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a good few

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  • good few — considerable amount …   English contemporary dictionary

  • good few, a —  Quite a lot …   A concise dictionary of English slang

  • a good few — quite a few or a good few or not a few a good few or not a few a fairly large number of people or things The letter arrived quite a few days ago. I ve turned down a good few job offers …   English dictionary

  • a good few — phrasal dialect chiefly England : quite a few * * * a good few or quite a few (informal) A considerable number • • • Main Entry: ↑few * * * Brit. a fairly large number of it had been around for a good few years …   Useful english dictionary

  • (a) good few — a good ˈfew idiom several • There are still a good few empty seats. Main entry: ↑goodidiom …   Useful english dictionary

  • a good few — ► a good few Brit. a fairly large number of. Main Entry: ↑few …   English terms dictionary

  • a good few — Brit. a fairly large number of. → few …   English new terms dictionary

  • few — W1S1 [fju:] determiner, pron, adj comparative fewer superlative fewest [: Old English; Origin: feawa] 1.) [no comparative] a small number of things or people a few ▪ I have to buy a few things at the supermarket. ▪ Pam called to say she s going… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • few — ► DETERMINER , PRONOUN , & ADJECTIVE 1) (a few) a small number of. 2) not many. ► NOUN (the few) ▪ a select minority. ● few and far between Cf. ↑few and far between …   English terms dictionary

  • few — (adj.) O.E. feawe (plural; contracted to fea) few, seldom, even a little, from P.Gmc. *faw , from PIE root *pau few, little (Cf. L. paucus few, little, paullus little, parvus little, small, pauper poor; Gk. pauros …   Etymology dictionary

  • good — 1 /gUd/ adjective comparative better, superlative best /best/ 1 OF A HIGH STANDARD of a high standard: a good reputation | a good quality cloth | a good Muslim | This book is not as good as her last one. | His test scores were good, but hers were …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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