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a fact of life

  • 1 fact of life

    fact of life
    aspecto fatual da vida humana.

    English-Portuguese dictionary > fact of life

  • 2 fact of life

    1) (= reality) harte Tatsache

    that's just a fact of lifeso ist es nun mal im Leben

    2) pl (sexual) Aufklärung f

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  • 3 fact of life

    English-spanish dictionary > fact of life

  • 4 fact of life

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > fact of life

  • 5 fact of life

    無法更改的 事實

    English-Chinese dictionary > fact of life

  • 6 fact of life

    s fet ineludible

    English-Catalan dictionary > fact of life

  • 7 a fact of life

    (好ましくない避けられぬ)生命の現実(cf. ⇒ the facts of life ); 現状.

    English-Japanese dictionary > a fact of life

  • 8 a fact of life

    kenyataan yang harus dihadapi

    English-Indonesian dictionary > a fact of life

  • 9 it's a fact of life

    es la realidad

    English-spanish dictionary > it's a fact of life

  • 10 fact

    1) обстоятельство; факт; событие; случай, явление

    accepted / established fact — установленный факт, проверенная информация

    basic / essential fact — основной, важный, существенный факт

    cold / dry facts — голые факты

    firsthand facts — сведения, информация из первых рук

    incontestable / incontrovertible / indisputable fact — неоспоримый, несомненный, бесспорный факт

    irrefutable / unquestionable fact — неопровержимый факт

    to ascertain / establish a fact — установить факт

    to check / confirm / verify a fact — проверять факт

    to collect / gather / marshal facts — собирать факты

    to distort / twist facts — искажать факты

    to embellish / embroider facts — приукрашивать факты

    to evaluate / interpret facts — оценивать факты

    2) действительность, реальность, явь

    Space exploitation is now a fact. — Исследования космического пространства стали сейчас реальностью.

