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accumulative dividends

  • 1 优先股

    Preference shares: stock that has priority in receiving dividends and a company's surplus assets.
    * * *
    【经】 preference share; preference stock; preferential stock; preferred stock
    prior stock
    * * *
    preference bond; preference stock; preferred stock
    * * *
    you1 xian1 gu3
    preferential shares
    * * *
    yōu xiān gǔ
    preferred stock; senior security; preemptive shares; preferred shares; preference share
    优先股股东权益 preferred stockholders' equity
    * * *
    優先股|优先股 [yōu xiān gǔ] preferential shares

    Chinese-English dictionary > 优先股

  • 2 债权

    creditor's rights
    * * *
    creditor's rights
    【经】 claim; creditor's rights; financial claim; obligation right
    right in personam; right of creditor
    相关词组: 债权人
    * * *
    creditor's rights
    * * *
    zhai4 quan2
    creditor's rights (law)
    * * *
    zhài quán
    {律} creditor's rights; obligatory right; right in personam; claim in personam; financial claim
    债权法 law of obligation;
    债权股本 debenture capital;
    债权股利 bond dividends;
    债权国 creditor nation; creditor country;
    债权受益人 creditor beneficiary;
    债权诉讼 action in personam;
    债权投资人 creditor investor;
    债权己到履行日 enforceability of the claim;
    债权银行 creditor bank;
    债权证书 document of obligation;
    债权转移 subrogation
    * * *
    債權|债权 [zhài quán] creditor's rights (law)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 债权

  • 3 優先股

    Preference shares: stock that has priority in receiving dividends and a company's surplus assets.
    * * *
    you1 xian1 gu3
    preferential shares
    * * *
    優先股|优先股 [yōu xiān gǔ] preferential shares

    Chinese-English dictionary > 優先股

  • 4 分紅

    draw (or receive) dividends; share profits
    * * *
    fen1 hong2
    a bonus, to award a bonus
    * * *
    分紅|分红 [fēn hóng] dividend to award a bonus

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分紅

  • 5 分红

    draw (or receive) dividends; share profits
    * * *
    cut a melon; share out bonus
    【法】 share in profits
    相关词组: 分红制
    * * *
    cut a melon; give a piece of cake; melon cutting; melon-cutting
    * * *
    fen1 hong2
    a bonus, to award a bonus
    * * *
    fēn hóng
    share out bonus; receive dividents; draw extra dividends (profits):
    该公司被迫到期不分红。 The company was forced to pass its dividend.
    工人们期望年终分红。 The workers expected to share out a year-end bonus.
    * * *
    分紅|分红 [fēn hóng] dividend to award a bonus

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分红

  • 6 到期

    become due; mature; expire
    * * *
    become due; expire; fall in
    【化】 become due
    【经】 at maturity; due; expiry; maturing date
    相关词组: 到期的
    * * *
    at term; fall in; fell in; mature; maturity
    * * *
    n. maturity, matureness
    v. become due, mature, expire
    * * *
    dao4 qi1
    to fall due (loan etc), to expire (visa etc), to mature (investment bond etc)
    * * *
    dào qī
    become due; mature; expire; at maturity; due (of an obligation):
    他们的执照已到期。 Their licences have expired.
    这票据什么时候到期? When does the bill fall (become) due?
    签证下月到期。 The visa expires next month.
    到期保险费 due premium; premium due;
    到期本金 matured principal;
    到期付款 payable at maturity;
    到期股金和股息 due share capital and dividends;
    到期利息 interest due;
    到期年金现值 present value of an annuity due;
    到期全部付清 be paid in full at the appointed time; at maturity; become due; due (of an obligation); mature;
    到期收益 yield of maturity;
    到期通知书 renewal notice;
    到期未付票据 overdue bill;
    到期月份 contract month;
    到期值 maturity value
    * * *
    到期|到期 [dào qī] to fall due (loan etc) to expire (visa etc) to mature (investment bond etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 到期

