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I'd like to settle my account

  • 1 account

    account [ə'kaʊnt]
    1 noun
    (a) (report) récit m, compte rendu m;
    to give an account of sth faire le récit de qch;
    her account differs from her husband's sa version diffère de celle de son mari, son récit diffère de celui de son mari;
    an interesting account of his travels un récit intéressant de ses voyages;
    his latest book contains an amusing account of how he learned to drive son dernier livre relate de façon amusante la manière dont il a appris à conduire;
    he gave his account of the accident il a donné sa version de l'accident;
    by his own account he had had too much to drink à l'en croire, il avait trop bu
    (b) (explanation) compte rendu m, explication f;
    to bring or to call sb to account (for sth) demander des comptes à qn (de qch);
    to be brought to account devoir rendre des comptes;
    you will be held to account for all damages il vous faudra rendre des comptes pour tous les dommages causés
    (c) (consideration) importance f, valeur f;
    a town of little account une ville de peu d'importance ou insignifiante;
    what you think is of no account to me ce que vous pensez ne m'inté-resse pas;
    to take sth into account, to take account of sth tenir compte de qch, prendre qch en compte;
    he took little account of her feelings il ne tenait pas compte ou faisait peu de cas de ses sentiments;
    taking everything into account tout bien calculé;
    does this estimate take all the costs into account? est-ce que cette estimation prend en compte toutes ces dépenses?;
    the rising cost of living must also be taken into account il faut aussi prendre en compte l'augmentation du coût de la vie
    (d) (advantage, profit) profit m;
    to put or to turn one's skills to good account tirer parti de ses compétences;
    to turn sth to account tirer parti ou avantage de qch, mettre qch à profit
    to set up in business on one's own account s'établir à son compte;
    I started working on my own account j'ai commencé à travailler à mon compte
    (f) (rendition) interprétation f, version f;
    the pianist gave a sensitive account of the con-certo le pianiste a donné du concerto une interprétation d'une grande sensibilité;
    to give a good account of oneself bien se débrouiller;
    she gave a good account of herself in the interview elle a réussi à bien se définir au cours de cette entrevue
    to close/to open an account fermer/ouvrir un compte;
    we have an account at the garage nous avons un compte chez le garagiste;
    put it on or charge it to my account mettez cela sur mon compte;
    I'd like to settle my account je voudrais régler ma note;
    cash or account? vous payez ou réglez comptant ou est-ce que vous avez un compte chez nous?;
    figurative to settle or to square accounts with sb régler ses comptes avec qn;
    to account rendered suivant compte remis
    (h) Banking compte m;
    to open/close an account ouvrir/fermer un compte;
    to pay money into one's account verser de l'argent sur son compte;
    to pay sb's salary directly into his/her account verser le salaire de qn par virement direct sur son compte;
    to overdraw an account mettre un compte à découvert
    as per or to account rendered (on statement) suivant compte ou relevé remis
    (j) Commerce & Marketing (in advertising, marketing, PR) budget m;
    one of our major accounts un de nos plus gros clients;
    the agency secured the Brook account l'agence s'est assuré le budget Brook
    (k) Computing (with Internet service provider) abonnement m ( with auprès de);
    to set up an account with sb s'abonner auprès de qn
    the Account la liquidation
    formal (consider) estimer, considérer;
    she accounts herself my friend elle se considère mon amie;
    to account sb guilty tenir qn pour coupable
    Accountancy (of company) comptabilité f;
    to keep the accounts tenir les livres ou les écritures ou la comptabilité;
    to enter sth in the accounts comptabiliser qch;
    who does your accounts? qui est-ce qui fait votre comptabilité?
    au dire de tout le monde, d'après ce que tout le monde dit
    Commerce & Finance à crédit;
    we bought the car on account nous avons acheté la voiture à crédit;
    payment on account paiement m à compte ou à crédit;
    I paid £100 on account j'ai versé un acompte de 100 livres
    en raison de; (in negative contexts) à cause de;
    on account of the weather à cause du temps;
    don't leave on account of me or on my account ne partez pas à cause de moi;
    I did it on your account (to help you) je l'ai fait pour vous;
    I did it on account of you (reproaching) je l'ai fait à cause de vous;
    we didn't go on account of there being a storm nous n'y sommes pas allés à cause de la tempête
    en aucun cas, sous aucun prétexte;
    on no account do I want to talk to her je ne veux lui parler en aucun cas ou sous aucun prétexte
    ►► account balance (status) situation f de compte; Accountancy (after audit) reliquat m de compte;
    Accountancy account book livre m de comptes, registre m de comptabilité;
    account card Finance (record of charges) fiche f de compte ou de facture; Commerce (for use in department store) carte-clients f;
    account charges frais mpl de tenue de compte;
    accounts clerk employé(e) m,f aux écritures;
    account credit avoir m de compte;
    Stock Exchange account day (jour m de) liquidation, (jour de) règlement m;
    accounts department (service m de la) comptabilité f;
    Commerce & Marketing account director (in advertising, marketing, PR) directeur(trice) m,f des comptes-clients;
    American account executive agent m de change;
    account fee commission f de compte;
    Commerce & Marketing account handler (in advertising, marketing, PR) responsable mf des comptes-clients;
    account handling fee commission f de tenue de compte;
    account holder titulaire mf;
    account manager Banking & Finance chargé(e) m,f de compte; Commerce & Marketing (in advertising, marketing, PR) responsable mf de budget;
    account number numéro m de compte;
    Accountancy account payable compte m créditeur, dette f fournisseur;
    Accountancy accounts payable dettes fpl passives, dettes fpl fournisseurs;
    Accountancy accounts payable ledger livre m des créanciers;
    Accountancy account receivable compte m client, compte m débiteur;
    Accountancy accounts receivable dettes fpl actives, créances fpl (clients);
    Accountancy accounts receivable ledger livre m des débiteurs;
    Accountancy accounts receivable turnover taux m de rotation des comptes clients;
    Computing accounts software logiciel m de comptabilité;
    account statement relevé m ou état m ou bordereau m de compte
    (a) (explain) expliquer, rendre compte de;
    that accounts for his interest in baseball voilà qui explique son intérêt pour le baseball;
    there's no accounting for his recent odd behaviour il n'y a aucune explication à son comportement bizarre des derniers temps;
    there's no accounting for taste les goûts et les couleurs, ça ne se discute pas
    (b) (answer for) rendre compte de;
    he has to account for every penny he spends il doit rendre compte de chaque franc qu'il dépense;
    all the children are accounted for aucun des enfants n'a été oublié;
    two hostages have not yet been accounted for deux otages n'ont toujours pas été retrouvés
    (c) (represent) représenter;
    wine accounts for 5 percent of all exports le vin représente 5 pour cent des exportations totales;
    the North Sea accounts for a large proportion of our petroleum la mer du Nord produit une grande partie de notre pétrole
    (d) formal (shoot, kill) abattre, tuer; (catch) attraper

