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accrued depreciation

  • 1 应计折旧

    【经】 accrued depreciation
    * * *
    yīng jì zhé jiù
    accrued depreciation
    应计折旧成本 depreciable cost;
    应计折旧年限 depreciable life;
    应计折旧资产 depreciable assets

    Chinese-English dictionary > 应计折旧

  • 2 应摊未摊折旧

    yīng tān wèi tān zhé jiù
    accrued depreciation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 应摊未摊折旧

  • 3 估计

    estimate; appraise; reckon; figure; guess at; project
    * * *
    estimate; account; appraise; compute; figure; gauge; reckon
    【化】 estimation
    【经】 assess; assessment; computation; estimate; estimate price; estimates
    gauge; reckon; reckoning; take the gauge of
    相关词组: 无法估计的
    * * *
    estimate; compute; estimate; gage; gauge; guesstimate; reckon; size-up
    * * *
    v. estimate, appraise, reckon, gauge
    * * *
    gu1 ji4
    to estimate, to reckon, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    gū jì
    estimate; evaluate; take stock of; size up; calculate; appraise; reckon; estimation; forecast:
    大致估计 rude estimates;
    非常乐观的估计 a very optimistic estimate;
    照我的估计 by my reckoning;
    据保守的估计 on (at) a conservative estimate;
    我估计那项损失达8000元。 I estimate the damage at 8000 yuan.
    你把卸货所需的时间估计进去了吗? Did you reckon in the time needed for unloading the cargo?
    估计变量 predictor;
    估计保费收入 estimated premium income;
    估计不足 underestimation; underrating;
    估计残值 estimated scrap value; estimated residual value;
    估计成本 estimated cost;
    估计纯利 estimated net profit;
    估计错 misdeem;
    估计法 method of estimation;
    估计风险 calculated risk;
    估计费用 estimated cost; pro forma cost;
    估计故障 suspected fault;
    估计过低 underrating; undervaluation;
    估计过高 overestimate;
    估计耗气率 estimated steam rate;
    估计截击时间 estimated time of interception;
    估计经济年限 (指折旧) estimated economic life;
    估计可变现价值 estimated realizable value;
    估计理论 estimation theory;
    估计量 {数} estimator; estimate;
    估计马力 estimated horse power;
    估计每件平均值 mean-per-unit estimation;
    估计捕捞效果 estimate of effectiveness of fishing;
    估计器 estimator;
    估计区间 estimation interval;
    估计失误 make a mistake in judgment;
    估计时间 estimated time;
    估计使用年限 estimated service life;
    估计使用期限 endurance expectation;
    估计市场 estimated market value;
    估计寿命 life expectancy;
    估计所需要增加经费 estimated additional requirements;
    估计未投保部分 uninsured proportion of valuation;
    估计位置 estimated position;
    估计误差 evaluated error; error of estimation;
    估计销售损失 estimated loss from sales;
    估计样品 sample estimates;
    估计应付税捐 accrued taxes estimated;
    估计噪声电压 psophometric voltage;
    估计折旧额 estimated theoretical depreciation;
    估计值 estimated value;
    估计重量 estimated weight;
    估计资本 estimated capital
    * * *
    估計|估计 [gū jì] to estimate to reckon CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 估计

  • 4 下降

    descend; go or come down; drop; fall; decline; dip; falter; go down;move down; slip, descent
    * * *
    go down; come down; decline; descend; drop; fall; gravitate; plunge
    【医】 descensus; descent
    【经】 decline; slump
    相关词组: 地盘下降
    * * *
    descend; drop; fall; go or come down; decline
    * * *
    v. decline, descend; drop, fall, go down, parachute
    * * *
    xia4 jiang4
    to decline, to drop, to fall, to go down, to decrease
    * * *
    xià jiàng
    descend; go or come down; drop; fall; decrease (in); decline; fall off; droop; downgrade:
    逐渐下降 decrease by degrees;
    生产(体重)下降 decrease in production (weight);
    引起下降 bring about its decline;
    持续下降 steady decline;
    下降到次要位置(地位) be relegated to a secondary position;
    出生率下降 a decline in the birth rate; The birthrate is on the decline.
    价格下降。 The prices are declining.
    飞机正在下降。 The plane was descending.
    气温显著下降。 There was a marked drop in temperature.
    生产成本逐年下降。 Production costs come down every year.
    销售量下降了。 Sales have dropped off.
    下降比 suppression ratio;
    下降弹道 descent trajectory;
    下降电流 drop-out current;
    下降电压 drop-out voltage;
    下降法 descent method;
    下降风 canyon wind; katabatic wind;
    下降管 downtake; downcomer;
    下降函数 {数} decreasing function;
    下降花序 descending inflorescence;
    下降角 {航空} angle of descent;
    下降阶段 decline stage;
    下降量 slippage;
    下降流 sinking; downwelling;
    下降漏斗 cone of depression; cone of influence;
    下降路径 descent path;
    下降盘 downthrown side;
    下降平衡折旧法 declining-balance depreciation;
    下降坡 declivity;
    下降坡度 descending grade; falling gradient;
    下降气流区 hyperbar;
    下降曲线 depression curve;
    下降生长 {生} degrowth;
    下降时间 fall time;
    下降水 descending water;
    下降速度 rate of decay; rate of descend; rate of downward gradient;
    下降算子 step down operator; down-ladder;
    下降特性 dropping characteristic;
    下降特性曲线 negative characteristic curve;
    下降调速器 droop governor;
    下降推进 descent propulsion;
    下降运算 step-down operation;
    下降值 drop-out value
    * * *
    下降|下降 [xià jiàng] to decline to drop to fall to go down to decrease

