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acquisition of title

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  • title — ti·tle n [Anglo French, inscription, legal right, from Old French, from Latin titulum inscription, chapter heading, part of the law that sanctions an action] 1 a: the means or right by which one owns or possesses property; broadly: the quality of …   Law dictionary

  • ACQUISITION — (Heb. קִנְיָן; kinyan) the act whereby a person voluntarily obtains legal rights. In Jewish law almost all kinds of rights, whether proprietary (jus in rem) or contractual (jus in personam; see obligations ), can be voluntarily acquired only by… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Title III — Program is a U.S. Federal Grant Program to improve education. (This is not the same as Title III of the USA PATRIOT Act.)HistoryThe Title III Program began as part of the Higher Education Act of 1965, which sought to provide support to strengthen …   Wikipedia

  • Title 50 of the United States Code — outlines the role of War and National Defense in the United States Code.*: Council of National Defense *: Board of Ordnance and Fortification *: Alien Enemies *: Espionage *: Photographing, Sketching, Mapping, Etc., Defensive Installations *:… …   Wikipedia

  • Title 38 of the United States Code — outlines the role of Veterans Benefits in the United States Code.* Part I General Provisions * Part II General Benefits * Part III Readjustment and Related Benefits * Part IV General Administrative Provisions * Part V Boards, Administrations, and …   Wikipedia

  • Acquisition Program Baseline — (APB) is a term used by the United States Department of Defense to refer to a program threshold and objective values for the minimum number of cost, schedule, and performance attributes that describe the program over its life cycle. The APB… …   Wikipedia

  • Title 2 of the Swiss Federal Constitution — of 18 April 1999, entitled Fundamental Rights, Civil Rights and Social Goals , contains a comprehensive and directly enforceable bill of rights, as well as a set of social goals which the state authorities are to pay heed to. A few rights,… …   Wikipedia

  • Acquisition Category — The United States Department of Defense divides future acquisition programs into four acquisition categories: ACAT I, ACAT II, ACAT III, or ACAT IA. The differences between these categories depend on their size and programatic differences.… …   Wikipedia

  • Title (property) — Property law Part of t …   Wikipedia

  • Title 42 of the United States Code — Cleanup list|date=March 2007Title 42 of the United States Code is the title of the United States Code dealing with public health and social welfare* The Public Heath Service * The Public Health Service; Supplemental Provisions * Sanitation and… …   Wikipedia

  • title — A mark, style, or designation; a distinctive appellation; the name by which anything is known. Thus, in the law of persons, a title is an appellation of dignity or distinction, a name denoting the social rank of the person bearing it; as duke or… …   Black's law dictionary

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