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Net National Product - NNP

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  • net national product — n. the total value of a nation s annual output of goods and services minus the value of capital goods used up in the production of this output …   English World dictionary

  • net national product — /net ˌnæʃ(ə)nəl prɒdʌkt/ noun the gross national product less investment on capital goods and depreciation …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • net national product — noun : the net value of the goods and services produced in a nation during a specific period (as a year) computed by subtracting from the gross national product charges for depreciation of capital assets compare national income …   Useful english dictionary

  • net national product — In a given period of time, the gross national product less allowance for capital consumption. See also Gross National Product …   Black's law dictionary

  • net national product — value of all goods and services manufactured by factors in an economy with deductions for depreciation …   English contemporary dictionary

  • net national product — noun the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year, after depreciation of capital goods has been allowed for …   English new terms dictionary

  • net national product — UK / US noun [singular] economics the total value of all the goods and services produced by a country during a year, after taking away the value that buildings and equipment lose …   English dictionary

  • Net material product — (NMP) was the main macroeconomic indicator used for monitoring growth in national accounts of socialist countries during the Soviet era. These countries included the USSR and all the Comecon members. NMP is the conceptual equivalent of Gross… …   Wikipedia

  • Net domestic product — The net domestic product (NDP) equals the gross domestic product (GDP) minus depreciation on a country s capital goods. Net domestic product accounts for capital that has been consumed over the year in the form of housing, vehicle, or machinery… …   Wikipedia

  • national product — noun 1. : gross national product 2. : net national product * * * national product UK US noun [singular] economics the total value of all the goods and services produced by a country during a particular period, usually a year …   Useful english dictionary

  • National Product — For the economics term, see GNP. National Product Origin Oahu, Hawaii, USA Genres Rock Post hardcore Pop Rock Years active 1998 present …   Wikipedia

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