    Chinese-English dictionary > 下降

  • 5 专利

    * * *
    【化】 patent
    【经】 monopolization; monopolize; patent
    相关词组: 专利的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. patent
    n. patent
    * * *
    zhuan1 li4
    * * *
    zhuān lì
    申请专利 apply for a patent;
    实施专利 work one's patent;
    制造、使用或销售专利产品 make, use or sell a patented product
    专利保障 patent protection;
    专利标记 patent marking;
    专利产品 patented product;
    专利代理机构 patent agency;
    专利登记 patents registration;
    专利调查 patent search;
    专利法 patent law;
    专利防腐剂 patented preservative;
    专利复审委员会 Patent Re-examination Board;
    专利共同使用制度 patent pooling;
    专利管理机关 administrative authority for patent affairs;
    专利号 number of the patent;
    专利技术 patent technology;
    专利局 patent office;
    专利品 proprietary material; patent; patent article;
    专利情报 patent information activities;
    专利商标名 proprietary name;
    专利申请 patent application;
    专利使用费 fee for the exploitation of the patent;
    专利事物所 patent agency;
    专利协议 patent agreement;
    专利许可者 patentor;
    专利许可证 patent licence;
    专利折旧 depreciation on franchises;
    专利证明 letter of patent;
    专利证书(执照) patent certificate;
    专利总汇 patent banks
    * * *
    專利|专利 [zhuān lì] patent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 专利

  • 6 习惯

    be accustomed to; be used to; be inured to, habit; custom; usual practice
    * * *
    be used to; custom; habit; practice; usage; use and wont
    【医】 assuetude; habit; habituation; mores
    相关词组: 习惯的
    * * *
    be used to; custom; habit; practice; usage; use and wont
    * * *
    n. habit, custom, practice, wont
    v. be accustomed to, be used to
    * * *
    xi2 guan4
    habit, custom, usual practice, to be used to, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    xí guàn
    (适应) be accustomed to; be used to; be inured to:
    习惯于早起 habituate oneself to getting up early;
    他习惯于做艰苦的工作。 He is accustomed to hard work.
    你很快就会习惯这里的气候。 You will soon become (get) used to the weather here.
    我们应该使自己习惯艰苦生活。 We should inure ourselves to hard life.
    (长期养成的行为、倾向) habit; custom; convention; usual practice; groove:
    从小培养劳动习惯 cultivate the habit of doing manual labour from childhood;
    吸烟的习惯 the habit of smoking;
    旧习惯 outmoded customs;
    成习惯 get (fall) into a groove
    习惯包装 conventional packing; customary packing;
    习惯法 common law; customary law;
    习惯管理学派 management by custom school;
    习惯国际法 customary international law;
    习惯航线 regular route;
    习惯化 habituation; accustomization;
    习惯继承人 heir by custom; heir custom;
    习惯居所 habitual residence;
    习惯快速装卸 customary quick despatch;
    习惯皮重 customary tare;
    习惯势力 force of habit;
    习惯运输单据 customary transport documents;
    习惯运输单位 customary freight unit;
    习惯折旧 conventional depreciation;
    习惯折扣 customary discount;
    (国际金融市场的)习惯做法 practices prevailing in the international monetary market;
    习惯作法 habit;
    习惯作用 habituation
    * * *
    習慣|习惯 [xí guàn] habit custom usual practice to be used to CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 习惯

  • 7 产量

    output; yield; production; capacity
    * * *
    crop; output; turnout; yield
    【化】 output; producing capacity; throughput; yield
    【经】 output; outstandings stock; producing capacity; production
    相关词组: 产量多的
    * * *
    output; turnout; yield
    * * *
    n. output, product, goods, produce, yield, productivity
    * * *
    chan3 liang4
    * * *
    chǎn liàng
    output; yield; throughput; harvest; outturn; crop; volume of production:
    煤产量 output of coal;
    亩产量 per mu yield;
    日产量 the daily output;
    总产量 the total output (yield);
    稻产量将高于去年。 Rice yields will be higher than last year.
    过去5年中产量翻了一番。 The output has been doubled in the past five years.
    产量折旧法 output depreciation method; production depreciation method;
    产量指数 output index
    * * *
    產量|产量 [chǎn liàng] output

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产量

  • 8 企业

    enterprise; business;operation
    * * *
    enterprise; industry; undertaking
    【经】 business; business enterprice; enterprise; establishment; firm
    相关词组: 企业家
    * * *
    corporation; enterprise; project; undertaking
    * * *
    n. company, firm, Enterprise
    * * *
    qi3 ye4
    company, firm, enterprise, corporation, CL:家
    * * *
    qǐ yè; qì yè
    enterprise; establishment; business:
    创办新企业 launch a new enterprise;
    公私合营企业 a state-private enterprise;
    国营企业 state-owned enterprise;
    工矿企业 factories, mines and other enterprises;
    毫无利润的企业 an enterprise fruitless of profit;
    外商独资企业 sole foreign-funded enterprises;
    有利可图的企业 a paying proposition;
    中外合资企业 Sino-foreign joint-venture business;
    中外合作企业 Sino-foreign co-operative enterprises
    企业背景 business background;
    企业本体规划 corporate identity planning;
    企业本位论 theory of an enterprise-based economy;
    企业标准 company standard; enterprise standard;
    企业财务 business finance;
    企业场所(地点) business location;
    企业承包 contracting by enterprise;
    企业成本 cost in business; business cost;
    企业倒闭 business failure;
    企业发展规划 enterprise expansion projects;
    企业发展基金 enterprise expansion fund; venture expansion fund;
    企业法 business law;
    企业分配关系 income distribution in enterprise;
    企业个体原则 business entity principle;
    企业更新换代 upgrading of outmoded enterprise;
    企业工会 enterprise union;
    企业公司 enterprise-like corporation; business corporation;
    企业顾问 business consultant;
    企业关连分析 interindustrial relations analysis;
    企业管理 management of enterprise; business administration; business management;
    企业管理谘询 consultancy on enterprise management; management consulting;
    企业合并 amalgamation;
    企业横向经济联合 horizontal economic ties between enterprises;
    企业化 be run as an enterprise;
    企业活力 enterprise vitality;
    企业基金 enterprise fund; business fund;
    企业基金制 enterprise fund system;
    企业机制 mechanism of enterprise;
    企业集团 business conglomerate; consortium; enterprise groups (association); group (association) of enterprises; conglomeration;
    企业技术改造 technological transformation of enterprises;
    企业家 entrepreneur; business executives; enterpriser; industrialist;
    企业结构 pattern of enterprises;
    企业界 business circles;
    企业经营管理制度 system of enterprise operation and management;
    企业经营机制 managerial mechanism of enterprise;
    企业经营经济学 managerial economics;
    企业经济责任制 system of economic responsibility of enterprises;
    企业景气 business condition;
    企业救济 Unemployment relief is administered by enterprises.;
    企业库存变动 change in business inventories;
    企业亏损 loss of enterprise;
    企业扩充准备 reserve for business expansion;
    企业类型 form of business enterprise;
    企业利润留成比例 proportion of profits retained by enterprise;
    企业利润率 earning ratio;
    企业联合 business combination;
    企业林 commercial forest;
    企业领导体制 enterprise leadership (system); system of enterprise leadership;
    企业内部制度改革 institutional reform in the enterprise;
    企业平均规模 average size of enterprises;
    企业破产 business failures;
    企业群体 group (association) of enterprises; enterprise group;
    企业日常经济活动 routine operations of an enterprise;
    企业生产能力 productive capacity of enterprise;
    企业实际工作者 people engaged in practical work in the enterprise;
    企业实用技术 enterprise operative technology;
    企业收入 receipts from enterprises;
    企业税 taxes on enterprises;
    企业素质 quality of enterprise;
    企业所得税 business income tax;
    企业所有权与经营权分开 separate enterprise ownership from managerial authority;
    企业停业清理 voluntary winding-up;
    企业挖潜改造基金 funds for tapping the potential of present enterprises and financing their technical transformation;
    企业往来账户 business account;
    企业文化 enterprise culture;
    企业稳定 business stability;
    企业行政领导人员 administrators of an enterprise;
    企业应用统计学 applied business statistics; statistics for business application;
    企业预测 business forecast;
    企业圆桌会议 Business Round Table;
    企业责任 business accountability;
    企业折旧基金 depreciation funds earmarked for enterprises;
    企业诊断 enterprise diagnosis;
    企业资本账户 firm capital account;
    企业自决权 right of self-decision of the enterprise;
    企业自有资金 funds at the disposal of enterprises; enterprise's own resources;
    企业自治 enterprise autonomy;
    企业自主权 the power of decision of enterprises;
    企业租赁制 enterprise-leasing system;
    企业组织法 law of business organization;
    企业组织结构 organizational structure of the enterprise;
    企业组织结构合理化 rationalize the enterprise structure
    * * *
    企業|企业 [qǐ yè] company firm enterprise corporation CL:↑ [jiā]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 企业