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  • 2 account

    かいけい 会計 <e.g. bank>
    こうざ 口座
    * * *
    /əkáunt/ 〔…に(ac)計算して入れる(count). cf. ⇒ discount 〕
    1 〖C〗 [通例~s] 勘定書, (金銭の)計算書; 請求書; 会計簿

    cast ~s 計算する

    keep ~s 簿記をつける; 会計係をする《◆「1回の会計簿をつける」は do the ~s

    handle one's household ~s 家計簿をつける

    send (in) an ~ 請求書を送付する

    ~s department 会計課.

    2 〖C〗
    a (貸借)勘定 預金口座(bank account).
    b ((英))信用取引, つけ(credit account, ((米)) charge account).
    c ((主に米))得意先

    on (one's) ~ (自分の)つけで

    balance [settle, square] an ~ with him 彼との勘定を清算する

    add [charge, put] one hundred dollars to his ~ 100ドルを彼の勘定につける

    I'd like to open a savings ~. 口座を開きたいのですが

    pay the money into his ~ その金額を彼の口座に振り込む

    Short ~s make long friends. ((ことわざ))貸借の期間が短ければ交友期間は長い; 長いつき合いには掛けは禁物.

    3 〖C〗 報告, 記述, 《◆reportより個人的な体験についての話をさすことが多い》; 釈明, 弁明, 記事, 報告書; 始末書

    give a detailed [full] ~ of one's trip 旅行の詳しい報告をする

    give a good [bad, poor] ~ of him 彼をほめる[けなす]

    by [according to] her own ~ 彼女自身の言うところによると

    on this ~ この説明では.

    4 〖U〗 考慮, 配慮; 評価《◆次の句で》

    take ~ of him = take him into ~ 彼を考慮に入れる[重視する]《◆(1) 前者の場合, accountを主語にした受身と, ofの目的語を主語にした受身が可能. (2) 後者で目的語が長い場合はtake into account Oの語順になる: You must take into ~ the fact that he is inexperienced. 彼の経験が浅いことを考慮してやらねばならない》

    take [make] no ~ of him = put [((時に)) leave] him out of ~ 彼を無視する

    Do you hold him in great [no] ~? 彼を重視[無視]しているのですか.

