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acyl residue

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  • Acyl carrier protein — coeli color actinorhodin polyketide synthase acyl carrier protein PDB |2AF8] The acyl carrier protein (ACP) is an important component in both fatty acid and polyketide biosynthesis with the growing chain bound during synthesis as a thiol ester at …   Wikipedia

  • N-acyl-D-glutamate deacylase — Identifiers EC number Databases IntEnz IntEnz view …   Wikipedia

  • N-Acyl homoserine lactone — General chemical structure of an N acyl homoserine lactone N Acyl homoserine lactones (AHLs or N AHLs) are a class of signaling molecules involved in bacterial quorum sensing. Quorum sensing is a method of communication between bacteria that… …   Wikipedia

  • dihydrolipoyllysine-residue (2-methylpropanoyl)transferase — di·hy·dro·lip·o·yl·lys·ine res·i·due (2 meth·yl·pro·pa·no·yl)·trans·fer·ase (di hi″dro lip″o əl liґsēn rezґĭ doo meth″əl pro″pənoґəl transґfər ās) [EC] an enzyme of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • palmitic acid — (= n hexadecanoic acid) One of the most widely distributed of fatty acids. The palmitoyl residue is one of the common acyl residues of membrane phospholipids. It is also found as a thioester attached to cystein residues on some membrane proteins …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Fries rearrangement — The Fries rearrangement, named for the German chemist Karl Theophil Fries, is a rearrangement reaction of a phenyl ester to a hydroxy aryl ketone by catalysis of lewis acids. [cite journal title = Über Homologe des Cumaranons und ihre Abkömmlinge …   Wikipedia

  • myristic acid — The myristoyl group is one of the less common fatty acyl residues of phospholipids in biological membranes but is found as an N terminal modification of a large number of membrane associated proteins and some cytoplasmic proteins. It is a common… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • phosphatidyl choline — The major phospholipid of most mammalian cell membranes where the 1 acyl residue is normally saturated and the 2 acyl residue unsaturated. Choline is attached to phosphatidic acid by a phosphodiester linkage. Major synthetic route is from diacyl… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • ceramide — Generic term for a class of sphingolipid, N acyl (fatty acid) derivatives of a long chain base or sphingoid such as sphinganine or sphingosine; e.g., CH3(CH2)12CH=CH CHOH CH(CH2OH) NH CO R …   Medical dictionary

  • Oxazole — IUPAC name 1,3 oxazole Identifiers …   Wikipedia

  • lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase — An enzyme that reversibly transfers an acyl residue from a lecithin to cholesterol, forming a 1 acylglycerophosphocholine (a lysolecithin) and a cholesteryl ester; a deficiency of this enzyme leads to an accumulation of unesterified cholesterol… …   Medical dictionary

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