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added entry

  • 1 附加

    add; attach; fresh, additional; attached; appended, plus
    * * *
    add; annex; append; attach; subjoin; tack
    【计】 ADDIT; appended; attach; attachment
    【化】 addition
    【医】 adjunction; supervene; supervention
    【经】 attach; superimposed
    相关词组: 附加的
    * * *
    Add-ons; affixation; annex; annexation; append; subjoin; tack
    * * *
    adj. complementary, farther, fringe
    n. addition, adjunction, affixation, annexation
    v. add to, annex, append, subjoin, tack, affix
    * * *
    fu4 jia1
    additional, annex
    * * *
    fù jiā
    (额外加上) add; attach:
    文件后面附加两项说明。 The document has two explanatory notes attached to it.
    (附带的; 额外的) additional; additive; attached; appended; append
    附加奖金 additional premium;
    附加曝光 {摄} supplementary exposure;
    附加背压 {机} superimposed back pressure;
    附加变量 supplementary variable;
    附加变频器 adapter converter;
    附加变压器 {电工} adapter transformer;
    附加剥离 up-stripping;
    附加步 extra step;
    附加菜 entremets;
    附加层 extra play;
    附加产品 addition product;
    附加常数 additional constant;
    附加成分 incidental component; affix;
    附加抽运 additional pumping;
    附加穿孔 {自} overpunch; overpunching;
    附加传墨辊 {印} mouse roller;
    附加磁盘 additional disk;
    附加存储器 annex memory;
    附加单元 extra cell;
    附加地址 extra address;
    附加点 {图} annex point;
    附加电池 balancing cell; end cell;
    附加电动势 additional electromotive force;
    附加电荷密度 impressed-charge density;
    附加电缆 building-out cable;
    附加电路 adjunct circuit; applique circuit; building-out circuit; stand-by circuit;
    附加电容器 building-out condenser;
    附加电压 additional voltage;
    附加电压电路 boosted circuit;
    附加电阻 additional resistance; added resistance;
    附加电阻器 booster resistor;
    附加调用程序库 additional call library;
    附加房屋 penthouse;
    附加费(用) extra charges; surcharge; additional charges;
    附加分 line bonus;
    附加辐射 spurious radiation;
    附加符号 additional character;
    附加负载 additional load;
    附加工资 supplementary wage; extra wage;
    附加股息 mentary dividend; added value; supplementary dividend; extra dividend;
    附加航空信息 {航空} aeronautical information overprint;
    附加荷载 additional load;
    附加宏指令 append macros;
    附加回路 redundant mesh;
    附加基因 episome;
    附加极 interpole;
    附加记录 addition record;
    附加假设 additive postulate;
    附加假指令 extra pseudo order;
    附加价值 surcharge; surtax;
    附加校正 additive correction;
    附加节 building-out section;
    附加金额 surcharge value;
    附加津贴 fringe benefits;
    附加进刀架 extra cutter head;
    附加镜 additional mirror; supplementary lens;
    附加绝缘 superinsulation;
    附加灭点 {图} accidental point;
    附加名字 agnomen;
    附加片 {光} accessory plate; ;
    附加平衡网络 building-out network;
    附加器 adapter; modification kit;
    附加牵引力 extra traction;
    附加去磁 additional demagnetization;
    附加权力 panoply;
    附加燃料 additional fuel;
    附加绕法 additional winding;
    附加绕组 additional winding;
    附加人工成本 additional labour costs;
    附加任务 attachment of a task;
    附加入口点 addition entry point;
    附加色纱管 planting;
    附加设备 auxiliary equipment;
    附加适配透镜 adapter lens;
    附加手势 plus gesture;
    附加输出指令 extra output order;
    附加输入源 additional input source;
    附加属性 additive attribute;
    附加速度 addition speed;
    附加税 surtax; additional tax; surcharge; additional duty; supplementary taxes; supertax;
    附加损耗 added losses;
    附加损失 supplementary loss;
    附加特征 supplementary features;
    附加体 {生} episome;
    附加条件 auxiliary condition; subsidiary condition;
    附加条款 additional article; memorandum clause;
    附加透镜 {摄} supplementary lens; adapter junction box;
    附加网络 {电工} complementary network; redundant mesh; building-out network;
    附加危险 extraneous risks; accessory risks; additional perils;
    附加伪指令 extra pseudo order;
    附加位 extra order; overhead bit;
    附加文件 addition file; append file; {外} appended document;
    附加文件属性 additive file attribute;
    附加物 addendum; add-on, added-on; tailpiece; tagger; annex; furring; superaddition;
    附加误差 additive error; extra error;
    附加险 additional risk; accessory risk;
    附加限幅器 extra limiter;
    附加线圈 interpole coil;
    附加项 term; {物} building-out section;
    附加项目 addition item;
    附加相 additional phase;
    附加效应 additive effect;
    附加信贷 attachment; enclosure;
    附加信息 additional information;
    附加信息位 preamble bit;
    附加刑 accessory punishment;
    附加性能 additional properties;
    附加压力 additonal pressure;
    附加演替系列 adsere;
    附加扬声器 extension speaker;
    附加仪表 extension instrument;
    附加议定书 additional protocol;
    附加因素 additive factor;
    附加饮食 addition diet;
    附加印刷 overprinting;
    附加印刷指令 extra print order;
    附加应力 subsidiary stress;
    附加元数学 extra-metamathematics;
    附加运动 increment motion;
    附加噪声 additional noise; additive noise;
    附加照明 fill lighting;
    附加支柱 arm brace(s);
    附加指控 accessory charges;
    附加质量效应 virtual masseffect;
    附加著录 added entry;
    附加转矩 additional torque;
    附加状态 additivity;
    附加资本 additional paid-in capital;
    附加字符 additional character;
    附加阻力 additional drag; additional resistance
    * * *
    附加|附加 [fù jiā] additional annex

