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He ll be back on Monday

  • 1 Monday

    Monday Mon∙day noun [C, U] • (abbr. Mon.) the day of the week after Sunday and before Tuesday, the first day of the working week • 星期一:
    »Itˈs Monday today, isnˈt it?
    »She started work last Monday.
    »Are you busy next Monday ?
    »Monday morning / afternoon / evening
    »Weˈll discuss this at Mondayˈs meeting.
    »Do we still have Mondayˈs paper?
    »I work Monday to Friday.
    »I work Mondays to Fridays.
    »On Monday(s) (= Every Monday) I do yoga.
    »I always do yoga on a Monday.
    »He was born on a Monday.
    »I went to Paris on Thursday, and came back the following Monday.
    »Weˈll meet on Monday.
    »( BrE) ˈWhen did the accident happen?ˈ ˈIt was the Monday (= the Monday of the week we are talking about).ˈ
    "事故是什么时候发生的?" "就在那个星期一。"
    »( BrE) Come back Monday week (= a week after next Monday).
    »(informal or NAmE) Weˈll meet Monday.
    【ORIGIN】From the Old English for ˈday of the moonˈ, translated from Latin lunae dies. • 源自古英语,原意为 day of the moon (月亮日),古英语则译自拉丁文 lunae dies。
    * * *
    ['mʌndi, 'mʌndei]
    n. 星期一

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  • 2 Monday

    I expect to be back on Monday დაბრუნებას ორშაბათისათვის ვფიქრობ / ვვარაუდობ

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  • 3 get back

    1. लौटना
    Get back to your places please.
    2. पुन:\get backप्राप्त\get backकरना
    Finally I got back my pen from him.
    3. बदला\get backलेना
    The Indian Army got back at the enemy with a strong air strike.
    4. जवाब\get backदेना/पुन:\get backसम्पर्क\get backकरना
    I will get back to you on Monday.

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