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absolute salinity

  • 1 absolute

    ['æbsəluːt] 1. adj
    1) (complete) [+ beginner, confidence] 完全的 [wánquán de]
    2) (utter) (used for emphasis) 绝对的 [juéduì de]
    3) [+ power, monarchy] 专制的 [zhuānzhì de]
    4) (definite) 确凿的 [quèzuò de]
    5) (universal) [+ truth, rule] 绝对的 [juéduì de]
    2. n; c
    绝对 [juéduì]

    * the absolute minimum/maximum — 绝对最小/最大值

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  • 2 一窍不通

    know nothing about a subject; lack the slightest knowledge of; be utterly ignorant of
    * * *
    know nothing about; utterly ignorant of
    * * *
    know nothing about; utterly ignorant
    * * *
    yi1 qiao4 bu4 tong1
    I don't understand a word (idiom); all Greek to me
    * * *
    yī qiào bù tōng
    be utterly ignorant of; an absolute blockhead; be a complete ignoramus; can't see sense; impenetrably dull; it's all Greek to sb.; know nothing of (about); lack the slightest knowledge of; not to know the ABC of; not to know the first thing about; stupid; unintelligent:
    我对原子核物理学一窍不通。 I'm out of my depth when it comes nuclear physics.
    * * *
    一竅不通|一窍不通 [yī qiào bù tōng] lit. doesn't (even) enter a single aperture (of one's head) I don't understand a word (idiom) it's all Greek to me

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  • 3 一级

    相关词组: 一级风
    * * *
    * * *
    yi1 ji2
    first class, category A
    * * *
    yī jí
    (一个水准) one-level; Class A; senior grade
    (巴基斯坦棉分级标准名称) Super Fine
    (印度棉分级标准) Extra Superfine
    (埃及棉分级标准名称) Fully Good
    (首顺序) first order
    一级胶 primary amine;
    一级变量 level-one variable;
    一级标准气压表 absolute standard barometer;
    一级波 fist-order wave;
    一级厨师 first class cook;
    一级存储技术 one-level store technique;
    一级存储器 single-level memory; one-level storage;
    一级代码 {自} one-level code;
    一级导弹 one-stage missile;
    一级导数光谱 first derivative spectrum;
    一级地址 single-level address; first-level address; one-level address; direct address; direct addressing;
    一级反应 first order reaction;
    一级方法 one-level method;
    一级风 {气} force 1 wind; light air;
    一级公路 first-class highway;
    一级公式 one-level formula;
    一级光谱 first-order spectrum;
    一级广播台 class I station;
    一级火箭 one-stage rocket;
    一级校准 primary calibration method;
    一级教师 the first-grade teacher;
    一级阶地 second bottom;
    一级结构 primary structure;
    一级结果 first-level outcome;
    一级近似 first approximation;
    一级精度 extra fine grade;
    一级精度配合 extra fine fit;
    一级茎轴结构 uniaxial construction;
    一级品 primes; product of the first (highest);
    一级品率 ratio of first-grade products;
    一级气候站 {气} first-order climatological station;
    一级驱动 single-stage drive;
    一级溶酶体 primary lysosome;
    一级三角测量 primary triangulation;
    一级图像混合器 A-B cut mixer;
    一级瓦斯煤矿 first category gassy mine;
    一级微商 first derivative;
    一级线纹米尺 standard meter;
    一级相变 first order phase change; first-order transition;
    一级星系 first-rank galaxy;
    一级修正 first-order correction;
    一级选手 a ranking player;
    一级压缩 single-stage-compression;
    一级鱼露 {越} nuoc-nhut;
    一级造山运动 primary orogeny;
    一级中断 one-level interrupt;
    一级主伐木 first-class standard;
    一级铸件 primary quality casting;
    一级子程序 one-level subroutine; first order subroutine;
    一级组装 first level of packaging
    * * *
    一級|一级 [yī jí] first class category A

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  • 4 万不得已

    out of absolute necessity; as a last resort
    * * *
    wan4 bu4 de2 yi3
    only when absolutely essential (idiom); as a last resort
    * * *
    wàn bù dé yǐ
    cannot but...; as a last resort; be forced (to do it); do... against one's will; have no alternative; have no other choice but...; out of absolute necessity
    * * *
    萬不得已|万不得已 [wàn bù dé yǐ] only when absolutely essential (idiom); as a last resort

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  • 5 专制

    autocracy, absolute; autocratic; despotic
    * * *
    autocracy; despotism
    相关词组: 专制的
    * * *
    autarchy; despotism
    * * *
    adj. autocratic, autocratical, despotic, despotical
    n. autocracy
    * * *
    zhuan1 zhi4
    autocracy, dictatorship
    * * *
    zhuān zhì
    (独自掌握政权) autocratic; despotic:
    专制皇帝 Czar; autocratic emperor
    君主专制 autocratic monarchy
    (凭自己意志行事) autocracy
    专制独裁 despotic dictatorship;
    专制管理 dictatorial management;
    专制人格 authoritarian personality;
    专制性格 authoritarian character;
    专制政府 autocratic government;
    专制政体 autocracy;
    专制制度 dictatorial system;
    专制主义 absolutism; depotism; autocracy;
    专制主义者 absolutist; despotist
    * * *
    專制|专制 [zhuān zhì] autocracy dictatorship