    Chinese-English dictionary > 附加

  • 2 补充进入点

    【计】 added entry point

    Chinese-English dictionary > 补充进入点

  • 3 被加项

    【计】 added entry

    Chinese-English dictionary > 被加项

  • 4 entry

    1) c (way in) 入口 [rùkǒu]
    2) c (in competition) 登记 [dēngjì]
    3) c (item) (in diary) 项目 [xiàngmù] ( COMPUT) 输入 [shūrù]; (in reference book) 条目 [tiáomù]
    4) u (arrival) (in country) 进入权 [jìnrùquán]; (in room) 入场 [rùchǎng]; (in institution) 加入 [jiārù]

    * "no entry" — (to land, room) "禁止入内"; ( AUT) "禁止通行"

    * single/double entry book-keeping — ( COMM) 单/复式记账

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  • 5 added

    (extra) 额外的 [éwài de]

    Chinese-English dictionary > added

  • 6 一次

    once; (of flue) dose
    * * *
    once; one-off; whack
    【电】 first order
    相关词组: 第一次
    * * *
    once; whack
    * * *
    adv. once, one time, at one point in time; in the past
    n. first time, once
    n. once, one time, single occurrence
    * * *
    yi1 ci4
    first, first time, once, (math.) linear (of degree one)
    * * *
    yī cì
    (一回) once:
    一周一次 once a week;
    不止一次 more than once;
    再一次 once again;
    再试一次 try once again;
    一次就够了吗? Will once be enough?
    雷声隔得一次比一次久, 这意味着暴风雨正在过去。 The increasing distance between thunderclaps meant the storm was moving away.
    我到过那儿一次。 I have been there once.
    我只见过他一次。 I've met her only once.
    {数} linear
    {电} primary
    一次倍频 first overtone;
    一次编译程序 one-pass compiler;
    一次变分方程 equation of first variation;
    一次变换 linear transformation;
    一次变换器 primary transducer;
    一次拨款 lump-sum appropriation;
    一次捕鱼量 shot;
    一次采全高 full-seam mining;
    一次采油可采储量 primary reserve;
    一次操作 once-through operation;
    一次参数 primary parameter;
    一次测量转换器 primary measuring transducer;
    一次成巷掘进 simultaneous driving and supporting;
    一次差分 first difference;
    一次抽样单位 primary sampling unit;
    一次抽样方案 single sampling plan;
    一次抽样检验 single-sampling inspection;
    一次电波 {讯} primary wave;
    一次电池 one-shot battery; galvanic cell; primary cell;
    一次电流 primary current;
    一次电路 primary circuit;
    一次电路电阻 primary resistance;
    一次电压 primary voltage;
    一次电子 primary electron;
    一次动情 monoestrus;
    一次断裂畸变 single-break aberration;
    一次多倍体 primary polyploid;
    一次反复 one replication;
    一次反应 primary reaction;
    一次泛音 first overtone;
    一次方 first power;
    一次方程 first-order equation; linear equation;
    一次方程式 simple equation;
    一次分级 scalping;
    一次风 primary air;
    一次孵卵数 sitting;
    一次辐射体 primary radiator;
    一次革命论 theory of a single revolution;
    一次固熔体 primary solid solution;
