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a case in point

  • 1 case in point


    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > case in point

  • 2 a case in point


    English-Chinese dictionary > a case in point

  • 3 a case in point


    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > a case in point

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    point point noun ›› OPINION / FACT 看法;事实 1. a thing that sb says or writes giving their opinion or stating a fact • 论点;观点;见解:
    »She made several interesting points in the article.
    »I take your point (= understand and accept what you are saying).
    »Heˈs just saying that to prove a point (= to show his idea is right).
    »OK, youˈve made your point !
    --› see also talking point ›› MAIN IDEA 要点 2. (usually the point) the main or most important idea in sth that is said or done • 重点;要点;核心问题:
    »The point is you shouldnˈt have to wait so long to see a doctor.
    »I wish he would get to the point (= say it quickly).
    »Iˈll come straight to the point: we need more money.
    »Do you see my point (= understand) ?
    »I think I missed the point (= did not understand).
    »You have a point (= your idea is right) —it would be better to wait till this evening.
    »ˈThere wonˈt be anywhere to park.ˈ ˈOh, thatˈs a (good) point (= I had not thought of that).ˈ
    "会找不到地方停车。" "嗯,还真是。"
    »It just isnˈt true. Thatˈs the whole point (= the only important fact).
    »ˈHeˈs been married before.ˈ ˈ Thatˈs beside the point (= not important).ˈ
    "他结过婚。" "那不重要。"
    »I know it wonˈt cost very much but thatˈs not the point (= not the important thing).
    ›› PURPOSE 目的 3. [U, sing.] the purpose or aim of sth • 意图;目的;理由:
    »Whatˈs the point of all this violence?
    »Thereˈs no point in getting angry.
    »I donˈt see the point of doing it all again.
    »The point of the lesson is to compare the ten countries.
    --› note at purpose ›› DETAIL 细节 4. a particular detail or fact • 具体细节(或事实):
    »Here are the main points of the news.
    »Can you explain that point again?
    ›› QUALITY 素质 5. a particular quality or feature that sb / sth has • 特点;特性;特征:
    »Tact is not six of her strong points.
    »Read the manual to learn the programˈs finer points (= small details).
    »Living in Scotland has its good points but the weather is not six of them.
    »One of the hotelˈs plus points (= good features) is that it is very central.
    --› see also selling point ›› TIME 时间 6. a particular time or stage of development • 时刻;关头;瞬间;阶段:
    »The climber was at / on the point of death when they found him.
    »We were on the point of giving up.
    »Many people suffer from mental illness at some point in their lives.
    »We had reached the point when there was no money left.
    »At this point in time we just have to wait.
    »At this point I donˈt care what you decide to do.
    --› see also high point, low point, saturation point, starting point, sticking point, turning point ›› PLACE 地方 7. a particular place or area • 某地方;地点:
    »Iˈll wait for you at the meeting point in the arrivals hall.
    »the point at which the river divides
    »Draw a line from point A to point B.
    从 A 点到 B 点画一条线。
    »No parking beyond this point.
    --› see also focal point, jumping-off point, three-point turn, vanishing point, vantage point ›› DIRECTION 方向 8. one of the marks of direction around a compass • (罗盘上的)罗经点,方位点:
    »the points of the compass (= N, S, E, W, etc.)
    ›› IN COMPETITION 竞赛 9. (abbr. pt) an individual unit that adds to a score in a game or sports competition • 得分;点:
    »to win / lose a point
    »Australia finished 20 points ahead.
    澳大利亚队终局领先 20 分。
    »They won on points (= by scoring more points rather than by completely defeating their opponents).
    --› see also brownie point, match point ›› MEASUREMENT 计量 10. a mark or unit on a scale of measurement • (单位)点;标度:
    »The partyˈs share of the vote fell by two percentage points.
    --› see also boiling point, freezing point, melting point ›› PUNCTUATION 标点 11. a small dot used in writing, especially the dot that separates a whole number from the part that comes after it • 小数点;点:
    »two point one (2.6)
    »a decimal point
    »We broadcast on ninety-five point four (95.9) FM.
    我们以调频 95.9 播音。
    --› see also bullet point ›› SHARP END 尖儿 12. the sharp thin end of sth • 尖端;尖头:
    »the point of a pencil / knife / pin
    铅笔/刀 / 大头针尖
    --› see also ballpoint, gunpoint, knifepoint ›› LAND 土地 13. (also Point) a narrow piece of land that stretches into the sea • 岬角;尖地;海角:
    »The ship sailed around the point.
    »Pagoda Point
    ›› OF LIGHT / COLOUR 光;色 14. a very small dot of light or colour • 光点;色点:
    »The stars were points of light in the sky.
    ›› FOR ELECTRICITY 电 15. ( BrE) a place in a wall, etc. where a piece of equipment can be connected to electricity • (电源)插座:
    »a power / shaver / telephone point
    ›› IN BALLET 芭蕾舞 16. points [pl.] = pointe ›› ON RAILWAY TRACK 铁轨 17. points [pl.] ( BrE) ( NAmE switch ) a piece of track at a place where a railway / railroad line divides that can be moved to allow a train to change tracks • 道岔;尖轨;转辙器 ›› SIZE OF LETTERS 字符大小 18. a unit of measurement for the size of letters in printing or on a computer screen, etc. • (印刷物或计算机屏幕上字体大小的单位)点,磅值:
    »Change the text to 10 point.
    把文本字体大小变为 10 点。
    【IDIOMS】 if / when it comes to the ˈpoint • used when you have to decide sth or say what you really think • 必须作决定(或亮明观点)时:
    »When it comes to the point, he always changes his mind.
    in point of ˈfact • used to say what is true in a situation • 实际上;其实:
    »In point of fact, she is their adopted daughter.
    make a ˈpoint of doing sth • to be or make sure you do sth because it is important or necessary • (因重要或必要)保证做,必定做:
    »I made a point of closing all the windows before leaving the house.
    ˌmore to the ˈpoint • used to say that sth is more important than sth else • 更为重要的是:
    »I couldnˈt do the job—Iˈve never been to Spain and, more to the point, I donˈt speak Spanish.
    ˌpoint of ˈcontact • a place where you go or a person that you speak to when you are dealing with an organization • 联系地点;联系人:
    »The receptionist is the first point of contact most people have with the clinic.
    a ˌpoint of deˈparture 1. a place where a journey starts • 出发点 2. (formal) an idea, a theory or an event that is used to start a discussion, an activity, etc. • 抛砖引玉的事物;起点 a ˌpoint of ˈhonour • a thing that sb considers to be very important for their honour or reputation • 事关名誉的大事 the ˌpoint of ˌno reˈturn • the time when you must continue with what you have decided to do, because it is not possible to get back to an earlier situation • 欲罢不能的时刻;已无退路;不可能回头 ˌpoint ˈtaken • used to say that you accept that sb else is right when they have disagreed with you or criticized you • (接受相反的意见)同意,好吧,算你有理:
    »Point taken. Letˈs drop the subject.
    to the ˈpoint • expressed in a simple, clear way without any extra information or feelings • 简明恰当;简洁中肯 【SYN】 [u]pertinent
    »The letter was short and to the point.
    to the ˈpoint of (doing) sth • to a degree that can be described as sth • 达到某种程度;近乎:
    »He was rude to the point of being aggressive.
    up to a (certain) ˈpoint • to some extent; to some degree but not completely • 在某种程度上:
    »I agree with you up to a point.
    --› more at belabour, case n., fine adj., labour v., moot adj., score v., sore adj., stretch v. verb ›› SHOW WITH FINGER 用手指示意 1. [no passive] point (at / to / towards sb / sth) to stretch out your finger or sth held in your hand towards sb / sth in order to show sb where a person or thing is • (用手指头或物体)指,指向: ▪ [V]
    »Itˈs rude to point!
    »He pointed to the spot where the house used to stand.
    »ˈWhatˈs your name?ˈ he asked, pointing at the child with his pen.
    »She pointed in my direction.
    ▪ [VN]
    »She pointed her finger in my direction.
    ›› AIM 瞄准 2. [VN] point sth (at sb / sth) to aim sth at sb / sth • 瞄准:
    »He pointed the gun at her head.
    ›› FACE DIRECTION 朝向 3. [V +adv. / prep.] to face in or be directed towards a particular direction • 对着;朝向:
    »The telescope was pointing in the wrong direction.
    »The signpost pointed straight ahead.
    »A compass needle points north.
    ›› LEAD TO 指引 4. [+adv. / prep.] to lead to or suggest a particular development or logical argument • (意思上)指向;引导;指引: ▪ [V]
    »The evidence seems to point in that direction.
    ▪ [VN]
    »The fans are looking to the new players to point the way to victory.
    ›› SHOW THE WAY 指路 5. [VN +adv. / prep.] to show sb which way to go • 指路;指点:
    »I wonder if you could point me in the right direction for the bus station.
    »A series of yellow arrows pointed the way to reception.
    ›› WALL 墙壁 6. [VN] to put mortar between the bricks of a wall • (用灰泥)抹砖缝,勾缝 point a / the ˈfinger (at sb) • to accuse sb of doing sth • 指责:
    »The article points an accusing finger at the authorities.
    【PHR V】 ˌpoint sb / sth∽ˈout (to sb) • to stretch your finger out towards sb / sth in order to show sb which person or thing you are referring to • 指(给某人)看:
    »Iˈll point him out to you next time he comes in.
    ˌpoint ˈout (to sb) | ˌpoint sth∽ˈout (to sb) • to mention sth in order to give sb information about it or make them notice it • (向某人)指出:
    »She tried in vain to point out to him the unfairness of his actions.
    »He pointed out the dangers of driving alone.
    ▪ [+ that ]
    »I should point out that not six of these paintings is original.
    ▪ [+ speech ]
    »ˈItˈs not very far,ˈ she pointed out.
    ˈpoint to sth 1. to mention sth that you think is important and / or the reason why a particular situation exists • 提出,指出(重要的事或理由):
    »The board of directors pointed to falling productivity to justify their decision.
    2. to suggest that sth is true or likely • 暗示;预示:
    »All the signs point to a successful year ahead.
    ˌpoint sth∽ˈup (formal) • to emphasize sth so that it becomes more noticeable • 强调;明确显示 【SYN】 highlight:
    »The conference merely pointed up divisions in the party.
    * * *
    n. 點, 尖端, 分數, 要點, 分數
    vt. 弄尖, 指向, 指出, 瞄準, 加標點于
    vi. 指, 指向, 表明

    English-Chinese dictionary > point

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