  • 7 取消

    cancel; call off; abolish; waive; disqualify, cancellation, go
    * * *
    cancel; abolish; annul; call off; countermand; cry off; rescind; retract
    rule out
    【计】 backing-out; backout
    【医】 ant-; anti-
    【经】 abolish; abrogate; abrogation; cancel out; cancellation; cancelling
    countermand; hold back; rescind; rescission; set-aside; take off
    相关词组: 取消的
    * * *
    cancel; call off; abolish; abrogate; annul
    * * *
    n. cancel, abolishment, recall
    v. cancel, call off, abolish, call in, countermand
    * * *
    qu3 xiao1
    to cancel, cancellation
    * * *
    qǔ xiāo
    cancel; call off; abolish; remove:
    取消会员资格 deprive sb. of his membership;
    取消原订计划 cancel the original plan;
    取消学籍 be struck off the school roll;
    取消前约 cry off; call off the (former) contract;
    取消禁令 lift a ban;
    取消律师资格 disbar;
    取消记者招待会 call off the press conference;
    取消命令 revoke an order;
    取消一场比赛 call off a match;
    取消决定 rescind a decision;
    取消协议 cancel the agreement;
    取消限价 decontrol the price;
    取消一项决议 revoke a decision;
    取消约会 call off the appointment;
    取消证人资格 recall off witness;
    取消资格 disqualify;
    繁琐礼节都取消了。 Trivial formalities have been done away with.
    他们取消了货物定购单。 They cancelled their order for the goods.
    这些法律取消了贵族的特权。 These laws have abolished the privileges of the nobility.
    取消报价 withdraw an offer;
    取消比赛资格 {体} debar; disqualify; expel; heave-ho;
    取消拨款 strike off an appropriation from the budget;
    取消抵押品赎回权 foreclosure;
    取消订单 cancellation of order;
    取消发射 scrub;
    取消符 ignore character;
    取消股利 rescission of dividends;
    取消贵族身分 unlord;
    取消国教主义 disestablishmentarianism;
    取消合同 discharge of contract;
    取消合约 rescind a contract; rescind an agreement;
    取消减价 markdown cancellation;
    取消爵位 unduke;
    取消派 liquidator;
    取消商品经济 abolish commodity economy;
    取消诉讼令 vacatur;
    取消特别提款权 cancellation of special drawing right (SDR);
    取消条款 cancellation clause;
    取消信号 cancelling signal;
    取消遗嘱 {律} break one's will (testament; dying words; last words);
    取消债务 debt cancellation;
    取消仲裁裁决 set aside the award;
    取消主义 liquidationism
    * * *
    取消|取消 [qǔ xiāo] to cancel cancellation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 取消