    一次光电效应 primary photoelectric effect;
    一次光源 primary source;
    一次函数 function of first degree; linear function;
    一次活套 primary loop;
    一次击穿 {半} first breakdown;
    一次击中学说 one-hit theory;
    一次激活电池 primary activated battery;
    一次计数器 start-stop counter;
    一次继电器 primary relay;
    一次加法时间 one addition time;
    一次加热 single heat;
    一次交货量 {经} consignment;
    一次结实植物 monocarpic plant;
    一次近似 first approximation;
    一次进入点 primary entry point;
    一次净保险费 net single premium;
    一次矩 first moment;
    一次空气 primary air;
    一次冷凝器 primary condenser;
    一次冷却剂 primary coolant;
    一次冷镦机 single-stroke header;
    一次码烧 semi-stiff extrusion process;
    一次毛纱法 direct attenuation silver processing;
    一次模 one-off pattern;
    一次配电 primary power distributions;
    一次配电网 primary distribution;
    一次配电系统 primary distribution system;
    一次喷嘴 primary nozzle;
    一次起动 one push start;
    一次敲击 a beat;
    一次取样 primary sample;
    一次群 primary group; primary block;
    一次绕组 primary winding;
    一次融透 straight thawing;
    一次入境签证 single entry visa;
    一次扫视操作 one pass operation;
    一次闪蒸 full flashing;
    一次摄影 a shot;
    一次设计 once-through design;
    一次射击 a round;
    一次生产量 a batch;
    一次石墨化 {化} primary graphitizing;
    一次使用导弹 {军} expendable missile; one shot missile;
    一次使用电子干扰设备 expendable electronic jamming equipment;
    一次使用信用状 straight letter of credit;
    一次试验 single test;
    一次碳化物 primary carbide;
    一次调整 one-setting;
    一次通过 single pass; one shot;
    一次通过程序 blue-ribbon program;
    一次通过锅炉 single-pass boiler;
    一次投票 single ballot;
    一次投梭 a shot;
    一次污泥 primary sludge;
    一次污染 primary pollution;
    一次污染物 primary pollutant;
    一次吸枝 one-sucker;
    一次系统 primary system;
    一次纤维导丝板 primary filament comb guides;
    一次显示 primary display;
    一次线 {电工} primary line;
    一次线圈 primary winding (PW); primary coil;
    一次消费 {经} one-time consumption;
    一次谐波 first harmonic;
    一次锌-银电池 primary silver-zinc battery;
    一次型 dispensable mould;
    一次循环工艺图 once-through flowsheet;
    一次压制 single-pressing;
    一次压制法 single-press process;
    一次仪表 primary instrument;
    一次有效装置 expendable equipment;
    一次运算计算机 single-shot computer;
    一次载波 primary carrier;
    一次再结晶 primary recrystallization;
    一次再热 single reheat;
    一次折射 unirefringence;
    一次蒸发 flush distillation; single vaporization;
    一次枝线 linear branch;
    一次指令 once command;
    一次注入量 a shot;
    一次注射(量) a shot;
    一次铸型 temporary mould;
    一次走刀 one-pass;
    一次装填 one-time pad;
    一次总付办法 lump-sum basis
    * * *
    一次|一次 [yī cì] first first time once (math.) linear (of degree one)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一次