  • 9 估价

    appraise; evaluate; cost; estimate; rate; value; assess, appraised price, valuation; assessment
    * * *
    appraisal; evaluation; prize; rate; valuation; value
    【医】 evaluation
    【经】 appraisal price; appraisement; assess; cost estimating; evaluation
    valuation; value
    相关词组: 无法估价的
    * * *
    value; evaluation; appraisal; appraise; assessment; prize
    * * *
    v. appraise, evaluate, rate
    n. appraisal
    * * *
    gu1 jia4
    to value, to appraise, to be valued at, estimate, valuation
    * * *
    gū jià
    (估计商品的价格) evaluate; assess; appraise; appraised price; assessment; valuation; appraisal price; estimate price; appraisement; account valuation; appraisal; cost estimate:
    他们给他房子的估价为15000元。 They assess his house at 15000 yuan.
    财产估价为30000英镑。 The value of the property has been valued at £. 30000.
    (对人或事物给以评价) appraise; evaluate; judge; appreciate:
    对历史人物的估价 evaluation of historical personages;
    对自己要有正确的估价。 One must have a correct estimate of oneself.
    她根据衣着来估价人。 She evaluates people by their clothes.
    估价标准 basis of valuation;
    估价表 schedule of prices;
    估价单 bill of estimate; value bill; pro forma invoice; list of cost estimate;
    估价单位 unit of assessment;
    估价公司 assessment company;
    估价惯例 valuation convention;
    估价法令 assession;
    估价基础 valuation basis;
    估价率 assessment rate;
    估价人 valuator; appraiser;
    估价调查 appraisal survey;
    估价账户 valuation accounts;
    估价折旧法 appraisal depreciation method
    * * *
    估價|估价 [gū jià] to value to appraise to be valued at estimate valuation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 估价

  • 10 余额

    vacancies yet to be filled, remaining sum; balance
    * * *
    remaining sum
    【经】 balance; balance outstanding; difference
    * * *
    * * *
    n. over, overage
    * * *
    yu2 e2
    balance (of an account, bill etc), surplus, remainder
    * * *
    yú é
    (名额中余下的空额) vacancies yet to be filled
    (剩余的金额) remaining sum; remainder; surplus; balance:
    我的银行存款余额不多了。 My bank balance isn't very large.
    余额递减法 declining-balance method;
    余额递减折旧法 declining balance depreciation;
    余额清单 statement of balance
    * * *
    餘額|余额 [yú é] balance (of an account, bill etc) surplus remainder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 余额

  • 11 保底

    protect an investment or deposit against currency depreciation, guarantee a minimum sum; ensure a basic figure
    * * *
    bao3 di3
    to break even, to maintain one's position
    * * *
    保底|保底 [bǎo dǐ] to break even to guarantee a minimum (salary etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保底

  • 12 减价

    reduce (or lower) the prices; mark down; concession; reduction; knock off
    * * *
    cheapen; depreciation; mark down; reduce the price
    【经】 cut down the price; declination; price cutting; price markdown
    reduce a price; reduce the price
    * * *
    cheapen; cut rate; depreciation; markdown
    * * *
    v. reduce the price, mark down
    * * *
    jian3 jia4
    to cut prices, to discount, to mark down, price cutting
    * * *
    jiǎn jià
    reduce the price; mark down; cut down price; price breaks; price cut:
    减价出售 sell at a reduced price;
    减价五元 reduce five yuan from the price; be marked down by five yuan;
    减价一成 be marked down by 10%;
    大减价 afford a very considerable reduction in price;
    这件上衣大减价, 因此我就把它买下了。 I bought the coat as it was considerably reduced from its original price.
    * * *
    減價|减价 [jiǎn jià] to cut prices to discount to mark down price cutting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 减价