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  • 6 专制君主制

    zhuan1 zhi4 jun1 zhu3 zhi4
    absolute monarchy, autocracy
    * * *
    專制君主制|专制君主制 [zhuān zhì jūn zhǔ zhì] absolute monarchy autocracy

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  • 7 人不知鬼不覺

    ren2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
    in absolute secrecy
    * * *
    人不知鬼不覺|人不知鬼不觉 [rén bù zhī guǐ bù jué] in absolute secrecy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人不知鬼不覺

  • 8 人不知鬼不觉

    ren2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
    in absolute secrecy
    * * *
    人不知鬼不覺|人不知鬼不觉 [rén bù zhī guǐ bù jué] in absolute secrecy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人不知鬼不觉

  • 9 代词

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. pronoun
    * * *
    dai4 ci2
    * * *
    dài cí
    {语} pronoun:
    反身代词 reflexive pronoun;
    分离代词 disjunctive pronoun;
    关系代词 relative pronoun;
    接语代词 clitic pronoun;
    绝对代词 absolute pronoun;
    连接代词 syndetic pronoun;
    人称代词 personal pronoun;
    相互代词 reciprocal pronoun;
    疑问代词 interrogative pronoun;
    引导代词 anticipatory pronoun;
    自身代词 self pronoun
    * * *
    代詞|代词 [dài cí] pronoun

    Chinese-English dictionary > 代词

  • 10

    price; value, value, be worth, happen to, be on duty; take one's turn at something
    * * *
    cost; value; happen to; on duty
    【医】 number; titer; titre; value
    * * *
    cost; value; happen to; on duty
    * * *
    adj. worth
    n. value
    v. be worth, happen, be on duty, take one's turn at something
    * * *
    value, (to be) worth, to happen to, to be on duty
    * * *
    (价值; 数值) price; value:
    币值 currency value;
    比值 specific value; ratio;
    总产值 gross output value
    {数} value:
    绝对值 absolute value;
    切割值 cut value
    (货物和价钱相当) be worth:
    不值一提 not worth mentioning;
    这车不值5万美元。 This car is not worth 50,000 dollars.
    这值多少钱? How much (What) is this worth?
    跑这一趟不值。 The trip is not worthwhile.
    (碰上; 遇到) happen to; come upon:
    值此危急之秋 at such a critical time;
    值此贵国五十周年国庆之际 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of your National Day;
    我们到时适值雨季。 We happened to arrive there in the rainy season.
    (担任轮到的职务) be on duty; take one's turn at sth.:
    轮值 work in shifts; take turns;
    值夜 be on night duty; be on the night shift;
    值周 be on duty for the week
    * * *
    值|值 [zhí] value (to be) worth to happen to to be on duty

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  • 11 具体

    concrete; specific; particular
    * * *
    adj. concrete, definite, specific, particular
    * * *
    ju4 ti3
    concrete, definite, specific
    * * *
    jù tǐ
    concrete; specific; particular:
    具体计划 practical plans;
    具体情况 concrete conditions;
    具体日期 exact date;
    具体细节 concrete details;
    具体政策 specific policies;
    对于具体情况作具体的分析 make a concrete analysis of concrete conditions;
    解决具体问题 solve specific problems; deal with nuts and bolts;
    具体化为一个公式 be epitomized in the formula
    具体操作 {心理} concrete operations;
    具体地址 specific address; absolute address;
    具体劳动 concrete labour;
    具体劳动产品 specific product of labour;
    具体履行 specific performance;
    具体社会学 concrete sociology;
    具体思维 {心理} concrete thinking;
    具体项目 specific items;
    具体循环 specific cycle;
    具体询问 specific inquiry
    * * *
    具體|具体 [jù tǐ] concrete definite specific

    Chinese-English dictionary > 具体

  • 12 劣势

    inferior position; unfavourable situation
    * * *
    inferior position
    * * *
    inferior position
    * * *
    adj. inferior, disadvantaged
    * * *
    lie4 shi4
    inferior, disadvantaged
    * * *
    liè shì
    inferior strength or position:
    敌军已处于绝对劣势。 The enemy forces were reduced to absolute inferiority.
    劣势对策 recessive game;
    劣势木 dominated stem;
    劣势种 subordinate species
    * * *
    劣勢|劣势 [liè shì] inferior disadvantaged

    Chinese-English dictionary > 劣势

  • 13 千真万确

    absolutely true
    * * *
    【法】 with a witness
    * * *
    qian1 zhen1 wan4 que4
    absolutely true (idiom), manifold, true from many points of view
    * * *
    qiān zhēn wàn què
    (be) absolutely true; really and truly; That's only too true.; (as) sure as a gun; as sure as death; sure enough; One can swear it is true.; very real:
    我可以证实他的话是千真万确的。 I can attest to the absolute truth of his statement.
    * * *
    千真萬確|千真万确 [qiān zhēn wàn què] absolutely true (idiom) manifold true from many points of view

