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  • 1 ciryando

    “k” noun “sailor” PE17:58.

    Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English) > ciryando

  • 2 cirya

    "k"noun "ship" MC:213, 214, 220, 221, "sharp-prowed ship" SA:kir-, where the word is misspelt círya with a long í; Christopher Tolkien probably confused it with the first element of the Sindarin name Círdan. It seems that Círyon, the name of Isildur's son, is likewise misspelt; read Ciryon as in the index and the main text of the Silmarillion. Cf. also kirya in Etym, stem KIR. Also in Markirya. In the Plotz letter, cirya is inflected for all cases except plural possessive *ciryaiva. The curious dual form ciriat occurs in Letters:427, whereas Plotz gives the expected form ciryat. Locative ciryasse "upon a ship" MC:216. Compounded in ciryaquen "shipman, sailor" WJ:372, also ciryando PE17:58, cf. also ciryamo “mariner” UT:8. Masc. names Ciryaher *"Ship-lord" Appendix A, Ciryandil *"Ship-friend" Appendix A, Ciryatan *"Ship-builder" Appendix A, also Tar-Ciryatan, name of a Númenórean king, "King Shipbuilder" SA:kir-

    Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English) > cirya

  • 3 ciryaquen

    “k” “shipman, sailor” WJ:372

    Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English) > ciryaquen

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