  • 8 土地

    land; soil, territory, local god of the land; village god
    * * *
    ground; land; soil; territory
    【医】 earth; terra; terrae
    【经】 land; native goods
    相关词组: 冻土地带
    * * *
    glebe; ground; soil; tract
    * * *
    n. land, territory
    * * *
    tu3 di4
    land, soil, territory, CL:片
    tu3 di5
    local god, genius loci
    * * *
    1) 土地
    tǔ dì
    (田地) land; soil; ground:
    土地的附带权利义务 incident of tenure;
    耕种土地 till the land;
    丈量土地 measure land;
    肥沃的土地 fertile land; good soil
    (疆域) territory:
    我国土地辽阔, 资源丰富。 Our country has a vast territory and abundant resources.
    (作为财产的) dirt
    (河边; 湖边; 海边等的) front
    土地报酬 payment based on land shares;
    土地报酬递减律 law of diminishing returns;
    土地变干 {地理} exsiccation;
    土地参加分红 payment on land shares; dividend on land shares;
    土地测量 land survey;
    土地测量员 {土} land surveyor;
    土地沉陷 land subsidence;
    土地登记 rememberment;
    土地电 telluric electricity;
    土地法 land law; agrarian law;
    土地分红 dividend on land shares;
    土地分类 land classification;
    土地分配 land allotment;
    土地改革 land reform; agrarian reform;
    土地改革法 agrarian reform law;
    土地改革运动 movement of land reform;
    土地改良 betterment of land; land reclamation;
    土地革命 agrarian revolution;
    土地革命战争 The Agrarian Revolutionary War (1927-1937);
    土地公有制 public land ownership;
    土地规划 reallocation of land;
    土地规划测量 land planning survey;
    土地规划判读 land planning interpretation;
    土地规划图 land capability map;
    土地国有制 state ownership of land;
    土地集中 concentration of landholding;
    土地级差收益 differential earnings from land; differential incomes of land;
    土地兼并 land annexation;
    土地纠纷 land disputes;
    土地开垦 reclamation of land;
    土地开垦机械 land reclamation machinery;
    土地利用 land utilization;
    土地利用调查 land use survey;
    土地利用规划 land utilization planning;
    土地利用级别 {土} land-use classes;
    土地利用类型 land use pattern;
    土地利用图 {测} land-use map;
    土地平整工程 land leveling project;
    土地入股分红 receive payment on the basis of their shares of the land; pooling their lands and drawing dividends on these land shares;
    土地入股, 统一经营 pooling of land as shares and unifying management;
    土地山林水利纠纷 disputes arising from the use of farmland, forest and irrigation;
    土地渗滤处理 {土} land treatment;
    土地使用费 land-use fee;
    土地使用权 land-use right; right to use land;
    土地使用税 land use charge;
    土地使用证书 land use certificate; land utilization certificate;
    土地税 land tax;
    土地私有权的垄断 monopoly of private ownership of the land;
    土地私有制 private land ownership;
    土地所有人 land holder;
    土地所有制 land ownership;
    土地图 plat;
    土地下沉 land subsidence;
    土地有偿使用 paid land use;
    土地银行 land bank;
    土地有偿使用 paid land use;
    土地增殖税 increment tax on land value;
    土地占有热 land hunger;
    土地丈量单位 land measure;
    土地徵用 expropriation of land;
    土地整理 consolidation;
    土地政策 land policy;
    土地证 land certificate; land deed; title-deed;
    土地制度 land system;
    土地资本主义经营垄断 monopoly of capitalist use of the land;
    土地资源 land resources;
    土地租费 land rental;
    土地租赁 land leasing;
    土地租约 land lease
    2) 土地
    tǔ di
    (传说中管辖一个小地区的神) local god of the land; village god
    土地庙 a tiny temple housing the village god
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 土地|土地 [tǔ dì] land soil territory CL:↑ [piàn]
    Ⅱ. 土地|土地 [tǔ di] local god genius loci

    Chinese-English dictionary > 土地

  • 9 堆垒

    dui1 lei3
    to pile up, accumulative
    * * *
    堆壘|堆垒 [duī lěi] to pile up accumulative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 堆垒

  • 10 堆壘

    dui1 lei3
    to pile up, accumulative
    * * *
    堆壘|堆垒 [duī lěi] to pile up accumulative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 堆壘

