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a slight cold

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  • 2 cold

    cold cold adj. (cold∙er, cold∙est) ›› LOW TEMPERATURE 低气温 1. having a lower than usual temperature; having a temperature lower than the human body • 寒冷的;冷的:
    »Iˈm cold. Turn the heating up.
    »to feel / look cold
    »cold hands and feet
    »a cold room / house
    »hot and cold water in every room
    »Isnˈt it cold today?
    »Itˈs freezing cold.
    »to get / turn colder
    »bitterly cold weather
    »the coldest May on record
    »( BrE) The water has gone cold.
    ›› FOOD / DRINK 食物;饮料 2. not heated; cooled after being cooked • 未热过的;已凉的;冷却的:
    »a cold drink
    »Hot and cold food is available in the cafeteria.
    »cold chicken for lunch
    ›› UNFRIENDLY 不友好 3. (of a person 人) without emotion; unfriendly • 冷漠的;不友好的:
    »to give sb a cold look / stare / welcome
    »Her manner was cold and distant.
    »He was staring at her with cold eyes.
    ›› LIGHT / COLOURS 光线;颜色 4. seeming to lack warmth, in an unpleasant way • 冷的;冷色的;寒色的:
    »clear cold light
    »cold grey skies
    ›› ROUTE 路径 5. not easy to find • 不易发现的:
    »The police followed the robbers to the airport but then the trail went cold.
    ›› IN GAMES 游戏 6. used in childrenˈs games to say that the person playing is not close to finding a person or thing, or to guessing the correct answer • (儿童游戏中)离目标远的,未猜中的 ›› UNCONSCIOUS 失去知觉 7. out cold [not before noun] (informal) unconscious • 失去知觉:
    »He was knocked out cold in the second round.
    ›› FACTS 事实 8. the cold facts / truth facts with nothing added to make them more interesting or pleasant • 真实的;客观的 --› see also coldly, coldness 【IDIOMS】 a cold ˈfish • a person who seems unfriendly and without strong emotions • 冷漠无情的人 get / have cold ˈfeet •(informal) to suddenly become nervous about doing sth that you had planned to do • 临阵胆怯;畏缩:
    »He was going to ask her but he got cold feet and said nothing.
    give sb the cold ˈshoulder •(informal) to treat sb in an unfriendly way • 冷漠对待;使受到冷遇 --› see also cold-shoulder in cold ˈblood • acting in a way that is deliberately cruel; with no pity • 残忍地;蓄意地;冷酷地;无情地:
    »to kill sb in cold blood
    in the cold light of day • when you have had time to think calmly about sth; in the morning when things are clearer • 有时间冷静考虑时;在头脑更清醒些的第二天早晨:
    »These things always look different in the cold light of day.
    leave sb ˈcold • to fail to affect or interest sb • 未打动某人;无法引起某人的兴趣:
    »Most modern art leaves me cold.
    pour / throw cold ˈwater on sth • to give reasons for not being in favour of sth; to criticize sth • 泼冷水;批评;责备 --› more at blood n.
    --› more at blow v., hot adj. noun ›› LOW TEMPERATURE 低气温 1. a lack of heat or warmth; a low temperature, especially in the atmosphere • 冷;寒冷;(尤指)低气温:
    »He shivered with cold.
    »Donˈt stand outside in the cold.
    »She doesnˈt seem to feel the cold.
    »Youˈll catch your death of cold (= used to warn sb they could become very ill if they do not keep warm in cold weather).
    ›› ILLNESS 疾病 2. (also less frequent the ˌcommon ˈcold [sing.]) a common illness that affects the nose and / or throat, making you cough, [u]sneeze
    , etc. • 感冒;伤风;着凉:
    »Iˈve got a cold.
    »a bad / heavy / slight cold
    严重/重 / 轻微感冒
    »to catch a cold
    come in from the ˈcold • to become accepted or included in a group, etc. after a period of being outside it • 不再受冷落(或排斥) leave sb ˌout in the ˈcold • to not include sb in a group or an activity • 冷落;排斥 --› more at catch v. adv. 1. ( NAmE) suddenly and completely • 突然;完全:
    »His final request stopped her cold.
    2. without preparing • 毫无准备地:
    »I canˈt just walk in there cold and give a speech.
    * * *
    n. 寒冷, [物]零下溫度, 傷風, 感冒
    adj. 寒冷的, 使人戰慄的, 冷淡的, 不熱情的, 失去知覺的

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    common cold;slight affection by cold

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 小伤寒

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