    5 〖U〗((正式))重要性, 重大さ

    a man of much [little] ~ 大切な[取るに足らぬ]人

    The file is of no ~. そのファイルは何の重要性もない.

    6 〖U〗 理由, 根拠(reason); 責任

    on that ~((正式)) その理由で.

    7 〔コンピュータ〕アカウント《パソコンやネットワークを利用するための資格; そのための課金》.
    ⇒ =settle ACCOUNTs with .
    bring [call, hold] O to account
    (1) 〈 上司などが〉〈 部下など〉に〔…の〕釈明を求める, 責任を問う〔 for〕.
    (2) 〈人〉をしかる, 非難する.
    by [from] all accounts
    だれの説明によっても, だれに聞いても, どこで聞いても.
    (1) ⇒ 3 .
    (2) 〈人〉を負かす, 殺す.
    give a good [poor, bad] account of oneself
    ((英))(試合などで)堂々とふるまう[しくじる, 失敗する].
    (1) ⇒ 2 .
    (2) まず, 手始めに.
    (3) 分割払いで.
    (1) ⇒ 2 .
    (2) 〈人〉のために

    He worked on my ~. 彼は私のために働いてくれた.

    *on account of O
    (1) …のために, …という理由で

    The game was delayed on ~ of (the) snow. 雪のため競技の開始が遅れた《◆(1) because ofの方が普通. (2) theが省略されることが多い》.

    (2) ((主に米))〈人〉の(利益の)ために.
    (3) 〈 事情など〉を考慮して.
    ◇[語法]((主に米略式))では(1)このofはしばしば省略される: Would you say no on ~ my age?(結婚を断られて)年のことが理由でいやと言うのですか.
    (2)また接続詞にも用いられることがある: On ~ of it was Sunday, there were about three shows playing. 日曜だったので芝居は3つぐらいしかやっていなかった.
    [肯定文で] すべての点で, どう考えても; 是が非でも(cf. ⇒ on any ~ ).
    [否定文で] ⇒ on no ACCOUNT .
    …のつけで, 後払いで.
    ⇒ =on all ACCOUNTs .
    on no [not on any] account

    You must on no ~ do such a thing. そんなことを絶対にしてはいけない《◆(1) しばしばmust, will, would, 命令形と共に用いる. (2) 文頭に置くと強意的で語順が転倒: On no ~ must you do … 》.

    (1) 自分の利益[喜び]のために.
    (2) 自分の責任で.
    (3) 独りで.
    put O to ((very)good) account
    ((正式))〈 経験など〉を生かす, 活用する

    put one's knowledge of electronics to immediate ~ 電子工学の知識を直接生かす《◆反対はput O to poor [bad] account》.

    (1) 〈 営業など〉の決算報告をする.
    (2) ((正式))〈 行為など〉の釈明をする, 責任をとる.
    〈人〉を殺す, 消す.
    settle [square] accounts with O
    (1) ⇒ 2 .
    (2) 〈人〉に〔…のことで〕仕返しをする, 恨みを晴らす〔 for〕《◆accounts を an [one's] ~ ともする》.
    take O into account =
    take into account O [(the fact) that節]
    (1) ⇒ 4 .
    (2) 〈 合図など〉に注意する.
    the great [last] account
    turn O to (good) account
    ⇒ =put O to ((very) good) ACCOUNT .
    〖動〗(~s/əkáunts/; ~・ed/-id/; ~・ing)
    1 [SV for O]〈人が〉O〈 事実など〉の 理由を説明する; 〈事が〉〈 出来事など〉の原因[源]となる, …の原因を説明する

    That ~s for the accident. それで事故の原因がわかった

    The typhoon ~ed for the closing of school. 台風のために休校になった

    There is no ~ing for taste. ( ⇒ taste〖名〗4 ).

    2 〔行為などの〕釈明をする, 責任をとる〔 for

    How do you ~ for your negligence? 君の怠慢は釈明の余地がありませんね.

    3 〔金銭の〕支出報告をする〔 for

    ~ to the auditor 監査役に会計報告をする

    ~ for all the money spent 全支出金の明細を説明する.

    4 ((略式・ややまれ))[遠回しに]〔人・動物を〕殺す, 射止める(kill); 〔…を〕捕える(catch); 〔行方不明者などの〕居場所[安否]を知らせる〔 for〕.
    5 〈人・物などが〉〔ある割合を〕占める; 〈人が〉〔試合の点数を〕取る〔 for

    ~ for a third3分の1を占める.

    |他|((正式))[SVOC]〈人・物など〉を…だと みなす(consider)《◆Cは主に形容詞・過去分詞・名詞》

    The new plan is ~edxas) practicable. 新計画は実行可能とみなされている.

