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adaptive metallurgy

  • 381 ACE

    = Acceptance Checkout Equipment,验收检查设备;
    = Access Control Element, 存取控制部件;
    = ACknowledge Enable, 确认允许,允许应答;
    = Adaptive Computer Experiment, 自适应计算机试[实]验;
    = Advanced COM Executive, 先进的COM执行程序

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ACE

  • 382 ACS

    = Accounting Control System,记帐管理系统(Univac公司),统计控制系统;
    = Adaptive Computer System, 自适应计算机系统;
    = Advanced Connectivity System, 先进布线系统;
    = Alternating Current Synchronous, 交流同步;
    = Automatic Coding System, 自动编码系统

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ACS

  • 383 ADM

    = Adaptive Data base Manager,自适应数据库管理程序;
    = Adaptive Delta Modulation, 自适应增量调制;
    = ADministrative Management, 行政管理;
    = Asynchronous Disconnected Mode, 异步断开方式;
    = Augment Data Manipulator, 扩充数据操纵器

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ADM

  • 384 ADPCM

    = Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation,自适差分脉冲编码调制(技术,方法)

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ADPCM

  • 385 ALC

    = Adaptive Logic Circuit,自适应逻辑电路;
    = Assembly Language Coding, 汇编语言编码;
    = Automatic Level Compensation, 自动电平补偿;
    = Automatic Level Control, 自动电平控制;
    = Automatic Locking Circuit, 自动锁定电路

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ALC

  • 386 AM

    = Access Manager,存取管理程序;
    = Access Methods, 存取方法;
    = Adaptive Modulation, 自适应调制;
    = Address Mark, 地址标记;
    = Address Marker, 地址标记符;
    = Address Modifier, 地址修改符;地址修改量;变址数;
    = Address(ing) Mode, 寻[编]址方式

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > AM

  • 387 AMC

    = Adaptive Multifunction Circuit,自适应多功能器件[电路];
    = Alarm Monitor Computer, 报警监视器计算机;
    = Associative Memory Computer, 相联存储器计算机;
    = Automatic Modulation Control, 自动调制控制;
    = Automatic Monitor and Control device, 自动监控装置

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > AMC

  • 388 APC

    = Adaptive Predictive Coding,自适应预测编码(法,技术);
    = Angular Position Counter, 角位置计数器;
    = Associative Processor Controller, 相联处理机控制器;
    = Automatic Peripheral Control, 自动外(围)设(备)控制(器);
    = Automatic Program Control, 自动程序控制

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > APC

  • 389 APE

    = Adaptive Predictive Encoding,自适应预测编码(法,技术);
    = Automatic Photomapping Equipment, 自动光电绘图设备;
    = Automatic Positioning Equipment, 自动定位设备

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > APE

  • 390 Asc

    【WIN】 升序;
    = Adaptive Speed Control,自适应速度控制;
    = Address Space Control, 【MVS】 地址空间控制程序;
    = American Standard Code, 美国标准码;
    = Analog Signal Converter, 模拟信号转换器;
    = Associative Structure Computer, 相联结构计算机

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > Asc

  • 391 BAH

    = Basic Adaptive Hardware,基本适配硬件

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > BAH

  • 392 RASCAL

    = Random Access Secure Communication Antijam Link,随机存取保密通信抗干扰链路;
    = Rudimentary Adaptive System for Computer Aided Learning, 计算机辅助学习用基本自适应系统

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > RASCAL

  • 393 SAS

    = Self-Adaptive System,自适应系统;
    = Self-Adjusting System, 自调整系统;
    = Stand-Alone System, 独立系统;
    = Statistical Analyisis System, 统计分析系统;
    = Student Assignment System, 学生分配系统

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > SAS

  • 394 SLAM

    = Stored-Logic Adaptive Microcircuit,存储逻辑自适应微型电路

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > SLAM

  • 395 VRAM

    = Variable Rate Adaptive Multiplexing,可变速自适应多路转接;
    = Video Random Access Memory, 视频随机存取存储器

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > VRAM

  • 396 Mentally Retarded

    "Legal Lexicon":
    MENTALLY RETARDED - Significantly subaverage general intellectual functioning existing concurrently with deficits in adaptive behavior and manifested during the developmental period, which adversely affects a child's educational performance. from the Bilingual Education Act.

    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > Mentally Retarded

  • 397 ABIC

    <=Adaptive Behavior Inventory for Children>儿童适应行为调查表

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > ABIC

  • 398 aco

    <=adaptive control optimization>最优适应控制

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > aco

  • 399 APV

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > APV

  • 400 侧单眼

    adaptive ocelli;lateral ocellus;stemma

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 侧单眼

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