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Threshold Price

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  • threshold price — UK US noun [C] ECONOMICS, COMMERCE ► the lowest price that a product can be sold for: »A threshold price is set for imports a little below the target price …   Financial and business terms

  • threshold price — See Common Agricultural Policy. Collins dictionary of law. W. J. Stewart. 2001 …   Law dictionary

  • Threshold Price —   The minimum guaranteed price fixed for cereals, milk products and sugar within the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) …   Glossary of the European Union and European Communities

  • threshold price — / θreʃhəυld praɪs/ noun in the EU, the lowest price at which farm produce imported into the EU can be sold …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • threshold price — See Common Agricultural Policy …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • Threshold price-point — In economics, a threshold price point is the psychological fixing of prices to entice a buyer. The most common example in the United States is the $??.99 phenomenon e.g. setting the price for a good at $9.99. Though it is effectively ten dollars… …   Wikipedia

  • price — A fixed value of something. Prices are usually expressed in monetary terms. In a free market, prices are set as a result of the interaction of supply and demand in a market; when demand for a product increases and supply remains constant, the… …   Financial and business terms

  • price — n 1. cost, expense, charge, Inf. damages, fee, rate; check, Inf. tab, bill, Fr. addition; pay, payment, hire, rent, fare, toll, tax, levy, duty, assessment; consideration, compensation, recompense, remuneration; outlay, expenditure; value, worth …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • Price Band — A value setting method in which a seller indicates an upper and lower cost range, between which buyers are able to place bids. The price band s floor and cap provides guidance to the buyers. This type of auction pricing technique is often used… …   Investment dictionary

  • Sluicegate Price —   Similar to the threshold price, but applying to eggs, pigmeat and poultry. Imports to the EC of these products are liable to a levy to raise them to the level of the sluicegate price …   Glossary of the European Union and European Communities

  • Consumer price index (Belgium) — The Belgian Consumer Price Index (commonly referred to as the Index) is a list of prices of goods and services, kept by the Belgian Federal Government Service Economy. The Index is updated on a monthly basis, and reflects the evolution in the… …   Wikipedia

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