  • 7 三合土

    a mixture of lime, clay, and sand to which water is added (used in building)
    * * *
    san1 he2 tu3
    mortar, concrete, cement
    * * *
    三合土|三合土 [sān hé tǔ] mortar concrete cement

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三合土

  • 8 两侧

    【医】 amb-; ambi-; ambo-; amphi-
    * * *
    liang3 ce4
    two sides, both sides
    * * *
    liǎng cè
    two flanks; two (both) sides; ambo:
    天安门广场两侧是人民大会堂和中国革命博物馆。 Tian An Men Square is flanked by the Great Hall of the People and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution.
    两侧不对称 anisopleural;
    两侧错觉 synchiria;
    两侧倒置 side-inverted;
    两侧对称 {生} bilateral symmetry; bilateralism;
    两侧对称动物 bilateria; bilateratia;
    两侧进气道 side inlet;
    两侧进汽 double-entry;
    两侧毛 diamond wool;
    两侧面瘫 prosopodiplegia;
    两侧偏盲 bilateral hemianopsia;
    两侧瘫 diplegia;
    两侧听诊器 symballophone;
    两侧头痛 amphicrania;
    两侧位式 amphi-form;
    两侧楔形砖 two-sided wedge-shaped brick;
    两侧斜视 bilateral strabismus;
    两侧悬挂 side-by-sidemounting
    * * *
    兩側|两侧 [liǎng cè] two sides both sides

    Chinese-English dictionary > 两侧

  • 9 中庭

    atrium; garth
    * * *
    atrium; cortile
    * * *
    n. courtyard, entry court, yard surrounded by the walls of a building
    * * *
    zhong1 ting2
    * * *
    zhōng tíng
    {穴位} Zhongting (CV 16)
    * * *
    中庭|中庭 [zhōng tíng] courtyard

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中庭

  • 10 主要

    main; chief; principal; major; primary, predominantly; chiefly;mostly
    * * *
    【计】 M; major
    【医】 arch-; arche-
    相关词组: 主要部分
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. main, chief, principal, major, primary
    * * *
    zhu3 yao4
    main, principal, major, primary
    * * *
    zhǔ yào
    main; chief; principal; major:
    主要敌人 chief enemy;
    这是一条繁忙的主要公路。 This is a busy main road.
    这主要是由于我的过错。 It is mainly because of my fault.
    主要标志 outstanding feature; outstanding aspect;
    主要部分 major component; meat and potatoes;
    主要部件 critical piece;
    主要参数 major (main) parameter;
    主要产品 main products; prime product; staple products;
    主要成本 prime cost;
    主要成分 staple;
    主要程序步骤 main program sequence;
    主要承保人 principal underwriter;
    主要导航设施 {航空} prime navaids facilities;
    主要导线 (测量用) main traverse;
    主要定时装置 master timer;
    主要动机 dominant motive;
    主要防御方向 main direction of defence;
    主要分量 fundamental component;
    主要港 major port;
    主要序 master operation;
    主要公路 primary road;
    主要股东 principal shareholder;
    主要挂靠港 basic service ports;
    主要含水层 basal water;
    主要合伙人 senior partner;
    主要河流 trunk river;
    主要话题 the staple of conversation; chief means;
    主要环节 key link;
    主要货币 key currency;
    主要基面 principal base;
    主要基因 oligogene;
    主要机件 critical part;
    主要机理 dominant mechanism;
    主要机组 {工} major combination;
    主要集团 main grouping;
    主要技术数据 main technical data;
    主要技术资料 basic technical data;
    主要计划指标 main targets of the plan;
    主要街道 arterial street; main street;
    主要解吸 primary desorption;
    主要金属 major metal;
    主要井框 curb;
    主要静脉 mainline;
    主要矿物 essential mineral;
    主要拉条 principal brace;
    主要劳动 essential labour;
    主要零件 major parts;
    主要路线 {军} principal path; principal route;
    主要买主 key buyer;
    主要煤巷 {采矿} main entry;
    主要免疫性抗原 {免} essential immunizing antigen;
    主要目的 major objective;
    主要能流 main power path;
    主要农作物 staple crops;
    主要品种 principal item;
    主要倾斜巷道 dook;
    主要情况 main conditions;
    主要燃料 main fuel;
    主要绕组 principal windings;
    主要人物 major character;
    主要入口 foregate;
    主要三角测量 main triangulation;
    主要设备 master; major installation;
    主要生活间 basement house;
    主要市场 staple market;
    主要树种 chief species;
    主要榫槽 bridgeward (钥匙的);
    主要特性 key property; leading features; prominent character; main characteristic;
    主要特征 principal character;
    主要条件 essential condition;
    主要条款 main clause;
    主要问题 primal problem;
    主要污染源 primary pollution source;
    主要心理能力 primary mental ability (PMA);
    主要性能指标 main performance index;
    主要仪器 key instrument;
    主要因素 major factor; primary factor; the be-all and end-all;
    主要因素图 chart of main factor;
    主要营养盐 essential nutrient;
    主要杂质 major impurity;
    主要责任 ultimate liability;
    主要证据 main evidence;
    主要支持 mainstay;
    主要指标 leading indicator; major target;
    主要指控 first charge;
    主要重音 {语} main stress; primary accent; primary stress; principal stress;
    主要周期 major cycle;
    主要铸件 main casting;
    主要装载水平 main loading level;
    主要准备 primary reserve;
    主要总成 principal assembly;
    主要总成装配 principal unit assembling;
    主要租船人 principal charterer;
    主要罪行 major offense
    * * *
    主要|主要 [zhǔ yào] main principal major primary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 主要

