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  • acceleration — of a point is the time rate of change of the velocity of the point. centripetal acceleration lateral acceleration longitudinal acceleration normal acceleration side acceleration vehicle acceleration …   Mechanics glossary

  • Side-car — BMW R 51 Side …   Wikipédia en Français

  • side acceleration — the component of the vector acceleration of a point in the vehicle in the y direction …   Mechanics glossary

  • side-hung float — Float design has a pivot axis that is perpendicular to the vehicle axles. It has slightly better float control and fuel handling during acceleration and braking than its center pivoted counterpart …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • vehicle acceleration — the vector quantity expressing the acceleration of a point in the vehicle relative to the Earth fixed axis system (x,y,z). The following motion variables are components of this vector, resolved with respect to the moving vehicle axis system:… …   Mechanics glossary

  • Proper acceleration — [Edwin F. Taylor John Archibald Wheeler (1966 1st ed. only) Spacetime Physics (W.H. Freeman, San Francisco) ISBN 0 7167 0336 X] is the physical acceleration experienced by an object. It equals the rate of change of proper velocity with respect to …   Wikipedia

  • Series acceleration — In mathematics, series acceleration is one of a collection of sequence transformations for improving the rate of convergence of a series. Techniques for series acceleration are often applied in numerical analysis, where they are used to improve… …   Wikipedia

  • Tidal acceleration — is an effect of the tidal forces between an orbiting natural satellite ( i.e. a moon), and the planet (called the primary) that it orbits. It causes a gradual recession of a satellite in a prograde orbit away from the primary, and a corresponding …   Wikipedia

  • Download acceleration — Download accelerator redirects here. For the specific proprietary program for Windows and Mac OS X, see Download Accelerator Plus. Download acceleration, also known as multipart download, is a term for the method employed by software such as… …   Wikipedia

  • Centrifugal force (rotating reference frame) — This article is about the fictitious force related to rotating reference frames. For other uses, see Centrifugal force. Classical mechanics …   Wikipedia

  • Motocyclette à panier adjacent — Side car Side car BMW R 51 Un side car (de l anglais : side « à côté » et car « voiture ») est une motocyclette pourvue d une troisième roue latérale (à droite ou à gauche), permettant d ajouter un « panier »,… …   Wikipédia en Français

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