  • 11 堆积

    pile up; heap up, accumulation
    * * *
    accumulate; bank up; cumulate; deposit; heap; pile; stack
    【计】 stack
    【化】 packing
    相关词组: 堆积的
    * * *
    accumulate; cumuli; cumulus; deposit; pile; pileup; stack
    * * *
    n. accumulation
    v. accumulate, pile up, heap up
    * * *
    dui1 ji1
    to pile up, to heap, accumulation
    * * *
    duī jī
    pile up; heap up; accumulate; cumulate; upbuilding; palletize (码垛); congeries; congestion; stockpiling; storing; catervatum; {晶} packing; {地质} accumulation:
    在他离开期间工作堆积起来了。 Work has piled up during his absence.
    雪靠墙堆积着。 Snow heaped against the wall.
    堆积冰 {海} hummocked ice;
    堆积冰碛 accumulation till;
    堆积冰群 pummock;
    堆积波束雷达 stacked beam radar;
    堆积场 stack-up-yard; spoil area;
    堆积场所 (英) tip;
    堆积成层 tiering;
    堆积成阻塞态 logiam;
    堆积大厦 stack building;
    堆积岛 heaped-up island;
    堆积地形 accumulational relief;
    堆积吊机 stack crane;
    堆积垛材 cord wood;
    堆积浮冰群 schollensis;
    堆积高原 plateau of accumulation;
    堆积规律 stacking sequence;
    堆积海岸 lima coast;
    堆积混合 {纺} stack mixing;
    堆积阶地 constructional (built) terrace;
    堆积面 surface of accumulation;
    堆积平原 plain of accumulation; constructional plain;
    堆积期 accumulational stage;
    堆积区 {地质} accumulation area;
    堆积顺序 stacking sequence;
    堆积台地 built platform;
    堆积物 {土} accretion;
    堆积相 accumulative facies;
    堆积性能 {化} bulk property;
    堆积岩 accumulative rock;
    堆积因子 {核} pile factor;
    堆积指数 {晶} packing index
    * * *
    堆積|堆积 [duī jī] to pile up to heap accumulation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 堆积

  • 12 支付

    pay (money); defray; settle;meet, fork out
    * * *
    brass; defray; disburse; pay
    【经】 disburse; disbursement; disbursements; paying; payment; settle
    相关词组: 票据支付制度
    * * *
    payment; defray; defrayal; disburse; fork out; shell out
    * * *
    v. pay money, defray
    * * *
    zhi1 fu4
    to pay (money)
    * * *
    zhī fù
    pay (money); defray; payment; payoff:
    支付水电费 pay for electricity and water;
    立即支付 immediate payment;
    现金支付 cash payment;
    支付到期汇票 meet a draft;
    支付应计利息 pay the interest accrued;
    支付未付保费的支票 tender a check for the unearned premium;
    全部货款用贷款支付。 All purchases shall be financed with the proceeds of loan.
    支付比率 payout ratio;
    支付差额 payments balance;
    支付单位 paying unit;
    支付地点 place of payment;
    支付发票价格金额 settlement of the invoiced price;
    支付方式(方法) method of payment; mode of payment;
    支付工具(手段) means of payment; instrument of payment;
    支付股息 disbursement of dividends;
    支付货币 currency of payment;
    支付矩阵 payoff matrix;
    支付能力 ability to pay; capacity to pay; purchasing power;
    支付凭证 payment instrument;
    支付期限 payment term; period of credit;
    支付日 pay day;
    支付日期 date of payment;
    支付损害赔偿 payment of damages;
    支付条件 terms of payment;
    支付外债 external debt servicing;
    支付协定 payment agreement;
    支付业务(付款交易) payment transaction
    * * *
    支付|支付 [zhī fù] to pay (money)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 支付

  • 13 普通股

    Common stock: shares that don't have any special limit on equal rights of share-holders and entitle the holder to a share of the company's success through dividends and/or capital appreciation.
    * * *
    common stock
    【经】 common share; common stock; equity stocke; ordinary share
    ordinary stock
    * * *
    common stock; ordinary shares; ordinary stock
    * * *
    pu3 tong1 gu3
    common stock
    * * *
    普通股|普通股 [pǔ tōng gǔ] common stock

    Chinese-English dictionary > 普通股

  • 14 期中

    【经】 interim
    * * *
    qi1 zhong1
    interim, midterm
    * * *
    qī zhōng
    midterm; midsemester; interim
    期中报告 interim report;
    期中股利 interim dividends;
    期中结账 interim closing;
    期中决算表 interim statements;
    期中考试 midterm examination;
    期中审计 interim audit
    * * *
    期中|期中 [qī zhōng] interim midterm