  • 11 书名

    the title of a book; title
    * * *
    the title of a book; title
    * * *
    * * *
    shu1 ming2
    name of a book, reputation as calligrapher
    * * *
    shū míng
    the title of a book; title:
    过长的书名 a lengthy title of a book
    书名号 punctuation marks used to enclose the title of a book or an article -- 《 》;
    书名题签 title piece;
    书名款目 (登录) title entry;
    书名页 title page
    * * *
    書名|书名 [shū míng] name of a book reputation as calligrapher

    Chinese-English dictionary > 书名

  • 12 会计

    accounting, bookkeeper; accountant
    * * *
    accountant; accounting; treasurer
    【计】 ACCNT; accountion
    【经】 accounting
    相关词组: 会计的
    * * *
    accountant; bursar; treasurer
    * * *
    n. accounting, accountancy, bookkeeper, accountant
    * * *
    kuai4 ji4
    accountant, accountancy, accounting
    * * *
    kuài jì
    (会计工作) accounting; accountancy:
    财务会计 financial accounting;
    成本会计 cost accounting;
    工业会计 industrial accounting;
    税务会计 tax accounting
    (会计人员) accountant; bookkeeper
    会计报表 accounting statement;
    会计报告 accounting report;
    会计变动 accounting changes;
    会计标准化 accounting standard;
    会计差错 accounting errors;
    会计常规 accounting conventions;
    会计成本管理 accounting cost control;
    会计成本监督 accounting cost control;
    会计成本统驳 accounting cost control;
    会计程序 accounting procedure;
    会计单位 accounting unit;
    会计档案 accounting archives; accounting file;
    会计法 accountancy law; accounting law; accounting act;
    会计法案 accounting legislation;
    会计法规 accounting code;
    会计方程 accounting equation;
    会计方法 accounting method;
    会计分录 accounting entry;
    会计分析 analysis of financial statements;
    会计个体 accounting entity;
    会计工作 accountancy;
    会计功能 accounting function;
    会计管理 management through accounting;
    会计规程 accounting manual; accounting regulations; accounting rule;
    会计汇率 accounting rate;
    会计机器 accounting machines;
    会计计算机 accounting machine; clerical machine;
    会计监督 accounting control; accounting supervision;
    会计检查 auditing;
    会计校验 accounting check;
    会计接口 job accounting interface;
    会计结算期 accounting period;
    会计决算报表 statement of final accounts; final accounting statements;
    会计科 accountant's department; accounting department;
    会计科目 accounting item; account title;
    会计科目表 card of accounting;
    会计列表机 tabulator;
    会计年度 account year; accounting year; fiscal year; financial year;
    会计凭单 accounting document; accounting voucher;
    会计期(间) accounting period;
    会计期间惯例 accounting period convention;
    会计人员 accountant;
    会计实务 accounting practice;
    会计事项 accounting event;
    会计室 accountant's office;
    会计手册 account manual;
    会计体系 accounting system;
    会计统驳 accounting control;
    会计习惯作法 accounting conventions or practices;
    会计系统 accounting system;
    会计信息 accounting information;
    会计选择 accounting option;
    会计学 accounting;
    会计业务 accounting event;
    会计原理 accounting principle;
    会计原则 accounting principles;
    会计员 purse bearer;
    会计运算 accounting operation;
    会计账簿 account book;
    会计证据 accounting evidence;
    会计职务 accountantship;
    会计制表系统 accounting system;
    会计制度 accounting system; system of account;
    会计周期 accounting cycle;
    会计主任 controller of accounts;
    会计助理员 assistant accountant
    * * *
    會計|会计 [kuài jì] accountant accountancy accounting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 会计

