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accomplice witness

  • 1 witness

    ['wɪtnɪs] 1. n; c
    (gen, also in court) 目击者 [mùjīzhě]; (to document) 联署人 [liánshǔrén]
    2. vt
    1) (see) [+ event] 目击 [mùjī] ( fig) (experience) 经历 [jīnglì]
    2) (confirm) [+ signature] 联署 [liánshǔ]

    * witness for the prosecution — 控方证人

    * witness for the defence — 辩方证人

    * to be (a) witness to sth — 为某事的目击者

    * to bear witness to sth — 表明某事

    * to witness to sth — 为某事作证

    Chinese-English dictionary > witness

  • 2 accomplice

    n; c
    同谋 [tóngmóu]

    Chinese-English dictionary > accomplice

  • 3 eye witness

    n; c
    (to crime, accident) 目击者 [mùjīzhě]

    Chinese-English dictionary > eye witness

  • 4 滅口

    do away with a witness or accomplice
    * * *
    滅口|灭口 [miè kǒu] to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret to silence sb

    Chinese-English dictionary > 滅口

  • 5 灭口

    do away with a witness or accomplice
    * * *
    kill a witness or accomplice
    * * *
    kill a witness or accomplice
    * * *
    miè kǒu
    do away with a witness or accomplice:
    杀人灭口 murder sb. to prevent divulgence of one's secrets
    * * *
    滅口|灭口 [miè kǒu] to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret to silence sb

    Chinese-English dictionary > 灭口

  • 6 杀人灭口

    shā rén miè kǒu
    murder sb. to prevent divulgence of one's secrets; do away with a witness (accomplice); kill all so that there won't be any eyewitness left; kill anyone who might produce evidence against one; kill (one) to keep (his) mouth shut; put a man to death in order to avoid his betrayal of a secret

    Chinese-English dictionary > 杀人灭口

  • 7 作为证人的共犯

    【法】 accomplice as witness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 作为证人的共犯

  • 8 专家

    expert; specialist; pundit
    * * *
    authority; expert; specialist
    【经】 specialist
    相关词组: 吹牛专家
    * * *
    expert; mavin; savant; shark; specialist; swami; whiz; whizz
    * * *
    n. expert, specialist
    * * *
    zhuan1 jia1
    expert, specialist, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    zhuān jiā
    specialist; expert; proficient:
    水稻专家 expert in rice-growing;
    外国专家 foreign expert;
    外语专家 foreign language expert;
    心脏病专家 specialist in heart disease;
    眼科专家 ophthalmologist; eye specialist;
    专家的意见 expertise
    专家顾问 expert advisor;
    专家顾问团 brain-trust;
    专家管理 technocracy;
    专家论证 be expounded through peer review;
    专家评估 expert assessment and evaluation;
    专家签字书 expert statement;
    专家体制 technopolis; technostructure;
    专家问题求解器 expert problem solver;
    专家系统 expert system; experts;
    专家小组 specialist sub-group;
    专家政治 technopolis;
    专家政治论 technocracy;
    专家证人 expert witness;
    专家咨询系统 expert consulting system;
    专家治国论者 technocrat
    * * *
    專家|专家 [zhuān jiā] expert specialist CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 专家

  • 9 中人

    middleman; go-between; mediator; intermediary, one of ordinary stature, appearance, ability, etc.; an average man
    * * *
    go-between; mediator; middleman
    【经】 mediator; witness
    相关词组: 剧中人
    * * *
    go-between; mediator; middleman
    * * *
    zhong1 ren2
    go-between, mediator, intermediary
    * * *
    zhōng rén
    middleman; go-between; mediator; intermediary
    * * *
    中人|中人 [zhōng rén] go-between mediator intermediary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中人

  • 10 为虎作伥

    play the jackal to the tiger—help a villain do evil
    * * *
    help a villain do evil; play the jackal to the tiger
    * * *
    play the jackal to the tiger
    * * *
    wei4 hu3 zuo4 chang1
    to act as accomplice to the tiger, to help a villain do evil (idiom)
    * * *
    wèi hǔ zuò chāng
    play the jackal to the tiger; abet one's enemy; act as the paws of the tiger; assist the evildoer; hold a candle to the devil; help an evil man (do evil); help a villain do evil; help the tiger to pounce on (upon) its victims:
    土豪劣绅的狗腿子为虎作伥, 欺压百姓。 The local bully's henchmen were his agents in oppressing the people.
    * * *
    為虎作倀|为虎作伥 [wèi hǔ zuò chāng] to act as accomplice to the tiger to help a villain do evil (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 为虎作伥

  • 11 亲眼

    with one's own eyes; personally
    * * *
    saw with one's own eyes
    * * *
    saw with one's own eyes
    * * *
    qin1 yan3
    with one's own eyes, personally
    * * *
    qīn yǎn
    with one's own eyes; personally:
    对事件作亲眼所见的叙述 give an eye-witness account of the incident;
    他亲眼看见这意外事故。 He witnessed the accident.
    * * *
    親眼|亲眼 [qīn yǎn] with one's own eyes personally