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  • 3 account

    A n
    1 Accts, Fin ( money held at bank) compte m (at, with à) ; to open/close an account ouvrir/fermer un compte ; in my/his account sur mon/son compte ; I'd like to know the balance on my account j'aimerais savoir combien j'ai sur mon compte ;
    2 Comm ( credit arrangement) compte m ; to have an account at a shop avoir un compte dans un magasin ; an account with the baker un compte chez le boulanger ; to charge sth to ou put sth on sb's account mettre qch sur le compte de qn ; on account ( as part payment) d'acompte ; £100 on account and the rest in May 100 livres sterling d'acompte et le reste en mai ; to settle an account ( in shop) régler un compte ; ( in hotel) régler une note ; to settle accounts fig régler un compte ;
    3 Accts, Advertg ( client) budget m (de publicité) ; the Renault account le budget Renault ;
    4 ( financial record) compte m ;
    5 ( bill) facture f ; electricity account facture d'électricité ;
    6 GB ( on stock exchange) the account le terme m ;
    7 ( consideration) to take sth into account, to take account of sth tenir compte de qch ; to fail to take sth into account omettre de tenir compte de qch ; this aspect has not been taken into account on n'a pas tenu compte de cet aspect, cet aspect n'est pas entré en ligne de compte ;
    8 ( description) compte rendu m ; to give an account of sth faire un compte rendu de qch ; for his account of what happened pour sa version de ce qui s'est passé ; by all accounts, from all accounts au dire de tous ; by his own account tel qu'il le dit lui-même ;
    9 to call ou bring sb to account ( bring to book) demander des comptes à qn ; she was called ou brought to account for these complaints/for failing to finish the job on lui a demandé des comptes pour ces plaintes/pour ne pas avoir fini le travail ;
    10 ( impression) to give a good account of oneself faire bonne impression (in dans) ; they gave a good account of themselves in the match ils ont fait bonne impression dans le match ;
    11 ( indicating reason) on account of sth/sb à cause de qch/qn ; on this ou that account pour cette raison ; on no account sous aucun prétexte ; on no account must you open the door n'ouvrez la porte sous aucun prétexte! ; on my/his account à cause de moi/lui ; don't change the date on my account! ne change pas la date à cause de moi! ;
    12 (advantage, benefit) on my/his account exprès pour moi/lui ; don't come on my account! ne viens pas exprès pour moi! ; she was worried on her own account elle s'inquiétait pour son (propre) sort ; to act on one's own account agir de sa propre initiative ; to set up business on one's own account s'installer or se mettre à son compte ; to put ou turn sth to (good) account mettre qch à profit ;
    13 ( importance) to be of little account/some account avoir peu d'importance/une certaine importance (to sb pour qn) ; it's of no account to them whether he's alive or dead peu leur importe qu'il soit vivant ou mort.
    1 Accts ( records) comptabilité f ¢, comptes mpl ; to keep the accounts tenir la comptabilité or les comptes ; the party accounts la comptabilité du parti ; the accounts show a profit les comptes font apparaître un bénéfice ;
    2 ( department) (service m) comptabilité f.
    C accounts modif [staff] comptable ; [department] comptabilité inv.
    D vtr sout ( regard as) he was accounted a genius on le considérait comme un génie.
    account for [sth/sb]
    1 ( explain) expliquer [events, fact, behaviour] ; justifier [expense] (to sb auprès de qn) ; retrouver [missing people, vehicle] ;
    2 (represent, make up) représenter [proportion, percentage] ; exports account for 10% of their trade les exportations représentent 10% de leurs affaires ;
    3 (destroy, kill) détruire [vehicle, plane] ; abattre [animal] ; mettre [qn] hors d'état de nuire [soldier, attacker] ;
    4 Journ, Sport mettre [qn] hors-jeu.

