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Regime shift

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  • Regime shift — Regime shifts are defined as rapid reorganizations of ecosystems from one relatively stable state to another. In the marine environment, regimes may last for several decades and shifts often appear to be associated with changes in the climate… …   Wikipedia

  • regime shift — a medium or long term shift in environmental conditions that impacts the productivity of a fish stock …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Regime — The word regime (occasionally spelled régime , particularly in older texts) refers to a set of conditions, most often of a political nature. However, it may also be used synonymously with , for example in the phrases exercise regime or medical… …   Wikipedia

  • Shift-light — Un afficheur électronique de compétition. Les LED de shift light sont sur la partie supérieure. Ici bleu vert rouge. Le shift light (shift light, ou shiftlight, qu on peut traduire en français par « indicateur lumineux de changement de… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • regime change — (ruh.ZHEEM chaynj) n. An ironic reference to a change of leadership, particularly in business, politics, or sports. Example Citation: As you might have heard, we ve had a regime change here at the paper. We knew something was up Wednesday when… …   New words

  • Covert United States foreign regime change actions — History of the United States This article is part of a series United States Portal …   Wikipedia

  • Dynamic treatment regime — In medical research, a dynamic treatment regime (DTR) or adaptive treatment strategy is a set of rules for choosing effective treatments for individual patients. The treatment choices made for a particular patient are based on that individual s… …   Wikipedia

  • Frequency shift — In the physical sciences and in telecommunication, the term frequency shift has the following meanings: * Any change in frequency * A Doppler shift * Any change in the frequency of a radio transmitter or oscillator. (Note: In the radio regime,… …   Wikipedia

  • Abrupt climate change — See also: Runaway climate change and Avoiding dangerous climate change An abrupt climate change occurs when the climate system is forced to transition to a new state at a rate that is determined by the climate system itself, and which is… …   Wikipedia

  • Climate change mitigation — Fossil fuel related CO2 emissions compared to five of IPCC s emissions scenarios. The dips are related to global recessions. Data from IPCC SRES scenarios; …   Wikipedia

  • Global warming controversy — refers to a variety of disputes, significantly more pronounced in the popular media than in the scientific literature,[1][2] regarding the nature, causes, and consequences of global warming. The disputed issues involve the causes of increased… …   Wikipedia

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