  • 13 分摊

    apportion; share; spread
    * * *
    apportion; apportionment; divvy; proportion
    【经】 allocation; apportionment
    * * *
    apportion; apportionment; proportion
    * * *
    v. apportion
    * * *
    fen1 tan1
    to share (costs, responsibilities), to apportion
    * * *
    fēn tān
    share; divide pro rata:
    分摊费用 share the expenses
    分摊比率 rate of assessment;
    分摊成本 overhead cost;
    分摊额 share of contribution; assessment;
    分摊方案 pool schemes;
    分摊数额 apportionment;
    分摊税 apportioned tax;
    分摊再保险 contributory reinsurance;
    分摊折旧 apportioning depreciation;
    分摊值 contributory value
    * * *
    分攤|分摊 [fēn tān] to share (costs, responsibilities) to apportion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分摊

  • 14 分期

    by stages; spread
    * * *
    by stages
    【经】 aging
    相关词组: 分期偿还
    * * *
    by stages
    * * *
    fen1 qi1
    by stages, staggered, step by step
    * * *
    fēn qī
    (分阶段地) by stages:
    分期贷款 instalment credit;
    分期还本付息 instalment and interest charges;
    我去年在报纸上读过这故事的分期连载。 I read instalments of the story in the newspaper last year.
    (划分时期) divide into different period:
    历史分期 the division of history into historical periods
    分期采伐面积 periodic cutting-area;
    分期定额折旧法 fixed instalment method; fixed instalment depreciation method;
    分期过渡开采 separate transitive-mining;
    分期减少 “phased” reduction;
    分期建筑 stage construction;
    分期交货 instalment delivery; spread delivery;
    分期围堰 stage cofferdam method
    * * *
    分期|分期 [fēn qī] by stages staggered step by step in installments

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分期

  • 15 分类

    classify; categorize; sort, assortment; classification
    * * *
    sort; class; classify; assort; divide; label; staple; system
    【计】 categories; categorization; category
    【化】 classification
    【医】 classifieation; grouping; systematization; systematize; typing
    【经】 classification; classifying; group; sort
    相关词组: 动物分类学
    * * *
    sort; class; classify; assort; label; staple; system
    * * *
    n. sort, systematics, classification, systematization
    v. classify, assort
    * * *
    fen1 lei4
    * * *
    fēn lèi
    (使分别归类) classify; itemize; sort:
    根据起因将事故分类 classify accidents by cause;
    根据性别(年龄; 民族; 地区)分类 classify by sex (age; nationality; locality);
    邮局里的人员将信件按寄送地点分类。 Men in the post office classify mail according to places it is to go.
    它们是按品种分类的。 They are classified in sorts.
    (分门别类) classification; assortment; systematization; partition; sorting; taxonomy; breakdown:
    粗略的分类 a broad classification;
    使分类系统化 systematize classification;
    植物的分类 classification of plants
    分类比较器 sorter comparator;
    分类表 classification chart;
    分类参数 sorting parameter;
    分类操作 sort operation;
    分类程序 sorter; sort program;
    分类程序模块 sort module;
    分类存储器 sorting memory;
    分类单位 taxonomical unit; taxon; taxa;
    分类单元 taxon (pl. taxa);
    分类电话簿 classified telephone directory; yellow pages;
    分类电路 sorting circuit;
    分类定货 group order;
    分类法 classification;
    分类方法 sorting technique;
    分类符 classifier; specificator;
    分类符号 class symbol;
    分类广告 classified advertisement; classifieds;
    分类工作文件 sort work file;
    分类功能 模块 sort module;
    分类关键 {自} sort key;
    分类规 classification gauge;
    分类归并 sort merge;
    分类过程 assorting process;
    分类号码 class number;
    分类合并 sorting and merging;
    分类机 sequencer; sorter;
    分类记录 book of final entry;
    分类架 box; slot;
    分类键 sort key;
    分类交配 assortative mating;
    分类阶段 {计} sorting phase;
    分类阶元 taxonomic category;
    分类进食 dissociate diet;
    分类空间 classifying space; categorical space;
    分类控制键 sort control key;
    分类控制设备 segregating control equipment;
    分类类目 series;
    分类力学 sort mechanics;
    分类量 sort capacity;
    分类命题 categorical proposition;
    分类模块 sort module;
    分类目录 split catalogue; classified catalogue;
    分类排列法 classified shelt arrangement;
    分类平衡法 sort balance;
    分类平衡器 {讯} ledger balance;
    分类器 grader; sorter;
    分类群 taxon;
    分类日记簿 journal day book;
    分类筛 classifying screen;
    分类声纳 classification sonar;
    分类生产法 multiline production;
    分类生成程序 sort generator;
    分类试验 class test;
    分类树形结构 sort tree structure;
    分类数据 categorical data;
    分类说明 classification declaration;
    分类算法 sorting algorithm;
    分类随机抽样 random sampling by classification;
    分类索引 classified index (subject index);
    分类台 assorting table;
    分类条件 class condition;
    分类文件 sort file;
    分类文件描述项 sort file description entry;
    分类系列 {生} taxonomic series;
    分类系统 categorizing (taxonomic) system;
    分类细账 breakdown;
    分类向量 class vector;
    分类效率最佳化 optimizing sort performance;
    分类信息 category message;
    分类信息组 split field;
    分类性状 taxonomic character;
    分类应用 sort application;
    分类语句 sort statement; specification statement;
    分类语言学 taxonomic linguistics;
    分类阅读机 sorter reader;
    分类轧钢机 section steel rolling mill;
    分类账 ledger; financial record; journal;
    分类账簿 ledger;
    分类折旧法 group depreciation method; (典型示范)
    分类指导 demonstration by example or guidance to different types of areas;
    分类主义 taxonomism;
    分类专业小组 cut house(石油工厂的);
    分类装置 sorter;
    分类状况 assortment;
    分类资料 grouped data;
    分类子句 {计} class clause;
    分类总数 batch total;
    分类组合 sort merge
    * * *
    分類|分类 [fēn lèi] classification

