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açlığı öldürmek

  • 101 vurmak

    1. ألاح [أَلَاحَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    2. اتضح [اِتَّضَحَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    3. انكشف [اِنْكَشَفَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    4. بان [بانَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    5. بدا [بَدَا]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    6. برز [بَرَزَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    7. تكشف [تَكَشَّفَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    8. جرح [جَرَحَ]
    Anlamı: yaralamak
    9. ضرب [ضَرَبَ]
    10. ظهر [ظَهَرَ]
    Anlamı: görünmek
    11. قتل [قَتَلَ]
    Anlamı: öldürmek
    12. كلم [كَلَمَ]
    Anlamı: yaralamak

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  • 102 zehirlemek

    1. سم [سَمَّ]
    Anlamı: öldürmek amacıyla (yedirmek, içirmek, vb.yolarla)zehir vermek
    2. سمم [سَمَّمَ]
    Anlamı: öldürmek amacıyla (yedirmek, içirmek, vb.yolarla)zehir vermek

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  • 103 adam

    "1. man. 2. human being. 3. person, individual. 4. a good person. 5. employee; servant; retainer; helper. 6. agent, representative. 7. follower, supporter, man. 8. one, a person. 9. prov. husband, man. Adamım! colloq. My friend! - adama defans sports man-to-man defense. - adama savunma sports man-to-man defense. - almamak (for streets) to be very crowded with people, be teeming with people. - azmanı enormously large person. - başına apiece, each, for each person. - beğenmemek to be overcritical of people. - boyu the height of a man. -ını bulmak /ın/ to find the right person to do (a job). -a çevirmek /ı/ to put (something) in good repair, put (something) in good shape. - değilim! colloq. I´ll be damned. -a dönmek/benzemek to look presentable; to look like somebody; to look like something. -ına düşmek (for a job) to come the way of someone who is really suited to do it. - etmek /ı/ 1. to be the making of (someone); to mature, make a man/a woman of. 2. to put (something) in good repair, rejuvenate. 3. to set (a place, an organization) to rights, put (a place, an organization) on its feet; to make (a place, an organization) into something, make (a place, an organization) thrive. - evladı a person of good family and upbringing. - gibi 1. properly, suitably, in the right way. 2. worthy, genuine, real. -ına göre (adapting one´s approach) to suit the individual. - içine çıkmak/karışmak to mix with people. - istemek (for a project, for someone) to require a good man, need a person who´s really worth his salt. - kaldırmak to kidnap someone, abduct someone. - kıtlığı/yokluğu shortage of qualified and capable people. - kullanmak 1. to know how to use someone for one´s own benefit. 2. to know how to get someone to work, know how to get work out of someone, know how to work someone. - olmak 1. to grow up and become a responsible member of society. 2. (for something in disrepair) to be given a new lease on life, be put in good repair. -ı olmak /ın/ 1. to be very good at, be highly skilled in (a job). 2. to be the right person for (a job). 3. to be (someone´s) man, be one of (someone´s) men, be in the employ of; to be a retainer of. 4. to be someone whom one can rely on, be someone whom one can trust. - öldürmek to murder someone, commit murder. - sağmak to trick a man out of his money, milk people. -/insan sarrafı a good judge of people. -dan saymamak /ı/ see - yerine koymamak. - seçmek to show favor, play favorites, not to give a fair chance to everyone. - sen de! colloq. Don´t worry./Take it easy!/Never mind. - sırasına geçmek/girmek to win a place of respect and responsibility. - vurmak to commit murder. - yerine koymamak /ı/ to think (someone) to be beneath consideration, consider (someone) to be of no importance. "

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  • 104 kasıt

    ,-stı 1. law criminal intention, intent to harm or do wrong. 2. purpose, design, intention. -ıyla with the intention of, intending to, in order to: Âdem´i öldürmek kastıyla kahveye gitti. He went to the café intending to kill Âdem. -ı olmak /a/ to intend to do (someone) harm, have a design upon.

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  • 105 kör

    "1. blind. 2. dull, not sharp. 3. dim (light). 4. blind, dead-end. 5. blind, unaware of what´s happening. 6. (in expressions) bad, evil; unlucky. - boğaz one´s appetite for food, hunger. - çapa a short, blunt hoe. - değneğini beller gibi without ever thinking of doing otherwise. - dövüşü chaotic situation. - duman very thick fog. - hat rail. siding. -ün istediği bir göz, Allah verdi iki göz. colloq. He was blessed with more than he´d hoped for. - kadı forthright person, person who speaks his mind. - kör parmağım gözüne colloq. out in the open, perfectly evident, clear. -ü körüne blindly, carelessly, at random. - kütük sarhoş dead drunk. -ler mahallesinde ayna satmak to sell refrigerators to Eskimos, carry coals to Newcastle. -ler memleketinde şaşılar padişah/baş olur. proverb An inferior thing seems first-rate to those who have never known anything better. - nişancılık 1. hitting the target by chance only. 2. doing something correctly by chance only. - olası/olasıca colloq. 1. Damn him/her/it! 2. damned, accursed. -ünü öldürmek 1. to satisfy one´s desires after a fashion. 2. to swallow one´s pride and admit one´s helplessness. - ölür badem gözlü olur, kel ölür sırma saçlı olur. proverb What was ugly or worthless seems beautiful or valuable once it has been lost. - şeytan/talih bad luck. - tapa blind flange. - topal colloq. after a fashion, in a half-assed way. - uçuş flying blind. -le yatan şaşı kalkar. proverb 1. If you associate with a scoundrel, you´ll pick up some of his habits. 2. If you associate with a scoundrel, you´ll suffer for it."

