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  • Purpresture — Pur*pres ture, n. [Probably corrupted (see {Prest}) fr. OF. pourprisure, fr. pourprendre: cf. LL. purprestura. Cf. {Purprise}.] (Law) Wrongful encroachment upon another s property; esp., any encroachment upon, or inclosure of, that which should… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • purpresture — pur·pres·ture /pər pres chər/ n [Anglo French, alteration of Old French porpresure, from porprendre to seize, occupy, enclose, from por for + prendre to take, from Latin prehendere]: wrongful appropriation of land subject to the rights of others …   Law dictionary

  • Purpresture — Illegal enclosure of another s land; this included encroaching upon another s land and using it illegally. The word was used of raising fences to keep animals from cropland, such animals being of the *forest and the king s sport. Bracton also… …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • Purpresture — 1) Illegal enclosure or encroachment. (Bennett, Judith M. Women in the Medieval English Countryside, 234) 2) Glanvill, IX, ii: There is said to be a purpresture when anything is occupied unjustly against the sovereign, as in the royal demesne, or …   Medieval glossary

  • purpresture — /parprestyar/ An encroachment upon public rights and easements by appropriation to private use of that which belongs to public. Hill Farm, Inc. v. Hill County, Tex., 436 S.W.2d 320, 321. An inclosure by a private party of a part of that which… …   Black's law dictionary

  • purpresture — /peuhr pres cheuhr/, n. Law. the wrongful enclosure of or intrusion upon lands, waters, or other property rightfully belonging to the public at large. [1150 1200; ME < OF pourpres(t)ure, porpresure enclosure, occupied space, equiv. to pourprise,… …   Universalium

  • purpresture — noun The unlawful personal appropriation of public lands; wrongful encroachment on, or enclosure of properties belonging to the public (e.g. highways, sidewalks, forests, harbors) …   Wiktionary

  • purpresture — n. illegal confiscation or enclosure or property (esp. public lands) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • purpresture — pur·pres·ture …   English syllables

  • purpresture —   n. wrongful seizing of, or encroachment on, other s or common land …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • purpresture — An obstruction of or encroachment on a highway, made without right or proper authorization. 25 Am J1st High § 273. A structure obstructing a navigable water. 56 Am J1st Whar § 10. An encroachment on or appropriation of lands or waters which are… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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