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分类

  • 16 分组

    divide into groups, group
    * * *
    divide into groups
    【机】 batching
    * * *
    * * *
    fen1 zu3
    to divide into groups, subgroup
    * * *
    fēn zǔ
    divide into groups:
    按能力分组 be grouped according to ability;
    分组讨论 discuss in groups; group discussion;
    分组学习 study in groups
    grouping; subgroup; block sort; curtate
    分组编码 block encoding;
    分组长度 block length;
    分组抽样 group sampling; cluster sampling;
    分组处理流程 packet processing flow;
    分组打孔 gang-punch;
    分组等长交换 packet switching;
    分组电容器 subdivided capacitor;
    分组法 method of division into groups;
    分组方法 group technology;
    分组合件 {工} subassembly;
    分组接转 packet switching;
    分组进位 group carry;
    分组控制 group control;
    分组列车 group train;
    分组码 block code;
    分组平差 adjustment in groups;
    分组预选器 group line switch;
    分组折旧 group depreciation;
    分组镇压器 sectional roll
    * * *
    分組|分组 [fēn zǔ] to divide into groups subgroup

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分组

  • 17 加速

    quicken; speed up; accelerate; expedite; hasten; hurry along, acceleration
    * * *
    accelerate; quicken; crack on; gather way; pickup; speed
    【计】 accelerating; increase speed; speed-up
    【医】 acceleration; auxo-
    【经】 accelerate; prompt; speed up
    相关词组: 加速的
    * * *
    accelerate; quicken up; speedup; gather way; pickup
    * * *
    n. speeded up
    v. quicken, speed up, accelerate
    * * *
    jia1 su4
    accelerate, expedite
    * * *
    jiā sù
    quicken; speed up; accelerate; expedite; acceleration; upshift; boosting; starting; precipitate; shifting up:
    加速四个现代化建设 speed up the four modernizations;
    加速商品周转 expedite the turnover of commodities;
    队伍加速前进。 The contingent quickened its advance.
    这辆新汽车加速性能良好。 The new car has good accelaration.
    加速泵 {机} accelerating pump; acceleration pump;
    加速比 speed-up ratio;
    加速波导管 accelerating waveguide;
    加速参数 acceleration parameter;
    加速测量管 accelerometer tube;
    加速测试 {电工} accelerated test;
    加速常数 acceleration constant;
    加速场 accelerating field;
    加速冲量 acceleration pulse;
    加速传动 drive up;
    加速存取 assisted access;
    加速电场 accelerating field;
    加速电极 accelerating electrode; accelerator;
    加速电路 accelerating circuit; anticipation network;
    加速电容 speed-up capacitor;
    加速电容器 speed-up condenser; speed-up capacitor;
    加速电势(位) accelerating potential;
    加速电势差 accelerating potential;
    加速电压 {电子} accelerating potential; accelerating voltage;
    加速电子发动机 accelerated electron engine;
    加速电子管 accelerating tube;
    加速定理 speed up theorem;
    加速发动机 acceleration motor; booster engine; kick motor;
    加速发生 tachygenesis;
    加速阀 acceleration valve;
    加速反馈 {航空} acceleration feedback;
    加速反射 {生理} acceleratory reflex;
    加速反应期 acceleration period;
    加速风门 accelerator;
    加速腐蚀 accelerated corrosion;
    加速腐蚀试验 accelerated corrosion test;
    加速负载 accelerating weight;
    加速功率 accelerating power;
    加速管 accelerating tube;
    加速过程研究 acceleration study;
    加速过滤 {化} accelerated filtration;
    加速过滤器 {化} accelofilter;
    加速环 intensifier ring;
    加速换向 overcommutation;
    加速火箭发动机 accelerating rocket engine;
    加速回程 accelerated return stroke;
    加速机制 acceleration mechanism;
    加速极 intensifying ring; accelerating stage;
    加速剂 accelerator; accelerant;
    加速继电器 accelerating relay;
    加速驾驶装置 acceleration-controlled system;
    加速接触器 {电工} accelerating contactor;
    加速节 accelerating section;
    加速进气 accelerating charge;
    加速浸饱剂 introfier;
    加速浸饱作用{化} introfaction;
    加速浸出 accelerated leaching;
    加速空间 accelerating space;
    加速控制器 acceleration controller;
    加速老化 accelerated ageing;
    加速老化试验 accelerated ageing test;
    加速老化系数 life acceleration factor;
    加速离子 speeding-up ion;
    加速力 accelerating force; accelerative force; turn of speed;
    加速连杆机构 {机} accelerator linkage;
    加速链 {电子} accelerating chain;
    加速流 {流} accelerated flow; accelerated motion of a fluid;
    加速磨损试验 accelerated wear test;
    加速耐受度 {工} acceleration tolerance;
    加速能力 acceleration capacity;
    加速喷嘴 accelerating jet; acceleration nozzle;
    加速疲劳试验 {航空} accelerated fatigue test;
    加速破坏 accelerate the failure;
    加速曝气池 aero-accelerator;
    加速期间 accelerating period;
    加速侵蚀 {地质} accelerated erosion;
    加速曲线 acceleration curve;
    加速燃烧 accelerated combustion; accelerate the combustion;
    加速容限{航空} acceleration tolerance;
    加速栅极 accelerating grid electrode;
    加速设备 accelerating device;
    加速神经 accelerans; accelerator nerve;
    加速生长 {生} tachyauxesis;
    加速时间 acceleration time; time for acceleration;
    加速时期 {采矿} acceleration; accelerating period; period of acceleration;
    加速失调 acceleration disturbance;
    加速(电)势差 accelerating potential;
    加速室 accelerating chamber;
    加速试验 accelerated test;
    加速收敛 accelerating convergence;
    加速寿命试验 {机} accelerated life test; accelerated test;
    加速数 accelerator;
    加速速度 accelerating velocity; geared-up speed;
    加速踏板 {机} accelerator pedal;
    加速系数 accelerator coefficient; accelerating factor;
    加速系统 accelerating system;
    加速系统自动开关 kick-down switch;
    加速系统自动开关接线柱 kick-down switch fixed terminal;
    加速系统自动开关柱塞 kick-down switch plunger;
    加速限制 acceleration constraint;
    加速限制器 accelerator limiter; acceleration limiter;
    加速线圈 accelerating coil;
    加速箱 accelerating chamber;
    加速响应 {控} booster response; rate action; time response;
    加速响应电容器 commutating capacitor; commutating condenser;
    加速效应 acceleration effect;
    加速型喷管 accelerating nozzle;
    加速性能 accelerating ability;
    加速循环 accelerated circulation;
    加速阳极 accelerating anode;
    加速因素 accelerator;
    加速因数 accelerated factor; accelerating factor;
    加速因子 accelerated factor; accelerating factor;
    加速引射器 augmenting duct;
    加速油壶 accelerating well;
    加速原理 acceleration principle;
    加速运动 accelerated motion; accelerated movement; positive acceleration motion;
    加速运动特性 acceleration characteristic;
    加速运转 accelerated service;
    加速载荷 accelerating load;
    加速载荷试验 accelerated load test;
    加速噪声抑制 run-up noise suppression;
    加速增长 accelerated growth;
    加速折旧 accelerated depreciation;
    加速指令 assisted instruction;
    加速转矩 accelerating torque;
    加速装置 {机} accelerator; accelerating installation;
    加速自动记录仪 {工程} accelerograph;
    加速阻力 acceleration resistance
    * * *
    加速|加速 [jiā sù] accelerate expedite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 加速