    Chinese-English dictionary > 千真万确

  • 14 单纯

    simple; pure, alone; purely; merely; innocence, innocent
    * * *
    【医】 haplo-
    相关词组: 单纯的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. simple, pure
    adv. alone, purely, merely
    * * *
    dan1 chun2
    simple, pure, alone, merely
    * * *
    dān chún
    (简单纯一) simple; pure:
    思想单纯 simple-minded; pure in thought;
    像孩子一样单纯 as simple as a child;
    问题决不像我们当初想象的那么单纯。 The problem is by no means as simple as we first thought.
    (单一; 只顾) alone; purely; merely:
    单纯技术观点 exclusive concern about technique; putting technique above everything else;
    在生产中不要单纯地追求数量。 Don't strive merely for quantity of production.
    单纯逼近 {数} simplicial approximation;
    单纯承兑 absolute acceptance;
    单纯词 single morpheme word;
    单纯复形 {数} simplicial complex;
    单纯骨折 closed fracture; simple fracture;
    单纯环 simple ring;
    单纯精神障碍 kakergasia; cacergasia;
    单纯疱疹 {医} herpes simplex;
    单纯疱疹病毒 herpes simplex virus;
    单纯皮炎 haplodermatitis; dermatitis simplex;
    单纯人寿保险 straight life policy;
    单纯事件 simple event
    * * *
    單純|单纯 [dān chún] simple pure unsophisticated merely purely

    Chinese-English dictionary > 单纯

  • 15 参数

    * * *
    【计】 argument
    【医】 parameter
    【经】 parameter
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. parametric
    n. parameter
    * * *
    can1 shu4
    * * *
    cān shù
    动态参数 dynamic parameter
    参数边界条件 parametric boundary condition;
    参数变化 parameter variation;
    参数变换 parameter transformation;
    参数变异法 variation of parameters;
    参数标记 {自} parameter tags;
    参数表 parameter list; parameter table;
    参数表示 parametric representation;
    参数测试仪 parameter tester;
    参数存储器 parameter storage;
    参数代换 parameter substitution;
    参数电路 parametric circuit;
    参数电势计 parameter potentiometer;
    参数定义符 parameter delimiter;
    参数二极管 parametric diode;
    参数法 parametric method;
    参数方程 {数} parametric equation;
    参数放大器 parametric amplifier;
    参数分界符 parameter delimiter;
    参数分类法和非参数分类法 parametric and non-parametric classification;
    参数分析 parameter analysis;
    参数跟随 parameter tracking;
    参数估计 parameter estimation;
    参数规划 parametric programming;
    参数函数 parametric function;
    参数化 parameterization;
    参数激励 parametric excitation;
    参数激励频率信号 pumping signal;
    参数集 parameter set;
    参数绝对误差 absolute error of parameter; absolute divergence of parameter;
    参数卡 parameter card;
    参数描述符 parameter descriptor;
    参数平面 parameter plane;
    参数器 {电子} parametron;
    参数曲线 parametric curve;
    参数识别 parametric recognition;
    参数属性 parameter attribute;
    参数水文学 parametric hydrology;
    参数锁相振荡器 parametric phase-locked oscillator;
    参数调整装置 parameter adjustment controls;
    参数统计学 parametric statistic;
    参数推断 parametric inference;
    参数位置 parameter position;
    参数稳定性试验 parameter stability test;
    参数稳压器 parameter voltage stabilizator;
    参数线性规划 parametric linear programming;
    参数相对误差 relative error of parameter; relative divergence of parameter;
    参数相关 parameter correlation;
    参数向下转换器 parametric down-converter;
    参数选定 dimensioning;
    参数语句 parameter statement;
    参数语言 parameter language;
    参数振荡 parametric oscillation;
    参数振荡器 parametric oscillator;
    参数振动 parametric vibration;
    参数置放指令 parameter setting instruction;
    参数转换 parametric switch;
    参数字 parameter word;
    参数阻尼 parametric damping;
    参数最佳化 parameter optimization
    * * *
    參數|参数 [cān shù] parameter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 参数

  • 16 君主

    monarch; sovereign
    * * *
    emperor; king; liege; padishah; seigneur; throne
    【法】 King; lord; sltimus haeres; sovereign
    相关词组: 朝见君主
    * * *
    emperor; king; liege; padishah; seigneur; sovereignty; sovran; throne
    * * *
    n. monarch, sovereign, lord
    * * *
    jun1 zhu3
    monarch, sovereign
    * * *
    jūn zhǔ
    monarch; sovereign:
    专制君主 an absolute monarch;
    无冕君主 an uncrowned monarch;
    废弃君主政体 discard the monarchy;
    被废黜的君主 deposed monarch;
    退位君主 abdicated monarch;
    那君主被军事政变者废黜了。 The monarch was ousted by a military coup.
    摩洛哥是个有主权的独立君主国。 Morocco is a sovereign independent monartery.
    君主国 monarchical state; monarchy;
    君主制 monarchy;
    君主专制 autocratic monarchy; absolute monarchy
    * * *
    君主|君主 [jūn zhǔ] monarch sovereign

    Chinese-English dictionary > 君主

  • 17 君主制

    A political system where the ruler is of the greatest power and of the highest position, including absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy (anonym for "commonwealth");monarchy
    * * *
    jun1 zhu3 zhi4
    * * *
    君主制|君主制 [jūn zhǔ zhì] monarchy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 君主制