    Chinese-English dictionary > 亲眼

  • 12 人證

    testimony of a witness
    * * *
    ren2 zheng4
    witness testimony
    * * *
    人證|人证 [rén zhèng] witness testimony

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人證

  • 13 人证

    testimony of a witness
    * * *
    testimony of a witness
    【法】 living witness; personal testimony; testimony of a witness
    * * *
    testimony of a witness
    * * *
    ren2 zheng4
    witness testimony
    * * *
    rén zhèng
    {律} testimony of a witness
    * * *
    人證|人证 [rén zhèng] witness testimony

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人证

  • 14

    follow; comply with; obey, join; be engaged in, in a certain manner; according to a certain principle, follower; attendant, secondary; accessary, relationship between cousins, etc. of the same paternal grandfather or great-grandfather, from (a time, a place, or a point of view), via, through, or past (a place), (followed by a negative) ever
    * * *
    follow; from; join; through
    【医】 ab; ab-; e-; ex-
    【经】 fm
    * * *
    frae; from
    * * *
    adj. lax, unhurried, accessory, secondary
    * * *
    surname Cong
    lax, yielding, unhurried
    from, via, passing through, through (a gap), past, ever (followed by negative, meaning never), (formerly pr., and related to 縱, 纵) to follow, to comply with, to obey, to join, to engage in, adopting some mode of action or attitude, follower, retainer, accessory, accomplice, related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
    second cousin
    * * *
    (跟随) follow:
    从师 be an apprentice;
    从俗 follow the general custom; conform to custom;
    从征 go on a military expedition
    (顺从; 听从) comply with; obey:
    从命 comply with sb.'s wish; obey an order;
    屈从 submit to; yield to
    (从事; 参加) join; be engaged in:
    从军 join the army; enlist
    (采取某种方针或态度) in a certain manner or according to a certain principle:
    从宽处理 be lenient in treatment;
    从速 be as quickly as possible;
    从严处理 be severe in treatment
    (跟随的人) follower; attendant:
    从者如云 have a large following;
    随从 attendant; retainer; retinue
    (姓氏) a surname:
    从公 Cong Gong
    (从属的; 次要的) secondary; accessary:
    分别首从 distinguish between the chief culprit and the accessary;
    主从 the primary and the secondary
    (堂房亲属) relationship between cousins, etc. of the same paternal grandfather, great-grandfather or a yet earlier common ancestor; of the same clan:
    从兄 first, second or distant cousin of the same clan; cousin
    (表示起于或经过) from; through:
    从表面看 to the eye; on the face of it;
    从长远看 from a long-term point of view; in the long run;
    从根本上说 essentially; in essence;
    从经验中得来 school of hard knocks;
    从理论到实践 from theory to practice;
    从某人面前走开 get out of sb.'s sight;
    从全局出发 proceed from the situation as a whole;
    从实际出发 proceed from the actual situation; proceed from reality;
    从现在起 from now on;
    从这儿往西 go west from here; west of here
    (从来 ,用在否定词前面) ever:
    从不迟到 be never late;
    从不计较个人的名誉地位 never give any consideration to personal fame and position;
    她在成绩和荣誉面前从不骄傲。 Her head was never turned by achievements or honours.
    我从没离开过这个地方。 I've never been away from here.
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 從|从 [Cóng] surname Cong
    Ⅱ. 從|从 [cōng] lax yielding unhurried
    Ⅲ. 從|从 [cóng] from via passing through through (a gap) past ever (followed by negative, meaning never) (formerly pr. [zòng] and related to ↑ |↑ ) to follow to comply with to obey to join to engage in adopting some mode of action or attitude follower retainer accessory accomplice related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
    Ⅳ. 從|从 [zòng] second cousin

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 15 从犯

    accessary criminal; accessary
    * * *
    accessary; accessary criminal; accessorial
    【法】 accession offender; accessory to a crime; accomplice
    accomplice under duress; assisting offender
    相关词组: 从犯的
    * * *
    accessary; accessory
    * * *
    n. accessory criminal
    * * *
    cong2 fan4
    accessory to a crime, accomplice
    * * *
    cóng fàn
    accessary criminal; accessary; accessory offender
    * * *
    從犯|从犯 [cóng fàn] accessory to a crime accomplice

    Chinese-English dictionary > 从犯

  • 16 以讹传讹

    incorrectly relay an erroneous message (so that it becomes increasingly distorted); spread an error or a falsehood
    * * *
    incorrectly relay an erroneous information
    * * *
    incorrectly relay an erroneous information
    * * *
    yi3 e2 chuan2 e2
    to spread falsehoods; to increasingly distort the truth; to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)
    * * *
    yǐ é chuán é
    circulate erroneous reports; A false report, once released, will remain so in its circulation.; be wrongly informed; incorrectly relay an erroneous message; pass on errors (stories; rumours); pass on wrong reports; propagate an error; snowball rumours; spread an error; spread false news (information); transmit errors:
    让我这个目击者来告诉他们所发生的事情, 也免得以讹传讹。 Let me, as a witness, tell them what happened so that they will not be wrongly informed.
    * * *
    以訛傳訛|以讹传讹 [yǐ é chuán é] to spread falsehoods to increasingly distort the truth to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 以讹传讹