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  • 106 tasarlamak

    "/ı/ 1. to envisage, envision; to plan; to project, devise a plan for. 2. to roughhew, rough out (a piece of wood or stone). tasarlayarak öldürme law premeditated murder. tasarlayarak öldürmek /ı/ law to murder, kill (someone) premeditatedly."

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  • 107 vakit

    ,-kti 1. time. 2. the right time, the time (for doing something). 3. when: Refia geldiği vakit when Refia comes/when Refia came. -iyle 1. at the proper time, in due season, in time. 2. in the past, once, once upon a time. -ini almak /ın/ to take (someone´s) time. - dolmak for a given period of time to be up, come to an end. - geçirmek to pass the time, occupy oneself. -i gelmek /ın/ for (someone´s) hour of death to be at hand. -ler hayrolsun! Good day! - kaybetmeden without losing any time, promptly, at once. - kazanmak 1. to save time. 2. (for someone) to gain time. - nakittir. proverb Time is money. -i olmak to have enough time. -i olmamak not to have enough time. - öldürmek to kill time. -ini şaşmamak to be punctual. - vakit from time to time, at times. -ini yemek /ın/ to take (someone´s) time. -i yerinde well-off, well-fixed, economically comfortable.

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  • 108 vurmak

    ",-ur 1. /a/ to hit, strike. 2. /a/ to knock on; to tap on. 3. /ı/ to shoot; to stab. 4. /ı/ to kill. 5. /ı/ to hit (a target). 6. /ı/ to hunt (animals). 7. /ı, a/ to drive (a nail, etc.) into. 8. /ı, a/ to give (someone) (a hypodermic injection): Doktor, Mahmut´a iğne vurmadı. The doctor didn´t give Mahmut a shot. 9. /ı, a/ to put (one thing) on (another): Dudu bohçayı sırtına vurdu. Dudu put the large bundle on her shoulder. O kola bir yama vuracağım. I´ll put a patch on that sleeve. Polis, Enver´in ellerine kelepçe vurdu. The policeman handcuffed Enver. Ön kapıya kırmızı boya vurmak istiyor. He wants to paint the front door red. Ağrıyan koluna hardal yakısı vurdu. She put a mustard plaster on her aching arm. 10. /ı, a/ to multiply: Onu ona vurursan yüz eder. If you multiply ten by ten, you get a hundred. 11. /a/ (for light, a shadow, rain, wind) to hit, strike, fall on. 12. /ı/ (for a clock) to strike (the hour). 13. /ı/ to steal. 14. /ı/ to have, knock back (a drink). 15. /ı/ (for something) to make (someone) sick; /a/ (for something) to make (itself) felt in (a part of one´s body). 16. /ı/ (for a shoe) to chafe, blister (one´s foot). 17. /a/ to strike out along, head out along (a road); to head for. 18. /ı, a/ to knock or throw (someone or something) to/on (the ground). 19. /ı/ to slam (something) shut. 20. /ı/ (for something) to damage or blight (a crop). 21. (for one´s heart or pulse) to beat. 22. /a/ slang to *screw, have sex with. Vur abalıya! Jump on someone who´s weaker than you are! (said reproachfully). Vur dedikse öldür demedik ya! colloq. I didn´t ask you to go that far! vur deyince öldürmek (for someone) to tend to carry things to extremes. vur patlasın, çal oynasın 1. (enjoying oneself) wildly, to the hilt, by whooping it up, by painting the town red, by living it up. 2. living it up, Brit. going on the razzle: Bu tazminat bir elime geçsin, ondan sonra vur patlasın çal oynasın! Once I get my hands on this retirement bonus, I´m going to live it up! vurdukça tozumak to get more complicated the deeper one gets into it."

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  • 109 zaman

    "1. time: Zaman nehir gibi akıyor. Time flows like a river. Bana zaman lazım. I need time. Fatoş´un zamanı az. Fatoş has little time to spare. ışık söndürme zamanı lights-out. 2. time, season: Yenidünya zamanı geldi. Loquats are now in season. 3. age, era, epoch: zamanın âlimleri the learned men of the age. 4. (a person´s) youth or prime; the time when one was engaged in a particular activity: Benim zamanımda bu işyerinin yönetim biçimi bambaşkaydı. This office was run quite differently in my time. 5. the right time or the time appointed (to do something): Artık bu işin zamanı geldi. It´s now the right time to do this job. 6. free time: Bugün hiç zamanım yok. I´ve no free time today. 7 gram. tense. 8. mus. time, meter, rhythm. 9. geol. era. 10. when: geldiği zaman when he came. -ında at the proper time, at the right time. -la with time, as time passes/ passed. - belirteci gram. adverb of time. - bırakmak /a/ to set aside time for, leave time for (something). - birimi unit of time. - eki gram. temporal suffix (for a verb). -ı geçmek 1. to be out of date, be outmoded. 2. (for something) to expire, become void (as a result of the passage of time). 3. (for a fruit or vegetable) no longer to be in season. 4. (for an activity) no longer to be appropriate to the time of year. 5. (for something) to be of no use (because it´s too late): Özür dilemenin zamanı geçti artık. It´s now too late to apologize. - kazanmak 1. to save time. 2. (for someone) to gain time. - kollamak to be on the lookout for a suitable opportunity, bide one´s time. - öldürmek to kill time. - sana uymazsa sen zamana uy. proverb If the times don´t conform to you, then you should conform to the times. -a uymak to conform to the age in which one lives, move with the times, keep in step with the times. - vermek /a/ to set aside time (for) (something). - zaman from time to time, occasionally, every now and then, every now and again, every so often. - zarfı gram. adverb of time."

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