  • 18 单位

    unit (as a standard of measurement), unit (as an organization, department, division, section, etc.)
    * * *
    monad; unit
    【计】 units
    【化】 unit
    【医】 U.; unit
    【经】 unit
    相关词组: 单位量
    * * *
    unit; units
    * * *
    n. unit; place where one works
    * * *
    dan1 wei4
    a unit, unit (of measure), work unit (one's workplace), CL:個, 个
    * * *
    dān wèi
    (计量事物的标罳量的名称) unit (as a standard of measurement):
    长度单位 a unit of length;
    货币单位 monetary unit;
    以秒为单位计算时间 measure time by the second
    (机关、团体或属于一个机关、团体的各个部分) unit (as an organization, department, division, section, etc.):
    附属单位 affiliated unit;
    基层单位 basic unit; grass-roots unit;
    行政单位 administrative unit
    单位变形 unit deformation;
    单位表示 unit representation;
    单位产量 specific yield;
    单位产品原料消耗 consumption per unit product of raw materials;
    单位产值能耗 energy consumption per unit of output value;
    单位长度 unit length;
    单位成本技术 unit cost technique;
    单位成本折旧法 unit-cost depreciation-method;
    单位持水度 specific water retention;
    单位出力 specific power;
    单位磁导 unit permeance;
    单位磁极 unit (magnetic) pole;
    单位当量 {摄} unit amount;
    单位电荷 unit charge;
    单位电压 unit voltage; specific voltage;
    单位电阻 unit resistance;
    单位法线 unit normal;
    单位符号 unit symbol;
    单位复数 complex unit;
    单位负荷 specific load;
    单位负载 unit load;
    单位刚度 specific stiffness;
    单位根 root of unity;
    单位工程 construction unit;
    单位功率 {冶} unit power;
    单位(水文)过程线 unit hydrograph;
    单位耗药量 unit powder consumption;
    单位换算 {物} unit conversion;
    单位换算比 {电工} unitary ratio;
    单位换算价值 unit conversion value;
    单位活度 unit activity;
    单位价值 unit value;
    单位价值指数 unit value index;
    单位进刀量 unit feed;
    单位晶格 elementary cell;
    单位晶体管 unit transistor;
    单位距离 {天} unit distance;
    单位距离码 {自} unit-distance code; CP (cyclic permuted) code;
    单位矩阵 unit matrix; unitary matrix; identity matrix;
    单位空气调节机 unit air-conditioner;
    单位量 unitage;
    单位脉冲 unit pulse; unit impulse;
    单位面积 unit area;
    单位面积强度 strength per unit area;
    单位膜 elementary membrane; unit membrane;
    单位切线 {数} unit tangent;
    单位球 {数} unit ball;
    单位球面 {数} unit sphere;
    单位伸长 unit extension;
    单位时间 unit interval; unit time;
    单位时间转数 number of revolution per unit of time; revolution per unit of time;
    单位矢量 unit vector;
    单位数 units;
    单位算子 {数} unit operator;
    单位体积 unit volume;
    单位体积变化 unit volume change;
    单位体积含量 content by volume;
    单位体积膨胀 unit volume expansion;
    单位网次渔获量 catch per haul;
    单位位错 unit dislocation;
    单位位移 unit displacement;
    单位位移法 unit displacement method;
    单位线 unit hydrograph;
    单位消耗 unit consumption;
    单位形 unit form;
    单位压力 unit pressure;
    单位应变 {力} unit strain;
    单位应力 {力} unit stress;
    单位涌水量 specific capacity;
    单位元 identical element;
    单位元素 {数} identity element;
    单位圆 unit circle;
    单位载荷 specific loading;
    单位载荷法 unit load method;
    单位增益 unit (unity) gain;
    单位增益带宽 unity gain bandwidth;
    单位张量 unit tensor;
    单位制 system of unit;
    单位重量 unit weight;
    单位转速 unit speed;
    单位阻力 unit resistance;
    单位锥 unit pyramid
    * * *
    單位|单位 [dān wèi] a unit unit (of measure) work unit (one's workplace) CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 单位

