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  • 1 寄销

    commission sale; sell on commission
    * * *
    【经】 consign; consignment; consignment sales; on consignment
    sale on consignment; shipment outward
    * * *
    ji4 xiao1
    to dispatch, consigned (goods)
    * * *
    jì xiāo
    consignment sale
    寄销出口保险 consignment sale export insurance;
    寄销货物保险 consignment stock insurance;
    寄销品 consigned goods;
    寄销清单 account sales;
    寄销通知书 consignment note
    * * *
    寄銷|寄销 [jì xiāo] to dispatch consigned (goods)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寄销

  • 2 销货帐

    sales account
    * * *
    sales account
    * * *
    xiao1 huo4 zhang4
    sales ledger (accountancy)
    * * *
    銷貨帳|销货帐 [xiāo huò zhàng] sales ledger (accountancy)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 销货帐

  • 3 预计

    calculate in advance; estimate, expectation; estimation
    * * *
    【经】 anticipated
    * * *
    v. forecast, predict, estimate
    * * *
    yu4 ji4
    to forecast, to predict, to estimate
    * * *
    yù jì
    estimate; calculate in advance; expect:
    这次会议预计要开4天。 It is estimated that the meeting will last four days.
    工农业总产值预计翻两番。 It is estimated that the gross annual value of industrial and agricultural output will be quadrupled.
    预计产量 estimated output;
    预计成本 anticipated cost; cost of prediction; projected cost;
    预计承销清单 pro forma account sales;
    预计到达时间 estimated time of arrival;
    预计进口 anticipatory import;
    预计利润 anticipations of profit;
    预计录 prerecord;
    预计目标 {军} scheduled target;
    预计年限总数折旧法 depreciation method of sum expected life period;
    预计失效率 predicted failure rate;
    预计数据 predicted data;
    预计误差 prediction error;
    预计修理量 repair expectancy;
    预计装卸完成时间 expected end of landing; expect to complete;
    预计资金运用 estimated application of funds
    * * *
    預計|预计 [yù jì] to forecast to predict to estimate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 预计

  • 4 销货

    【经】 merchandise sales; sales
    * * *
    xiāo huò
    sales; merchandise sales
    销货比率 ratio of sales;
    销货成本 cost of goods sold; cost of sales; cost of goods sales;
    销货单 sales slip;
    销货定单 sales order;
    销货发票 invoice for sale;
    销货费用 selling expenses;
    销货合同 sales contract;
    销货记录 record of goods sold;
    销货净额对资产总额的比率 ratio of net sales to total assets;
    销货净利 net profit on sales;
    销货款 money taken in for sold commodities;
    销货利润 selling profits;
    销货凭证 sales voucher;
    销货确认书 confirmative sale note;
    销货(销售)收入 income from sales of products; proceeds of sale;
    销货收益 sales income;
    销货退回 sales returns;
    销货退回通知单 credit memo for sales return;
    销货限额 sales quotas;
    销货账 account sales; account of goods sold;
    销货折扣 sales discount;
    销货折让 sales discounts and allowances; allowance on sales;
    销货总成本 gross cost of merchandise sold;
    销货总额 gross sales

    Chinese-English dictionary > 销货

  • 5 销售帐户摘要

    【经】 abstract of account sales

    Chinese-English dictionary > 销售帐户摘要

  • 6 预计承销清单

    【经】 pro forma account sales

    Chinese-English dictionary > 预计承销清单

  • 7 account

    [ə'kaunt] 1. n; c
    1) (with bank, at shop) 账户 [zhànghù]

    I have an account with Barclays. — 我在巴克莱银行有一个账户。

    2) ( COMM) (client, customer) 客户 [kèhù]

    The agency has won two important new accounts. — 代理公司赢得了两个重要的新客户。

    3) (report) 描述 [miáoshù]

    He gave an account of what happened. — 他对发生的事情做了一番描述。

    2. accounts; n pl; ( COMM)
    账 [zhàng]

    He kept the accounts. — 他记账。

    3. vt

    * to be accounted sth — ( frm) 被视为某事 [bèi shìwéi mǒushì]

    * to buy/pay for sth on account — 分期付款购买某物

    * to give a good account of o.s. — 使自己表现不错

    * to be brought or called or held to account for sth — 被要求就某事作出解释

    * to be of no/little account — ( frm) 完全不/不大重要

    * on no account — 绝对不

    * on account of — 因为

    * to take sth into account, take account of sth — 考虑到某事

    * by or from all accounts — 根据大家所说

    Phrasal Verbs:

    Chinese-English dictionary > account

  • 8 account for

    vt fus
    1) (explain) 解释 [jiěshì]

    How do you account for the company's high staff turnover? — 你如何解释公司如此频繁的人事变动?