    3) сущность, факт
    - facts of life

    Англо-русский современный словарь > fact

  • 11 life

    life life noun (pl. lives) ›› STATE OF LIVING 生存状态 1. the ability to breathe, grow, reproduce, etc. which people, animals and plants have before they die and which objects do not have • 生命:
    »life and death
    »The body was cold and showed no signs of life.
    »My father died last year—I wish I could bring him back to life.
    »In spring the countryside bursts into life.
    2. [U, C] the state of being alive as a human; an individual personˈs existence • 人命;性命;人的存活:
    »The floods caused a massive loss of life (= many people were killed).
    »He risked his life to save his daughter from the fire.
    »Hundreds of lives were threatened when the building collapsed.
    »The operation saved her life.
    »My grandfather lost his life (= was killed) in the war.
    »Several attempts have been made on the Presidentˈs life (= several people have tried to kill him).
    ›› LIVING THINGS 生物 3. [U] living things • 生物;活物:
    »plant / animal life
    »marine / pond life
    »Is there intelligent life on other planets?
    ›› PERIOD OF TIME 时期 4. [C, U] the period between sbˈs birth and their death; a part of this period • 一生;终身;寿命;一生中的部份时间:
    »Heˈs lived here all his life.
    »Iˈve lived in England for most of my life.
    »to have a long / short life
    »He became very weak towards the end of his life.
    »Brenda took up tennis late in life.
    »He will spend the rest of his life (= until he dies) in a wheelchair.
    »Thereˈs no such thing as a job for life any longer.
    »She is a life member of the club.
    »in early / adult life
    --› see also [u]change of life
    5. (used with an adjective 与形容词连用) a period of sbˈs life when they are in a particular situation or job • (某情景或工作的)一段生活经历:
    »She has been an accountant all her working life.
    »He met a lot of interesting people during his life as a student.
    »They were very happy throughout their married life.
    6. the period of time when sth exists or functions • 存在期;(某物的)寿命;有效期:
    »The International Stock Exchange started life as a London coffee shop.
    »They could see that the company had a limited life (= it was going to close).
    »In Italy the average life of a government is eleven months.
    --› see also shelf life ›› PUNISHMENT 惩罚 7. the punishment of being sent to prison for life; life [u]imprisonment • 无期徒刑;终身监禁:
    »The judge gave him life.
    ›› EXPERIENCE / ACTIVITIES 经历;活动 8. the experience and activities that are typical of all peopleˈs existences • 生活经历:
    »the worries of everyday life
    »He is young and has little experience of life.
    »Commuting is a part of daily life for many people.
    »Jill wants to travel and see life for herself.
    »We bought a dishwasher to make life easier.
    »In Africa life can be hard.
    »In real life (= when she met him) he wasnˈt how she had imagined him at all.
    »Life isnˈt like in the movies, you know.
    9. [U, C] the activities and experiences that are typical of a particular way of living • (某种方式的)生活:
    »country / city life
    »She enjoyed political life.
    »family / married life
    »How do you find life in Japan?
    10. a personˈs experiences during their life; the activities that form a particular part of a personˈs life • 个人生活;个人经历;个人生活某一方面的活动:
    »He has had a good life.
    »a hard / an easy life
    »My day-to-day life is not very exciting.
    »a life of luxury
    »Her daily life involved meeting lots of people.
    »Many of these children have led very sheltered lives (= they have not had many different experiences).
    »They emigrated to start a new life in Canada.
    »He doesnˈt like to talk about his private life.
    »She has a full social life.
    »articles about the love lives of the stars
    --› see also [u]sex life
    ›› ENERGY / EXCITEMENT 活力;兴奋 11. the quality of being active and exciting • 活力;生命力;生气 【SYN】 [u]vitality:
    »This is a great holiday resort that is full of life.
    ›› IN ART 艺术 12. a living model or a real object or scene that people draw or paint • (绘画的)模特儿,实物,实景:
    »She had lessons in drawing from life.
    »a life class (= six in which art students draw a naked man or woman)
    --› see also [u]still life
    ›› STORY OF LIFE 传记 13. a story of sbˈs life • 生平事迹;传记 【SYN】 biography:
    »She wrote a life of Mozart.
    ›› IN CHILDRENˈS GAMES 儿童游戏 14. one of a set number of chances before a player is out of a game • (玩游戏者出局前几次机会中的)一次机会:
    »Heˈs lost ten lives, so heˈs only got six left.
    【IDIOMS】 be sbˈs ˈlife • be the most important person or thing to sb • 对某人至关重要的人(或事):
    »My children are my life.
    »Writing is his life.
    bring sb / sth to ˈlife • to make sb / sth more interesting or exciting • 使更有趣;使更生动:
    »The new teacher really brought French to life for us.
    »Flowers can bring a dull room back to life.
    come to ˈlife 1. to become more interesting, exciting or full of activity • 变得更有趣(或使人兴奋);变得活跃:
    »The match finally came to life in the second half.
    2. to start to act or move as if alive • (彷佛活着)开始动起来:
    »In my dream all my toys came to life.
    for dear ˈlife | for your ˈlife • as hard or as fast as possible • 尽最大努力;拚命;尽快:
    »She was holding on to the rope for dear life.
    »Run for your life!
    for the ˈlife of you •(informal) however hard you try • 无论怎样努力:
    »I cannot for the life of me imagine why they want to leave.
    frighten / scare the ˈlife out of sb • to frighten sb very much • 把某人吓得魂不附体;使魂飞魄散 full of ˈbeans / ˈlife • having a lot of energy • 充满活力;精力充沛;生气勃勃 get a ˈlife • (informal) used to tell sb to stop being boring and to do sth more interesting • (让人别再令人厌烦,要做更有趣的事)来点儿有意思的 lay down your ˈlife (for sb / sth) •(literary) to die in order to save sb / sth • (为…)牺牲生命,献身 【SYN】 sacrifice yourself life after ˈdeath • the possibility or belief that people continue to exist in some form after they die • 死后再生 the life and ˈsoul of the party, etc. ( BrE) • the most amusing and interesting person at a party, etc. • (聚会等场合)最活跃风趣的人 life is ˈcheap • (disapproving) used to say that there is a situation in which it is not thought to be important if people somewhere die or are treated badly • 把他人生死视同儿戏;视人性命如草芥;人命不值钱 (have) a life of its ˈown (of an object 物体) • seeming to move or function by itself without a person touching or working it • (具有)自身生命力,原动力 lifeˈs too ˈshort • (informal) used to say that it is not worth wasting time doing sth that you dislike or that is not important • 人生苦短;不可枉费此生 make life ˈdifficult (for sb) • to cause problems for sb • (给某人)惹麻烦,造成困难,出难题 the ˈman / ˈwoman in your life •(informal) the man or woman that you are having a sexual or romantic relationship with • 闯进你生活中的男人/女人 not on your ˈlife • (informal) used to refuse very firmly to do sth • (断然拒绝)决不会 take sbˈs ˈlife • to kill sb • 杀死(某人);取某人的性命 take your (own) ˈlife • to kill yourself • 自杀 take your life in your ˈhands • to risk being killed • 冒生命危险;豁出性命;把脑袋掖在裤腰带上:
    »You take your life in your hands just crossing the road here.
    thatˈs ˈlife • (informal) used when you are disappointed about sth but know that you must accept it • (表示失望但无可奈何)这就是生活,生活就是这样 where thereˈs ˈlife (, thereˈs ˈhope) •(saying) in a bad situation you must not give up hope because there is always a chance that it will improve • 活着(就有希望);留得青山在(,不怕没柴烧) --› more at bet v., breath, breathe, depart, dog n., end v., fact, fear n., fight v., kiss n., large adj., lease n., light n., matter n., misery, nine, risk v., save v., slice n., spring v., staff n., story, time n., true adj., variety, walk n., way n.
    * * *
    n. 生命, 生活, 一生, 壽命, 生命力, 傳記

    English-Chinese dictionary > life

  • 12 the tree of life

    дерево, древо жизни [этим. библ. Genesis II, 9]

    Birds and mammals, in fact, represent two quite distinct branches of the tree of life, which developed quite independently from reptiles. (J. Huxley, ‘The Birds’, ‘Place in Nature’, Kenk) — Птицы и млекопитающие фактически представляют собой две различные ветви дерева жизни, которые развивались совершенно независимо от рептилий.

    Large English-Russian phrasebook > the tree of life

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