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Model theory

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  • Model theory — This article is about the mathematical discipline. For the informal notion in other parts of mathematics and science, see Mathematical model. In mathematics, model theory is the study of (classes of) mathematical structures (e.g. groups, fields,… …   Wikipedia

  • model theory — The use of a model to test for the consistency of an axiomatized system is older than modern logic. Descartes s algebraic interpretation of Euclidean geometry provides a way of showing that if the theory of real numbers is consistent, so is the… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Finite model theory — is a subfield of model theory that focuses on properties of logical languages, such as first order logic, over finite structures, such as finite groups, graphs, databases, and most abstract machines. It focuses in particular on connections… …   Wikipedia

  • Type (model theory) — In model theory and related areas of mathematics, a type is a set of first order formulas in a language L with free variables x1, x2,…, xn which are true of a sequence of elements of an L structure . Loosely speaking, types describe possible… …   Wikipedia

  • Institutional model theory — generalizes a large portion of first order model theory to an arbitrary logical system. The notion of logical system here is formalized as an institution. Institutions constitute a model oriented meta theory on logical systems similar to how the… …   Wikipedia

  • Inner model theory — In set theory, inner model theory is the study of certain models of ZFC or some fragment or strengthening thereof. Ordinarily these models are transitive subsets or subclasses of the von Neumann universe V , or sometimes of a generic extension of …   Wikipedia

  • Actor model theory — In theoretical computer science, Actor model theory concerns theoretical issues for the Actor model.Actors are the primitives that form the basis of the Actor model of concurrent digital computation. In response to a message that it receives, an… …   Wikipedia

  • NIP (model theory) — In model theory, a branch of mathematical logic, a complete theory T is said to satisfy NIP (or not the independence property ) if none of its formulae satisfy the independence property, that is if none of its formulae can pick out any given… …   Wikipedia

  • Computable model theory — is a branch of model theory which deals with questions of computability as they apply to model theoretical structures. It was developed almost simultaneously by mathematicians in the West, primarily located in the United States and Australia, and …   Wikipedia

  • Conceptual Model Theory — The Conceptual Model Theory of Human Understanding is a historically distinct theory of knowledge that is the first foundational epistemological theory to be validated by commercial artificial intelligence use (see… …   Wikipedia

  • Interpretation (model theory) — In model theory, interpretation of a structure M in another structure N (typically of a different signature) is a technical notion that approximates the idea of representing M inside N . For example every reduct or definitional expansion of a… …   Wikipedia

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