    Chinese-English dictionary > 期中

  • 15 积累

    accumulate; get together, accumulation (for expanded reproduction)
    * * *
    accumulate; fund; get together; pile; pile up
    * * *
    accumulate; fund; get together; pile; pile up
    * * *
    adj. accumulated
    n. accumulation
    v. accumulate, congest, flock
    * * *
    ji1 lei3
    to accumulate, accumulation, cumulative, cumulatively
    * * *
    jī lěi
    (逐渐聚集) accumulation; accumulate:
    积累了丰富的经验 have accumulated a wealth of experience;
    积累第一手资料 accumulate first-hand data;
    知识的积累 the accumulation of knowledge;
    资本的原始积累 primitive accumulation of capital;
    耐心地积累资料 patiently accumulate data
    {核子} build-up
    积累层 accumulation layer;
    积累抵消率 integrated cancellation ratio;
    积累方式 accumulative means;
    积累分布函数 cumulative distribution function;
    积累辐射剂量 cumulative radiation dose;
    积累规模 size of accumulation; amount of accumulation;
    积累基金 accumulation fund;
    积累寄存器 accumulation register;
    积累假说 accumulation hypothesis;
    积累扩散指数 cumulative diffusion index;
    积累率 rate of accumulation;
    积累器 integrator; summation instrument;
    积累时间 integration time;
    积累手段 means of accumulation;
    积累损耗(失) integration loss;
    积累误差 accumulated error;
    积累效应 build-up effect;
    积累因子 {核子} buildup factor;
    积累应力 cumulative stress;
    积累原理 storage principle;
    积累植物 {植} accumulator plant;
    积累最低限 minimum accumulation level
    * * *
    積累|积累 [jī lěi] to accumulate accumulation cumulative cumulatively

    Chinese-English dictionary > 积累

  • 16 累积

    * * *
    accumulate; accumulation; cumulate; cumulation; heap; pile
    【医】 accumulation
    【经】 accumulate
    相关词组: 累积的
    * * *
    cumulate; cumulation; heap; pile
    * * *
    n. accumulation, pile, heap, cumulation
    v. accumulate, cumulate, pile, heap, heap up
    * * *
    lei3 ji1
    to accumulate
    * * *
    lěi jī
    累积电荷 stored charge;
    累积电路 summation circuit;
    累积分布 {化} cumulative distribution;
    累积服刑 {法} accumulative sentence;
    累积概率 cumulative probability;
    累积股本 cumulative capital stock;
    累积股息 cumulative dividend;
    累积火山 cumulovolcano;
    累积剂量 accumulated dose;
    累积空载(损失)时间 cumulative lost time;
    累积亏损 accumulated deficit;
    累积量 cumulant;
    累积率 cumulative percentage;
    累积谱 cumulative spectra;
    累积器 accumulator;
    累积强度 integrated intensity;
    累积区域 accumulation area;
    累积曲线 summation curve; mass curve; cumulative curve;
    累积剩余 cumulative remainder;
    累积双键化合物 cumulene;
    累积误差 cumulative error; accumulated error; inherited error; progressive error;
    累积星等 integrated magnitude;
    累积效应 cumulative effect; storage effect;
    累积盈余 accumulated surplus;
    累积雨量 cumulative precipitation;
    累积照射指标 cumulative exposure index;
    累积支出 accumulated outlay; aggregate;
    累积资本 accumulating capital
    * * *
    累積|累积 [lěi jī] to accumulate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 累积

  • 17 累計

    add up, accumulative total; grand total
    * * *
    adj. accumulative
    n. grand total
    v. add up
    * * *
    lei3 ji4
    to accumulate, cumulative
    * * *
    累計|累计 [lěi jì] to accumulate cumulative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 累計