  • 18 听觉

    sense of hearing
    * * *
    ear; hearing; imagination
    * * *
    n. auditory sense, hearing sense
    * * *
    ting1 jue2
    sense of hearing
    * * *
    tīng jué
    auditory sense; sense of hearing; audition; hearing:
    听觉灵敏 sharp hearing;
    他的听觉已受到一定程度的损害。 His hearing is somewhat impaired.
    听觉辨别 auditory discrimination;
    听觉不良 dysecoia; dysacousia;
    听觉迟钝 baryacusia; amblykusis; baryecoia; bradyacusia; bradyecoia; amblyacousia;
    听觉刺激 acoustic stimuli;
    听觉地点说 place theory of hearing;
    听觉倒错 paracusis;
    听觉定位 auditory localization;
    听觉法 aural method;
    听觉范围 audibility range;
    听觉共鸣说 resonance theory;
    听觉过敏 hyperakusis; hyperacousia;
    听觉减退 hypacusia; hypacusis; hypacusic; hypacousic;
    听觉接收 aural reception;
    听觉绝对阈限 auditory absolute threshold;
    听觉立体感 auditory perspective;
    听觉零点 aural null;
    听觉敏度 auditory acuity;
    听觉模拟 auditory simulation;
    听觉区域 auditory sensation area;
    听觉缺失 anakusis; total deafness; anacusia; anaudia;
    听觉锐度 hearing acuity;
    听觉锐敏 oxyacoa; oxyakoia; oxyacoia;
    听觉闪烁 auditory flicker;
    听觉失语症 auditory aphasia;
    听觉适应 auditory adaptation;
    听觉谐波 aural harmonic;
    听觉谐音 aural harmonic;
    听觉修复术 auditory prosthesis;
    听觉学 audiology;
    听觉训练 ear-training;
    听觉意象 auditory image;
    听觉障碍 dysacousis; auditory handicap;
    听觉指示 audible presentation;
    听觉住留 persistence of hearing
    * * *
    聽覺|听觉 [tīng jué] sense of hearing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 听觉

  • 19 喷嘴

    spray nozzle; spray head; nozzle
    * * *
    【计】 jet nozzle
    【医】 nozzle; nozzle spray
    * * *
    muzzle; nozzle
    * * *
    n. muzzle, spray nozzle, nozzle, spray head
    * * *
    pen1 zui3
    nozzle, extrusion nozzle
    * * *
    pēn zuǐ
    spray nozzle; spray head; nipple; injector; {机} nozzle; jet nozzle; orifice
    喷嘴插芯 nozzle core;
    喷嘴残滴 dribble from jet;
    喷嘴挡板 nozzle flapper;
    喷嘴挡板系统 nozzle flap;
    喷嘴导向叶片 {航空} nozzle guide vanes;
    喷嘴法 {核} nozzle process;
    喷嘴分离法 nozzle separation method;
    喷嘴格栅 fueling injection grate;
    喷嘴焊钳 tip holder;
    喷嘴环 nozzle cascade; nozzle diaphragm; nozzle ring;
    喷嘴混合器 nozzle mixer;
    喷嘴架 injection nozzle carrier;
    喷嘴截面 nozzle cross-section;
    喷嘴截面积 cross-section area of nozzle;
    喷嘴节距 nozzle pitch;
    喷嘴颈 nozzle neck;
    喷嘴进口 nozzle inlet;
    喷嘴绝对等值流 equivalent absolute nozzle flow;
    喷嘴壳体 nozzle body;
    喷嘴扩张角 nozzle divergence angle;
    喷嘴临界截面 critical throat section;
    喷嘴流量计 nozzle flowmeter;
    喷嘴流量系数 discharge coefficient of flow nozzle;
    喷嘴滤网 nozzle strainer;
    喷嘴滤油网 nozzle screen;
    喷嘴面积膨涨率 {设计} nozzle expansion ratio;
    喷嘴剖面 nozzle section;
    喷嘴气体 {冶} orifice gas;
    喷嘴清洁器 jet cleaner (清洁喷嘴的细丝);
    喷嘴入口端 upstream side of the injector;
    喷嘴梢 spray tip;
    喷嘴射流 injection stream;
    喷嘴式饮水龙头 drinking fountain;
    喷嘴速度系数 nozzle velocity coefficient;
    喷嘴套 nozzle cage;
    喷嘴头 nozzle head; spray cup;
    喷嘴通道 nozzle passage;
    喷嘴网 injector grid;
    喷嘴尾流共振 nozzle wake resonance;
    喷嘴系数 nozzle coefficient;
    喷嘴效率 {机} nozzle efficiency;
    喷嘴斜切边 nozzle edge;
    喷嘴心轴 nozzle spindle;
    喷嘴叶片 nozzle bucket;
    喷嘴针阀 nozzle needle;
    喷嘴展开 development of the nozzles;
    喷嘴组 injector set;
    喷嘴座 nozzle carrier; nozzle holder
    * * *
    噴嘴|喷嘴 [pēn zuǐ] nozzle extrusion nozzle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 喷嘴

