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  • Hoeppli — Reinhard J.C., German parasitologist, 1893–1973. See Splendore H. phenomenon …   Medical dictionary

  • fenómeno de Splendore-Hoeppli — en histología, material esosinofílico que rodea microorganismos densamente agrupados, asociados a supuración. Es característico de algunas enfermedades infecciosas como la actinomicosis, micetoma, coccidioidomicosis, esporotricosis y… …   Diccionario médico

  • Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon — Splen·do·re Hoep·pli phenomenon (splen dorґra hurґple) [Alphonso Splendore, Italian physician in Brazil, 1871–1953; Reinhard J. C. Hoeppli, Swiss parasitologist, 1893–1973] see under phenomenon …   Medical dictionary

  • Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon — the deposition of amorphous, eosinophilic, hyaline material around pathogenic organisms, seen in some fungal and parasitic diseases as the result of a local antigen antibody reaction …   Medical dictionary

  • Sporothrix schenckii —   Sporothrix schenckii …   Wikipedia Español

  • Zygomycosis — MeshName = Mucormycosis MeshNumber = D009091 Zygomycosis is the broadest term to refer to an infection caused by fungi of the zygomycetes order. Zygomycosis can refer to mucormycosis,cite journal |author=Toro C, Del Palacio A, Alvarez C, et al… …   Wikipedia

  • Tungiasis — Chigoe flea Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum …   Wikipedia

  • Саркопсиллёз — самка Tunga penetrans МКБ 10 …   Википедия

  • phenomenon — 1. A symptom; an occurrence of any sort, whether ordinary or extraordinary, in relation to a disease. 2. Any unusual fact or occurrence. [G. phainomenon, fr. phaino, to cause to appear] adhesion p. a p. manifested by the adherence of antigen… …   Medical dictionary

  • Splendore — Alfonso, 20th century Italian physician. See S. Hoeppli phenomenon, Lutz S. Almeida disease …   Medical dictionary

  • n-Propyl bromide — n Propyl bromide …   Wikipedia

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