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  • 1 acusar1

    1 = accuse, make + accusation, charge, litigate, face + charges, arraign, indict, denounce, recreminate, reprove, reproach, single out, single out for + criticism, point + (a/the) finger(s) at.
    Ex. He accused her of lying when they said she was at the movies when she had called in sick.
    Ex. From time to time the accusation is made that libraries are run for the convenience of the staff.
    Ex. In June '90, DIALOG Information services filed an antitrust suit against the American Chemical Society (ACS) charging that the Society had damaged the company.
    Ex. The resources provided are to assist the personal injury attorneys litigating medical malpractice claims.
    Ex. This article consider some hypothetical situations in which information providers might face charges of negligence.
    Ex. 25.5 percent of the 247 juveniles arraigned in 3 months alone in 1989 had handicapping conditions.
    Ex. Another problem with the statistical analysis used to indict this and similar schools was the sample.
    Ex. Some of the rules were imposed on Panizzi by the Trustees of the British Museum, and Panizzi could only join his critics in denouncing those rules, such as the rules for entry of anonymous publications.
    Ex. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote: 'Experience informs us that the first defense of weak minds is to recriminate'.
    Ex. The person reproving his friend must understand that before he can reprove someone else, he must first reprove himself.
    Ex. The Governor, it is learnt, sternly reproached the party for putting the public to inconvenience for the last two days.
    Ex. Conference proceedings are singled out for special attention because they are an important category of material in relation to abstracting and indexing publications.
    Ex. Though what exactly constitutes moral decay is debatable, one group traditionally has been singled out for criticism, namely young people.
    Ex. It is easy to point the fingers at the refs.
    * acusar a Alguien = confront + Alguien + with accusation.
    * acusar de = lambast [lambaste], make + Nombre + out to be.
    * ser acusado de delito criminal = face + criminal charge.

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