  • 20 固定

    fixed; regular; steady; inflexible, fix; regularize; fasten; stay; anchor
    * * *
    fix; moor; peg; rivet; root; secure; tackle
    【计】 lock-up
    【化】 anchorage
    【医】 fix; fixation; fixing; fixity; immobilize; lock
    相关词组: 固定的
    * * *
    fastness; fixation; fixup; immobility; moor; peg; rivet; root; securing
    * * *
    v. fixate
    adj. fixed, regular
    v. fix, regularize, regulate, set
    * * *
    gu4 ding4
    fixed, set, regular
    * * *
    gù dìng
    (不变动) fixed; regular:
    固定工 a regular worker;
    固定职业 permanent occupation;
    电视台的固定节目 a regular TV programme;
    不要用固定的眼光看问题。 Don't take a static view of things.
    (使固定) fasten; fix; regularize; fixation; immobilization; make fast; mount; rigid fixing; settlement; slewing:
    把灯座固定在车床上 fix the lamp stand on the lathe;
    这个书架被固定在墙壁上。 The bookshelf is fastened to the wall.
    他们把业务学习时间固定下来。 They have set a regular time for vocational study.
    {生} (显微或超显微制片技术步骤之一) fix;
    固定氨 fixed ammonia;
    固定靶 fixed target;
    固定百叶窗 abatvent; louver jalousie;
    固定板 {工} dead plate; retaining plate; ledger plate;
    固定保(险)费 fixed premium;
    固定保释金 fixed bail;
    固定比例包干 {财政} share revenue with the central government on a fixed ratio;
    固定比例放大 enprint;
    固定比例分成收入 fixed ratio shared revenue;
    固定比率 fixed ratio;
    固定边界 fixed boundary;
    固定边缘 built-in edge;
    固定变量 fixed variable;
    固定表面电荷 fixed surface charge;
    固定标尺 nonadjustable signal;
    固定标识检查法 constant mark check method;
    固定冰 {海} coast ice; coastal ice; fast ice;
    固定柄 fixed handle;
    固定波道侦察 fixed channel reconnaissance;
    固定波形发生器 fixed waveform generator;
    固定薄膜电阻器 fixed film resistor;
    固定卜线法 fixed wiring method;
    固定部分 fixed part; stationary part;
    固定财产 real property;
    固定采样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定参数 preset parameter;
    固定操作 fixing operation;
    固定槽 {工} holddown groove;
    固定插入 fixed insertion;
    固定插入编辑 fixed insertion editing;
    固定插头 locking-type plug;
    固定差 {数} fixed difference;
    固定长度格式 fixed-length format;
    固定唱名法 “ fixed do” system;
    固定超前 {航空} fixed lead;
    固定车轴距 right wheel base;
    固定衬垫螺栓 shim bolt;
    固定衬套 stationary bushing;
    固定成本 constant cost; fixed cost; standing cost;
    固定成分 frozen composition; fixture;
    固定成员 fixed member;
    固定乘法区 {自} fixed product area;
    固定齿轮 dead wheel;
    固定触点 {电工} fixed contact; stationary contact point;
    固定触点部件 stationary contact member;
    固定床铺 bunk (船上的);
    固定磁场加速器 {核子} fixed-field accelerator;
    固定磁盘 fixed disk;
    固定磁头 fixed head;
    固定磁针测量 {地测} fixed-needle surveying;
    固定词序 {语} rigid word-order;
    固定催化剂 fixed catalyst;
    固定存储器 {自} fixed storage; permanent storage; fixed memory; permanent memory; readout memory; non-erasable storage; non-volatile memory;
    固定存储器数据结构 fixed storage pattern;
    固定存储区 permanent storage area;
    固定错误 fixed error; solid error; permanent error;
    固定氮 fixed nitrogen;
    固定氮肥 fixed nitrogen fertilizer;
    固定挡板 fixed dam; stationary stop;
    固定刀 dead knife; stationary knife;
    固定刀架 immovable support;
    固定刀刃 counteredge;
    固定刀式刨床 fixed knife planer;
    固定刀头(单板)齐边机 fixed head jointer;
    固定导板 resting guide; stationary guide shoe;
    固定导航路线 constant navigation course;
    固定导叶 fixed guide vane; stay vane (水轮机的);
    固定灯 fixed light;
    固定灯丝 anchored filament;
    固定抵押品 fixed collateral;
    固定点 standpoint; {热} fixed points; bedding point;
    固定点火 fixed ignition;
    固定垫片 setting-up piece;
    固定电池 self-contained battery;
    固定电池组 stationary battery;
    固定电感 fixed inductance;
    固定电感器 fixed inductor;
    固定电话 hand-free telephone;
    固定电极法 {工} fixed-electrode method;
    固定电容 fixed capacity;
    固定电容器fixed capacitor; fixed condenser;
    固定电台 fixed radio station;
    固定电台通信 fixed service;
    固定电位 fixed potential;
    固定电位计 fixed potentiometer;
    固定电压 fixed voltage;
    固定电阻 fixed resistance; constant resistance;
    固定电阻电路 constant-resistance circuit;
    固定电阻放电 constant-resistance discharge;
    固定电阻器 fixed resistor; permanent resistor;
