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absent-minded person

  • 1 sbadato

    * * *
    sbadato agg. ( noncurante) careless, heedless; ( sconsiderato) thoughtless; ( distratto) absent-minded, scatterbrained, forgetful: sei proprio sbadato, hai messo la maglia al rovescio, you are really absent-minded, you've put your sweater on inside out; che sbadato, ho dimenticato i soldi a casa, how careless of me (o what a scatterbrain I am), I have left the money at home; risposta sbadata, thoughtless answer
    s.m. scatterbrain.
    * * *
    [zba'dato] 1.
    aggettivo absent-minded, careless
    sostantivo maschile (f. -a) scatterbrain, inadvertent person
    * * *
     absent-minded, careless
     ( f. -a) scatterbrain, inadvertent person.

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