  • 13 传染

    infect; be contagious; carry, infection, infectious
    * * *
    contaminate; infect; infection; contagion
    【医】 infect; infection; infest; transmission
    相关词组: 传染病
    * * *
    contagion; contaminate; infect; infection
    * * *
    v. infect, be contagious
    * * *
    chuan2 ran3
    to infect, contagious
    * * *
    chuán rǎn
    (感染; 浸染) infect; be contagious; communicate; contagion; contagious infection:
    接触传染 contagion; contagious infection;
    空气传染 infection through air;
    水传染 waterborne infection;
    鼠蚤会把疾病传染给人。 Rat-fleas communicate a disease to man.
    这病不传染。 This disease is not contagious (infectious).
    传染病院 hospital for infectious diseases;
    传染毒素 virus;
    传染方式 mode of infection;
    传染分布 {统} contagious distribution;
    传染疾病 communicate illness;
    传染恐怖 molysmophobia;
    传染理论 {数} epidemics;
    传染力 infectivity;
    传染门户 entry of infection;
    传染免疫 premunition;
    传染期 infective stage;
    传染曲线 epidemic curve;
    传染途径 avenue (routes) of infection;
    传染物 infective agent;
    传染原因 cause of infection;
    传染源 source of infection;
    传染灶 focus of infection
    * * *
    傳染|传染 [chuán rǎn] to infect contagious

    Chinese-English dictionary > 传染

  • 14 儿化

    er2 hua4
    nonsyllabic final r 儿 added to a word in spoken Chinese, also called retroflex final or r-ization
    * * *
    ér huà
    {语} suffixation of a nonsyllabic “r” to nouns and sometimes verbs, causing a retroflexion of the preceding vowel, typical of the pronunciation of standard Chinese and of some dialects (汉语普通话和某些方言中的一种语音现象, 即后缀“儿”字不自成音节, 使前一音节韵母成为卷舌韵母)
    * * *
    兒化|儿化 [ér huà] nonsyllabic final r ↑ added to a word in spoken Chinese also called retroflex final or r-ization

    Chinese-English dictionary > 儿化

  • 15 儿化韵

    er2 hua4 yun4
    retroflex final, nonsyllabic final r 儿 added to a word in spoken Chinese
    * * *
    兒化韻|儿化韵 [ér huà yùn] retroflex final nonsyllabic final r ↑ added to a word in spoken Chinese

