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act of authorizing

  • 1 授权

    empower; authorize;mandate
    * * *
    accredit; authorization; authorize; empower
    【计】 authorizing
    【经】 authority; authorization; authorize; delegation of authority
    * * *
    accredit; authorization; commision; impower; investiture; warrant; warranty
    * * *
    n. warrant
    v. authorize
    * * *
    shou4 quan2
    to authorize
    * * *
    shòu quán
    empower; authorize; warrant:
    经授权的官员 authorized officer;
    谁授权你做这件事? Who gave you authority to do this?
    他授权我在他出国期间代行他的职务。 He authorized me to act for him while he is abroad.
    授权策略 delegated strategy;
    授权代理 devolution;
    授权发息日 declaration date;
    授权范围 scope of authority;
    授权机构 authorized agency;
    授权立法 delegated legislation;
    授权令 warrant;
    授权书 letter of authorization;
    授权行为 act of authorization;
    授权证书 certificate of authority; vesting instrument
    * * *
    授權|授权 [shòu quán] to authorize

    Chinese-English dictionary > 授权

  • 2 授权用户指示

    【计】 authorizing users indication

    Chinese-English dictionary > 授权用户指示

  • 3 特许用户

    【计】 authorized user; authorizing user

    Chinese-English dictionary > 特许用户

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