  • 19 固定资产

    fixed assets
    * * *
    【经】 capital assets; fixed asset; fixed capital; funded property
    non-liquid asset; non-trading asset; passive assets; permanent assets
    * * *
    capital asserts; equipment; permanent assets
    * * *
    n. permanent assets, fixed assets
    * * *
    gu4 ding4 zi1 chan3
    fixed assets
    * * *
    gù dìng zī chǎn
    fixed assets; capital assets; permanent assets
    固定资产报废数额 amount of existing fixed assets which are to be scrapped;
    固定资产比率 ratio of fixed assets; fixed assets ratio;
    固定资产贬值 devaluation of fixed assets;
    固定资产产值 value of fixed assets;
    固定资产重(新)估价 revaluation of fixed assets;
    固定资产重估价利益 profit from revaluation of fixed assets;
    固定资产大修理(折旧) capital repairs of fixed assets;
    固定资产动用系数 coefficient of fixed assets put into operation;
    固定资产更新基金 funds for the replenishment of fixed assets;
    固定资产更新系数 coefficient of renovation of fixed assets;
    固定资产估价 valuation of fixed assets;
    固定资产净值比率 fixed assets to net worth ratio;
    固定资产利用程度 rate of utilization of fixed assets;
    固定资产利用系数 coefficient;
    固定资产磨损系数 coefficient of wear and tear;
    固定资产税 imposition of taxes on fixed assets; fixed assets tax;
    固定资产摊销 amortization of fixed assets;
    固定资产统计师 actuary;
    固定资产投资 fixed investments;
    固定资产退废时间 time allotted to the depreciation of the existing fixed assets;
    固定资产再估价 reappraisal of fixed assets;
    固定资产增值 appreciation of fixed assets;
    固定资产占用费 fees for the possession and use of fixed assets; charges for the use of fixed assets;
    固定资产占有量 amount of fixed assets employed;
    固定资产(基本)折旧 depreciation;
    固定资产折旧提成 drawing portions from the depreciation fund for fixed assets;
    固定资产周转(率) fixed assets turnover;
    固定资产租赁制 leasing system for fixed assets
    * * *
    固定資產|固定资产 [gù dìng zī chǎn] fixed assets