  • 18 累计

    add up, accumulative total; grand total
    * * *
    accumulative total; add up
    【经】 accumulate
    * * *
    accumulative total; add up
    * * *
    adj. accumulative
    n. grand total
    v. add up
    * * *
    lei3 ji4
    to accumulate, cumulative
    * * *
    lěi jì
    (总计) accumulative total; grand total
    (加起来计算) add up:
    这些并联的发电机所产生的电流累计在一起, 总电流达到 500 安培。 The current from these parallel generators will add up to make a total flow of 500 amperes.
    这些数累计起来是 592。 The figures add up to 592.
    累计剂量计 integrating dosimeter;
    累计曲线 summation curve;
    累计误差 cumulative errors;
    累计账户 accumulation account;
    累计重量 cumulative weight;
    累计装置 integrating device;
    累计资本 accumulated capital
    * * *
    累計|累计 [lěi jì] to accumulate cumulative

    Chinese-English dictionary > 累计

  • 19

    red, revolutionary; red, successful; popular; in vogue, red cloth, bunting, etc. used on festive occasions, bonus; dividend
    * * *
    red; bonus; ruddily; symbol of success
    【医】 ereuth-; erythro-; red; Rhodnius prolixus; rubor; rubrum
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. revolutionist, red, revolutionary
    n. bonus
    * * *
    bonus, popular, red, revolutionary
    * * *
    (像鲜血或石榴花的颜色) red:
    红布 red cloth;
    脸上红一阵白一阵 flush and turn pale by turns;
    西瓜内红外绿。 A watermelon is red inside and green outside.
    (象征顺利、成功或受人重视、欢迎) symbol of success, luck, popularity, etc.:
    红运 good luck;
    开门红 get off to a good start;
    她唱戏唱红了。 She has won success as an actress.
    (象征革命和政治觉悟高) revolutionary; red:
    红五月 the red month of May;
    心红志坚 red in heart and firm in will;
    又红又专 both red and expert; both socialist-minded and professionally proficient
    (象征喜庆的红布) red cloth, bunting, etc. used on festive occasions:
    挂红 hang up red festoons;
    披红 wear red sashes or cloth as a sign of honour, festivity, etc.
    (红利) bonus; dividend:
    分红 distribute or draw dividends
    (姓氏) a surname:
    红云 Hong Yun
    另见 gōng。
    (构词成分)见“女红” (nǚ gōng)另见hóng。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 紅|红 [Hóng] surname Hong
    Ⅱ. 紅|红 [hóng] red popular revolutionary bonus

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 20 聚集

    gather; assemble; collect; thicken;marshal;mass
    * * *
    collect; gather; get together; assemble; convene; gang up
    【计】 crowding
    【化】 aggregation
    【医】 aggregate; aggregation; agmen; agmina
    * * *
    assemble; collect; conglomeration; congregate; get together; mass
    * * *
    adj. accumulative
    v. gather, assemble, collect, cluster, congest
    * * *
    ju4 ji2
    to assemble, to gather
    * * *
    jù jí
    (集合; 凑在一起) gather; assemble; collect:
    和我们聚集在一起 be in our midst;
    和某人聚集一堂 gather together with sb.;
    工人们聚集在大厅里。 The workers were assembled in the hall.
    云朵又迅速聚集起来。 The clouds speedily gathered again.
    人们聚集在事故现场。 People gathered at the scene of the accident.
    这个人把一大群孩子聚集在他周围。 The man collected a crowd of children.
    老师把学生聚集在她周围 。 The teacher gathered her pupils round her.
    {工} accumulation; congestion; concrescence; rendezvous; storing; aggregation; agmen; massing; adduct; stocking; take-up
    聚集表结构 knotted list structure;
    聚集成行 columnate;
    聚集态 hybrid-propellant combination; state of aggregation;
    聚集体 aggregate;
    聚集问题 rendezvous problem;
    聚集物 bunch;
    聚集系数 convergence factor;
    聚集效应 build-up effect
    * * *
    聚集|聚集 [jù jí] to assemble to gather

    Chinese-English dictionary > 聚集

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