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  • Syndactyly — Classification and external resources New born baby hand showing complete complex syndactyly of two fingers. ICD …   Wikipedia

  • Syndactyly — A condition in which two or more of the fingers or toes are joined together. This joining can involve the bones or just the skin between the digits. Joining of the bones is called bony syndactyly. Webbing of the skin between the fingers without… …   Medical dictionary

  • syndactyly — noun a) The normal condition, in some animals and birds, of having fused digits. Pranamya Menaria (India; born August 10, 2005) has 25 in total (12 fingers and 13 toes). This is as a result of the condition Polydactyly and Syndactyly. b) The… …   Wiktionary

  • syndactyly — noun Etymology: New Latin syndactylia, from syn + Greek daktylos finger Date: 1864 a union of two or more digits that is normal in some animals (as various marsupials) and occurs as a human hereditary disorder marked by webbing of two or more… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • syndactyly — syn·dac·ty·ly (sĭn dăkʹtə lē) or syn·dac·tyl·ism ( tə lĭz əm) n. Biology 1. The condition of having two or more fused digits, as occurs normally in certain mammals and birds. 2. A congenital anomaly in humans characterized by two or more fused… …   Universalium

  • syndactyly — n. state of having webbed fingers or toes, state of having digits that are partially joined together (of certain mammals or birds) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • syndactyly — syn·dac·ty·ly …   English syllables

  • syndactyly — n. congenital webbing of the fingers. Adjacent fingers are joined along part or all of their length. They may be joined only by skin, or the bones of the fingers may be joined. Treatment is surgical separation of the fingers, and skin grafts may… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • syndactyly — noun birth defect in which there is partial or total webbing connecting two or more fingers or toes • Syn: ↑syndactylism • Topics: ↑homo, ↑man, ↑human being, ↑human • Hypernyms: ↑birth defect, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Syndactyly, partial — A condition in which fingers or toes are partially joined together. Syndactyly can involve the bones or just the skin. With partial syndactyly, the connection extends from the base only part way up the involved digits. Partial syndactyly is the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Syndactyly, complete — A condition in which fingers or toes are completely joined together, with the connection extending from the base to the tip of the involved digits. Complete syndactyly is the opposite of partial syndactyly, in which the connection extends only… …   Medical dictionary

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