    固定订货期间模型 fixed order period model;
    固定订货数量模型 fixed-order quantity model;
    固定动力装置 rigidly-fixed power plant;
    固定动作模式 {动} fixed-action pattern;
    固定毒 fixed virus; virus fix;
    固定断裂点 fixed breakage point;
    固定锻炉 stationary forge;
    固定发动机 stationary engine;
    固定发射 fixed launch;
    固定发射场导弹 fixedsite missile;
    固定发射装置 fixed launcher;
    固定阀 {油工} standing valve;
    固定法兰盘 fixed flange; retention flange;
    固定反应 fixation reaction;
    固定范围 fixed range;
    固定防护装置 fixed-guard;
    固定费用 constant expense; standing exchange; standing charge;
    固定费用问题 {工管} fixed-charge problem;
    固定分保 obligatory reinsurance;
    固定分保合同 obligatory treaty; fixed treaty;
    固定分布 frozen-in distribution;
    固定分频器 fixed frequency divider;
    固定分压器 fixed potentiometer;
    固定符号表 permanent symbol table;
    固定辐射点 stationary radiant;
    固定赋值 fixed assignment;
    固定负荷 firm demand;
    固定负债 fixed liabilities;
    固定负债比率 ratio of fixed liabilities;
    固定负载 dead load; dead-weight; constant load;
    固定负载状态 continuous rating;
    固定干扰法 fixed interference method;
    固定杆 dead lever; fixed link;
    固定杆件 fixed beam;
    固定感应线圈 {电工} fixed inductor;
    固定高架起重机 fixed gantry;
    固定割样器 stationary cutter;
    固定格栅 stationary grizzly;
    固定格筛 {采矿} static grizzly;
    固定隔栅 stationary grate;
    固定给定值控制 fixed set point control;
    固定工 fixed worker;
    固定工资 regular wage; regular earnings; regular pay; fixed wage; guaranteed salary;
    固定工资制 fixed-wag system;
    固定拱 {建} fixed arch;
    固定钩 stay hook;
    固定构型 fixed configuration;
    固定观念 fixed idea;
    固定关键字方式 fixed key word mode;
    固定管板换热器 fixed-tube-sheet heat exchanger;
    固定光 {航海} fixed light;
    固定光位 {植} fixed-light position;
    固定规 fixed gauge;
    固定轨道加速器 fixed-orbit accelerator;
    固定滚筒 resting barrel;
    固定航空电台 aeronautical fixed station;
    固定航线 constant navigation course; regular shipping lines;
    固定虎钳 standing vice;
    固定护栏 nonfloating rail;
    固定互连布线 fixed interconnect wiring;
    固定滑车 fixed block;
    固定滑轮 fixed block; fast pulley;
    固定环形天线 fixed-loop aerial; fixed-loop antenna; fixed-coil antenna;
    固定簧眼 spring fixed eye;
    固定回波 fixed echo; stationary echo;
    固定汇兑平价 absolute par exchange; fixed par of exchange;
    固定汇价 fixed exchange;
    固定汇率 fixed exchange rate; fixed rate of exchange;
    固定火炮 fixed armament;
    固定基点 fixed base point;
    固定基极偏流 fixed base current bias;
    固定基极偏压 fixed base bias;
    固定基金 fixed fund;
    固定基面 fixed base;
    固定基期 fixed base;
    固定基数记数法 fixed radix scale; fixed radix notation;
    固定基准 fixed datum;
    固定机库 permanent hangar;
    固定机翼 stationary wing;
    固定奇点 fixed singular point;
    固定激活阴极 dispenser cathode;
    固定激励 constant excitation;
    固定棘爪 fixed pawl;
    固定挤压压力 stationary extrusion pressure;
    固定几何形状机翼 fixed wings;
    固定几何形状喷管 constant geometry nozzle;
    固定剂 fixative; fixing agent;
    固定计划 standing plans;
    固定加权 fixed weighting;
    固定夹 geometrical clamp; attaching clamp;
    固定夹板 strap;
    固定夹片 {房} tingle;
    固定夹钳 stationary clamp;
    固定架 {电磁} mount; fixed mount; holder; trave;
    固定价格 fixed price; regular price;
    固定价格协议 price-fixing agreement;
    固定假日 national holiday;
    固定监测站 fixed monitoring station;
    固定间隔 fixed intervals;
    固定碱 fixed base;
    固定减振器 fixed buffer;
    固定键 retaining key; solid key;
    固定件(装置) toggle;
    固定焦点 {摄} fixed-focus;
    固定焦距透镜 universal focus lens;
    固定角规 miter square;
    固定绞车 jinny;
    固定铰链 fixed hinge;
    固定矫正器 fixed appliance;
    固定接触 stationary contact;
    固定接地 dead earth; solid earthing;
    固定接点 fixed contact;
    固定接头 permanent joint;
    固定截面喷嘴 fixed-area nozzle;
    固定节流孔 fixed orifice;
    固定结合 rigid joint; lock-joint;
    固定结筛 fixed grizzly;
    固定介质 mounting medium;
    固定进给磨削 {机} fixed-feed grinding;
    固定静负荷挠曲 dead-load deflection;
    固定镜 fixed mirror;
    固定晶体 fixed crystal;
    固定晶体检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定距标发生器 fixed-range mark generator;
    固定锯卡 fixed guide;
    固定卷筒 dead block (拉丝机的);
    固定均衡器 fixed equalizer;
    固定开口环 retaining snap ring;
    固定开睑器 stop speculum;