    Chinese-English dictionary > 儿化韵

  • 16 免税

    exempt from taxation, tax-free; duty-free
    * * *
    【经】 duty free; exempt from taxes; exemption; exemption from duty
    exemption of tax; free of duty; free of tax; immune from taxation
    tax exemption; zero rates of duty; zero-rating
    * * *
    * * *
    mian3 shui4
    not liable to taxation (of monastery, imperial family etc), tax free, duty free (shop)
    * * *
    miǎn shuì
    free of duty; exemption from duty; duty-free; zero rates of duty; abatement; tax exemption; exempt from taxes (taxation); remission of tax; tax-free:
    免税待遇的冻结 zero-duty bindings;
    免税放行 release without payment of duty
    免税报单 entry for free goods; free entry;
    免税单 bill of sufference; duty free slips; exemption certificate;
    免税高速公路 free way;
    免税公司 tax-exempt corporation;
    免税货 duty free goods;
    免税货单 free list;
    免税货物 articles free; duty-free goods; nondutiable goods; free goods; goods exempt from taxes;
    免税货物进口报单 entry for free goods;
    免税利润 tax-free profit;
    免税贸易区 tax-free trade zone;
    免税品 free goods;
    免税期 generous tax holidays; tax holidays;
    免税区 free perimeters;
    免税商店 duty-free shop;
    免税商品 free commodities;
    免税投资 tax-free investment;
    免税投资公司 regulated investment company;
    免税土地执照 tax certificates;
    免税物品 free goods;
    免税债券 tax-exempt bond;
    免税证券 tax-exempt security;
    免税执照 duty free certificate
    * * *
    免稅|免税 [miǎn shuì] not liable to taxation (of monastery, imperial family etc) tax free duty free (shop)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 免税

  • 17 兒化

    er2 hua4
    nonsyllabic final r 儿 added to a word in spoken Chinese, also called retroflex final or r-ization
    * * *
    兒化|儿化 [ér huà] nonsyllabic final r ↑ added to a word in spoken Chinese also called retroflex final or r-ization

    Chinese-English dictionary > 兒化

  • 18 兒化韻

    er2 hua4 yun4
    retroflex final, nonsyllabic final r 儿 added to a word in spoken Chinese
    * * *
    兒化韻|儿化韵 [ér huà yùn] retroflex final nonsyllabic final r ↑ added to a word in spoken Chinese

    Chinese-English dictionary > 兒化韻

  • 19 入口

    enter the mouth, (of foreign goods or goods from another place) be transported into; import, entrance; entry
    * * *
    enter the mouth; entrance; entry; ingress; intake; portal; threshold
    【计】 entrance
    【化】 inlet
    【医】 access; aditus; inlet; introitus
    【经】 entrance; portal
    相关词组: 引入口
    * * *
    enter the mouth; entrance; entry; ingress; intake; portal; threshold
    * * *
    n. entrance
    * * *
    ru4 kou3
    * * *
    rù kǒu
    (进入嘴中) enter the mouth:
    难于入口 have a nasty taste;
    不可入口! Not to be taken orally!
    (进入的门或口儿; 输入) entrance; entry; inlet; introitus; aditus; throat; threshold:
    车站入口处 entrance to the station
    入口波 admittance wave;
    入口程序 entry program;
    入口导堤 entrance jetty;
    入口地点 inlet;
    入口点 {计} entry point;
    入口角 inlet angle (进气角);
    入口界灯 threshold lights;
    入口孔 ingate;
    入口连接 connection;
    入口名 entry name;
    入口坡道 (道路交叉处) access ramp;
    入口数据 entry data;
    入口速度压头 inlet velocity head;
    入口条件 {计} entry condition;
    入口庭院 vestibule;
    入口压力 inlet pressure;
    入口语句 entry statement;
    入口指令 entry instruction
    * * *
    入口|入口 [rù kǒu] entrance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 入口

  • 20 入场

    entrance; admission; entry
    * * *
    admittance; entrance
    【法】 entry
    相关词组: 入场的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. admittance
    * * *
    ru4 chang3
    to enter the venue for a meeting, to enter into an examination, to enter a stadium, arena etc
    * * *
    rù chǎng
    entrance; admission:
    凭票入场。 Admission by ticket only.
    运动员在乐曲声中列队入场。 The athletes marched into the arena to the sound of music.
    入场费 price of admission;
    入场券 (admission) ticket;
    入场式 march-in ceremony
    * * *
    入場|入场 [rù chǎng] to enter the venue for a meeting to enter into an examination to enter a stadium, arena etc

    Chinese-English dictionary > 入场

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