  • 17 以資證明

    yi3 zi1 zheng4 ming2
    in support or witness hereof (idiom)
    * * *
    以資證明|以资证明 [yǐ zī zhèng míng] in support or witness hereof (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 以資證明

  • 18 以资证明

    【法】 in witness wheereof
    * * *
    yi3 zi1 zheng4 ming2
    in support or witness hereof (idiom)
    * * *
    yǐ zī zhèng míng
    in witness whereof; in testimony thereof; this is to certify that
    * * *
    以資證明|以资证明 [yǐ zī zhèng míng] in support or witness hereof (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 以资证明

  • 19 企图

    attempt; try; seek
    * * *
    attempt; compass; design; essay; offer; purpose; try; try-on
    【法】 attempt; attentat
    相关词组: 抱不良企图
    * * *
    attempt; compass; design; essay; offer; purpose; try-on
    * * *
    n. attempt, overture
    v. attempt, seek, try, essay
    * * *
    qi3 tu2
    to attempt, to try, attempt, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    qǐ tú
    attempt; seek; try:
    企图东山再起 attempt (try) to stage a comeback;
    企图行凶 offer violence;
    企图杀人灭口 seek to kill all so that there won't be any eye-witness left;
    囚犯们企图逃跑, 但是失败了。 The prisoners attempted to escape but failed.
    他们企图杀他。 They sought to kill him.
    他的企图成了泡影。 He failed in his attempt.
    * * *
    企圖|企图 [qǐ tú] to attempt to try attempt CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 企图

  • 20

    pass; pass on, hand down, pass on (knowledge, skill, etc.)
    impart; teach, spread, transmit; conduct, convey
    express, summon, infect; be contagious
    commentaries on classics, biography, story or novel (usually used in titles)
    * * *
    * * *
    passes; send
    * * *
    v. pass, spread, transmit, conduct, convey, express, summon, infect, be contagious, pass on, hand down, impart, teach
    n. biography
    * * *
    to pass on, to spread, to transmit, to infect, to transfer, to circulate, to conduct (electricity)
    biography, historical narrative, commentaries, relay station
    * * *
    1) 传(傳)
    (由一方交给另一方) pass; pass on:
    右边锋把球传给中锋。 The right wing passed the ball to the centre forward.
    请阅读并传给王先生。 Read this and pass it on to Mr. Wang.
    星期五晚上他传来了这句话。 On Friday evening he passed this word along.
    (由上代交给下代) hand down; bequeath; pass
    家传秘方 a secret recipe handed down in the family;
    祖传宝剑 a sword bequeathed to the family by their forefathers;
    前一代将其文明传给后一代。 One age bequeaths its civilization to the next.
    我们不能永远遵守过去传下来的传统。 We cannot always observe the traditions handed down to us from the past.
    这些风俗是世世代代传下来的。 These customs have been handed down through the ages.
    (传授) pass on (knowledge, skill, etc.); impart; teach:
    老中医把自己的医术传给年轻一代。 The old man passed on his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to the younger generation.
    老工人对青年工人不仅言传而且身教。 The old workers instruct the young workers not only in words but in deeds.
    (传播) spread:
    传为佳话 become a favorite tale;
    恶事传千里。 Ill news spreads everywhere.; Ill news circulates rapidly.; Ill news goes far off.
    消息很快传开了。 The news spread quickly.; The news soon got around.
    (传导) transmit; conduct; transfer:
    传热 transmit heat;
    金属传电。 Metals conduct electricity.
    (表达) convey; express:
    眉目传情 flash amorous glances
    (发出命令叫人来) summon:
    传某人出庭 summon sb. to court;
    传证人 summon a witness
    (传染) infect; be contagious:
    传上了霍乱 be infected with cholera;
    小心别让你孩子传上流感。 Mind that your children don't catch the flu.
    另见 zhuàn。
    2) 传(傳)
    (解释经文的著作) commentaries on classics:
    经传 Confucian classics and commentaries on them;
    春秋三传 the three records or elucidations relative to events covered in Confucius' Spring and Autumn Annals
    (传记) biography:
    小传 biographical sketch; profile;
    自传 autobiography;
    列传 biographies;
    外传 unauthorized biography
    (叙述历史故事的作品) novels about historical events:
    《水浒传》 Water Margin; Outlaws of the Marsh;
    《吕梁英雄传》 The Lüliang Heroes
    另见 chuán。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 傳|传 [chuán] to pass on to spread to transmit to infect to transfer to circulate to conduct (electricity)
    Ⅱ. 傳|传 [zhuàn] biography historical narrative commentaries relay station

    Chinese-English dictionary >

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