chugging chuffing; rough combustion rough burning;
    不稳定渗流 unsteady seepage;
    不稳定生长率 instability growth rate;
    不稳定试井 non-stable well testing;
    不稳定态 unstable state;
    不稳定同位素 unstable isotope;
    不稳定系统 time-dependent system;
    不稳定现象 wild effect;
    不稳定相 unstable phase;
    不稳定谐振腔 unstable resonant cavity;
    不稳定星 non-stable star;
    不稳定性 instability; unstability; unsteadiness; fugitiveness; {计量} non-constancy; imbalance; inconstancy;
    不稳定血红蛋白 unstable hemoglobin;
    不稳定岩层 unstable ground;
    不稳定遗传性 unstable inheritance;
    不稳定因素 instability factor; labile factor; destablizing factor;
    不稳定元素 unstable element;
    不稳定运动 unsteady (transient) motion;
    不稳定噪声 non-stationary noise;
    不稳定蒸发 unsteady-state evaporation;
    不稳定状态 labile state; unstable state; unsteady state
    * * *
    不穩定|不稳定 [bù wěn dìng] unstable

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不稳定

  • 17 不識時務

    show no understanding of the times, lack judgment
    * * *
    v. show no understanding of the times
    * * *
    bu4 shi2 shi2 wu4
    to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances, not amenable to reason
    * * *
    不識時務|不识时务 [bù shí shí wù] to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances not amenable to reason

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不識時務

  • 18 不識時變

    bu4 shi2 shi2 bian4
    to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances, not amenable to reason
    * * *
    不識時變|不识时变 [bù shí shí biàn] to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances not amenable to reason

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不識時變

  • 19 不识时务

    show no understanding of the times, lack judgment
    * * *
    be insensible
    * * *
    be insensible
    * * *
    v. show no understanding of the times
    * * *
    bu4 shi2 shi2 wu4
    to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances, not amenable to reason
    * * *
    bù shí shí wù
    be ignorant of the present state of affairs (of the trend); behind the times; know nothing of the affairs of the day; lack proper understanding of the state of affairs; not to understand the concrete, actual conditions; show ignorance of the times
    * * *
    不識時務|不识时务 [bù shí shí wù] to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances not amenable to reason

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不识时务

  • 20 不识时变

    bu4 shi2 shi2 bian4
    to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances, not amenable to reason
    * * *
    不識時變|不识时变 [bù shí shí biàn] to show no understanding of the times (idiom); cannot adapt to current circumstances not amenable to reason

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不识时变

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