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Zero waste

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  • Zero waste — is a philosophy that aims to guide people in the redesign of their resource use system with the aim of reducing waste to zero. Put simply, zero waste is an idea to extend the current ideas of recycling to form a circular system where as much… …   Wikipedia

  • Zero waste agriculture — is a type of sustainable agriculture which optimizes use of the five natural kingdoms, i.e. plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and algae, to produce biodiverse food, energy and nutrients in a synergistic integrated cycle of profit making processes… …   Wikipedia

  • City of Oakland's Zero Waste Program — The City of Oakland, California, adopted a Zero Waste Strategic Plan in 2006, detailing a road map for the City to follow toward the implementation of a Zero Waste System by 2020. As stated in a City Resolution, introduced by then Mayor Jerry… …   Wikipedia

  • Waste hierarchy — The waste hierarchy refers to the 3 Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle, which classify waste management strategies according to their desirability. The 3 Rs are meant to be a hierarchy, in order of importance. [cite… …   Wikipedia

  • Waste management in Hong Kong — In the densely populated city of Hong Kong, waste is a troublesome issue. The city generates around 6.4 million tons of waste each year, and in eight years time, its existing landfills are expected to be full. The government has introduced waste… …   Wikipedia

  • Zero emission — refers to an engine, motor, or other energy source, that emits no waste products that pollutes the environment or disrupts the climate. Zero emission enginesVehicles and other mobile machinery used for transport (over land, sea, air, rail) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives — (ZERI) wurde 1994 von Gunter Pauli an der United Nations University (UNU) mit der Unterstützung der japanischen Regierung ins Leben gerufen.[1] Drei Jahre bevor das Kyoto Protokoll 1997 verabschiedet wurde, führte Pauli – ein belgischer Ökonom… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Zero-energy building — BedZED zero energy housing in the UK A zero energy building, also known as a zero net energy (ZNE) building, Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB), or Net Zero Building, is a popular term to describe a building with zero net energy consumption and zero …   Wikipedia

  • zero — ▪ I. zero ze‧ro 1 [ˈzɪərəʊ ǁ ˈziːroʊ] noun zeros PLURALFORM or zeroes [countable] 1. the number 0 …   Financial and business terms

  • zero-emission vehicle — a vehicle, as an automobile, that does not directly produce atmospheric pollutants. Abbr.: ZEV * * * zero emission vehicle noun A motor vehicle that does not emit polluting waste (abbrev ZEV) • • • Main Entry: ↑zero …   Useful english dictionary

  • zero-based budgeting —  A management policy which calls on all programs to justify every aspect of their funding at the start of each year.  The idea behind this policy is that nothing is sacred and all expenditures must be continually justified.  ► “Zero based… …   American business jargon

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