    固定壳 {工} set casing;
    固定空气电容器 air fixed capacitor;
    固定孔径 constant aperture;
    固定矿石检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定劳动总量谬误 lump of labour fallacy;
    固定雷达 fixed radar;
    固定力矩 fixed end moment; {力} fixing moment; moment at fixed end; moment taken about the point of fixation;
    固定利息投资 fixed-interest investment;
    固定利息证券 fixed interest bearing securities;
    固定联结机构 fixed linkage mechanism;
    固定联结系统 fixed linkage system;
    固定梁 built-in beam; fixed beam;
    固定零点 fixed zero;
    固定零点系统 fixed zero system;
    固定溜槽 fixed chute;
    固定龙门起重机 fixed ga(u)ntry crane;
    固定炉板 furnace dead plate;
    固定炉蓖 dead grate;
    固定轮 {工} fast pulley; tight pulley;
    固定轮距 rigid wheel base;
    固定逻辑 {自} fixed logic;
    固定逻辑询问 fixed logic query;
    固定螺钉{电工} terminal screw; clamping screw; pinching screw; retaining screw; setting-up screw; fixing screw;
    固定螺母 hold-down nut;
    固定螺栓 fixed bolt; set bolt; standing bolt;
    固定路线 route;
    固定铆机 stationary riveting machine;
    固定帽 locking cap;
    固定煤气发生炉 simple stationary gas producer;
    固定美元计算数字 constant dollar estimates;
    固定苗圃 permanent nursery;
    固定瞄准器 fixed index;
    固定模拟 fixed-analog;
    固定木楔 canting quoin;
    固定目标 {军} fixed target; fixed objective;
    固定啮合齿轮 constant mesh gear;
    固定镊 fixation forceps;
    固定扭矩 even twisting moment;
    固定排量泵 fixed-displacement pump;
    固定抛物反射面 fixed parabolic reflector;
    固定炮位 {军} fixed emplacement; permanent emplacement;
    固定配合 heavy keying fit; stationary fit;
    固定配件 standing finish;
    固定喷嘴 fixed nozzle; static jet;
    固定膨胀 {工} fixed expansion;
    固定偏流 fixed bias;
    固定偏心轮 {工} fixed eccentric;
    固定偏压 {电子} fixed bias; clamp bias;
    固定偏压晶体管电路 {电子} fixed-bias transistor circuit;
    固定偏转系统 fixed deflecting system; fixed yoke;
    固定偏转线圈 fixed deflection coil; fixed deflecting coil;
    固定胼胝体 definitive callus;
    固定平极 fixed mean pole;
    固定平价 fixed parity;
    固定平台 fixed platform;
    固定屏幕 fixed mask;
    固定谱系顺序 fixed-set order;
    固定起重机 stationary crane; stationary derrick;
    固定起重器 built-in jack;
    固定器 fixator;
    固定卡爪 stationary jaw;
    固定卡销 hold-open catch;
    固定钳口 regular jaw;
    固定桥 {土} fixed bridge;
    固定球面射电望远镜 fixed spherical radio telescope;
    固定区域 {自} fixed area;
    固定取样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定曲线法 method of steady graph;
    固定燃料发动机 dry-fuel engine;
    固定燃料箱 fixed fuel tank;
    固定染料 fixed dye;
    固定任务数多道程序设计 multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks;
    固定容量 fixed capacity;
    固定熔点 definite melting point;
    固定散射中心近似 fixed scattering centres approximation;
    固定砂箱 tight flask;
    固定沙丘 {地质} anchored dune; fixed dune; bult;
    固定筛 gravity flow screen; stationary screen;
    固定栅压振荡器 constant-gridpotential oscillator;
    固定商品陈列架 display stand;
    固定商业网 fixed commerce network;
    固定射击 fixed fire;
    固定设备 permanent plant; plant equipment; capital equipment;
    固定设备设计 stationary equipment design;
    固定射束 holding beam;
    固定伸臂起重机 stiff-boom crane;
    固定十进制小数点 fixed decimal point;
    固定石 {地质} anchor stone;
    固定时间序列 stationary time series;
    固定时序计算机 fixed sequence computer;
    固定时延 fixed delay;
    固定时延输出 fixed-delay output;
    固定时滞 fixed time lag;
    固定矢量 fixed vector;
    固定收益 constant return; settled income;
    固定枢轴 fixed pivot;
    固定术 pexis; pexia; -desis;
    固定数字组格式 fixed-block format (计算机);
    固定衰减器 {电子} fixed attenuator; pad;
    固定双位继电器 throw-over relay;
    固定栓 gim peg;
    固定水准点 permanent bench mark;
    固定税率 autonomous tariff; statutory tariff;
    固定税率制 general tariff system;
    固定丝锥扳手 solid tap wrench;
    固定素(株)(狂犬病)fixed strain;
    固定速率信源 fixed-rate source;
    固定酸 fixed acid;
    固定顺序格式 fixed sequential format;
    固定顺序机器人 limited sequence robot; fixed-sequence robot;
    固定损失 dead loss; fixed loss (与负载无关的);
    固定索具 {船} standing rigging;
    固定台 fixed station;
    固定探向器 stationary direction finder;
    固定碳 fixed carbon;
    固定天平 fixed weigher;
    固定天线 fixed antenna;
    固定天线测向器 fixed antenna direction finder;
    固定调谐板电路 fixed tuned plate circuit;
