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a woman of her stamp

  • 1 a woman of her stamp

    a woman of her stamp
    uma mulher do seu caráter.

    English-Portuguese dictionary > a woman of her stamp

  • 2 stamp

    [stæmp] 1. verb
    1) (to bring (the foot) down with force (on the ground): He stamped his foot with rage; She stamped on the insect.) bater
    2) (to print or mark on to: He stamped the date at the top of his letter; The oranges were all stamped with the exporter's name.) carimbar
    3) (to stick a postage stamp on (a letter etc): I've addressed the envelope but haven't stamped it.) selar
    2. noun
    1) (an act of stamping the foot: `Give it to me!' she shouted with a stamp of her foot.) batida
    2) (the instrument used to stamp a design etc on a surface: He marked the date on the bill with a rubber date-stamp.) carimbo
    3) (a postage stamp: He stuck the stamps on the parcel; He collects foreign stamps.) selo
    4) (a design etc made by stamping: All the goods bore the manufacturer's stamp.) marca
    * * *
    [stæmp] n 1 ato de bater (o pé), batida de pé. 2 pilão (para britar pedra). 3 britador, moinho. 4 carimbo, cunho, timbre, sinete. 5 marca, impressão, matriz, timbre, selo. his work bears the stamp of genius / sua obra mostra o cunho do gênio. 6 selo, estampilha. to put a stamp on the letter / selar a carta. 7 expressão, sinal, traço. 8 tipo, caráter, temperamento, espécie. he set his stamp upon his period / ele imprimiu seu caráter à sua época. • vt+vi 1 bater o pé (com força). 2 andar com passos pesados. 3 gravar, fixar (na memória). 4 bater, esmagar, pisar, quebrar, britar. 5 imprimir, estampar, gravar, cunhar. it was stamped on his mind / estava gravado na sua memória. 6 caracterizar, identificar, carimbar. that stamped him as a fool / isso o caracterizou como tolo. 7 selar, estampilhar. 8 recortar com punção. a woman of her stamp uma mulher do seu caráter. food stamp vale alimentação. rubber stamp carimbo de borracha. to stamp down pisar, apagar pisando. to stamp out a) estampar. b) fig aniquilar, erradicar.

    English-Portuguese dictionary > stamp

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