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a cold sweat

  • 1 cold sweat

    cold sweat ˌcold ˈsweat noun [usually sing.] • a state when you have sweat on your face or body but still feel cold, usually because you are very frightened or anxious • (通常因恐惧或焦急而出的)冷汗:
    »to break out into a cold sweat
    »I woke up in a cold sweat about the interview.
    * * *
    n. 冷汗

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  • 2 cold sweat


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > cold sweat

  • 3 a cold sweat

    ((coldness and dampness of the skin when a person is in) a state of shock, fear etc.) 一身冷汗

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  • 4 in a cold sweat

    捏一把冷汗, 提心吊膽地

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  • 5 sweat

    [swet] 1. noun
    (the moisture given out through the skin: He was dripping with sweat after running so far in the heat.) 汗(水)
    2. verb
    1) (to give out sweat: Vigorous exercise makes you sweat.) 出汗
    2) (to work hard: I was sweating (away) at my work from morning till night.) 努力工作
    - sweaty
    - sweatiness
    - a cold sweat

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  • 6 sweat

    sweat sweat noun ›› LIQUID ON SKIN 汗水 1. drops of liquid that appear on the surface of your skin when you are hot, ill / sick or afraid • 汗 【SYN】 [u]perspiration:
    »beads of sweat
    »She wiped the sweat from her face.
    »By the end of the match, the sweat was pouring off him.
    --› see also sweaty 2. [usually sing.] the state of being covered with sweat • 出汗;流汗;一身汗:
    »I woke up in a sweat.
    »She completed the routine without even working up a sweat.
    »He breaks out in a sweat just at the thought of flying.
    »He started having night sweats.
    --› see also cold sweat ›› HARD WORK 繁重的工作 3. hard work or effort • 繁重的工作;艰苦的劳动;累活儿;艰苦努力: (informal)
    »Growing your own vegetables sounds like a lot of sweat.
    »(literary) She achieved success by the sweat of her brow (= by working very hard).
    ›› CLOTHES 衣服 4. sweats [pl.] (informal, especially NAmE) a [u]sweatsuit
    or sweatpants • 运动服;运动裤:
    »I hung around the house all day in my sweats.
    【IDIOMS】 be / get in a ˈsweat (about sth) • to be / become anxious or frightened about sth • (为某事)担心,焦虑,害怕 break ˈsweat ( BrE) ( NAmE break a ˈsweat) (informal) • to use a lot of physical effort • 花大力气;苦干:
    »He hardly needed to break sweat to reach the final.
    no ˈsweat • (informal) used to tell sb that sth is not difficult or a problem when they thank you or ask you to do sth • (回答致谢或请求)没什么,小事一桩:
    »ˈThanks for everything.ˈ ˈHey, no sweat!ˈ
    "谢谢你帮了这么多忙。" "嗨,没什么!"
    --› more at blood n. verb ›› PRODUCE LIQUID ON SKIN / SURFACE 皮肤或表面渗出液体 1. when you sweat, drops of liquid appear on the surface of your skin, for example when you are hot, ill / sick or afraid • 出汗;流汗 【SYN】 perspire: ▪ [V]
    »to sweat heavily
    ▪ [VN]
    »He was sweating buckets (= a lot).
    2. [V] if sth sweats, the liquid that is contained in it appears on its surface • (物体表面)渗出水分,结水珠:
    »The cheese was beginning to sweat.
    ›› WORK HARD 努力工作 3. [V] sweat (over sth) to work hard at sth • 艰苦努力;辛苦地干:
    »Are you still sweating over that report?
    ›› WORRY 担心 4. [V] (informal) to worry or feel anxious about sth • 担心;焦虑;不安:
    »They really made me sweat during the interview.
    ›› HEAT FOOD 烹调 5. [VN V] ( BrE) if you sweat meat or vegetables or let them sweat, you heat them slowly with a little fat in a pan that is covered with a lid • 焖 donˈt ˈsweat it • ( NAmE, informal) used to tell sb to stop worrying about sth • 别担心;别发愁 donˈt sweat the ˈsmall stuff • ( NAmE, informal) used to tell sb not to worry about small details or unimportant things • 不要为鸡毛蒜皮的事伤脑筋 sweat ˈblood •(informal) to work very hard • 苦干;卖命地工作 --› more at gut n. 【PHR V】 ˌsweat sth∽ˈoff • to lose weight by doing a lot of hard exercise to make yourself sweat • 通过排汗减轻体重 ˌsweat it ˈout (informal) • to be waiting for sth difficult or unpleasant to end, and be feeling anxious about it • 熬过;焦急地等待到最后
    * * *
    v. (使)出汗

    English-Chinese dictionary > sweat

  • 7 sweat

    [swɛt] 1. n; u
    汗水 [hànshuǐ]
    2. vi
    出汗 [chūhàn]

    * to be in a (cold) sweat — ( lit) 出了一身(冷)汗; ( fig) 吓得出了一身(冷)汗

    English-Chinese new dictionary > sweat

  • 8 冷汗

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 冷汗

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