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固定资产

  • 20 基本

    foundation, basic; fundamental; elementary; staple; bare; cardinal, main; essential, basically; in the main; on the whole; by and large
    * * *
    basic; essence
    相关词组: 基本的
    * * *
    basic; basis; essence
    * * *
    ji1 ben3
    basic, fundamental, main, elementary
    * * *
    jī běn
    (根本的) basic; fundamental:
    基本观点 basic concept; fundamental view;
    基本规律 basic law;
    基本原则 basic principles;
    数学的基本原理 the fundamental rules of arithmetic
    (主要的) main; essential:
    基本特征 essential features;
    基本条件 main conditions
    (基础的) elementary; rudimentary:
    基本知识 elementary knowledge
    (大体上) basically; in the main; on the whole; by and large:
    这项工作已经基本完成。 The work has been completed in the main.
    我们的意见基本上是一样的。 Our opinions are on the whole the same.
    基本比例尺 principal scale;
    基本编码 basic coding; absolute coding;
    基本编译程序 basic compiler;
    基本变量 {自} basic variable; bounded variable;
    基本标准成本 base standard cost;
    基本表达式 basic representation;
    基本表示 basic representation;
    基本波形 basic waveform;
    基本不变量 fundamental invariant;
    基本不变式 basic invariant; primitive invariant;
    基本不等式 basic inequality;
    基本部分 part and parcel; essential part;
    基本材料 stock;
    基本参数 basic parameter; essential parameter;
    基本操作 elementary operation;
    基本操作系统 basic operating system;
    基本差额 basic balance;
    基本常数 basic constant; fundamental constant;
    基本场粒子 fundamental field particle;
    基本成分 basis; elementary composition;
    基本程序 base program;
    基本程序块 basic block;
    基本乘积 fundamental product;
    基本齿条 basic rack;
    基本尺寸 basic size;
    基本赤字 basic deficit;
    基本传输损耗 basic transmission loss;
    基本磁层过程 basic magnetospheric process;
    基本磁化曲线 fundamental magnetization curve; reversal curve;
    基本词汇 basic vocabulary; basic word-stock;
    基本存储区 based storage;
    基本存取方法 basic access technique;
    基本存取方式 basic access method;
    基本大地测量 basic geodetic survey;
    基本代码 basic code; absolute code;
    基本单位 {物} base unit; fundamental unit; basic units;
    基本等级 basic grade;
    基本地址 base address; presumptive address; reference address;
    基本地址寄存器 base address register;
    基本点 main point; fundamental proposition;
    基本点阵 fundamental lattice;
    基本电荷 {物} elementary charge;
    基本电极 primary electrode;
    基本电流 fundamental current;
    基本电流强度 rheobase; rheobasis;
    基本电路 basic circuit;
    基本定理 fundamental theorem; principal theorem;
    基本定量 basal ration;
    基本定律 fundamental law;
    基本定向 {动} primary orientation;
    基本定址 base addressing;
    基本动作 elemental motion; basic motion; fundamental motion; therblig;
    基本度量学 fundamental metrology;
    基本度量张量 fundamental metric tensor;
    基本段 basic segment; root segment;
    基本多道程序设计系统 basic multiprogramming system;
    基本法 basic law;
    基本法则 fundamentum;
    基本烦恼 basic anxiety;
    基本反应 fundamental reaction;
    基本反应过程 elementary process;
    基本泛函 fundamental functional;
    基本方案 basic scheme; general planning;
    基本方程 fundamental equation;
    基本方式 basic mode;
    基本方式控制过程 basic mode control procedure;
    基本仿射联络 {数} fundamental affine connection;
    基本费率区 {讯} base rate area;
    基本分量 fundamental component;
    基本符号 basic symbol; base notation;
    基本覆盖 basic overlay;
    基本负荷 base load;
    基本负载 basic load;
    基本概念 basic concept;
    基本纲领 basic program;
    基本工资 base wages; regular pay; regular wages; basic wages; basic salaries;
    基本公差 basic tolerance; series of tolerance;
    基本公差单位 fundamental tolerance unit;
    基本公式 fundamental formula;
    基本顾客 primary potential customer;
    基本规范 fundamental norms; base plane; fundamental plane;
    基本规则 primitive rule;
    基本轨 {土} stock rail;
    基本过程 basic process; elementary process; primary process; unit process;
    基本函数 basic function; fundamental function;
    基本核心 taproot;
    基本核算单位 basic accounting unit;
    基本和 fundamental sum;
    基本化工原料 basic chemical raw materials;
    基本汇编 base assembly;
    基本汇编程序 basic assembler;
    基本汇编语言 basic assembly language;
    基本级数 basic series;
    基本极限 {核子} basic limit;
    基本集合 basic set; fundamental set;
    基本技术数据 basic technical data; fundamental technical data;
    基本记号 base notation;
    基本记录 master record;
    基本假设 fundamental assumption;
    基本价格数据 basic price data;
    基本监督程序 basic monitor;
    基本接口 basic interface;
    基本阶段 root phase;
    基本结构 basic structure;
    基本解 fundamental solution; basic solution;
    基本解矩阵 fundamental-solution matrix;
    基本解组 {数} basic set of solutions; fundamental system of solutions;
    基本径流 base runoff;
    基本句 essential sentence;
    基本均衡 basis equalization;
    基本开关电路 fundamental switching circuit;
    基本可行解 basic feasible solution;
    基本控制方程 governing equation;
    基本控制方式 basic control mode;
    基本劳动日 minimum number of workdays;
    基本利率 prime rate;
    基本粒子 fundamental particle; ultimate particle; elementary particle;
    基本连接{自} basic linkage;
    基本量 {物} base quantity; fundamental quantity; fundamental magnitude;
    基本邻域 basic neighbourhood; fundamental neighbourhood;
    基本路径选择 backbone route;
    基本路线 basic line;
    基本螺旋结构 basic spiral configuration;
    基本逻辑 basic logic;
    基本逻辑电路 fundamental logic circuit;
    基本脉冲 basic pulse;
    基本脉冲电平 basic impulse level;
    基本脉冲发生器 basic pulse generator;
    基本矛盾 basic contradiction;
    基本免税额 basic exemption;
    基本面 fundamental plane;
    基本命题 elementary sentence;
    基本命题函数 basic propositional function;
    基本能带区 fundamental-band region;
    基本能源 basic power source;
    基本培养基 minimal medium;
    基本判定 primitive decision;
    基本偏差 basic deviation; fundamental deviation;
    基本频带 baseband;
    基本频率 fundamental frequency; base frequency; fundamental;
    基本频率标准 {讯} primary frequency standard;
    基本强度 fundamental strength;
    基本区域 {数} fundamental region;
    基本曲线 fundamental curve;
    基本圈 reference circle; fundamental circle;
    基本权利 fundamental right;
    基本群 fundamental group;
    基本群落 concrete community;
    基本人权 basic human rights;
    基本容量 basic capacity;
    基本软件 {自} basic software;
    基本三角网 basic triangulation network;
    基本色 primitive colour;
    基本色调 key colour;
    基本设计 basic design;
    基本设计方案 basic design scheme;
    基本设计准则 basic design criteria;
    基本设施 infrastructure;
    基本生产资料 basic means of production;
    基本生活享受 basic amenities of life;
    基本失效率 basic failure rate;
    基本时间 {工管} basic time;
    基本时限 basic time;
    基本实用程序 basic utility;
    基本事件 elementary event;
    基本事件集 set of elementary event;
    基本事例 event;
    基本市场学 basic marketing;
    基本属性 base attribute; inherence;
    基本数据 master data; basic data;
    基本数据单元 primitive;
    基本数量分析 basic quantitative analysis;
    基本数字电路 elementary digital circuit;
    基本索引 base index;
    基本索引按序存取法 basic indexed sequential access method;
    基本速度 base speed;
    基本天体测量(学) fundamental astrometry;
    基本条款 condition clause;
    基本统计数字 benchmark statistics;
    基本投资 capital investment;
    基本图 parent map;
    基本挖掘 {采矿} key cut;
    基本外部函数 basic external function;
    基本网孔 fundamental mesh;
    基本网络 basic network; elemental network;
    基本文件 constituent instruments;
    基本物理常量 fundamental physical constant;
    基本物理量 fundamental physical quantity;
    基本误差 elementary error; intrinsic error;
    基本系统 fundamental system;
    基本系统参数 basic system parameter;
    基本险 basic insurance;
    基本线路 basic circuit;
    基本线路图 basic diagram;
    基本相互作用 basic interaction;
    基本箱 (镀锡薄板的商业单位) base box;
    基本项{自} elementary item; basic term; elemental term; elementary term;
    基本向量 basis vector; fundamental vector;
    基本消费 capital consumption;
    基本谐波 primary harmonic;
    基本谐振 fundamental resonance;
    基本信号周期 dot cycle;
    基本信念 ur-defense;
    基本信息 essential information;
    基本星表 fundamental catalog;
    基本型 fundamental form;
    基本形 {数} fundamental form; primitive form;
    基本形式 elemental form;
    基本形状 basic configuration;
    基本性能参数 fundamental performance parameter;
    基本循环 basic cycle;
    基本研究 basic research;
    基本样条 basic spline;
    基本要素 fundamental;
    基本意思 line;
    基本异名 basonym;
    基本语句 basic statement;
    基本语言设计 basic language project;
    基本语言软件 basic software;
    基本域 ground field; fundamental domain;
    基本元件 primary element;
    基本元素 basic element;
    基本原理 basal principle; cardinal principle; first principles; fundament; fundamental principle; philosophy; ultimate principles;
    基本原料 base stock;
    基本原则 foundation; base;
    基本圆 primary circle;
    基本运费 basic freight;
    基本运费率 basic rate;
    基本运价表 basic tariff;
    基本运算 basic operation; fundamental operation;
    基本杂波(噪声) basic noise;
    基本载波 main carrier;
    基本张量 fundamental tensor;
    基本账户 basic account;
    基本振荡 fundamental oscillation; natural oscillation;
    基本振动 fundamental vibration;
    基本振动转动区 fundamental vibration-rotation region;
    基本振幅 basic amplitude;
    基本振型 basic vibration mode;
    基本折旧基金 basic depreciation fund;
    基本证据 basic evidence; primary evidence;
    基本支援软件 basic support software;
    基本知识 elementary (rudimentary) knowledge; the (an) ABC;
    基本职能 basic function;
    基本直接存取法 basic direct access method;
    基本指令 elementary instruction;
    基本指令表 basic instruction set;
    基本质点 fundamental particle;
    基本中径 {螺纹} basic pitch diameter;
    基本周期 {自} basic cycle; base period; fundamental period;
    基本转换项 basic switching term;
    基本装入程序 basic loader;
    基本准则 basic norm;
    基本资金 capital funds;
    基本自动编码 basic autocoder;
    基本组件 basic module;
    基本组织 {植} ground tissue;
    基本组织系统 fundamental tissue system;
    基本阻力 datum drag;
    基本作业 elemental work;
    基本坐标系 fundamental coordinate system
    * * *
    基本|基本 [jī běn] basic fundamental main elementary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 基本

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