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active computer

  • 1 active computer


    English-Chinese dictionary > active computer

  • 2 active

    【修】 【软】 现用[役,行],有效,当前,使用中;【硬】 活动

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  • 3 ATL

    = Active Task List,有效任务表;
    = Active Time List, 有效时间表;
    = Analog Transmission Line, 模拟传输线路;
    = Application Terminal Language, 应用终端语言;
    = Artificial Transmission Line, 仿真传输线;
    = Automatic TeLling, 自动出纳

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ATL

  • 4 AAD

    = Active Acoustic Device,有源声器件;
    = Address ADder, 地址加法器

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > AAD

  • 5 ADT

    = Active Disc Table,现用磁盘表;
    = Application Data Table, 【p+】 应用(程序)数据表;
    = Asynchronous Data Transceiver, 异步数据收发机;
    = Attribute Distributed Tree, 属性分布树(形网络);
    = Automatic Data Transfer, 自动数据传送

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ADT

  • 6 AEG

    = Active Element Group,有源元件组

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > AEG

  • 7 APR

    = Active Page Register,有效[活动]页寄存器;
    = Alternate Path Retry (IBM), 替换路径再试(IBM公司)

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > APR

  • 8 ARS

    = Active Relay Station,有源中继(传输)站;
    = Advanced Record System, 先进记录系统;
    = Analog Recording System, 模拟记录系统;
    = Angular-Rate Sensor, 角速率传感器;
    = Attitude Reference System, 姿态参考系统;
    = Audio Response System, 声音应答系统

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ARS

  • 9 ASF

    = Active Segment Field,活动段字段,工作段区域;
    = Advanced Simulation Facility, 先进模拟设备;
    = Arithmetic Statement Function, 算术描述函数

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ASF

  • 10 ATC

    = Active Transfer Command,有效转移命令;
    = Actual Time of Completion, 实际完成时间;
    = Advanced Terminal Controller, 先进终端控制器(COURIER终端系统公司);
    = Air Traffic Control, 空中交通管制;
    = Area Traffic Control, 区域交通管制

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > ATC

  • 11 AWS

    = Active Work Space,活动工作空间

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > AWS

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