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a rough guide

  • 1 general2

    2 = all-embracing, broad [broader -comp., broadest -sup.], comprehensive, general, large [larger -comp., largest -sup.], sweeping, ubiquitous, umbrella, widespread, pervasive, blanket, all-encompassing, broadly based, wide-ranging [wide ranging], overriding, broad-based [broad based], wide-scale, overarching, received, epidemic, pandemic, wide-angle(d), generalised [generalized, -USA], embracing, encompassing.
    Ex. Some databases are very all-embracing in their coverage and attempt to provide comprehensive coverage of entire disciplines.
    Ex. This broader consideration of descriptive cataloguing problems serves to set a context for the consideration of cataloguing problems associated with nonbook materials.
    Ex. One of the factors to consider in the selection of a data base is whether the data base is comprehensive or not.
    Ex. Nevertheless, the fact that these general lists cannot serve for every application has triggered a search for more consistent approaches.
    Ex. Serial searching for a string of characters is usually performed on a small subset of a large file.
    Ex. Such a statement of objectives may appear narrowly defined in its practices and yet, at the same time, rather sweeping in its assumptions.
    Ex. Worldwide, however, the printed book is still the most ubiquitous source of record = Sin embargo, el libro impreso es aún en todo el mundo la fuente de información escrita más común.
    Ex. This article describes how an ' umbrella licence' was obtained covering a group of libraries within the region.
    Ex. Comment published so far is favourable, but the code still awaits widespread adoption.
    Ex. The unease is pervasive, not an occasional outcropping of discontent.
    Ex. Likert in no way attempts to make a blanket prescription for employee-centered supervisory styles.
    Ex. In publishing itself there is little use made of the all-encompassing schemes such as Dewey or the Library of Congress.
    Ex. Library schools are offering broadly based courses with increasing emphasis on technology and information systems, but practising librarians still need the traditional skills.
    Ex. The contents of this handbook are comprehensive and wide-ranging.
    Ex. Consequently, the overriding demand made by the academic community is bibliographical in nature.
    Ex. However, the organisation is well on its way to becoming a broad-based provider of databases and end-user oriented information services in all areas of engineering.
    Ex. Without the stimuli of cooperative agencies, many programmes such as wide-scale interlibrary loan would not have developed so rapidly.
    Ex. There appears to be an unhealthy tendency among information technology professionals to elevate any single, highly successful practical experience instantly into an overarching paradigm for managerial success.
    Ex. It was interesting, in view of the received opinion that 'We don't have many problems round here'.
    Ex. The article is entitled 'Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and the epidemic growth of its literature' = El artículo se titula "El síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida (SIDA) y el crecimiento exponencial de su literatura".
    Ex. Test score data were broken down to show that the decline is pandemic throughout the culture & not limited to sex, race, or class variables.
    Ex. Except for the principal no one besides the librarian has such a wide-angle view of the school's instructional programme.
    Ex. Although it is coy about admitting the fact it is only mentioned twice in the whole of the thirty pages of publicity material it is in effect a generalized and modernized Thesaurofacet: a facetted classification with a thesaurus structure forming an integral part.
    Ex. What is needed is an embracing approach to guarantee freedom for Palestine and legitimacy for Israel.
    Ex. By drawing Russia into an encompassing coalition with Europe and other powers, the risk of conflict will be diminished.
    * abogado general = advocate-general.
    * Acuerdo General sobre Aranceles y Comercio (GATT) = General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).
    * anestesia general = general anaesthesia.
    * asamblea general = general assembly.
    * biblioteca general = general library.
    * como norma general = as a general rule of thumb, as a rough guide.
    * consenso general = general consensus.
    * creencia general = conventional wisdom.
    * criterio general = rule of thumb.
    * dar una idea general = paint + a broad picture.
    * de aplicación general = general-purpose, of general application.
    * de forma general = bulk.
    * de interés general = of general interest.
    * de lo general a lo particular = from the general to the particular.
    * de lo particular a lo general = from the particular to the general.
    * de propósito general = general-purpose.
    * describir en líneas generales = outline.
    * desde un punto de vista general = in a broad sense.
    * desde un punto de vista más general = in a broader sense.
    * designación general de la clase de documento = general material designation.
    * de tipo general = broad scoped.
    * de un modo muy general = crudely.
    * de utilidad general = all-purpose.
    * director general = senior director.
    * elección general = general election.
    * encabezamiento demasiado general = much-too-broad heading.
    * encabezamiento informativo general = general explanatory heading.
    * en el sentido más general = in the broadest sense.
    * en general = at large, by and large, for the most part, generally, in general, in the main, on balance, on the whole, overall, broadly, as a whole, generally speaking.
    * en líneas generales = broadly speaking, generally, on the whole, in basic outline, roughly speaking, as a rough guide.
    * ensayo general = dress rehearsal.
    * en su sentido más general = in its/their broadest sense.
    * en términos generales = in broad terms, generally speaking.
    * en un sentido general = in a broad sense.
    * en un sentido más general = in a broader sense.
    * esquema general = outline.
    * gobernador general = Governor General.
    * hablando en términos generales = loosely speaking.
    * idea general = rough idea.
    * índice general = general index.
    * informe sobre el estado general de las carreteras = road report.
    * instrucción general = blanket instruction.
    * interés general = public interest.
    * la comunidad en general = the community at large.
    * la sociedad en general = society at large.
    * materia más general = broader subject.
    * norma general = rule of thumb.
    * Norma General Internacional para la Descripción de Archivvos (ISAD-G) = General International Standard Archival Description (ISAD(G)).
    * opinión general = consensus of opinion, conventional wisdom.
    * opinión general, la = received wisdom, the.
    * parálisis general = general paresis.
    * población en general, la = general population, the.
    * por lo general = on the whole, all in all, in general, generally, generally speaking, in the normal run of events, in the normal run of things.
    * público en general = broader audience, broad audience, broad public, broader public.
    * público en general, el = general public, the.
    * Secretaría General = Secretariat.
    * ser de uso general = be generally available.
    * sistema de clasificación general = general scheme.
    * Sistema General de Ordenación (SGO) = Broad System of Ordering (BSO).
    * una guía general = a rough guide.
    * una idea general = a rough guide.

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