    固定调谐放大器 fixed-tuned amplifier;
    固定调谐晶体检波器 fixed-stuned crystal detector;
    固定调谐阻塞放电管 fixed tuned antitransmit-receive tube; fixed-tuned ATR tube;
    固定跳闸 {电工} fixed-handle circuit breaker; fixed-trip;
    固定同轴衰减器 fixed coaxial attenuator;
    固定投入 fixed i nput;
    固定图案法 fixed pattern method;
    固定凸缘 holding flange; retainer flange; cast flange;
    固定脱水筛 {采矿} fixed dewatering screen;
    固定万向节 permanent universal joint;
    固定尾座顶尖 stationary tailstock center;
    固定位置 stall;
    固定位置寻址 {自} fixed-position addressing;
    固定卫星 fixed satellite;
    固定污染源 stationary pollution source;
    固定无线电导航业务 aeronautical fixed radio service;
    固定无线电台 fixed radio station;
    固定无形资产 fixed intangible assets;
    固定物 fixture;
    固定误差 fixed error; solid error;
    固定卧式柴油机 stationary horizontal diesel engines;
    固定洗脱液 fixed eluant;
    固定系泊泊位 fixed mooring berth;
    固定下冲杆 stationary lower punch;
    固定舷窗 bull's eye; deadlight; fixed light;
    固定线管 fixed spool;
    固定线圈 fixed coil;
    固定向量 fixed vector;
    固定像差 constant aberration;
    固定销 {工} steady pin; adjusting pin; prisoner; static pin; steady brace; fast pin;
    固定卸料板 positive stripper; positive unloading stripper;
    固定芯棒 stationary core rod;
    固定信号 fixed signal; steady signal;
    固定信号机 fixed signal;
    固定信息文件 fixed information file;
    固定信息源 stationary information source; stationary message source;
    固定信息组 fixed field;
    固定形式编码 fixed form coding;
    固定修正量 fixed correction;
    固定需量收费制 flat demand rate;
    固定循环 canned cycle;
    固定压力中心 stationary centre of pressure;
    固定音形 {音} ostinato;
    固定盐度生物 stenohaline;
    固定延迟 fixed delay;
    固定延迟双稳态多谐振荡器 fixed delay flip-flop;
    固定延迟线 fixed delay line;
    固定延时 constant time lag;
    固定业务 fixed service;
    固定业务卫星通信 fixed service satellite communication;
    固定叶列 stationary blade row;
    固定叶栅 stationary cascade;
    固定液 fixer; fixative; stationary liquid;
    固定移相器 fixed phase shifter;
    固定蚁场 fixed rearing yards for newly hatched worms;
    固定音型 ostinato figure;
    固定印料板 stationary stripper;
    固定用凸缘 clamping flange;
    固定油 {材} fixed oil;
    固定油基 fixed oil radicals;
    固定预备林 fixed reserve forest;
    固定预分配多址 fixed preassigned multiple access;
    固定预算 fixed budget;
    固定源熵 fixed source entropy;
    固定圆形淘汰盘 dumb buddle;
    固定载荷 constantly acting load; fixed load; seating load;
    固定增益阻尼 fixed-gain damping;
    固定轧碎机 stationary crusher;
    固定闸杆 dead brake lever;
    固定闸杆导承 dead brake lever guide;
    固定闸门 fixed gate;
    固定爪 fixed claw; fixed jaw; holding pawl; solid jaw; stationary dog; stationary pawl;
    固定照明 priming illumination;
    固定辙叉 stiff frog;
    固定振动图像 mode;
    固定阵列法 fixed array method;
    固定振幅载波 constant-amplitude carrier;
    固定证券价格 pegging;
    固定支点 fixed pivot;
    固定支架 fixed support; stationary barrier; steady rest;
    固定支座 hold-down support;
    固定指标问题 fixed-charge problem;
    固定指令控制 fixed command control;
    固定指针导线 {工} fixed-needle traverse;
    固定中心架 {工} back rest; back stay; steady; stationary steady; steady centre rest;
    固定中心距变速齿轮系 fixed-centre change gears;
    固定重音 {语} fixed accent; fixed stress;
    固定轴 fixed axis; stationary axis; stationary shaft;
    固定轴衬 fixed bushing;
    固定轴承 rigid bearing;
    固定轴距 inflexible wheel base;
    固定主动轴 rigid drive shaft;
    固定主要离子法 fixed primary ion method;
    固定柱 fixed leg;
    固定装置 fixing device; setting mechanism; retainer;
    固定装置物 {建} fixture;
    固定桌 table dormant;
    固定资金 fixed fund;
    固定子群 fixed subgroup;
    固定字长 fixed word length;
    固定字长计算机 fixed word length computer;
    固定字段 fixed field;
    固定字段方法 {自} fixed-field method;
    固定纵向垫板条 footling;
    固定组成指数 invariable weighting index number;
    固定阻抗部件 constant-impedance unit;
    固定阻抗调整器 constant impedance regulator;
    固定作用 fixation; immobilization;
    固定座 permanent seat;
    固定坐标 fixed coordinates;
    固定坐标系 fixed-coordinate system
    * * *
    固定|固定 [gù dìng] to fix to fasten to set rigidly in place fixed set regular

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固定

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