    2) (represent) 占 [zhàn]

    Software accounts for over half of our product range. — 软件产品占我们产品系列的一半以上。

    * to be not accounted for — 未解释的

    Chinese-English dictionary > account for

  • 9 checking account

    (US); n; c; ( ECON)
    活期存款账户 [huóqī cúnkuǎn zhànghù] 英 = current account

    Chinese-English dictionary > checking account

  • 10 current account

    ( BRIT); n; c
    活期存款账户 [huóqī cúnkuǎn zhànghù] 美 = checking account

    Chinese-English dictionary > current account

  • 11 sales assistant

    ( BRIT); n; c
    售货员 [shòuhùo yuán] 美 = sales clerk

    Chinese-English dictionary > sales assistant

  • 12 sales clerk

    (US); n; c
    售货员 [shòuhuò yuán] 英 = sales assistant

    Chinese-English dictionary > sales clerk

  • 13 bank account

    n; c
    银行账户 [yínháng zhànghù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > bank account

  • 14 e-mail account

    n; c
    电子邮件账号 [diànzǐ yóujiàn zhànghào]

    Chinese-English dictionary > e-mail account

  • 15 expense account

    n; c
    支出账 [zhīchūzhàng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > expense account

  • 16 joint account

    n; c
    共有帐户 [gòngyǒu zhànghù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > joint account

  • 17 sales rep

    n; c
    推销员 [tuīxiāo yuán]

    Chinese-English dictionary > sales rep

  • 18 savings account

    n; c
    储蓄账户 [chǔxù zhànghù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > savings account

  • 19 估计

    estimate; appraise; reckon; figure; guess at; project
    * * *
    estimate; account; appraise; compute; figure; gauge; reckon
    【化】 estimation
    【经】 assess; assessment; computation; estimate; estimate price; estimates
    gauge; reckon; reckoning; take the gauge of
    相关词组: 无法估计的
    * * *
    estimate; compute; estimate; gage; gauge; guesstimate; reckon; size-up
    * * *
    v. estimate, appraise, reckon, gauge
    * * *
    gu1 ji4
    to estimate, to reckon, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    gū jì
    estimate; evaluate; take stock of; size up; calculate; appraise; reckon; estimation; forecast:
    大致估计 rude estimates;
    非常乐观的估计 a very optimistic estimate;
    照我的估计 by my reckoning;
    据保守的估计 on (at) a conservative estimate;
    我估计那项损失达8000元。 I estimate the damage at 8000 yuan.
    你把卸货所需的时间估计进去了吗? Did you reckon in the time needed for unloading the cargo?
    估计变量 predictor;
    估计保费收入 estimated premium income;
    估计不足 underestimation; underrating;
    估计残值 estimated scrap value; estimated residual value;
    估计成本 estimated cost;
    估计纯利 estimated net profit;
    估计错 misdeem;
    估计法 method of estimation;
    估计风险 calculated risk;
    估计费用 estimated cost; pro forma cost;
    估计故障 suspected fault;
    估计过低 underrating; undervaluation;
    估计过高 overestimate;
    估计耗气率 estimated steam rate;
    估计截击时间 estimated time of interception;
    估计经济年限 (指折旧) estimated economic life;
    估计可变现价值 estimated realizable value;
    估计理论 estimation theory;
    估计量 {数} estimator; estimate;
    估计马力 estimated horse power;
    估计每件平均值 mean-per-unit estimation;
    估计捕捞效果 estimate of effectiveness of fishing;
    估计器 estimator;
    估计区间 estimation interval;
    估计失误 make a mistake in judgment;
    估计时间 estimated time;
    估计使用年限 estimated service life;
    估计使用期限 endurance expectation;
    估计市场 estimated market value;
    估计寿命 life expectancy;
    估计所需要增加经费 estimated additional requirements;
    估计未投保部分 uninsured proportion of valuation;
    估计位置 estimated position;
    估计误差 evaluated error; error of estimation;
    估计销售损失 estimated loss from sales;
    估计样品 sample estimates;
    估计应付税捐 accrued taxes estimated;
    估计噪声电压 psophometric voltage;
    估计折旧额 estimated theoretical depreciation;
    估计值 estimated value;
    估计重量 estimated weight;
    估计资本 estimated capital
    * * *
    估計|估计 [gū jì] to estimate to reckon CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 估计

  • 20 分期付款

    payment by instalments; hire purchase; instalment plan; instalment
    * * *
    【计】 amortization; bill payment
    【经】 installment; pay by installments; pay on the installment
    payment by installments; payment in installments; payoff; time payment
    * * *
    budget plan; divided payments; installment; instalment
    * * *
    n. installment, instalment, payment by instalments, payment by installments, hire-purchase, installment plan
    * * *
    fen1 qi1 fu4 kuan3
    * * *
    fēn qī fù kuǎn
    payment by instalments; hire purchase; instalment plan:
    按时支付分期付款 keep up instalments;
    可按分期付款处理。 Payment by instalments can be arranged.
    分期付款保险 instalment insurance;
    分期付款购货法 instalment plan;
    分期付款购买 installations;
    分期付款汇票 bill payable by instalments; bill payable by stated instalments;
    分期付款计划 pay-as-you-go plan;
    分期付款销售损益 profit or loss on instalment sales;
    分期付款信贷 instalment credit;
    分期付款账户 time payment account
    * * *
    分期付款|分期付款 [fēn qī fù kuǎn] installment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分期付款

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