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  • 4 account

    account ac∙count noun ›› AT BANK 银行 1. (abbr. a/c) an arrangement that sb has with a bank, etc. to keep money there, take some out, etc. • 账户:
    »I donˈt have a bank account.
    »to have an account at / with a bank
    »to open / close an account
    »Whatˈs your account number please?
    »I paid the cheque into my savings account.
    »a joint account (= one in the name of more than one person)
    --› see also budget account, checking account, current account, deposit account ›› BUSINESS RECORDS 商业记录 2. [usually pl.] a written record of money that is owed to a business and of money that has been paid by it • 账目:
    »to do the accounts
    »the accounts department
    --› see also expense account, profit and loss account ›› WITH SHOP / STORE 商店 3. ( BrE also ˈcredit account) ( NAmE also ˈcharge account) an arrangement with a shop / store or business to pay bills for goods or services at a later time, for example in regular amounts every month • 赊销账;赊欠账;赊购:
    »Put it on my account please.
    »We have accounts with most of our suppliers.
    --› note at bill ›› REGULAR CUSTOMER 老主顾 4. (business 商) a regular customer • 老主顾:
    »The agency has lost several of its most important accounts.
    ›› COMPUTING 计算机技术 5. an arrangement that sb has with a company that allows them to use the Internet, send and receive messages by email, etc. • (互联网、电子邮件等的)账户,账号:
    »an Internet / email account
    ›› DESCRIPTION 描述 6. a written or spoken description of sth that has happened • 描述;敍述;报告:
    »She gave the police a full account of the incident.
    --› note at report 7. an explanation or a description of an idea, a theory or a process • (思想、理论、过程的)解释,说明,敍述:
    »the Biblical account of the creation of the world
    【IDIOMS】 by / from all accounts • according to what other people say • 据说;根据报道:
    »Iˈve never been there, but itˈs a lovely place, by all accounts.
    by your own account • according to what you say yourself • 根据某人自己所说:
    »By his own account he had an unhappy childhood.
    give a good / poor acˈcount of yourself ( BrE) • to do sth or perform well or badly, especially in a contest • (尤指比赛中)表现好/不好,干得出色/差劲:
    »The team gave a good account of themselves in the match.
    of no / little acˈcount •(formal) not important • 不重要;无足轻重 on account • if you buy sth or pay on account, you pay nothing or only a small amount immediately and the rest later • 挂账;(先付小部份款额的)赊账 on sbˈs account • because of what you think sb wants • 为了某人的缘故:
    »Please donˈt change your plans on my account.
    on account of sb / sth • because of sb / sth • 由于;因为:
    »She retired early on account of ill health.
    on no account | not on any account (used to emphasize sth 用于强调) • not for any reason • 决不;绝对不:
    »On no account should the house be left unlocked.
    on your own acˈcount 1. for yourself • 为自己:
    »In 1992 Smith set up in business on his own account.
    * 1992 年史密斯自己开始经商。
    2. because you want to and you have decided, not sb else • 自愿地:
    »No one sent me, I am here on my own account.
    on this / that account •(formal) because of the particular thing that has been mentioned • 由于这个/那个缘故:
    »Weather conditions were poor, but he did not delay his departure on that account.
    put / turn sth to good acˈcount •(formal) to use sth in a good or helpful way • 善用;利用 take account of sth | take sth into account • to consider particular facts, circumstances, etc. when making a decision about sth • 考虑到;顾及:
    »The company takes account of environmental issues wherever possible.
    »Coursework is taken into account as well as exam results.
    »The defendant asked for a number of other offences to be taken into account.
    --› more at blow n., call v., settle v. verb [usually passive] • (formal) to have the opinion that sb / sth is a particular thing • 认为是;视为: ▪ [VN-ADJ]
    »In English law a person is accounted innocent until they are proved guilty.
    ▪ [VN-N]
    »The event was accounted a success.
    thereˈs no accounting for ˈtaste • (saying) used to say how difficult it is to understand why sb likes sb / sth that you do not like at all • 人的爱憎好恶是无法解释的;人各有所好:
    »She thinks heˈs wonderful—oh well, thereˈs no accounting for taste.
    【PHR V】 acˈcount for sth 1. to be the explanation or cause of sth • 是…的说明(或原因) 【SYN】 explain:
    »The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd.
    »Oh well, that accounts for it (= I understand now why it happened).
    2. to give an explanation of sth • 解释;说明 【SYN】 explain:
    »How do you account for the showˈs success?
    3. to be a particular amount or part of sth • (数量上、比例上)占:
    »The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the companyˈs revenue.
    日本市场占该公司收入的 35%。
    acˈcount for sb / sth 1. to know where sb / sth is or what has happened to them, especially after an accident • (尤指在事故之后)了解,查明:
    »All passengers have now been accounted for.
    2. (informal) to defeat or destroy sb / sth • 打败;破坏;摧毁;消灭:
    »Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.
    acˈcount for sth (to sb) • to give a record of how the money in your care has been spent • 报账;出示经手款项的单据:
    »We have to account for every penny we spend on business trips.
    * * *
    n. 計算, 帳目, 說明, 估計, 理由
    vi. 說明, 總計有, 認為, 得分
    vt. 認為

    English-Chinese dictionary > account

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